PR EFACE. (MOR'IMA,L.J. .. ', !, •• , • , .••. ; • ,; •• '" •• ,", • '" • 7

TAEKWON-DO AND !MITA.TORS . ,; , . ' " .. , ..•. " 110

CHARTER OF TA.EKW'ON-D'O t7AEK'Wo.N-DO HUNJANt:i) .. , , , . ; 12:


EXPLAINATION OF TENIETS ' , •. , .. " .... , . , .• ' '. 'r •• ' ••• '16

SON'G OF TAIEIKWO -DO (TA€KWON-DQ ,NOR,AE) , , .' ., . ; ' .. 'r 18

lID EF~ INIIITI ON OF TAEKWO N -IDa . . . ,. . . . . ; ... ,. . . .. " .. , , , , .... 21

ANCI ENT' MIAP OF K.OR EA. ,. . . . _ ' ,; . . i • '. • _ '!' _ '. • • , • , • • • • • 24

THIE ORIGil1 N AND DEVELOPMENT OF' HE, MARl"IAl ARTS. , " . , ... ' .. 26

HIS··'T-O··· I~''V' O' 'f;' TA .. E'vW: O···IP!.~~IIf"iiIO.· (:rJ.l,E.'~'.v'w· .·O:'.N,.,v-.·O.··. 'vO ·K·.·:·S·~.·· .. ·~), . '?O:

_._', . nl~' . r . 1'\1 .. I~ IL.J. 'IJLt,J, /\ ... ". ~ .. I MI, IJ •••• II .. H, !i II of" Ii ~g

MIORAL ICUlTURE' (.JUNGSHlN' ,SOOVA.N,G) ' .... , . '.' .. ! • " •• ! -45,

'rAE K.WQ IN·-ID 0 AND PHYS~ CAL FITIN ESS . " , . " . . . . • . . , , • '. • • , . 69 TAIE,IKWQ -DO A-<: D . ENTAL EFFECT. , .... " ..... " . " ... , .... 73

Aim-V· AN! lA' G' :- ES 0 F lIFAEK'WO" N' 0 O· '1[6

. ~ ':' ", ~ : : '.' ~ :.-: ... _ lll.:.~ -:. _ '~I~: _. '" ~. _ • _... :. i :~.: _ _ e- e '! I e 'I I' ~ I II I 'I ~ 'I II • II • • • • • • ,: .. :_.,

IRA!N'ING SECA'ET OF TAEKWON .. DO ..... " . ! • , ••••••.• , •• " • 80 STU D' IE NT /1 N S1'R IUJ cro R R E LA T]I 0 N S H II P (SAJ'E JI 00')1 . . ,.. . . . ,. ~ . .. . 81 IID~""'l IN"-'-'- UC 0- B7

i . I ~~ I~ . STR _'.: . ·.T .. 1 R, . . ,; . . ; " . . . . . . . . . -e- • .. • • r , • • " " • " " • • :: ..


SYSTEM OF M'A,NK (DAN GUP J'EDO) , ...... , L , ,., ., •• " , " • ! •• ' :91

C'RITEIRI.A, 1=0 Fit GJ RAD E ANIID DEG R'EE, • " • , • . • • ;, • . " " " •• ,. " + •• ' ,93

TEST (SfMSA,) . . , .. , .. " .... " ... , . ,. ...."...., ... 'r e • •• 916

TA,AI'NING SCHIEDlIIl,E (S,OORYON GEHEI(' Pl'O),,, 'r •• " , " " '1110

CLASS~f'ICATION OF INI·STRUCTOFL , _ ,. ; I • , • + ,. 123


C.OM PETI IIOIN (I<Y,fJ'NG' GO " . . . . . . . " .. '. " , , . " . . . . . r • • • '. '128

RULIES FOR CONU?ETiTIOIN (KYONG GI KYU JONG) " .. ' .. " .. , a , •• 310

DIEM ONiSTRATmo NI (S./BUM) . , . . '. . . . . . . . . . , ' e •. e • • • • • • • .142

FA TIE'H" inn; ., ,. , , . , ; . . . . , . , " . .. . . . .. "' . 154

SPARfUtHl ,(MATSO,(jI)1 .. ,. + ~ " • • • • • " !. ,. • • I • • •. • • 1 Ell

5'5 LF~· 0 EFEN,se TIE C::H Nil Q.U ES, (HOS'l:N Sa'OL} . ,. . .. . . . . . . '. ,. 162, COMPOSITION O~ T:A,IE,KWOJN~DO (1AEKWO'N-.D10 GOfJS',ONG) , ... '.' ,236

A8QUTTHEAUTHOR " ~. ! ., ~ •••••••••••• " •• ~1

G RO,U'IP PHOTOS , . " ; " , .. , . . . . . . . .. .. . . . " , • 264

, N ID. EX ,.."..... . . . . '. . ; 'r • ,. • • • ~ . ; ~ • e e • 283:

'GiI!,N" C:HO~ HONGI HI P r,es idelnt

Ip: R'! E' IFA:····· C· .. ··· E (:AA .' ~ .

