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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas

ANG Pinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo

English Edition
Vol. XLI No. 22
November 21, 2010


The struggle at Philippine Air Lines

and the struggle of the Philippine
working class
he workers of Philippine Air Lines (PAL) are

bilization” such as casualization and contractual-
justified in struggling to the hilt against ization and through the currently expanding sys-
plans to terminate almost 3,000 regular tem of outsourcing.
workers of the company and replace them with These systems, which have become standard
contractual agency workers. The struggle against practice are enforced through gross deception,
this outsourcing scheme is widespread and fully coercion and intimidation. Forcible retirement,
supported by the working class and the toiling among other means, is resorted to in order to
masses. boot out regular workers and replace them.
It is not only the livelihood of PAL workers From 15% in the early 1990s, almost 80% of
and their families that is at stake in this struggle. the country's workers are now casuals and con-
Big capitalists will grow tractuals. Such a practice has
more emboldened to en- become widespread, mainly
gage in outsourcing, es- among big comprador capital-
pecially with the Depart- ists like PAL owner Lucio Tan.
ment of Labor and Em- In 1999, Tan got rid of 5,000
ployment (DOLE) uphold- out of PAL's 12,500 workers and
ing PAL's plans. replaced them with contractu-
This struggle is in line als from a conspiring agency. If
with the workers' struggle his latest scheme to replace an-
against labor “flexibiliza- other 3,000 workers succeeds,
tion” which imperialists up to 70% of PAL's work force
have been enforcing since will have been oursourced.
the 1990s. The exploita- Outsourcing is also being
tion of Filipino workers enforced in other enterprises
has worsened in the past owned by Lucio Tan. At the Vic-
two decades through vari- torias Milling Corporation,
ous forms of labor “flexi- where Lucio Tan is majority

Inside Military kills

Brewing strike Bigger fonts, longer
renowned scientist
this issue... at PAL PAGE 3 paper PAGE 12
in Leyte PAGE 6
owner, practically the entire tion and increase their super-
work force has been outsourced. profits. Contractuals receive far
At Fortune Tobacco, there are lower wages compared to regu-
plans to boot out 2,400 workers lar workers doing the same jobs.
and replace them with contrac- In most cases, the contractuals
tuals. are given wages that are even
There are now more contrac- lower than the legal minimum.
tuals compared to regular work- They are deprived of the rights
ers in more than 70% of Philip- and benefits enjoyed by regular
pine enterprises. This is the workers.
case in some of the biggest Capitalists actually have very
companies like San Miguel Cor- few obligations, if any, to con-
poration (96%), SM Shoemart tractual workers. The practice of
(94%), Dole Philippines (77%) requiring contractuals to work
and PLDT (60%). ABS-CBN was more than eight hours a day or
recently in the news when it during holidays without over-
terminated 100 contractual time pay is widespread. So is
workers that it employed the no work-no pay policy and
through its own agency, the the deprivation of medical and
ABS-CBN Internal Job Market. other benefits. Many contractu-
Almost 100% of those employed al workers are likewise employed contractuals further pull down
by the much-vaunted call cen- without written contracts and the value of labor in the Philip-
ters (which account for the big- can thus be made to perform pines. In the face of widespread
gest number of jobs outsourced work heavier than they expected unemployment and their desper-
by foreign companies) are con- and in many cases, even illegal ation to land whatever jobs are
tractual, as well as in fastfood acts. They can be terminated for available, contractual workers
chains like Jollibee. the slightest infraction and are forced to accept the measly
The widespread employment without being given a chance to wages and oppressive work con-
of contractual workers enables defend their side. ditions attendant to their tem-
capitalists to intensify exploita- The low wages received by porary employment.
Crippling unions or nipping
ANG Contents them in the bud are among the
Editorial: PAL struggle is the working main objectives of imperialists
class’ struggle 1
Vol. XLI No. 22 November 21, 2010
PAL strike brewing 3
and their big comprador capital-
Ang Bayan is published in Pilipino, Workers’ strikes 4 ist co-conspirators in enforcing
Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligaynon, Waray and Student strikes 5 widespread labor “flexibiliza-
Renowned scientist, killed 6
English editions.
CPP honors Leoncio Co 7
tion.” Although illegal, most la-
It is available for downloading at
the Philippine Revolution Web Central Aquino, biggest pimp 7 bor contracts contain provisions
located at: Ka RD, model revolutionary 7 prohibiting workers from enga-
Drivers’ protests 9
Free the Morong 43 9
ging in union activities. Con-
Ang Bayan welcomes contributions
in the form of articles and news. Firearms siezed in Davao del Sur 10 tractual workers' limited em-
Readers are likewise enjoined to send AFP lies in Negros 10 ployment periods also prevent
Mining protests 11
in their comments and suggestions for
Hacienda Luisita massacre 11
them from unionizing.
the betterment of our publication. You
can reach us by email at: AFP’s new COIN plan 11 The contractualization of la- G20 protests 12 bor has already dealt a severe
Larger font, longer paper 12
blow on the unionization of
Ang Bayan is published fortnightly by the Central Committee workers. After almost two dec-
of the Communist Party of the Philippines

