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> VIVEKANANDA KENDRA RDP NEWS LETTER November - 2019 i { =) Dear Sir / Madam, Vanakkam. We are happy and obliged to send you | | the report of the activities conducted by VKRDP. The ails of our activities,for the month of vember 2019. is listed for your ready reference ind kind information. With regards, Yours Sincerely, Sager uae Lan (S.Ayyappan) Through 75 Creches, 1821 rural Children were all the Balwadis, = malt along with hygienically prepared, highly nutritive lunch with vegetables § were served during the day and in the evening vitamin-rich cereals were provided to the children Eye camps were conducted at 3 places, in Kanyakumari and Nellai districts in which 516 were treated for their eye ailments and 81 underwent cataract operation. 25 persons were given eye medicines and 35 persons were given spectacles. In our Medicare Programme, 2070 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments through 13 Rural Medical Centers in Kanyakumari.Nellai and Thoothukudi districts. 3 tailoring units are functioning well in Nellai district with the total] attendance of 72. Yoga Varga conducted at 2 places in Aruppukottai and Kovilpatti where 26 persons attended Vivekavani Subscriptions collected includes 205 annual, two years one, three years one, life one,2 Yuva Bharathi and 790 Patrons also collected. Shivalinga Pooja was conducted at 3 places in Kanyakumari District and 224 devotees participated. Under ‘Adopt a Granny scheme’, 30 destitute and old people were provided with monthly solatiums, in the form of rice, dhal,oil,ete., for their livelihood and 121 persons provided with rice only in five Southern districts of Tamilnadu. Durga Pooja conducted at 3 places, in Kanyakumari District 251 devotees participated. Under Amrita Surabhi Scheme, our Kendra workers collected 958 Kgs of rice from Southern five districts. Oct 29, 30 & 31st JGS Ma. Rekha didi, Dhakshin Prant Sangatak Ku. Radha devi visited to VKRDP’s activities. They have visited Kannanpathi medical center, Kavalkinaruputhoor balwadi and Vallioor Competitions. In Tirunelveli Sri Sarada College for women talked with B.Ed & Arts College students meeting. In Thoothukudi talked with the teachers of Sri Sakthi Vinayagar Hindu Vidhyalaya and also sat with office staff and meeting with local Karyakartas of Thoothukudi branch and Kovilpatti branch. Rural block level competitions held in Southern two districts Total No.of. competitions - 30 , Schools - 258, Students - 4898, Parents - 213, Teachers - 297 Rural District level competitions held in Southern two districts Total No.of, competitions -3, Schools 108, Monthly Deepa poojas were organized in 203 village temples in five ‘Mieitseays Blcesthfl unsile Teyenth districts of Southern Tamilnadu, in which 7593 ladies participated and offered prayers for the welfare of the self, family and the a i society. In 160 Sanskara Vargas, 5156 students participated. The students were taught about the values of Indian Culture through games,lectures & lessons. The feelings of oneness were strengthened among the participants, through patriotic songs and games. Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade Jeyanthi was celebrated in Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli , Thoothukudi, Ramnad, Virudhunagar districts where 3818 people participated in 76 places. On 19th November Ma. Eknathji birthday all office staff with well wisher read and discussed few chapters from spiritualising life. On 18th November 2019, 1861 children from 75 Balwadies were given vegetable rice, banana and sweet in memory of Sri.Bala Subramanian- Bangaluru On 22th November 2019, 85 childrens from 3 Balwadies in Ramnad district were given vegetable rice, bananas and vada in memory of Shantha Raman. Cultural conference was held at Sivagiri and 100 students from 5 cultural classes participated. In this conference Vivekanandar Kendra workers, well-wishers, teachers and volunteers participated. Personality Development Camp fe - Vallioor - VKV students participated. Anna Pooja - Sayalkudi Parents meeting was conducted at 10 places in three districts and Ramnad district 214 parents participated . — . Through various branch centers, including Thoothukudi A.O. and book stalls, literature books were sold for Rs. 31,049/- Swami Vivekanandar Jeyanthi was celebrated in Kanyakumari district where 250 people participated in one places. Anna Pooja was performed at Ramnad on 23.11.2019, V.V.R.Nagar 130 devotees participated in the function and 3160 kgs rice collected from 27 the hand to work. Urban Inter District Level Childrens Carnival was conducted at Kanyakumari from 02.11.2019 to 05.11.2019. 