_-' .' - '. ". '~'., ' "IV"Or:lma~)

Words. are 'ilinadequ2lIte to describe my feeling 'crf jubiiartioD1 on 'the day that rae k wOln - D 0' w,as born, but at t he same bm'8 ~ W'8S ass,ajil ad by d au bts rEi nd ap\~rehension:s. How m·8rilly' pe~opll\e would actuallv come to r\ecolgrld,;j!i8 and understand Taekwon-Do duringl my ~~fe-t;m8?' ~11lt seems las though 1l'lils, In a ppe ned 0 nly vesterdav, 18 nd VIet. ma ny ye.afs., have passed and todalV" 'T as kwon -0 o is not o n Iy an o "ffkia II ac·tuvity o·f Ie ~ S MI (Co Ul n oi I of I nt'elnn arlo na I S~:H)r1: Military"J but :t ls under ,c.o,ns1Ide.r'a~i,on tor lnclustcn in the I mt@n.-nla·~ional Oh/lmp;it; Games., AH of this has made me' rea:lliibleol'1C8 again that the devs travel w'i't:h the speed c,f; a i:~ying ,fur,ow and 11lne yea:r's fllio,w ~ikre an iJrl'leversible Iiliive'.; but most sign lfica ntl y" it qI ~,SiIO P roves that determln ation a nd faith ca n overco me ,a ny obsta cle,

All th i III 95 a ~,e g)o.v.err1ed b;V t ~le I aw of Y'i n ill nd Y'cllli!l g (dark and i i 9 ht) ... hsppiness can o'flien stem from catastroehle moments. MIY painfulexperiences of dI EHJ rad at ic n a no I IiJ rn i hi;a'W:l'D,JTiJj when the. ,J,iJlpa ness rCO I Q n ization of iKcneal t-educed me to a perno,n wir'ho~~ a country .. inspired me' to learn Taekwon- 00" ~ was fu rth er m ot ivsted by my d ElS ilre 't01 preserve 8'nd spread the spilr.'1iit and wii,sd,olmr ()'f' the [1(0 rean pee p 18 itO 'the wen ~d.

Need less to say _ Ta'e,.k_w'rO rli ~ [) 0. :~o LJ Id [Ill at: IPolS:Sii bly have' a chi eyed the, status it: enjoy's today without the ®ears, of si'l;e-nt: ,agony shied by the pioneers ot T,ae,kw,o n - Do 'W ~IO' s~rQve 819 a inst el ~ ord.d s tOI i ntrod ues the i IU- ,firt to tih e w,o,rld,

Re~r'aspect~;ve'll:'y'~ my troubies began soon after the fonnation of' 'the Re, pu bll i C 'of KQreQ A [medl Fo,r,c~'s.. Des pi te f'IJe.n:e opnosltio I'iI born my DO 1- lealguesj I succeeded in introducin,g Taiekwon -Do las Ii} cOlmJp,ulsoi!"V course in 'the. a li"mv e u rrie lilli u m.

~ w,as. repaid! W.iI1:h j€a~ou,s.y .. slender and Unal ~y oppressloa. A'S a result ... mv 8'rllmy career ,~aime to an abruIP~ is'nd. lhli;s, \!V'las m,e.re~v a prelude fair what 'WIENS to fo II low ~ Th'B c iv,i I ia n ~yms practl c i ng Dang S 00 = Do (Ka rate - D,o} and t(jl) ng Soc' - CIO (1IKar,9,!,e - D o) S8:W Taekwo n ~ D o as a pass illbl,e t.tne,at.