2 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010

ades of labor “flexibilization,” Many of the victories won by the master. The National Employ-
only about 5% of workers are or- working class through the strug- ment Plan that was drafted way
ganized into unions (from 15% gles it waged in the last centu- back during Corazon Aquino's
in 1995). Moreover, only up to ry are being trampled on, violat- administration openly encour-
200,000 workers (less than 1% ed and reversed. A huge per- aged contractualization pur-
of the labor force) are covered centage of the masses of work- portedly as a means of raising
by Collective Bargaining Agree- ers have been reduced to semi- business competitiveness. The
ments (CBA). proletarian status in the last plan has been further buttressed
With labor “flexibilization” two decades. by other orders issued by subse-
widespread and labor unions The degradation of the Phil- quent governments that encour-
rendered inutile, Filipino work- ippine working class has been aged and allowed various forms
ers are subjected to the gravest made possible by the puppet of labor “flexibilization.”
forms of exploitation and their Philippine government, upon These are among the key
rights violated unrelentingly. the dictates of its imperialist policies being pushed by imperi-

Brewing strike at PAL

he PAL Employees Associa- The workers in these depart- none of the usual benefits.
T tion (PALEA) filed its second
notice of strike against man-
ments have service records
ranging from seven to 30 years.
In 2000, PAL fired the
workers in its maintenance
agement on November 5. It was PAL also plans to sell the and engineering department
PALEA's response to the compa- company's medical and infor- which it sold to Lufthansa
ny's tactic of approaching un- mation technology units and Technik Philippines.
ion members one by one to co- contract its operations to an- PAL is invoking the need for
erce them into accepting its of- other agency. cost-cutting measures ostensi-
fer of separation pay in ex- As a consolation, the com- bly to save the company and its
change for agreeing to be fired pany claims that the terminat- remaining jobs. But the real
and be rehired as contractual ed workers may be hired by the motive behind these moves is
employees or be replaced by agencies to be contracted by PAL's desire to shortchange its
contractual workers. PAL: ePLDT (for its call cen- employees, bust their union
It was also the union's re- ter), SkyKitchen (for catering) and avoid entering into anoth-
sponse to DOLE's decision to and SkyServices (for airport er collective bargaining agree-
uphold the company's plans of services). Nonetheless, the ment (CBA).
firing almost 3,000 regular workers are set to lose their PAL's owner Lucio Tan used
workers and replacing them job security and will be the “company is losing” line to
with contractuals as part of a obliged to receive lower wag- impose a ten-year moratorium
cost-cutting measure. es, lose many of their benefits on the CBA in 1998, a move
The cost-cutting plans will and be in danger of termina- upheld by DOLE. The moratori-
involve the outsourcing of so- tion any time. um ended in 2008, but the
called non-core company oper- PAL has offered a `2.5 bil- company continues to refuse
ations. These operations are lion “retirement package” for to negotiate for a new CBA.
undertaken by the airport serv- the workers it plans to fire. It is Flight attendants and cabin
ices department which has a very small amount compared crew had been poised to strike
2,000 workers, inflight catering to the `3.87 billion PAL will be in October until Benigno Aqui-
service which employs 1,000 saving annually in employing no III ordered DOLE to assume
workers and the reservation call contractual workers who will be jurisdiction over the labor dis-
center which has 172 workers. paid lower wages and receive pute. ~

ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010 3

alism under the “free market” global scale, with parts of mo- zation in various industries and
globalization framework. They nopoly capitalist production companies and oppose imperial-
are being enforced as adjuncts outsourced to lower-paid con- ist and puppet government pol-
to the policies of liberalization, tractual workers in semicolo- icies that advocate them.
denationalization, privatization nies. The proliferation of call We must also persevere in
and deregulation. The goal is to centers in the Philippines is organizing workers—both regu-
eradicate measures that protect part of this phenomenon. lars and contractuals—into un-
the national economy and give The struggle against labor ions and other organizations or
free rein to foreign monopoly contractualization and various movements in their workplaces,
capitalists to invest their sur- forms of “flexibilization” is in agencies that supply contrac-
plus capital, dump their surplus among the major struggles of tuals or in communities. These
goods, extract national wealth the working class in the coun- organizations must defend
and resources and exploit cheap try. We must forge the broad workers' rights, which includes
labor in the semicolonies. unity of the Filipino people to demanding higher wages and
Through labor “flexibiliza- resist and put a stop to the op- the regularization of employ-
tion,” semicolonies are made to pressive and exploitative system ment.
compete with each other in of- of contractualization. Just as It is crucial for the toiling
fering the cheapest and most the PAL workers are now doing, masses, all progressive forces
docile workers in order to at- all unions and organizations of and the entire Filipino people to
tract foreign big capitalist in- workers and the toiling masses unite with and support the dif-
vestors. Contractualization is must assail the growing practice ficult struggle of the working
now being undertaken on a of outsourcing and contractuali- class against labor “flexibiliza-

