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C 110 E/76 Official Journal of the European Union EN 8.5.


(2003/C 110 E/078) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2616/02

by Konstantinos Hatzidakis (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(18 September 2002)

Subject: Web pages published by the CSF administrative authorities in Greece

Project announcements are often posted on the Internet pages published by the administrative authorities
of the CSF operational programmes in Greece without any deadline on the initial page (see, for example,
the operational programme for agricultural development). On many occasions this causes considerable
inconvenience to citizens or bodies who are interested.

Could the Commission intercede with the Greek authorities with a view to ensuring that the deadline for
submitting proposals appears on the initial page?

Answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission

(28 October 2002)

In several web pages of the Greek managing authorities of the sectoral and regional Operational
Programmes (OP) of the Community support framework for the 2000-2006 programming period, there is
indeed no distinction between open invitations to tender and those where the deadline has expired. Certain
web pages, however, have provided this information (e.g. OP Information Society (1)) and the Commission
intends to write to the Greek authorities inviting them to generalise this practice to all programmes.


(2003/C 110 E/079) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2618/02

by Michl Ebner (PPE-DE)
and Giacomo Santini (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(18 September 2002)

Subject: A mountains directive

The UN has declared 2002 the ‘International Year of Mountains’, and cultural and information activities are
under way everywhere to draw attention to the importance of mountains, not only as an economic
resource but also as a living environment for numerous species of flora and fauna. Nonetheless, mountain
areas still do not receive the financial and legal opportunities and aids which they need if they are to deal
with problems such as depopulation or ecological damage.

Given the importance of the matter, does the Commission not consider it desirable to introduce legislation
for the financial and legal support of mountain areas, thus helping to conserve a key element of the
natural heritage?

Does the Commission not consider that a directive is required on the subject of mountains and mountain

Answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission

(31 October 2002)

A number of Community policies, including regional policy and the common agricultural policy, already
recognise the specific needs of mountain areas.

In the case of regional policy, 95 % (by extent) of mountain areas are eligible for Community aid under
Objective 1 during this programming period. Community assistance includes specific measures to be build
on the potential of these areas, reduce their handicaps, particularly depopulation, and ensure their
sustainable development.