The·y reacted with bijttelu cfitic~·rsm." It is nlCI wonder thlet these people" :in


who,m al SIS'ITIS€! rof nationallilsm ls to'tallirV lac.klng,~ sl-ill hold a Igrudge against me:

The' incr,edl~b~,e !popularitv' 01 Tiaekw'on= Do" In Kama as 'w'e~ll as, abroad, rapidly dro've'llne' pra,c,t1iitioner.s. of iinmriof man:ia~ art forms out [of business,

M y Qbsess~'o n w~th Ta e,kwQ nr -100 ~u nl"e;lr' lied me: 'to stalnd ~jnn .agiO i nst '~he de',s;i re ,of corru pit g'Qve'rnme nt off ~ci,a[r6, who 'w'anted to use 'raekw,g n - Do as, a po~ ~ ~,ica I i nstrums rrt tOI strength en the i r d~cta'tlorrs I'!I ~p.. M V outspe f<ien critk:1fism of: tlhe' slouth KOlr,e'8tliill gov,e.rnm,19.'m-, both then and now-has. Deel1 frequently tm~:s:i n,eH'p~'J9imd~, ma:king me a p!psar as, a n erM~ my o,f my own pea pie.

Tae'k,w,oll1-,D'o SOOin seeursd its, lntematlonal repurtat1o,n for being' both s Utpelf ~o rand diiiUe rent 'f,rom ~n e IKalrat,e tha't had previ 0 u:!dy be en d olmwlm! at itng the wO rid af 11irun1i,a I erts, flll[rs ri'YE11 i~1ITI nat Il.J ra II y added other n.ames to mv ~V\e r ~, iilrntcfeaJsilng I lsr Otf le'lite'mi~~s,

In summatiol11; mry life has bee, : a tLflr:bu~ent o'ne~, ril~ddled wi'th l,o,n81'v fights arn,d tll1fDrtUt~,at:e ,adventure 'that'~w would le'l1vy '.,',' ,a 11~~le.' O'f sellf'-exile theusands of ,m i ies d ists nt from my bel c)ved 'COIIJj ntry" Evefl so J' 'it has tr u IV bee n it wo,rIthwh i~ 81 andeaver.


MV drs.am has, at ~llst been r.eal'ized ... t:he ,ultilmaile falntasy of ,spreading lind

teaCjhin,g Tae'kw'Dn~,I[)o widm ne regard tc conslderatsons of re.[lmg~on., ~deo.lo,gYr natio nail boundari:es., 0 r fe,ce. m cain say w ittUl,Ut: hes~iit,atJiion 'tlnra.t I a m '~he hap . h~st men al;'ive,.

~ t is my ea rnest desi re t hai~ Taekwen _, 0'0 Ell houldl reta i n its ori g i nal concept ,3 no tee hi n iq LIte. I,t is mv si nOB'ra ho pel thst Taekwe n - De's e mlphasil, on pirom'oting a he,al'~hier body QlIrnd milnd 'wil pnJv,~de a s;i'gn[rfi,C,81I.1 ,t centrlbuncn to human pi'io'gress, for mlanv ,genreraiti'D~iS, to come.

It is on's of nature's ironies ttM~' d,e,lieate plants such as, orcih.~ds or tulips req IU ire Ei'X1fe'me care wlhi 1,19 weeds f lou rish !iN irh In.iil' attentin n a~ a ~iL Wi Id 'Pit n le gralS5j' easi Iy m is,tak'9 n for VII heet or Ir'ioe'j 01 n ,iictualll'v' preveln'~ the 9 I'\Qw1:h of the gemJ.Jine: article, I eannot hslp but des[pla,i'r OVB'r the tainted ifini3iQ)e' G'T TaekwonDc IrrecenUy ,c~aited by pt!3lcfi'ti'(j ners 'of sha III T.ae,k.w,on = 0 O~ wlhc have nom i n91 ln common with Ihe ori'gill1l and art f'cu'm [fJ'XC8,p't, for ,81 bomowed name.

I co nsole mysel'f with th is tboug ht: Li ke a ICOliIU nterm'it d i,am'o n d '~ha'~ callil not cut g~ass, 'fr,adulent Taekwol!1~,DQ is ,Slppearlnce wlthout substence and like a summer shower t{hat: q u ~ckly. dries fn) m 'the ee rth Qlr ,a hJl~ rrlea me, 'that: rapid Iy


passes 'f'ro m the: sky. ph(H']19:Y T aekwo n - Do P ractit i 0 ners and i mitators csnn ot end urs, h exJsts. sols IIV on the stren gth of IPO I itlea I i nfluence a nd is to'lcllly dev'o id o'~ fu nd 8'me. nta I ph ~h)5.o.IPhy or tech n'~Q ue based 0'11 log IIC-. As such. lt is desfned for an earlv exist.. The, issue lies Ilnl QIUf ability to diff.e'rel!l1~:iate between th e true and '1:he fa lse,

I 'w'ish to dad icats th is. En eye loped J a, ' .... ; the I ast prod u ct o~ my I j'fe -I 0. n9 research .. ,. ~,o my. stedents in ~'he; h1o!pe' that ~t 'wUII assist them in '!he~r PlUrs,Ul~'~ of tr LN~ Tcuak.wo n -1010.

