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C 92 E/224 Official Journal of the European Union EN 17.4.


Answer given by Mrs Diamantopoulou on behalf of the Commission

(29 November 2002)

The Commission adopted the Draft Joint Employment Report 2002 on 13 November 2002 (1). It assesses
the progress made by Member States in the implementation of the 2001 Employment Guidelines. On
adoption, it was forwarded to the other institutions including the Parliament and made available to the
press and the general public.

In the preliminary stages of preparing the Draft Joint Employment Report and its supporting document,
the Commission holds bilateral meetings with all Member States in order to ensure that it has its facts
right. This year’s meeting with Austria took place on 13 September 2002. Shortly before the meeting the
preliminary draft of the supporting document was, as usual, sent to the Austrian Ministry of Labour and
Economic Affairs.

It is not the Commission’s policy to make draft proposals available to the press before adoption and
transmission to the other European institutions. According to the Framework Agreement, the Commission
does not make public any legislative initiative or significant initiative or decision before notifying the
Parliament. According to the provisions of the Framework Agreement, it is therefore the Commission’s
practice to inform the Parliament immediately after its weekly Commission meeting of the most
outstanding decisions taken by the College.

(1) COM(2002) 621final.

(2003/C 92 E/283) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2973/02

by Caroline Lucas (Verts/ALE) to the Commission

(22 October 2002)

Subject: Broiler chickens

In their 2000 report the Commission’s Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
concluded that painful leg disorders and heart failure are two of the principal health and welfare problems
facing broiler chickens and that both of these are mainly caused by the rapid growth rates imposed on

Does the Commission intend to address the question of leg disorders, heart failure and rapid growth rates
in its forthcoming proposal for a Council directive laying down minimum standards for the protection of
broiler chickens?

Answer given by Mr Byrne on behalf of the Commission

(28 November 2002)

The Commission is in the process of elaborating its proposal for the protection of chickens kept for the
production of meat.

The Commission proposal will take into account the main recommendations provided by the scientists in
their latest report including specific provisions to address the questions related to the rapid growth rate of
the animals.

Furthermore, in preparing its proposal the Commission aims to promote good management practices and
to integrate the monitoring of the welfare status of the animals in controls already carried out at
slaughterhouses. The monitoring of the results could replace over-detailed specifications concerning farms.