Looming strike at Lepanto Strike at Advan,

Bureau of Customs
embers of the Lepanto Employees Union-Na-
M tional Federation of Labor Unions-Kilusang
Mayo Uno and Lepanto Security Union (LSU) orkers of Bluestar Manufacturing and
filed a notice of strike with the National Concil- W Marketing Corporation (BMMC) in Tu-
nasan, Muntinlupa City held a four-day strike
iation and Mediation Board after Lepanto Con-
solidated Mining Company fired 140 of its work- beginning at 5:00 a.m. on November 15. The
ers. The two unions accused the company of un- picket line was manned by 108 workers or
ion busting and unfair labor practices. nearly half of the company’s work force. BMMC
Among those laid off were seven officials and manufactures Advan Shoes and Rainboots.
116 members of the two unions and other regu- The strike compelled the BMMC manage-
lar workers. The company claimed that it fired ment to recognize the union, comply with
the workers because they were inefficient. It was their CBA and address complaints of sexual
actually a company tactic to cripple the unions harassment and other unfair labor practices.
and weaken the workers' position in impending The workers had also gone on strike in 2008
negotiations for a collective bargaining agree- over the same issues.
ment with the company. The company plans to Meanwhile, the Bureau of Customs Em-
replace them with contractual workers. ployees Association (BOCEA) has threatened
The workers are also complaining about un- to go on strike to protest unpaid overtime of
paid back wages (now amounting to `542 mil- Bureau of Customs employees at the Ninoy
lion) and the company’s failure to remit their con- Aquino International Airport. BOCEA said that
tributions to the Social Security System and PAG- the bureau owes its employees some `500
IBIG, thus denying them their rightful benefits. ~ million covering the past 14 months. ~

4 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010

tion” and other neoliberal eco- portive of the workers' interests. revolutionary forces, working
nomic policies. They must forge The struggle for decent work class leaders and national dem-
and widen the path of struggle and higher wages is closely ocratic activists must do their
for decent jobs, living wages linked to the demand and all to arouse the broad masses
and workers' rights, and mobi- struggle for genuine land re- and lead them towards the path
lize even the unemployed toil- form and national industrializa- of revolutionary struggle and
ing masses as well as other tion and for a self-reliant and the attainment of fundamental
democratic sectors that are sup- progressive economy. Thus, the social change. ~

Students to strike wearing short shorts to symbol-

ize the shrinking education

over budget cuts budget. The education budget

cut was also the main issue
tackled by students in a mass
outh and students have begun a series of mass actions to op-

Y pose mounting budget cuts in state colleges and universities

(SCU). Progressive organizations launched the “November
strike” to express to the Aquino regime their anger over the enor-
action in Mendiola on November
17 to observe International Stu-
dents Day.
At the Sta. Mesa, Manila
mous reductions in the SCU budget.
campus of the Polytechnic Uni-
Students of the University of tion does not even meet half of versity of the Philippines (PUP),
the Philippines in Diliman, Que- the standard set by the United over 2,000 students held a mass
zon City kicked off their protest Nations Educational, Scientific action with the support of
action by signing a manifesto and Cultural Organization teachers, employees and even
expressing their opposition to (UNESCO). The UNESCO states the president of the university
the `1.39 billion budget cut, that governments should allo- to protest the reduction of PUP’s
the biggest in the university's cate at least 6% of their gross budget to just `672 million in-
history. Students, teachers and domestic product to education. stead of the needed `2 billion.
employees joined the manifesto The current education budget of They also opposed the `23.4
signing. They also held a rally as the Philippines is below 3% of million cut from the budget for
the university’s Board of Re- the GDP. the maintenance of classrooms,
gents met on November 19 to Students of the University of buildings and other university
challenge the next UP president the Philippines-Visayas held a facilities. The mass action
to join them in the fight against picket on November 11 at their formed part of the widespread
the reduced budget. The selec- campus in Miag-ao, Iloilo to de- protest movement against SCU
tion of the next president was mand a bigger budget for the budget cuts nationwide. Anoth-
moved to December 3. Students UP. Students of UP-Manila er protest action was held at the
of the different UP campuses also held a picket on PUP the following day with
are set to go on strike on November some 3,000 students, teachers,
November 25-26. 1 8 employees and janitors partici-
Students in Cebu City pating. They announced a PUP
also held a mass action system-wide strike next week.
at the office of the Com- Students, teachers, employ-
mission on Higher Edu- ees, SCU officials and their sup-
cation-Cebu on November porters are set to launch a big
9. They expressed disap- mass action on December 1 to
pointment that the budg- coincide with Congress' bicam-
et allocation for educa- eral meeting to discuss the ed-
ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010 5