I glir'!J'@ s[ps,clf iii I thanks 'tOI a II i nstructo rs and black belt he lde IrS oi m'any eountrles who tlav,e: posed for pnot:ogn~lphs w~"thh'i this edition.

My ,5.i nee re a p prec iatilo n a lso ,goe~Si to M I~,., Han C h a ngl S am and ,my beloved student Sebree Sa ,lie hi who wl ~ ~ 11m g Iv!' gave up m IJch of thel Ir va I ueb Ie t:i me' for !j]hotogr,BJrphing r'equ~red for th is edition,

Ihn:umllul a'lilld l~ : on - hi: i J'O'on . H"Pir" 'ii!lllidi ~~~. ',: :r riicrk J'Wl~l"i!le ' ,""~th ~"i wi:re G~(!(lii:d:a P.!l!.utk ~_'nfld:"ct\ ,~, L~" f.ifliillli~l'¢ rt!lr\',i 'W ill die :In;e.:p.!a'ra~"il!DiD, Dor I::bm omc)'clg p:!,~U8. .


'T:oda!y'~ ,the iI'normOILg'S oc plu~le rit.y of Tae k.we'n ~ ,00 has created i m i,tartol'is;" ,8 nd 'W~ its,t' at 1:i'fmers; lm it81t,ion 'is the! ,sii'n~e re5:~ form 'of flaue'~-y" il1ll tille! C8iSe oi lia!8,kwon -Dn ,till is ls defil~l~te:ly IiIIOil: tirllllie',. To mmita~~, w'itlh cut: lfulmll ,k.no:wl~edlgB !off ~'h8 clliilg ina II iSi diallllgem UJ3'. ~I~: ls sOlliiewitmarn i;jlll~dll1i IJo ,a~~Qiwilngl allchi Id 1:0 rday wirth ,i] '10, '91 U1i11~ lh,e n Ig ivmmt~J Ihi m, a ~Ba l,gltJ n '~Hlld e'xpecti ng 'dle, 'Clhm~ld' 1:0, I!J nd E!!'f"$t81Ifid ~he differemliCe. w;thout g~V'i~lg :tnl~im '~he Ikn,ow~:~dg:e' o~ 'the' '~'~nl~)t~'o,n and ef'f;ect' ,of a r:e'all Qlun,

who iiR1li:'tates: dOlLS, rl-01: cihallilige ths 10'r igiin,all (iillli 'thi;~ C8S'e 'li:aekw'Onr,~ 001')' Iili~ I~'n PF''O'V€HfII add ~t~o,"al~ 'te;c~hl~ ~iq,ueSj i !lte rp~e,tathJlflSj, phnosophy,; 't'EHflilli m,ollo'!;lY' '0 r :s,y,s~,e,m~; ,811'111d Ime,t:hod~l.

I:t is: whe'n unau~ihori~ed chaJln,ges 'to the ,crigmnal am1: of' Jas,kwon=IDo takie p'liice, tlhat 'these, Ii 1m ffi1a t:o rs c~e\ate' a h igih~:'v dlan,gef:\Q11lIIs ,aindl ered ina iill'r~lllIen;oo IJIPOIilI 'fI18; iCon cept o:f Taekwon~ 0,0.

DI,arng,8rro'ulS,,; beo91use ~i~ 9livH: '~O' '~he ,stJLudlell!1rilS, ,ell: '~he iimli'ui"Or! ,I se!lftse! of mlaste,ry of ,tlch'lli\q uss 'wh:i~h are 00 mplet:ely tI,nfou nded in the krB)lwhadgtBI o'f' ,the: tr,u~ rm:8'rtJia I ,am Io.f Tm,ellkw\o n - Do.

DangI9~cluS~ b eea use' 8i stluidelrar~: rma'~' bsee Me !Eli teacher alnd al~ I un knuJw'i ngl y i liii1:palrt~i Iii is 'f.a~ISle: 't\fl:ichrn iQlu~es, 'to' lo!~he rs, till us CO'IliIPOU flIcr ngl ,the elD'lIi"~lr of' filill'S'e k fiiQ'W ~ed\ge., lihl:ns w D~lllle19id 'tID a n ,erosiiOlfii O(~ (:-oli1lfid~Ii1Cel" by ~e~illoll!ls :S;I:uHents,,, i'n T,aekwo!n ~ Do as a pr10'VB'1i1I Imalrtia I ian'"

