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Marco Albrecht
Dylan Mayeux
Justin Weber

ENC 3250-792
Professor: Francis Tobienne
Friday November 26th 2010

The cost and benefits

of the going green

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary...................................................3
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³Going Green´ Today..................................................6

Save the Earth..........................................................7

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Save your Health.....................................................11

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Save Money............................................................13

Save the Economy...................................................15

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It Just Feels Good.....................................................20

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green solutions to customers. It

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has become cost efficient for small
businesses to go green but what
The ³Going Green Movement´
exactly are the cost and benefits of
began in the early 1960s, at that
going green?
time Rachel Carson¶s book ³Silent
Úc Save the Earth is the main
Spring´ warned us and opened the
benefit. As a group our actions
eyes of many about the dangers of
have done huge amounts of
releasing chemicals into the
damage, also as a group we have
environment. The 1960s were an
to consider to contribute and be
important period for activism and
part of the ³Going Green
all kinds of people supported the
environmental movement.
Úc Save your Health, ³going
The late 1960s and 1970s
green´ is beneficial. It can help
saw the rise of the modern green
you live longer.
movement. On the first Earth Day
Úc Save Money. There are
on April 22nd 1970, more than 20
many ways to save money while
million people across the United
going green.
States gathered together to be part
Úc Save the Economy. We think
of activities to educate themselves
that this is the exact time to focus
about environmental issues. In the
on ³going green´, on green
1980s the environmental
movement grew globally and
Úc I Just Feels Good, to save
locally, recognizing that the best
and preserve natural resources for
approach to our use of the
future generations.
environment is conservation for
We should be trying to make
future generations.
an effort to be greener. It will not
³Going Green ³ today is a
only save the Earth, it will improve
popular trend. The number of
the quality of life for you and for
businesses finding ways to go
future generations.
green has increased offering more

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might cause cancer and other

The ³Going Green Movement´ illnesses. The ³environmental

in America has evolved movement´ is rooted in American

considerably since its early days. philosophy and, being at once

Many people link the beginning of innovative and pragmatic, idealistic

the green movement with Rachel and active. One could define

Carson¶s 1962 book ³Silent Spring´ modern environmentalism as the

descriptive on the pesticide sustainable management of

industry, revealed that the overuse resources for the environment

of chemicals was a serious threat through changes in public policy

for the environment and human and individual behavior. In its

beings, as well. It increased public recognition of humanity as a

awareness about environmental participant in ecosystems, the

problems and dangers of releasing movement is centered on

DDT into the environment that conservation.

Yosemite National Park, California

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environmental efforts continued to
Beginning in the 1860s, the
be focused on conservatism of the
U.S. government saw fit to create
parks and set aside wild lands for
The technological and
public good. Yosemite was claimed
industrial developments of the Cold
in 1864; it was made the U.S. first
War era and a series of events
national park in 1872. The
fueled a new environmental
Audubon Society was founded in
concern that went beyond saving
1872 and Sequoia and General
forests and establishing parks. The
Grant parks were established.
Wilderness Act was passed in 1964
Though the federal government
to limit the construction of dams
had begun taking actions to
and other structures on important
preserve lands, it was Theodore
areas and landmarks. During
Roosevelt and John Muir who
these years the Environmental
publicized and popularized
Protection Agency was founded.
conservation. Theodore
The late 1960s and 1970s saw the
Roosevelt¶s visit to Yosemite in
rise of the modern green
1903 gained national publicity.
movement. On the first Earth Day
Then, the World Wars forced
on April 22nd 1970 more than 20
environmental concerns to the
million people across the United
background of public thought.
States gathered together to be part
While the environmental
of activities to educate themselves
movement continued to grow
about environment issues. The
rapidly and became instrumental in
1970s saw numerous steps to
establishing many parks during
clean up the environment: the
these years, environmentalism as
Environmental Protection Act, the
we know it today was not a
Clean Air Act, the founding of Earth
concern for most Americans or the
Day, the banning of DDT, the
federal government. After WWII,
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Water Pollution Control Act, the become the cool and fashionable
Endangered Species Act and the thing to do. The green trend has
Safe Drinking Water Act. Disasters integrated itself into everything
at the Love Canal in 1978 and from clothing and accessories to
Three Mile Island in 1979 terrified businesses who want to keep up
the public with the visible with the times. Even the smallest
consequences of toxic waste, steps taken can have a huge
pollution and contamination. In impact. Many steps can actually
the 1980s the environmental save money and increase revenue
movement grew globally and in businesses, making it a key tool
locally, recognizing that the best for businesses. Also, this increases
approach to our use of the the number of businesses finding
environment is conservation for ways to go green, offering more
future generations. Also, the green solutions to customers. From
1980s were plagued with oil spills offering direct deposit to save on
and while there was continued gas for bank trips and printed
significant environmental paychecks, to using green products
opposition from the industry sector around the workplace, it has
against environmentalism, the become so easy and even cost
various Acts were not overturned. efficient for small businesses to go
The 1990s saw the offshoot of green. It even attracts more
radical environmentalism in the clients. Green businesses have
face of corporate mistreatment of become a huge circle of increased
the land. revenue. In the news and media
today you see stories that relate to
Õ  c
 c c the global warming and our effects
on the earth but what exactly are
Today, going green is sort of
the benefits of going green?
a popular trend. Being green has

