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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 49/15

12. Detailed information Call for Proposals shown in item 1) preferably by e-mail to or by fax (32-2) 295 95 40.
Detailed information on this Call for Proposals is
contained in the Guidelines for Applicants, published
together with this notice on the Internet Web site of
The deadline for the submission of questions is 4 April 2003. All applicants are encouraged to consult the above
Internet Web page regularly before the deadline for
Any questions regarding this Call for Proposals should be applications since the Commission will publish the most
sent in writing (including the Publication Reference of this frequently asked questions and the corresponding replies.

Mobility Information Campaign 2003

(2003/C 49/10)

1. Name of programme: Mobility Information Campaign 2003.

2. Budget Line: B3-4011.

3. Is it a successor to any other programme(s)? No.

4. General objectives: as foreseen in the Commission's Action Plan for skills and mobility, a mobility
information campaign will take place in 2003. The launch of the campaign will be connected to and
coincide with the opening of a One-Stop Job Mobility Website. The main objective of the campaign is
to promote occupational and geographic mobility by raising the awareness of existing opportunities
for mobility within the EU and actual or emerging labour shortages in certain sectors, occupations and
regions. The campaign as such will be EU-wide, i.e. cover all Member States. The actual activities can,
however, be carried out on a transnational, national or regional level as long as they have a European

5. Types of action: possible actions include targeted publicity campaigns by means of e.g.:

— production and distribution of information material

— web-based information

— use of call centres

— electronic messaging

— organisation of information meetings and seminars

— participation in job fairs.

The activities could be tailor-made for specific target groups, geographical regions or sectors, but
should always respect the common overall approach of the campaign and be coordinated by the

6. Start and end dates of programme: start and end dates will be specified in the Call for Proposals to
be published by 15 March 2003.

7. Total available budget: the available budget is EUR 1 000 000.

8. Legal Basis for the funding: Commission Decision 2003/8/EC of 23 December 2002 implementing
Council Regulation (EEC) No 1612/68 as regards the clearance of vacancies and applications for

Commission's Action Plan for skills and mobility, COM(2002) 72.

C 49/16 EN Official Journal of the European Union 1.3.2003

9. Nature of Community contribution: the Community contribution is made by co-financing.

10. Level of Community contribution: the level of the Community contribution will depend on the
application and can be in the range of 80 to 90 % of the total eligible cost.

11. Organisations(s) which may benefit from the programme:

— public employment services

— private companies delivering employment services

— trades union, employers and business organisations at European, national or regional level

— public and private educational and training institutions

— local and regional public bodies.

Participating countries: 15 Member States, EFTA-EEA countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein).

12. Eligibility: conditions will be laid down in the Call for Proposal to be published by 15 March 2003.

13. Procedure to be followed: this information will be specified in the Call for Proposals to be published
by 15 March 2003.

14. Community sources of information

15. Community contact points:

European Commission
Employment and Social Affairs Directorate General
Unit A 3
B-1049 Brussels.
Ms Ida Monclair, e-mail:, Tel. (32-2) 295 60 11
Mr Henric Stjernquist, e-mail, Tel. (32-2) 296 27 17.

16. National sources of information and contact points: not applicable.

17. Examples of projects: not applicable.