Conl~ush:nlW has: reeentl y ,;11 rise n by the LISle err U'iile' telrmli 110~ cgy' ~·'T:A,E KW'O N-, D'IO'i 'Itl e: rKOlPi EAINI ,AlAI 10 f ;S a F = D' !IFIEN S IE;. ~or 1lllmrphlis,ize the 'wof1d liC.of'E,a n, Toda~{'~, in '~h[e S'olJth IKOif!e;a~, it: ~s lbe'cnmling '~he plraC'U~e t(i i'ndmscf1im:ilnmelly aIP~I" It,fu,e' wO'rd T:~iu!!kw'on=D\ol 1'0 a rbal!i;~:ardiz;e'd im~lat;iollii 10" t.ho' ~,ea'i olfi9in~1 Korsilll' martiall ,a:rt,.

~a-erne'riii Choiii IH ong H'1i ha,s: been 'crea,t ins', de\fll'iLc) pl ng 'the art o'~ l:aek~won-, 100 siinc-fl earl'V' '194-6ir iml wha~' is, new know n as tlhle ft'e,piubl i!e' 101' ,Korea. I t ls '~rll!,le '~:h;a~ Genii!i!lraJl IChoru 'waS! b CI~if!I' run KOIlTI!'lei alnd at Ibe' 'tJim,B' lof dewll'D1P:ing' ,and

I~mltrod I1j'.C'~ ng T sekwon - 0 0 he re.!5ided thera. ~~, i~s; a lso true ~~ha~ t he basis O'~ 'raek}NOmi'" 0 o go ss back to the a'l1cienitt pa~t oT IKorea., but' to ca II Taekwon- 0'0' purBI~ry K.()feallill ~s' :somewhaf~ like one COUil1i1:ry' dalirnii'l11g to Ih,ave' i'ntroduc,erl filre.

The true Taekwon ~ D 01 of O,e nera I Cho~i knows, ne bo undawh-:ils o~ co umlt;rie;s; i'~ ls a urnlfven:al ~I": of $e~lf=de'fenSiet '~t HS, also aln ~1r1: f'Or whmch ,the ~jiI:J~lhor of this l~niCylclllop'edi'a has: devoMdi hls ~Ii're, not on~v' 'to retailn the pUlifty O'f the !otig,in,al Taekwon - D a jlnt:rod ueed by hi'm in 1 ,QS5~ Ib m to eon stantly seareh 'for w'arys ef i 11!11~U'(DiV i 0'9 the ori 9 i nal tech niq ues, On 1'1 after exh,8u:s1:ivel rIe&ea reh .and plnJ,QlfJ iof i mIP!'i().'VEl"mant ,a no ~"ff:ec~iV\ene,ss' is, a clh,a ng:e: '~O the ori~~li nal a PPfQveci ,(lInd i neorporated ViI h~h i iii! the ave ~al~ I a rI' of '11 a:ell<:wolril= m)o.

These '\(0 I Ulrnes, aile' lJ;too'~: of IG,ener,a I C hoi"s 'ten Beljity of de:rl icatio n to k;,e;e. pl IfQ,Q' the OfU:g i 11 raj Ta,ekw'o n- D 01 'free' fflom unprc:nled i m~tat:h)In!s,~ a no with the COI,_.Q peratl 0 n of ,3 II true: Taekwon·, [) 01 ,stude1nt5!, no :mattar what gli',adiB1" 'weed 0 ut '~hos~ 'ViJho seek 't01 destrlo'y Ini;s, 'teachings;,



ICHA,TE', OF TAEKWON-OO {Tae,kw,CJ'n-DI,o Hu'n Ja,ng)


.s,i!lr~ ce Taekwon - 0,0' is a [n an 0.: seU:,a delen ee wh leh a lms ,tU a nob ~e mloria~' rearms rnent, h j,., h degrel9 of i ntellect ual ach ieve.lmEmt~ 9 racefu I tech n iqlllLl eS'I' formidab~e plower and bei3uty of phvs,i,e811 'm:orm. it canl be icons'idered as a pan ot one's dailv li~ jJ'llIiS,t ,SiS airs brea~hing and ,t!hinking,.

As the $0 U F1 de9f of Taekwon - DID .. , I woull d like to de~i ne irIS, p~!; ~ I osophY'~ . prlinciplles'd' and purposes S,C). 'tlnat. these' nlig(h -, be ,appllie.d to bring abeut 'he 'fillowe.lf'inr91 of [mOlr,al~mty~ b~',au~v. and IpCrWs'r in ham-m;ony y,iith th;e' immort,al spirit

P,A.Ri r.