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These are the top benefits of going more marked. Considerable

green: evidence exists that most of the
warming has been caused by
human activities. We have altered

This benefit is the overall the chemical composition of the

atmosphere through a build-up of
point of the going green
greenhouse gases (primarily
movement. Saving the Earth is the
carbon dioxide, methane, and
biggest benefit of going green.
nitrous oxide). If we do nothing,
While our collective actions have
rising global temperatures will
done huge amounts of damage to
cause sea levels to rise and alter
our planet, it is those same
collective actions that can save it. local climate conditions, affecting
forests, crop yields, and water
Since the industrial
supplies. It may also affect human
revolution the gradual increase in
health, animals, and many types of
temperature of the Earth¶s surface
ecosystems. Deserts may expand
has worsened. Over the past two
and some of our countryside may
decades the effect has become
be permanently altered.

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A recent article online stated: samples were collected to examine

³Scientists say some whale species the state of their skin cells. The
off the Mexican coast are showing beasts were showing lesions
a sign of severe sunburn that may associated with sun damage, and
be caused by the damaged ozone many of their skin samples
layer¶s decreased ability to block revealed patterns of dead cells
ultraviolet radiation. Photographs associated with exposure to the
were taken of the whales to chart powerful ultraviolet radiation
any visible damage, and small emitted by the sun.

The study said the findings influence of ozone-eating

highlight the possible perils chemicals. While the emission of
associated with the depletion of the those chemicals has been
ozone layer, which helps insulate controlled, the extent to which the
the Earth from ultraviolet rays. ozone layer is recovering is still
The protective layer has been under debate.
thinning for years under the

cc         c
c c c

Global warming is a phenomenon Global warming has become

that leads to climate changes, a growing concern for all of us. A
weather changes and changes in lot has been said about its causes,
adaptability for all creatures in effects and consequences. But the
their habitat. It leads to changes truth is that landfills are filled with
in the living patterns of the trash, and people throw out
creatures, and in most extreme, hundreds of items every day, from
yet not rare conditions, leads to styrofoams to plastics, that could
the death of the animal. When a take millions of years to
large number of these animals decompose. All of these things are
belonging to a certain group die, it having a detrimental effect on our
leads to the death of the group Earth and some day may make the
itself. planet a very unpleasant place to
So what exactly is the cause live.
of this behavior in nature? The
planet is undergoing changes and
the reason for this is in part natural
causes; however, some people
think that it is more human
negligence the cause of this
damage to the resources that
protect the surface of the Earth.
Global warming is a reality we
have to face; it would be great to
have a method that would reduce
considerably the possible causes of
global warming.

cc         c
c c c

Going green involves taking Úc We could save pounds of

steps to minimize the damage carbon dioxide annually by turning
humans are doing, to live an the thermostat down by two
environmentally responsible life degrees in winter or summer.
and to make choices that will help Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas
preserve the Earth and its non- and is a cause of global warming.
renewable sources instead of
destroying them. These steps are
a good way to preserve our
Úc As responsible human
beings, it is important to recycle,
reuse and reduce what you can.
Buy stuff that is absolutely
essential. Many of us make the
mistake of not using products to
their full potential, buying new
ones. We can make a global
impact by simply recycling and Úc Switch to a compact
reusing what we can. fluorescent light (CFL) instead of
using a regular bulb. While using
only a small percent of the energy
that would be used on a normal
light bulb, the CFL also lasts much
longer. If everyone would make a
change in their homes, it would cut
down the greenhouse emission by
billions of pounds.

