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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 110 E/195

The Commission invite the Honourable Members to provide, if available, more information about the
incident referred to in the questions, which would allow the Commission to judge whether it is
appropriate to take action at Community level.

(1) OJ L 175, 19.7.1993.

(2) OJ L 186, 30.6.1989.
(3) OJ L 290, 24.11.1993.
(4) Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 of the Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2002 laying down the general
principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down
procedures in matters of food safety, OJ L 31, 1.2.2002.

(2003/C 110 E/216) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3260/02

by Hanja Maij-Weggen (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(19 November 2002)

Subject: Treatment of stray animals (dogs and cats) in Greece

Is the Commission aware that, in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games, the Greek Government is
planning to catch stray animals in special traps, shut them up in animal homes and, unless an owner or
potential owner appears within seven days, kill them?

Will the Commission ask the Greek Government to solve this problem in a more humane way, preferably
in cooperation with Greek animal welfare organisations such as CIDAG?

Answer given by Mr Byrne on behalf of the Commission

(14 January 2003)

The Commission shares the view of the Honourable Member that unnecessary suffering of animals is not

The Commission places great importance on animal welfare and the first Community regulation on this
subject was established as far back as 25 years ago. The Community has adopted general rules on the
rearing of animals with the view to protecting their welfare. More detailed conditions have been laid down
on the rearing of calves, pigs and laying hens. The Community has also passed legislation on animal
transport and the conditions for the slaughter animals.

Community rules also exist on the use of animals for scientific research. Community legislation on animal
transport and on the use of animals for scientific research is applicable to cats and dogs.

However, the way stray dogs are dealt with is a matter where the Community has no general legal
competence. Within the Union, this domain is under the sole responsibility of the Member States. The
issue should therefore be raised with the Greek authorities.

(2003/C 110 E/217) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3266/02

by Renzo Imbeni (PSE)
and Guido Podestà (PPE-DE) to the Commission
(19 November 2002)

Subject: Seat of the European Food Safety Authority

Now that the top-level managers responsible for European food safety policy have been appointed in both
the Commission and the European Food Safety Authority, is the Commission ready to take steps to ensure
that a decision is reached as soon as possible on the definitive seat of the European Food Safety Authority
so that it can start carrying out its tasks under optimum conditions?