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Chapter 200: "According to Plan...!!

" – Sakon unleashes multiple

strikes onto Shikamaru and Kiba, but they poof away to reveal Naruto
forming Rasengan. Before he can realize it, hands from nowhere are
holding his arms. Just then Kiba comes spinning through this Naruto,
Sakon avoids the hit but Kiba continues on directly for Tayuya. She is
held fast by Shikamaru's Kage Mane, Kiba grabs the container and
jump away. An enraged Sakon jumps to lend help but Tayuya steps in
his path and they collide. Kiba throw the container to Naruto and
Sakon activates his level one seal and chases after them. Akamaru
sets an explosive trap but can not get away in time, Kiba jumps to
save him but all three are sent flying over a cliff into the gorge below.
Tayuya begins to charge and Shikamaru tells Naruto to go on, but
before they can move a new opponent drops in to land on the
container sitting beside Naruto and Shikamaru...

Chapter 201: "Miscalculation...!!" – Kimimaro easily grabs and

moves away with the container. Kimimaro asks where the others are
and Tayuya is surprised by Kimimaro's resilience. Naruto gets enraged
when Kimimaro says Sasuke is for Orochimaru. Naruto charges and
Tayuya easily knocks him away. Kimimaro directs her to take the two
Leaf ninja out and then he leaves with the container. Tayuya pulls out a
flute and Shikamaru lays out his strategy to Naruto. The two yell and
charge to take on Tayuya, but Naruto continues on after Kimimaro to
Tayuya's embarrassed surprise. Shikamaru tries to capture Tayuya but
she jumps away and the two square off for battle. Naruto travels on
and begins to turn feral from Kyuubi. At Orochimaru's compound
Kabuto and Orochimaru discuss Kimimaro's obedience to Orochimaru.
They discuss how he is the heir to a powerful clan and that his illness
hindered their destruction of Konoha. Kimimaro emerges into a field
with the container, as he stops Naruto jumps in from the tree line to
stop his flight.

Chapter 202: "The Three Wishes!!" – Naruto demands to know

why Orochimaru wants Sasuke, and he replies that Orochimaru wants
to gain knowledge of all the jutsu in the world, and he needs a vessel
to do so. Naruto says he won't let that happen forms the Kage Bunshin
hand seal. Elsewhere Tayuya mocks Shikamaru for losing his
teammates, but Shikamaru shrugs it off stating even though it wasn't
wise, he trusts them. In the gorge Kiba moves to strike but gets
knocked mysteriously back. He and Akamaru then move to strike from
both sides with Gatsuuga. Elsewhere Tayuya has summoned ghostly
beings. In the gorge an upper body has emerged from Sakon's back,
with both sets now holding onto Kiba and Akamaru. At the compound
Orochimaru and Kabuto talk of the Sound Four's personalities, and
how Sakon is the strongest and how Kimimaro will clean up the rest.
In the field, and amused Kimimaro looks around himself to see
hundreds of Narutos ready to fight.'s ready to fight.

Chapter 203: "Sakon's Secret" – Kimimaro extends bone spikes

from his palms and the Naruto Bunshin rush in. In the gorge Kiba is
punched multiple times and then pinned. Sakon gloats how his older
brother can enter his body and extend himself at will. The duo enter
level one and then Ukon, the older brother extends an arm, leg and
head and they enter level two. Akamaru tells Kiba their chakra jumped
ten-fold and states they must use "that" technique. Kiba declines but
Akamaru convinces his stubborn master. In the forest Tayuya enters
level one and plays a tune to control her ghostly oni. The beasts begin
attacking Shikamaru. In the gorge Kiba holds the brothers while
Akamaru spins through the air emitting urine onto them. Temporarily
blinding them, Kiba jumps and the two Henge into a slobbering two-
headed wolf called Soutourou. The beast jumps and spins, the
brothers slip losing balance, allowing the spinning dog to strike dead
center on the brothers...