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Úc Plant a tree, be part of the
³Going Green Movement.´ A tree Most of us are unaware of

is especially beneficial because all the dangers in common household

trees are capable of absorbing cleaning supplies and pesticides,

carbon dioxide. but they all have a cumulative

effect on our bodies. From
switching to greener cleaning
supplies to eating more organic
foods, we can all take small steps
to positively impact our own
personal health. It is a fact that
going green is beneficial. The go
green movement can help you live
longer, the health benefits of going
green are endless.
Going green can improve your
health by preventing some of the
most common wellness problems:

Úc Encourage others to be part Úc Prostate Cancer: chemicals in

of the benefits of ³Going Green.´ pesticides are connected to global

It is not difficult to make these warming, as well as cases of

small changes. These steps can be prostate cancer (which affects an

performed by anyone. Encourage estimated 1 of 6 men). Almost a

others to join you. It would ensure billion pounds of pesticides are

more and more steps being taken annually used in the United States,

to make the environment a better mostly in agriculture. This is one

place to stay. example of how if you go green

you will not only benefit the

cc         c
c c c

environment, but humankind, as healthy foods can prevent this from

well. happening. A recent study found
Úc Heart Disease: many that a daily dosage of anthocyanins
chemicals in air pollution affect the found in blueberries can help you
heart. Fine particles emitted from avoid heart problems. By going
power plants, industrial facilities green you can also improve your
and cars are a contributing factor lifestyle.
to heart problems. Several studies Úc Skin Cancer: is another one
show a link between breathing the of those problems that are directly
particulate matter suspended in caused by the harmful effects of
polluted air and heart disease. global warming. Global warming
Researchers found blood markers has created a phenomena known
that indicate inflammation in the as the greenhouse effect, the
body and blood coagulation build-up of infrared radiation within
increased when the amount of the the Earth¶s atmosphere. This
particulate matter in the air went causes a drop in ozone levels,
up. This combination of chronic which in turn causes UV rays to
inflammation and clot formation become even more harmful to
plays a key role in the build-up of human skin. We need to go green
arterial plaque and heart disease. to help save the planet because
The American Heart Association otherwise, the ozone layer will
estimates that more than 10 continue to get depleted and the
million people in the U.S. suffer abundance of skin cancer will
from angina. Angina is a chest increase.
pain or discomfort that occurs Alternative forms of
when an area of your heart muscle transportation, such as walking or
doesn¶t get enough oxygen-rich riding a bicycle are a good way to
blood. This is staggering because reduce pollution. These forms of
little things such as eating organic transportation will automatically

cc         c
c c c

increase physical activity, economically now is not the time to

consequently, lower the risk of focus on being environmentally
high blood pressure and safe and friendly but the truth is
cardiovascular disease. Going that if we continue to push going
green can help you live longer and green off we will never be able to
improve the way you live. save our planet or create
technologies that save money in
 c  c the process.
Going green ironically can
One of the side benefits of
keep green in your wallet. Among
going green is that going green can
newer technologies today there are
save you money. From saving
more and more programs and
money on home energy costs to
ideas being constructed that can
easy ways to increase the gas
help people save money while
mileage of your car, there are
helping to save the environment at
hundreds of ways to save money
the same time. The easiest way to
while going green.
save money through helping the
With the development of environment is simply to conserve.
more technologies for Every person goes through an
environmental use it may seem like extreme excess amounts in their
you would be spending more lifetime, especially food, water, and
money than saving but the long energy. Limiting the energy you
term benefits surely outgrow the omit will help with greenhouse
original costs that it takes. If we gases and keeping the temperature
created better ways to conserve in the house a few degrees lower
energy, land, and natural resources or higher may not seem like it is
it would without a doubt better our saving you, but it will save you
world that is being used to extreme money in the long run. Using
measures. People think rather that newer technologies such as
since we are in a tough time