Through :sJC'iJentiHe practice o,.~: Taekwon- 0,0 ,one can s~gnifiCl;lnt~v iilmp[rtl\{EJi his heollth Illnd nourish his ~in'te!~I\ect. One can be' lin a pO',$,ition 'to s"d others an the cause of ji u;st:i08r. thelli'le'bv' p'r'omot1i ng sooi a I eth ~ es a nd rno rels, 1h us hel pi ngl te Ibriing ebout Sl happier and more peJaC9~U'~ so'Ciety.

PA,RT 2~

I n order to co me 11:10 terms with I if:ei~ iiln s p he of its d eites~,alb le aspects. and w'jith the ide.,a 01 die,ath, .. cine 0 u 9 h1 to co. rnti n UiB' s.~udy~ ng th e a rt of Taekwo n- Do to ~!e.a~[mI 'techrniilques ,o.f power and gll'"alce, and t,c ell!llarge his :spmr~tua~ rselrn. 'us the rnotivaticn to st.iIl.Idy sinaill be aln inhlerit.a.nc~' e,f Illrm~ less value to sueceedlnq 'genera~:io[n s,


H urn e.[VI be,i I1Q.s eome i n10' the w'Ori d with silmpl,e n~H9d sand des,i~es,. Th ey need In ot become ~V',ari c ious but 0 lI.I!~g ~ t to 'rema~Jn arlways h urn b Ie· a nd me re uf ul,


never co,mpr,olmi,se t'hei'r principle!" ner be sW,By,ed b'V' sell'fish motiyes~ to i·nsu[re· 'freedom and i ndle'pendeiiiil eel O'f Tae kwo n -IDo so '~hat. ~t 'W i II be pSSissd en in its pur1e! 'form ..

"ART' 4 ...

~.. -11'11' . t dl ts f tlu .... ' .. ....: '""'* f!. t"I;.,· . . .. . . --Ii II dl" _. t . ' . ..1 ,;i;,lUl:ce iEll . st U ie'fiIi _5 0,' _ ~ II,e! ,8 II L are suu]e",,1Il. ~IO )1 B! :Si,am;e ru ,etS, Oi~ c·£rrn' Il1'C~' amu

~ - . dln~d' a e« iI"i~lII'd,Ln r'liI";i"'i; the I~ ~m'~ .... l"i1i'~ rla 1'0 9 a-..ll e;:;.~ of 'iIi"h~;'I'1I' stsnons in II ~f'l!i ,til-. e' .. Jll!I~I:r::!I..;;i. " 'Ii.o~,u~ll~.L'~ '1L,1!,j ili._ ;.;,' ~'Q ._'!:;:! 1~'~'!Jir;;;l'L '!!;il,: UJ I .. QiQi V'_ 1!i,:_QU" ,1''''ld .W.I'§!i II!!!I ,:I'~.i!' . wk'h

or~;g i I1s\, !lInd their rs Ugi ous convi~ctiollil$, 'they. dlmo nstratE to the' world 'the ess:enHa~1 'e'q ua I itv and IbF'o~I!~unhoiod of man,

M ode,nl ,s,oc:iet.y liS eh',:irrac;rertssd by se.trisllrn p reoJcoillJ pa~i:'o n wiittl mauniia I

.".v·",...".~,~· '~III"Ji.."l' unneeessarv [..l"'f'iiiEliln-·...!iliElln'·li'"'iEI' uoo .. n m$l·;r>'L'['I'ln·.ae M: Inr,~11 C'i'1i;if!iiatu 'I"~

","A .... "",j:!>i:!i' I!:i!!J!~'U . U!!'I"",~~~g. J !l.I1;1;r'-- _U"",, __ ~... "'IIl"'~I:1 .'1 "",,, ... '~~I _""',""" 1.1 ..... _,iI:-!t_ oi:!Iv,!!;j.'I""'r ~

ch ijlracte-ris€ld by seU' d isci,pJI iilne';!, saorifJ:iiQB, ,8 nd de'V'ot.ion. Dedlii c-ath)n 'i;(I' 'the, srt ca n I~rolmom eha iiv~'e towafid a moral society'.

