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Steps to Publication

for AMS Journals

Get Started Prepare and submit Your manuscript is An editor is assigned

Ready to share your science your manuscript checked for formatting to your manuscript
with the world? AMS can help. and other requirements and evaluates it

Ready for review

If the editor determines that
all criteria are met, your manuscript
is sent out for peer review

The editor evaluates You submit your revised The editor assesses the The reviewers evaluate
your revision and may manuscript and it is checked reviews and typically and provide feedback on
choose to reach out for formatting and other requests a revision your manuscript
to the reviewers again revision-specific requirements

If the editor makes an
accept decision, your manuscript
enters the production process

Your files undergo a A copy edit and technical You receive page proofs to
readiness check to proceed edit are completed review, after which final edits
through production are made by AMS staff

Early Online Release Final publication!

Your abstract and/or accepted The final online and print versions
manuscript will be posted, and of your manuscript are published
is citeable, as an Early Online and distributed by AMS to be read
Release on AMS Journals Online and cited by your community

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