cc         c
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fluorescent light bulbs, instead of extra money for a hybrid makes

regular ones and low flow shower you feel better about your
heads are perfect examples of how contribution to the environment, as
you can spend money to save well as you will never need to pay
money. Supplying your house with for gas again and you will no
these simple appliances will lower longer be polluting the
your heating and water bills as well atmosphere, making it a win, win
as helping to keep the excess situation. Of course there are less
amount of resources used. drastic ways to save money such
A major concern people as riding the bus, walking or riding
forget to remember is the excess a bike to get around. We forget
amount of land we take up on our how simple transportation is and
planet. It is our responsibility to using our two feet for a change
make sure that for generations to would cut down on major pollutions
come there is room for more we are causing as well as another
people to inhabit the earth. Most of growing issue in the United States,
these actions are out of hands obesity.
reach from the average citizen, Although the economy is in a
major corporation and spenders recession, now is not the time to
need to realize that the land they forget about the environment and
are taking up for their businesses the national going green
and revenue is hurting the movement. We can hardly afford to
environment, and somewhere you spend money researching newer
have to stop the bleeding. technologies but in the long run it
Another way you can save will save money. The more and
money is by cutting down on the more dependent we become of
amount of gas you omit into the other countries or governments
environment or simply if you can resources the more money we will
afford, buy a hybrid. Spending the spend and the slower the process

cc         c
c c c

will become of developing more the shape it is now, not be a big

useful and innovative techniques deal either. We only have one
for the future. Becoming less earth, and it is every human¶s
dependent on these resources responsibility to take their own
remains crucial, as that is one of responsibility for their actions and
our major concerns simply taking start help saving. When you help
up the majority of natural contribute to saving the
resources the earth has to offer. environment and going green you
Becoming less dependent and save the green in your wallets as
spending money on research we well, thus it is a win-win situation.
can find more successful scientific
ways to continue to improve life  ccM  c
and the environment. These new
As our economy is currently
technologies could potentially save
in a nasty recession, some people
our environment by finding new
claim that this is not a good time
ways to obtain oil for example.
to be focusing on going green. We
With newer technologies of how to
think this is the exact time we
obtain oil, we could potentially stop
should be focusing on going green,
off shore drilling or at least prevent
on green technology in particular.
other natural disasters like the
The U.S. has always been an
most recent spill in the Gulf from
innovator and its part of what has
happening again.
kept America as a world economic
Saving the economy and the
power« Another side benefit of
environment also gives you the
developing greener technology is
ability to save money. In a
that it will also lessen the
recession such as ours, saving any
dependence on foreign oil.
money can be a big deal so why
USF is becoming a leader in
would trying to save the
environmental and green sciences,
environment in any way especially
from lead research into oil¶s affects

cc         c
c c c

on marine life and cycles to a new Every day, Earths ecosystems,

college based around populations, and species evolve,
sustainability. Dr. Christian Wells, changing environments for the
director of USF¶s office of short and long-term. In able to
sustainability, has participated in keep up with our changing planet,
ground breaking research we must investigate and create
throughout southern America and new sciences to explain the
has written six books, all focused physical world and inevitably
on socio-natural systems and how evolve with it. USF has created
they live with the environment. His initiatives to lower campus carbon
website states ³he teaches a footprints and create more
number of courses that integrate opportunity for students to enter
these lines of research, including a environmental science careers by
graduate seminar in Economic offering degrees and a new office
Anthropology, undergraduate that offers multiple certifications,
seminars in Sustainability and Soil primarily in water purification
and Culture, and courses in sciences. USF had also contributed
Archaeology, Mesoamerican research in 2009 into carbon
Archaeology, Quantitative Methods, footprints, which was used in
and Advanced Quantitative development of a plane by Boeing.
Methods.´(1. Uweb, ECWells) (Interview) When asked if he
Why is it important for believed that USF is becoming a
Universities and Community leading institution in relevant
Colleges to teach environmental sciences, he replied ³Yes, USF is
and green energy sciences? Dr. leading in terms of research and
Wells stated ³The world is dedication because our location
changing; the only way to keep up allows us to have easy access to
is through investigative science samples; we are leading in science
focusing on the environment´. based on water research.