Those win o devote' themselves '~Ol 'the ir '~III ows ,and I iy,s' ,ac~Qlfd i n~91 '~O 'the diiict3t,e~ o,f 'theilir eensclenoes a~'a a I'wavs he!1 pfUl~ t'Oiw,ard th e;ir lu n iors and :rdil'()w

. .

co· . 'I-N-'iIi"'iIi'LI-U- '8'10·' -N"

..... --.' '11/.;.;, " I' i ...• '[

A, begli'n n iing co nstitutes . a .si,g nifi C~i;U1Jt Ipa rt of the wh c Ie Eli ndeav,or. "he refore, st udents of' 1'8 e·k,w:o n- Do si1o'ul d III'N]It: 'Warnl 'ti;) t,a!k:e e etion wlhe'ne\1"lerr' to do so rn ~g ht be nefit ~:he societ.y'., I f he bah-ayes: th us, he hiitn'tsel11 wH I benB'filt ImoiS,t ..



{Teekwon ... Do J'ungs'hiln)


C~(UJI rrtes,y (Ye UI) llnt,a! f'i ttv (YOljr}' C hl; "8Ii'Se\t's ra nee (fn" N.a'I~) Sel ':-00 ntrol (G'IU,t Gi) I lIe!.!J mii''toablle S'IP"" iili:t:

(,'1!J'aekjut' ,8'IDO/gOOJ)



c~ JIP' -4


Need I (9,Ss to sa v, the ~,:H..!! ceess 'OIF fa i lure of T 8le,kwi() Ell = D'o trai n i ngl dep ends large Ily 0 n how 0 Iii! e observes ,a,~d im:p I ernents 'the 'tie nets of T~;,H9Ik:woln '.' 0 0 w'h'rch ,sh 0 UI ~d servs SIS a gl'll.iI ide 'r~\r' ,ti~ i seri Q IUS, stud e nts Q~ d~e! art,

CO'UR'TES'¥' {Y'e' Uf)

Taekwon _, D 0 stud ents sho uld atm:enll pt 'to pra ctise th e f'Oi I o'w~ n~ ele rne nts (~'f co u nBISV to bu i 10. u P the i ~ nobl e onara cter ,!;I ~d to cond u ct the, 'uai n i 091 i n ,~IIn. on] e rly m ai'li'il ne r es V!le' I L

'11) T Q prom ate the spiwit of m !J.J!.tU.aI~' co ncessi() Jl S

,2,} To be ash a rned Or Q ns's vii ees, con te mpti n~J those 'of others 3, ) To, be Dol it,e N) one an oth er

4 ) To e. n co ura,gi8 the. ~e n~e of' j usttcs is n d h sm 91nii'tv

.5) To d is:h'ngl~ tsh i nstructo r fro m student, sen ior from j uni C r, a nd. e~ der

f rom yu'u n g'~ r

6) lob e have oneself accord i ng] to €:ti q uette '1} To Ir-~'S pse t, ethers' possesio n,~

8} To Fn,EH"u:Ue' matters wirth felrness Blnd :s~'n.ce:rrty

9) 10 ~eif'ra~ n hom g'mvi ng or ,aoe€" p~'i ngl a nv 9 i wt w h'~'n iln do u bt


~ n j'aelkwon ~ D 0 ~ t he ~i\NJJd illl1i.~elgllr'i,ty assu mss a looser defi n utJi cui ,tt. a i1 the:

Clime usual I'y' p~,e:sented in We bste r 's dleno n (,HY" 0 ne m ust be abl e '~Q def U'U3! ri'9 hrt and W ro 0.19 a nd have the co nscienee, i IF \tlii'IiO In 91 to fe'e'~ 9 u i It L~s~ed ,a~e some e;x'amrp 11€,s, ViI nere, i nteg rity ~s I ae k!i nQi:'

1. The i nstruetc r 'WlrH) mil srepress nts h i mse I'f and his 8rt by presenti 11'9 im1prope1 tech n iques to, ~,i,s: stude tJlt$; bees IIJse OF a ,lla olk of k n QViilledge O!" , nhv

aoan "J'

2" TUlI08 student who misrepresents hlii:m8el'f: by ·'fbdng"" bm~lk:~'~lg vnm:elFials

before d e 010 nSlra'~~'o ns.

3.. The; i nsuue~cr who eemo uUages, b;ed to'chni q ues w~'rn:h h.m~~ulr'i OIWS 'hi!l~ III ins h,all~~S! ,and fJa~ls,e Hat!tery' to h ls studel~'L~'l,

,4., 'l'lhe st!Udlil1l, 'wiho riG>ques,ts, irBlmlk fJ'r0'l11 ,an ilnS;Ull!iem~:uj" fU iatn:em,pts to

IJ ulilchaiSe wt

5. The s~udle'n~: wh 0 gali ns fa nlk 'Mtl r ~g;Q :P ~lrp,oselS: !O~' 'the fge~i~ ~ B ,of po,wer',

6. The irnl5itrud.'OIJI" 'who mache\S, and pWDmo~~s his srt f'"C'f lm,aleu'lalist"ic gains,. 7 ~ The:st IJde nut' 'whose' ,8let ioli'l~ do lIliot: ~ j've l~gl '~Q h,RS 'wo~ld~~.