Military kills renowned erage of one activist killed every

week under the new regime.

scientist in Leyte November 7. Two armed

men on a motorcycle stopped
well-known scientist and two members of his team were and killed Ireneo Rodriguez, 38,

A killed by the military in Leyte while a union leader and a

peasant activist were gunned down in Southern Tagalog in
a member of Samahan ng mga
Magbubukid sa Batangas (SAM-
BAT), in Barangay Caybunga,
November 15. Elements of portedly caught in the crossfire Balayan, Batangas. Rodriguez is
the 19th IB shot and killed Le- as the soldiers shot it out with a resident of Barangay Coral ni
onardo Co, a noted plant taxon- the Red fighters. Lopez, Calaca, Batangas.
omist, and his team members The EDC denied relaying such August to the present. A
Policarpio Balute and Roniño a report to the military. Accord- soldier raped a 15-year old girl
Gibe. Two more of their compan- ing to the survivors, they saw in Sorsogon. “Chona,” not her
ions were able to escape while no other armed group in the real name, was raped seven
three student interns remain area and said all the shots came times by Pfc. Hamandre Flores, a
missing. from the position of the sol- soldier of the 49th IB and an-
Co’s eight-man team had diers. chorman of the military’s radio
been scouring the forested area November 12. Armed men program Radio PADABA. The vic-
of Sitio Upper Malihao, Baran- aboard a motorcycle gunned tim’s mother recounted that
gay Lim-ao, Kananga, Leyte to down a union leader in Laguna. they approached Flores when
collect specimen seedings of Carlos Rodriguez, 41, had just they found out that he was from
endangered trees as part of a re- come from a union leaders' Isabela to ask him to help them
forestation project of the Energy meeting and was on his way find an uncle of “Chona” who
Development Corp. (EDC). home when he was shot by his molested her. The uncle was re-
Government soldiers opened assailants in Barangay Halang, portedly hiding in Isabela.
fire on Co’s team without bother- Calamba. He sustained four gun- But when they went to the
ing to ascertain who they were. shot wounds—two in the back, 49th IB camp in Juban, Sorso-
The soldiers kept on shooting for one in the arm and another in gon, Flores ordered the girl's
over 15 minutes and even used a the neck. Rodriguez led the mother and sister to buy food.
grenade launcher at them. This Nagkakaisang Lakas ng Mangga- When he was alone with the
was despite the fact that the gawa ng Calamba Water District girl, he raped her at gunpoint.
team's activities had been coor- and was an officer of COURAGE. He told her not to tell anybody
dinated with the military since Rodriguez is the 22nd victim or he would kill her and her fam-
the area is under the jurisdiction of extrajudicial killing under the ily. Chona was raped a second
of a special CAFGU unit and is Aquino administration. He ac- time when the soldier went to
close to the detachment of a unit tively advanced workers' rights the victim’s house and had a
under the 19th IB. The area is al- in Southern Luzon, organizing a drink with her father. Flores lat-
so regularly patrolled by the bat- forum on government employ- er forcibly took her to the camp
talion. ees' issues as well as a coalition and again raped her several
To cover up the crime, the of water district employees in times.
military claimed that the 19th Southern Tagalog and Bicol. Now that a rape case has
IB was responding to a report The human rights watchdog been filed against Flores, the
from the EDC that NPA guerrillas Karapatan roundly condemned military is claiming that the girl
had been sighted in the area. Co Rodriguez's murder. Karapatan was a prostitute and her mother
and his companions were pur- said that there has been an av- had been pimping for her. ~

6 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010

Comrade Remedios Daoag (1955-2010)