cc         c
c c c

What do you say to the idea ³Sustainabull´ initiative eventually

that humanity barely affects the save USF money? Dr. Wells
climate and in fact it is nothing ³Absolutely, when USF is 3.5 billion
more than a natural earth climate of Florida¶s economy, it makes a
phase; if true, is there still reason difference economically to the
to investigate more efficient entire state´.
energies? Dr. Wells replied: ³It is Over the past three years,
still important to find alternative Florida has seen a devastating
energies either way because economical plague surge through
economic success is derived from the state, with unemployment sky
such an investment´. The affect on rocketing to the highest rate ever
the economy of USF to be of 12%, according to Google
environmentally conscience could ³public data´ profile of Florida. With
be astronomical. The campus and massive problems arising in our
surrounding cities economic economy and resource depletion,
success depends partially in we find there is only one option for
keeping up with the rest of the Florida to revive its economy, go
world in research and green.
development. Will the

c c

cc         c
c c c

The state of Michigan has In USF¶s Proposal for a new

embraced the ³going green´ school of Global Sustainability, it
movement by implementation of states ³The recent collapse of the
the Michigan Climate Action Plan. economy and the increasing
According to the center for climate concern over climate change,
strategies regarding the plan water quality and quantity, the
³projected net increase of 129,000 experience of urban life, energy
jobs, a $25 billion net gain in the dependence, social equity, and
Gross State Product and lower environmental contamination and
energy prices for average citizens health have created remarkable
by 2025´. Adam Rose, coordinator new possibilities for faculty and
for economics at the USC Center students at the University of South
for Risk and Economic Analysis of Florida to help rebuild both the
Terrorism Events has taken up the market and the planet´. USF is a
research into not only the effects leader in water purification
on the environment but also on our sciences and marine biology,
economy from going green. While because of our easy access to rare
many people fear that greening the samples, but now in order to keep
economy can weaken it, Rose¶s up with the changing environment
research has demonstrated the and economy of Florida we must
opposite. ³In terms of job creation start to plan and invest for the
in Michigan, the increase is future. According to the New York
equivalent to 2.7 percent of the Times ³The ³green economy´ is
baseline level in 2025. We can already big business, the new
conclude that investing in green Green Collar Jobs report
technology now, could be the thing (
to save us from economic disaster
in the future. 2Fgreenjobs&h=6ef10) from the
nonprofit American Solar Energy

cc         c
c c c

Society and Management annual revenue growth. By 2030,

Information Services, a they forecast as many as 37 million
Washington D.C. economic jobs from renewable energy and
research firm, documents that the energy efficiency´. If we are
renewable energy and energy heading towards a future of
efficiency industries represented sustainability and green collared
more than 9 million jobs and jobs, we should invest now, so to
$1,045 billion in U.S. revenue in have a well formed infrastructure
2007. The renewable energy in the future. This will lay a base
industry grew three times as fast for scientific innovation in the
as the U.S. economy, with the future; assuring our children will
solar thermal, photovoltaic, have opportunities in the
biodiesel, and ethanol sectors sustainable sciences.
leading the way, each with 25%+

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ccccccccccccccc c
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cc         c
c c c

Saving water is another way

Mccc c Úc
of going green. A simple way is to
Because is the right thing to make sure that all faucets are
do. Going green is the right thing turned off completely after every
to do for yourself, your family, use.c
loved ones and everyone on Earth.
Most people start off small and
work their way up. If that is what
works, it¶s perfect. There are
many ways to save and preserve
natural resources for future
generations. Going green does not c

have to mean being one hundred

Úc Take your efforts to the work
percent plant conscious all the
place. Start by car pooling. Then,
at the work place, try to get a few
Start simple:
recycling receptacles. Many people
are conscientious about recycling
at home; the same people often
neglect this duty at work.

