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SWOT represents the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Actually this is the main
four factors that always consider competing with other companies. They consider in which side
they are strong than other companies, in which side they are week than others and in which side
they are giving more opportunities to their customers and what are their threats to compete
worth the competitors.

Strengths: Grameen phone is the leading and popular telecommunication service provider in
Bangladesh. It has powerful & wide network coverage. People from all areas can easily talk
with others without feeling network problem. It was also the first successful telecom company
in Bangladesh. Their main function is to providing wider mobile phone access to rural areas of
all over the Bangladesh. For doing this Grameen phone has built the largest cellular network in
the country with over 10,000 base stations. Strength refers the advantages of the any company
that can not be enjoyed by other companies. Strength is a "resource advantage relative to
competitors and the needs of the markets a firm serves or expects to serve".

ë Strong network: People are using grameenphone only for their network though they
are charging much than other company. Strengths arise from the resources and
competencies available to the firm.
ë oyal customer: Another important point is loyal customer.

ë 0ealth line : Grameenphone also serve the customer in their physical problem. People
get advice from an experienced doctor in 24hours.People also get information about
medical & diagnostic centre.

Weakness: Weakness is the negative scenario of the company.Each and every company has
limitation and weaknesses. Every company is trying to reduce their weaknesses to give better
services to their customers.. A weakness is a "limitation or deficiency in one or more resources
or competencies relative to competitors that impedes a firm's effective performanceint of
ë 0igh call rate: Grameenphone cannot minimize their call charge because of their
networking cost, where other company are giving tk..68p/m but grameen cannot do.
ë ÿorporate customer: ÿorporate customers are available all over the country.
According to better customer services & corporate customers are available so its difficult
to turnover.

Opportunities: Opportunities is another view point of SWOT that means where the company
get more benefits than any other companies that is the opportunities of the company. An
opportunity is a major situation in a firm's environment.

ë 0uge customer: Grameenphone¶s opportunity is the huge customer of Bangladesh who

can love to talk especially young generation.

ë Better technology: Now-a-days technology has changed rapidly.Grameenphone use

the better technology in their advertisement.
ë Source of opportunities: Identification of a previously overlooked market segment,
changes in competitive or regulatory circumstances, technological changes, and
improved buyer or supplier relationships could represent opportunities for the company.

Grameenphone is the other mobile phone companies who are aggressive. When other telecom
companies will come in the country then they facing some problem.Example-Airtel,Vodafone.
Recenly Airtel will come in Bangladesh then Grameenphone cannot survive the other

Strong competitors
Weak competitors
Govt. regulations