Model revolutionary
omrade Remedios Daoag (Ka RD) was a member of the Execu-

C tive Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines Re-

gional Committee in Cagayan Valley. She was killed in an ac-
cident in September while she was on her way to a guerrilla front
in Cagayan province. The entire revolutionary movement salutes Ka
RD, a great hero of the revolution.
Ka RD had faced and over- against women. She persevered
come many hardships in the under difficult conditions during
service of the people and the martial law and when she was her failing knees. What she
revolution. She struggled with captured by the enemy. She hur- missed in formal education, she
the feudal culture in the coun- dled such diseases as tuberculo- made up for by studying the
tryside that discriminates sis and malaria and the pain of works of the great communist

CPP honors Aquino: The biggest pimp

Leonardo Co of foreign capitalists
he CPP honored Leonardo Co for his he Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called
T great contribution to the classifica-
tion of local plant species and their
T Benigno Aquino III the “biggest pimp” for foreign
capitalist interests. The CPP made the statement after
medical benefits. Since the 1980s until the launch of the “Public-Private Partnership” (PPP) at
his death in the hands of the military, the Marriot Hotel in Pasay City on November 18 where
Co led the compilation of data for the Aquino assured 500 managers of multinational corpora-
first authoritative manual of indigenous tions that his government will honor contractually
medicinal plants in the Philippines. This agreed fees and that they can continue gaining super-
compilation serves as an invaluable ref- profits from their businesses in the country. With such a
erence for revolutionary and progressive policy, nothing can get in the way of rampant corrup-
health workers in providing training and tion, abuse and plunder in the country.
services to the masses, especially in the While Aquino was pimping the country to foreign
countryside. managers, members of Bayan Muna denounced him in a
Co was one of the founders of Com- protest action outside the hotel. A streamer with the
munity Health, Education, Services and message “Philippines not for sale!” seized by the Pasay
Training in the Cordillera Region (Chest- City Police from the protesters clearly expressed the op-
core) in 1981. This organization con- position to Aquino's program. Aquino now bears the
ducted valuable work among the nation- monicker “Privatization King.” The bankrupt government
al minorities in Cordillera and other pla- hopes to earn $3.4 million from foreign capitalist in-
ces and in systematizing the knowledge vestments in railway, road and airport projects in the
of the masses in the region about me- country.
dicinal plants for basic health care. It The activists said that the Aquino regime’s PPP
was able to document 122 medicinal stands for nothing but “Private-Public Plunder” be-
plants in the region complete with their cause it will only gobble up the country's remaining
scientific and common names, descrip- businesses and natural resources at the Filipino peo-
tions, illustrations and their nutritional ple's expense and further jack up the country’s colossal
and medicinal values. ~ foreign debt. ~
ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010 7
thinkers and using theory to from Isabela to Cagayan in 1975 investigations. In the meetings
guide her practice. when the NPA finally broke of her collective, she sharply
Ka RD grew up as a poor set- through the enemy’s cordon. corrected mistaken notions
tler. Her clan looked for land to She was appointed to the about basic ideological, politi-
till elsewhere after they and Regional Education Bureau in cal and organizational princi-
other Yogad minorities were 1976 and was one of those who ples. She also learned to use the
driven out of their ancestral disseminated a prototype basic computer in documentation and
land in Echague, Isabela. They Party course drafted by the re- encryption. She was again as-
eventually settled in Dibay, Mi- gion before the official Basic signed to the Regional Educa-
nuri, Jones, Isabela where Ka Party Course (BPC) was complet- tion Bureau in 2005 and trans-
RD’s family opened a swidden ed by the CPP's national educa- lated the BPC and other Filipino
farm. tion bureau. writings to Iloko.
Ka RD became an activist in She became a member of the She was creative. She com-
her village. She joined the New secretariat of a district commit- posed the songs “Ilaban Nag-
People’s Army (NPA) in 1972, tee in Cagayan in 1978. That bannugan” (Fight for the fruits
escaping from the Yogad tradi- same year, she was captured by of our labor), “DRB Itandudo”
tion of arranged marriages. the enemy after giving birth. The (Uphold the people’s democratic
Trained to be a medic, she military kept her in a MIG safe revolution) at “Panag-Adal Kas-
immediately had her hands full house for more than a year. She asaad” (Studying history). She
when malaria downed most of returned to the movement in gently corrected comrades who
Coy B from 1972 to 1973. Their 1980. wrongly pronounced the lyrics of
team of medics was not spared. When she was assigned again songs, whether in Pilipino or
After regaining some of her to Isabela in 1983, she became Iloko. She wrote poetry which
strength, Ka RD helped in gath- secretary of a guerrilla front were read during NPA programs.
ering food and medicinal herbs committee. In 1995, she was Even when she was already a
for the patients. She was one of elected to the secretariat of the high-ranking cadre, she never
the most active guerrillas in Coy Isabela - Nueva Vizcaya - Quirino shied away from manual work.