58 students from 58 schools 87 parents & 8 teachers participated in this camp. Views of Urban Inter District Level Childrens Carnival Views of Hi Se CABO & Girls camp Hr. Sec. School Level Boys camp was conducted at Kanyakumari from 07.11.2019 to 10.11.2019. 204 students from 38 schools | parents & 4 teachers participated in this camp. See aeaar = Session Hr. Sec. School Level Girls camp was conducted at Kanyakumari from 14.11.2019 to 17.11.2019. 199 students ru 34 schools & 8 parents and 5 teachers participated in this ‘epa Pooja = 7 ‘“ Rama Jeya Rama” Mantra was chanted during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga g Pooja and daily by our Balwadi school children, cultural class students and during monthly meetings with our Balwadi teachers and Social Workers. This a month nearly 7,62,809 times mantras were chanted in 84 localities. > This month, we have distributed the rice which was collected through Amrita Surabhi and Anna Pooja to Balwadi children, old poor people and the institutions as mentioned below : 1. Mouzhanagurusamy madam, Thottiodu - Kanyakumari district - 100 Kgs 2. Indhu Middle School, A.Thirumalapuram - Kanyakumari district - 100 Kgs Inspiring Incidents J.Palayesakani — Panaiyoor - Thoothukudi district Our Balwadi has been started recently. We, the villagers felt much happy of that. After two days of the opening a boy studying there told their parents to pray before eat. When his father bought chocolate for him in the shop he stopped him and asked him (o buy buiscut. That father came and felt much happy on seeing the behavioral change within two days. He also thanked Vivekananda Kendra for bringing up children with good culture. This made me happy. C.Saraswathi ~Ambai — Thirunelyeli district During the month of June mass Deepa pooa was to be held in Agasteeswarar Thirukolil, Ambai. For the last ten years we used Srinivasa Marriage hall for keeping the pooja things and doing prior arrangements. This year June 17, the date of the pooja happened to be a Muhoortha day. The owner said that it would be booked for marriage. We were worrying about what to do and whom to approach. At once Thiru. Arumugam, the owner gave his newly built house which was vacant for our use. His voluntary service touched my heart and we thanked him whole heartedly. M.Anusuyadevi — Soorangudi — Thoothukudi district This incident happened on 21.09.2018. I left my chapels in the entrance and entered the class. Deepa studying in my Creche came out and took my chapels and kept them in the line of chapels arranged neatly. She also pointed out my mistake telling that I had taught them to keep the chapels neatly outside. I realized my mistake and patted the child. V.Somasundar — Chekkarakudi — I — Thoothukudi district. One day I told the story of Kajendra Motcham to the children. I explained them how the elephant was saved by chanting ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ Mantra. Muthuselvi, studying in our Creche keenly listened to the story. After going home in the evening she took the photo of God Narayanasamy in her home and sat before it chanting “Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha” . When her grandmother asked her what she was doing she narrated the story heard in the class and told her that if they chanted the mantra daily at home. God would save them in troubles. When her grandmother told me this I felt much proud and happy. J.Subbulakshmi — K.Thangammalpuram — Thoothukudi We make the kids in our Creche say Sivapuranam daily in the class. Sivagurunathan coming from a nearby village memorized it quickly. When their family members went to the temple for “Pradhoshe Pooja”, he told Sivapuranam fluently. The people in the temple felt much happy on hearing Sivapuranam from a little kid. The next day his parents came to the Creche and expressed their happiness and gratitude. His grandparents also praised us through phone. We,the two teachers felt much happy. R.Gnanakumari— Mangavilai — Kanyakumari district Srinesan is a kid in our Creche. He couldn’t speak fluently and has some other small defects. But he is very sincere and more attentive. One Saturday while getting ready for the School his mother selected a color dress. But he refused to wear it. His mother told him that being Saturday all the children would come in color dress only. He started crying non stoppingly and his mother had to change the dress and gave him the uniform. His attachment towards the Creche touched my heart. S.Ganeshwari — Sempatti — Virdhunagar district. Vikashini is a student of our Creche. She is very active and shrewd. She used to recite the rhymes loudly and beautifully. One day after serving lunch to all the kids I was out for washing my hands. She stood up and started ‘Hare Rama’ mantra herself. | was much happy on seeing her voluntary action and appreciated her.