Chapter 204: "Ukon's Abilities" – The brothers are ripped in half

and Soutourou comes to a stop. Kiba is shocked to see both brothers
rise from the ground, forming back their needed body halves. They try
one final spin, using their sense of smell to locate the hiding brothers.
The brothers draw blood and slam the ground summoning Rashoumon,
a gigantic door said to be Orochimaru's ultimate defense. Soutourou
strikes it and falls back hurt to the earth below. The brothers jump to
strike but the Henge drops, and Akamaru takes the strike for Kiba
after urinating into Sakon's eyes. Kiba looks around, unable to find
Ukon. Suddenly Ukon's head emerges from Kiba's shoulder. Kiba
moves to strike him but Ukon's arm emerges to hold him. Ukon gloats
how his power is used for assassination, to rearrange the targets
internal cells while he remains okay. Kiba takes quick action, pulling a
kunai and stabbing himself in the gut, stating they can both die

Chapter 205: "Kiba's Decision!!" – Ukon is surprised by Kiba's

actions. Kiba strikes his stomach again and Ukon bails from the Leaf
ninja's body. Kiba throws the kunai and Ukon goes to block, giving
Kiba a chance to throw smoke bombs and hide. Ukon emerges from
the smoke to see Akamaru's motionless body on the ground. Walking
towards it the body explodes in a hail of Kunai. Further down the
riverbank, Kiba holds Akamaru and says he did well. Ukon curses they
Leaf ninja's escape and walks over to the river where his brother is
washing out his eyes. Ukon tells him to kill the two while he rests
inside Sakon's body. In the field Kimimaro uses "dance" style attacks
to emit bones and quickly strike and disperse the clones. Wave after
wave pour in and the Sound ninja effortlessly wipes them out.

Chapter 206: "Crisis...!!" – The extended bones retreat into his body
and Kimimaro lowers his shirt. Reaching to his shoulder he pulls out
his humerus and a forearm bone to form a hard bone sword. The
shoulder wound heals and Naruto begins launching shuriken. Kimimaro
easily bats them away with the sword. Kimimaro states he has
mastered five dances to maximize his abilities. As the container begins
to emit steam, a furious Naruto ignores Kimimaro's boasts and states
he will crush him. In the gorge Kiba states they're losing lots of blood.
He is surprised suddenly by a smell of persons coming their way. He
grabs Akamaru and tries to flee but weakly collapses. Sakon makes his
way in their direction. Seeing Kiba's coat he rushes to attack, to find it
left behind. The disturbed ground reveals the Leaf ninja fled to the
water to float downstream in the river. In the forest Shikamaru
complements Tayuya's ability to manipulate the oni. He thinks over
how the melody must control them, but he is out of luck because he
can't read the notes at all. Suddenly the music changes and the oni
launch a new attack.

Chapter 207: "The Game is Up" –The oni fly in and their sewn
mouths rip open to emit spectral ghosts. They fly after Shikamaru and
bite through his arm, pulling away at his spectral chakra. Shikamaru
quickly drops an explosive notes and hides after the explosion. He
surmises they ghosts feed on chakra. He begins to formulate a plan
and then counts his remaining equipment. Adopting his thinking pose,
he awaits Tayuya's move. The oni come rushing in and Shikamaru
moves, hurling kunai with explosive tags attached in various
directions. As they explode Tayuya moves to avoid the destruction, the
oni move as well. The kunai keep flying, moving the pieces into
position. One kunai lands above Tayuya with a ball attached by string.
With a final kunai the string on the ball is cut away and the ball falls.
Shikamaru then does some gloating on his own; saying the great thing
about shogi is using your opponent’s pieces as your own. The ball
explodes in a deluge of light and with a "Kage Mane no Jutsu!"
Shikamaru now controls the oni. Tayuya can't believe it and Shikamaru
states he can't read the notes, but he could read the finger

Chapter 208: "The First Hand is a Feint!!" – Tayuya states that is

impossible but Shikamaru begins to break down what movements
control what actions. He then sends the oni after Tayuya, but she
quickly raises a hand seal and disperses them into nothingness.
Tayuya smiles but suddenly freezes, bound by Shikamaru's winding
shadow. Snaking through the tree limbs he caught her from behind
with his feint. Tayuya is enraged and enters her level two form. She
uses her immense chakra to break the hold. Shikamaru buckles down
and states he'll have to try a different method. Forming a new seal he
uses a shadow neck binding technique, shadow hands begin to creep
up Tayuya's body. The Sound ninja raises her flute and plays a
Genjutsu spell. Shikamaru throws a kunai at Tayuya's feet and gets
bound in the spell. Shikamaru is in a hellish world where his bones
melt off his skin. Tayuya gloats her level two form gives her access to
a ton of Genjutsu spells. She picks up the kunai at her feet and
charges to kill her opponent. Just then Shikamaru raises up to punch
her in the stomach, revealing how he used his shadow to break his
finger to cause enough pain to break the spell. Shikamaru then reveals
his final move, that the shadow bind is stronger in closer combat. To
the surprise of Tayuya she realizes the kunai was thrown just so she
would grab it to get within his striking distance!

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