B. She became closer to the supraprovincial committee. She She was active in kitchen tasks,
masses because of her diligence continued her term as guerrilla dug wells and gathered fire-
in providing medical treatment front committee secretary after wood, among others.
to the villagers through acu- being elected to the Executive She had a severe bout of de-
puncture and other means. Committee of the Regional Com- pression but stayed in the or-
Amid the military’s sustained mittee in the 1999 conference. ganization, worked according to
campaigns of suppression in the Ka RD was steeled in com- her capacity and returned to the
Forest Region of Isabela, and prehensive leadership in the countryside when she recovered.
the NPA's failure to quickly Party. She not only studied the Despite the difficulties she en-
break out of the enemy encircle- military situation thoroughly, countered, she overcame her
ment from the start of martial she also joined tactical offen- emotions and instead strove to
rule in September 1972 up to sives. She led successful antifas- unite the comrades and articu-
1976, Coy B suffered many diffi- cist and antifeudal mass cam- late their views.
culties. For almost a year, the paigns, including the region's Ka RD is a model for mothers
guerrillas had nothing to eat first successful municipal-level and wives. She bore the sacri-
but bananas, taro and cassava. agrarian revolution campaign. fice of being separated from her
They trekked through the forest Subsequent municipal agrarian three children whom she loved
without mass support. Ka RD struggles in the region drew les- so much in order to wage revo-
nonetheless remained strong sons from that campaign. lution. She was a partner to her
and persevered. Her baby died Ka RD documented assess- husband who was a fellow revo-
during the so-called Long March ments, summings up and social lutionary.
8 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010
She is a paragon of perseverance. De-
spite not finishing bourgeois elementary Unified call:
Free the Morong 43!
education, she opened her mind and
painstakingly applied herself to learning.
She is a model for young women. She
alls are mounting from various sectors in the
opposed the feudal culture in the country-
side and devoted the vibrancy of her
youth in the service of the people. She
raised her brothers' and sisters' conscious-
C country and overseas to free the 43 health work-
ers arrested on February 6 in Morong, Rizal. The
Morong 43's supporters are also pressing for the im-
mediate release of two of the prisoners who recently
ness and recruited them into the revolu-
gave birth while in detention as well as Dr. Alexis
tion. She is also a model for aging revolu-
Montes, an ailing 60-year old physician who was tor-
tionaries. She never gave up despite her
tured by their military captors. All have raised the
failing knees, and used her revolutionary
common view that the continued incarceration of the
ideals as her walking stick.
innocent health workers who were falsely accused of
She is a model for the oppressed. She
participating in a bomb-making seminar is a violation
struggled against the three basic problems
of human rights.
of the Filipino people until she breathed
Benigno Aquino III has stubbornly refused to or-
her last. ~
der their release despite Justice Secretary Leila de Li-
ma's conclusion that their arrest was illegal. Aquino
Drivers stage protest prefers to leave the matter to the courts.
Broadening international support. Last Novem-
ber 12, the International Federation of Medical Stu-
PEDICAB ang kuliglig (motorized pedicab)
drivers launched a protest action in Manila
dents Association of Brazil (IFMSA-Brazil) demanded
on November 15 to oppose a move to pro- the release of the Morong 43.
hibit them from plying the streets. They The World Association of Community Radio Broad-
were supported by the Anakbayan and Ka- casters (AMARC) has also adopted a resolution calling
bataan parties. for the health workers' release even as it denounced
The Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Pedicab at the irregularity of their arrest and detention and the
Kuliglig Drivers (ALNAPEDIKU) said Manila torture and inhumane treatment inflicted on them by
mayor Afredo Lim’s order to bar their vehi- the military. It said that the workers must be freed on
cles is unjust because it would deprive humanitarian as well legal and moral grounds. AMARC
thousands of drivers of their jobs. They de- is a worldwide organization of community radio oper-
manded the junking of Executive Orders 16 ators in over 110 nations.
and 17 prohibiting kuliglig and pedicab Delegates from nine countries attending the Inter-
drivers from plying Manila’s main streets national Conference on Solidarity, Defense and Strug-
and highways, especially since they have gle for Freedom of Political Prisoners in the World held
permits from local governments. last October 22-24 in Copenhagen, Denmark also
They said that the kuliglig is helpful be- joined calls for the release of the 43 health workers.
cause of its affordable fare. They added that They likewise urged the Aquino regime to put a stop
riding it was a way to prevent people from to extrajudicial killings.
being victimized by criminals, especially at The HALDANE Society of Socialist Lawyers and
night, since they wouldn’t have to walk. their colleagues in the International Association of
They said they were prepared to bring their Democratic Lawyers had earlier urged Aquino to re-
appeal to Benigno Aquino III himself. lease the Morong 43. Officers of HALDANE attended
Up to 8,000 pedicab and kuliglig drivers the Fifth Conference of Lawyers of the Asia-Pacific
will be unemployed once the orders take ef- held in Manila and visited the detained health work-
fect by December 1. ers last September 20. ~

ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010 9

NDF-Negros denounces 1st Scout Ranger Company (1st
SRC), and PNP 6th Regional

AFP's lies
Public Safety Management Bat-
talion. The military had also
tapped the Revolutionary Prole-
he National Democratic Front (NDF) in Negros has strongly be-

T lied the accusations of 303rd Infantry Brigade chief Col. Jo-

nas Sumagaysay that the New People's Army (NPA) used bar-
riofolk, teachers and students as human shields to elude military
tarian Army (RPA) bandit group
to serve as its paramilitary
Comrade Frank said Suma-
reinforcements after ambushing forces of the 1st Scout Ranger gaysay conjured up stunning
Company in Sitio Odiongan, Barangay Tabun-ac, Toboso, Negros imaginary accounts of the
Occidental. armed encounter to destroy
Red fighters of the Roselyn to withdraw, using a route pre- the prestige of the revolution-
"Jean" Pelle Command (RPC) pared beforehand by the NPA ary movement and cover up
ambushed the military unit last and far from the village center the AFP's losses and blunders
October 21 after receiving re- and school. On the otherhand, in both the political and mili-
ports that an enemy column had the enemy casualties were taken tary fields. He said the AFP-
entered the perimeter of Sitio by helicopter towards Cebu. Visayas Central Command
Odiongan where the RPC was NDF-Negros spokesperson failed in its target of reducing
temporarily encamped. The am- Frank Fernandez said the RPC and weakening the NPA and
bush left two soldiers dead and had long been monitoring the the revolutionary movement in
five others wounded. After sev- massive and sustained military Negros.
en minutes of gunfire and ma- campaigns launched in the area He said NPA forces in Negros
neuvers, the guerrillas were able by the 303rd Brigade, 62nd IB, island have continued to grow
and gain more strength. From

NPA seizes 7 firearms

January to October 2010, they
were able to launch 25 tactical
in Davao del Sur offensives against Philippine
Army, PNP and paramilitary for-
New People's Army (NPA) unit under the Valentin Pala-

A mine Regional Operational Command (VPROC-NPA)

seized two automatic rifles, a 9 mm pistol and four
shotguns after attacking a CAFGU and CVO unit in the early
ces serving hacienda owners and
comprador businessmen, seizing
more than 50 high-caliber fire-
arms and wiping out 20 Philip-
morning of November 12 in Barangay Upper Bala, Magsaysay, pine Army soldiers.
Davao del Sur. No casualties were reported on either side. The military has also had to
VPROC-NPA spokesperson Ka Dencio Madrigal said the Red contend with the people's in-
fighters disarmed the paramilitary forces to prevent the 39th tensifying political struggle
IB from using them as intruments in their brutal attacks on against militarization. After
communities and to ensure that peace and order will contin- the exposé of the 62nd IB's
ue to prevail in the NPA's areas of operation in Far South crimes such as the killing of
Mindanao Region (FSMR). Bayan Muna leader Benjamin
Madrigal said the 39th IB had begun assaulting communi- Bayles in Himamaylan City, the
ties in the middle of this year to pave the way for the aggres- battalion was deployed back to
sive expansion of multinational corporations such as Dole the 3rd ID in Camp Jamindan,
Stanfilco. Many farmers will be deprived of their livelihood if Capiz. Military officers in-
foreign companies put under their full control vast tracts of volved in extrajudicial killings
land for their banana and pineapple plantations, Madrigal and other violations of human
added. ~ rights were also replaced. ~
10 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010
Progressives commemorate filed criminal charges at the Of-
fice of the Ombudsman in 2004.

6th anniversary of Hacienda

Among those charged were for-
mer president Gloria Macapagal-

Luisita Massacre
Arroyo; then Department of La-
bor and Employment (DOLE)
secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas;
caravan of around 40 vehicles took off from the Quezon City