Úc Save on electricity. Turn off

the light when you are not in the
room. This one act is so easy; this
is a great way to save energy.

cc         c
c c c

{  c
and eat the same foods all deriving
We should be trying to be from resources given to us. It is
greener« it just makes sense. It¶s our responsibility as human beings
good for the Earth, good for our
to make sure that these resources
health, good for the wallet, etc, are replenished for future
etc. You will see that everyone is generations to come. Even if the
trying to make an effort to go benefits of going green do not
green, to be greener. Why not seem relevant to you, they are to a
take that extra 10 seconds to majority of people in the world and
recycle that can or bottle and enjoy you can help a hand rather than
that little feeling that you are doing
harm our world. In the end, just
the right thing? If you cannot find remember that going green will not
the encouragement to go green for only save the Earth but it will also
yourself, than try doing it for improve your quality of life and
someone else. We all inhabit the provide many other benefits as
same Earth drink the same waters well.

 cc         c
c c c

•ngina- a chest pain or discomfort that occurs when an area of your heart
muscle doesn¶t get enough oxygen-rich blood.
Carbon footprint- the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
caused by an organization, event, product or person.
DDT- (from its trivial name, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is one of the
most well-known synthetic pesticides.
Going Green- dedicated to finding solutions for the sustainability of the
Environmentalism- a movement to preserve the health of Earth and its
Renewable resource- replaced by natural processes.
Socio-natural systems- Natural social order created in animal
environments, especially humans.
Sustainability- the capacity to endure.
Ultraviolet light- is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter
than that of visible light.

cc         c
c c c

•   cw 

³Going green´ is more than just a feel good slogan these days, is all
over the news. These are some of the sources that guided us for a solution
to the widespread acknowledgement of an ecological crisis in our planet.
These sources help us describe ³The costs and benefits of the going green

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. M  



<> August 15th 2010,

This encyclopedia selection offers information on the background and

contemporary manifestations of the global ecology movement that is based
on environmental protection. It informs that there was ozone depletion and
deforestation in the 90¶s, and now climate change and global warming are
the biggest concern for many. It relates to sustainable development and

WebEcoist, website.   



movement/> WebEcoist 2006-2009 Webist Media, online.

This website selection informs the beginning of the green movement, the
roots of environmentalism, the pragmatist era, conservation and
catastrophe, activism and the new environmentalism. It refers to the fact
that more and more people now recycle, compost, ³go organic´, grow
gardens and understand the connection between saving money, improving
health and helping the environment.

Going Green Hints, Website. 




cc         c
c c c

This website gives relevant information about the benefits of going green
today. It relates to issues like recycling, saving the earth, saving money,
saving the economy, etc.

³University of South Florida - Office of Sustainability." D

 ! "# $  

 University of South FL, 2007. Web. 07 Nov. 2010.

USF has provided a website that lays out its initiatives, focused particularly
on sustainability for USF. On the site itself, information about the people
who run and contribute to the program, academia (research and courses),
and general information about the programs history all exists.

"USF Going Green with Dr. Wells." %

!. 30 Oct. 2010.

Dr. Wells has been appointed as the founding director of the office of
sustainability at USF. I decided to interview him because he is very well
educated and has been all over the world studying various sciences. Over
the past 15 years, he has undertaken field research in Honduras,
Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico with funding from the National Science
Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, the National Geographic Society,
and other agencies. At USF, he teaches a number of courses that integrate
these lines of research, including a graduate seminar in Economic
Anthropology, undergraduate seminars in Sustainability and Soil and
Culture, and courses in Archaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology,
Quantitative Methods, and Advanced Quantitative Methods.
Green, Kenneth. &' 

 (& ) &
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This book uses a debate approach to relate to the global warming, the
evidence of the global warming and the primary suspects of the greenhouse

cc         c
c c c

Goldfarb, Theodore D. %*



 Guilford, Connecticut: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 1999.

This book refers to environmental protection, the future of the world¶s

ecosystems, recycling and the control of environmental problems.

Haddock, Patricia. M

%  & )% 
Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2000. Book.

This source refers to ³Going Green´: the environmental movement,

pollution, climate changes and global warming that threatens the Earth.

cc         c