Jose “Peping” Cojuangco; and
Memorial Circle to Tarlac City last November 17 to commem- Benigno Aquino III (now the
orate the sixth anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre. country's president). The Om-
In Manila, the Kilusang Mayo Uno also held a related protest ac- budsman dismissed the charges
tion at Mendiola Bridge. in 2005.
The caravan was organized more than a hundred were Calls for justice coming from
by the Unyon ng mga Mangga- wounded when Philippine Army, the victims' families, residents
gawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), KMP PNP and paramilitary forces and allies have been mounting in
and Bagong Alyansang Makaba- opened fire at rallyists in front the face of maneuvers by Hacien-
yan. These groups urged the of one of the hacienda's gates da Luisita's owners and foreign
Senate and the Lower House to on November 16, 2004. Several investors who want to protect
conduct another investigation other protesters and their allies their stake over the land. None
of the massacre that took place were also gunned down after of the military and police ele-
in the 6,435-hectare hacienda. the incident. ments involved in the bloodbath
Seven people were killed and The families of the victims has been held to account. ~

Agusan del Sur folk New AFP operational plan no different

oppose illegal from the old one—CPP
mining and logging
he new internal security operational plan (oplan) of the Armed
ore than 2,000 residents of T Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is but a replica of Oplan Bantay
M San Francisco, Agusan del
Sur launched a rally and a cara-
Laya. This was the reaction of the Communist Party of the Philip-
pines (CPP) to the AFP's statement last November 20 that its new
van last November 13 to de- oplan will take into consideration human rights.
nounce and oppose illegal min- The Party cited the recent killing of the country's foremost
ing and logging in the province. botanist Leonardo Co and his two companions to show how the
They demanded a stop to AFP continues to evade responsibility despite proof of its wrong-
logging and mining operations doing. The CPP said that the AFP is unable to look at itself in
in their areas, especially those the mirror and allow itself to undertake fundamental reforms.
which have been declared as Thus, claims of AFP generals about refining the military's rules
protected watershed areas by of engagement and paying attention to human rights are all
the local water company. empty rhetoric, said the CPP.
Lumad groups, church peo- The CPP also questioned why it is the AFP that will be mobi-
ple, water company employees, lizing the local government, civilian agencies and NGOS in im-
members of the Integrated Bar plementing its oplan. It turns out, said the CPP, that counterin-
of the Philippines (IBP) in the surgency slogans such as "good governance," "winning the
province and other environmen- peace" and "holistic approach" are there only to sugar-coat the
talist groups also took part in AFP's paramount thrust of relying on sheer fascist methods to
the protest action. ~ crush the people's armed revolution. ~

ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010 11


Protest action rocks G20 of banning foreign activists

from taking part in the protest

action. Among those turned
away were Sonny Africa, chief
researcher of Ibon Foundation;
ens of thousands of Koreans led by the 600,000-strong Kore- Paul Quintos, also an Ibon

T an Confederation of Trade Unions launched a protest action

last November 7 to coincide with the G20 meeting in Seoul,
South Korea.
Foundation staff; Roger Soluta,
secretary-general of the Kilus-
ang Mayo Uno (KMU); and na-
tionalist artist and singer Jess
Around 40,000 unionists, back to their respective coun-
students and activists held a tries.
To protect 25 heads of state,
march-rally in Seoul. The pro- The protesters called for al-
IMF and World Bank officials
test was also attended by ac- ternative solutions to the world
and a number of billionaire
tivists from other countries economic crisis and other glob-
businessmen who attended the
who managed to slip through a al problems. They denounced
G20 meeting, the Seoul govern-
tight security cordon. Hundreds the pending "free trade" agree-
ment mobilized around 45,000
of foreign activists, including ment between South Korea and
armored riot police and raised
those from the Philippines were the US.
the alert level of its entire
barred at the airport and imme- They also decried the gov-
armed forces. It also used pep-
diately put on the next plane ernment's anti-democratic move
per stray to forcibly disperse the
Bigger fonts, longer paper The protest action in Seoul
was just one of the activities
lined up for the People's Week of
n response to the suggestions of readers of Ang Bayan from
I different parts of the country, some changes in the paper's
layout are now being made.
Collective Action against the
G20 which was launched on No-
vember 7-13. Protesters com-
Notice that starting with this issue, fonts have been en-
memorated the 40th death an-
larged to 12 from the original 11 points for easier reading.
niversary of Jeon Tae-il, a 22-
Other changes are now under study in order to make the
year-old textile worker who
paper not just more readable but also more presentable. Start-
killed himself on November 13,
ing with the special issue on the 42nd anniversary of the Par-
1970 to dramatize his protest
ty on December 26, Ang Bayan will be laid out on long-size
against slave wages, the lack of
paper (8.5" x 13") from the present 8.5" x 11". We urge that
labor benefits and the miserable
pertinent organs and units consider this in preparing materi-
working conditions in sweat-
als for reproduction.
shops as well as the reactionary
We also request your continuing suggestions for the im-
Korean government's apathy to
provement of Ang Bayan. ~
all this. ~

12 ANG BAYAN November 21, 2010