8", 'The st IJd'o fl!!~' who 'leah, ,ashamed 10 ,se,e!k;, opi"lm ion~sj ~1o',M hli'iS jlUlln1li:c,rsi.

llle're i'l an ,old Ode'ntai sSiyiilrn,!il r "Patience Ita,ad.s to 'viur1:ue O~' merif:" '~'·'Olnte! loan malks, it peraice'f'ull ijh,o,11iiI8' by be:i mgl IllathlHlt: 'ft);" 1 I[)~) till1in~;lS\.'·~ CBlita~rrnhf~ lheIPiP~iru,s ,S Ad! prospg;rillty aJ1Qi nTIilOst Iliikem, lb rOUlglht '~Q th e ipariiieinim: perso fit. 'TOI ach iew so'm,e~'th~lrnlg" whetm 9'~ ~t is; al hmglhor' deg~-ee or the periEnzttion o1f' a '®e,ehn h~ Ule~, 'o:no' m ust set h W~ '9'081, 'm:hBn co.n,stsnUy per.seve re., R,c be!1i Blmlu::e IIEiiUnned h~s ~16SS01il c,f per,severr8inlC8 fIre m ,th e PM;sistal~n e'fforts, of a :h:ll'w Iy ,spide:r'., III 'W,IS 'Ih~s lpe:r.~eri(enC9 ,and tl,nacillv' '~hat ~inla Ilv enabled lhiirn te -f'NIS Sto~l,a'l1d1 ii rn 'lhe 'f,'cuJli1IeBil1th ,cemtrull')l'. 0 Ie 'Or~ '~he. IiK)st i'mpDI"~an~ :secrets iilnl DOiDD'mringl a I~e,~dell ,off T.'kWQ,I1-,ID'Q i,s '~lO' OVl~'Oculj'm' eye rv d i'ff~ClliJlltr¥' by flefSe~elli"lllil C8'.,

Coni:uei 1l,U $; saiid;' U one w hOI is i mpmienrt :i n nivli all 1m ansrs ea n .00 ,lid ern Ic;hiiei\l'"e Sl~\ooess lin mattllf;S gf QII\Uli: iUilpo rta li'Ule ."

~IEL' F 'C'-'A'N-f"IFla'O';-'1111 (~ ,£" ~~J

'IQI ,- .- .. ''U._ II n,. II.. u!Ul!\, U\'.

1ih~s 't:eIi'H~t' ~:s e,x:tTem1,elllv' i mponatnt ins~!de a.ndl,o'!Jtside~ ,the dOl i atng~ w\h,ethef' eond ucti'nQ otn,eseH in 'h'!ee, S pSlmnlQ or ,on, 0 ne.t,: per,JOnal~I,affili rtt A less ,~::rf sell;fto nmlfO III iin fl~ee' s"pmfringl ea n p;rove diisastero us 'to bOitlll ~stude!ll't ,and OIPpCUiientt AII1 mnabiil it;r' tiOi ~I'iw! alld WlOf'k, w'ithlj'n one's ealllabillii~V iOI~' s,p(helV ~'lS: mllliJ ,a I,ack 10"1 lSelf:~,oo,rnro,1 ,

Acoo rdHlfg,g' 'to' Lao .. :Tltl ",·'the talli'ml av' slWol1l,gel1" is, ~Ihel peli'SlO n 'who 'W'hlS ,orVSIf' enese ~f Ira-1:her than SO IrnB 0 II!l !B' Q~!H I, I,P


I,NIP, '.'MITA,B,LE BpI R:IT {BslelkjuJ Boo/gool)'

," Here lie 3 OlD, who did their dutv," GI 's;imple epitaph for one. olf t)hle' 'greaMist acts ,olf co u ragle ,known to ma nki nd ,

AI bh Oluglhl 'faci"'9 th e is lWperi e r forces of ,X~ rxss, Leo nidas and hi s 300 Spanans at 'Thermopry]ae showed the world the! meaning of iiindomitalbile splrit It is shown when a cnurag~eious pe~son ,Bind his Iprincilples are pitted ag'i!.,jnst love rwlhle.II!lTiili ngl odds

A serious student cfTaekwon-Dn w'ill at all tilm'es be modest and h on est. U cOIn'fronted wiilth j IIIj lUst iee J' he wmll dee I VII ··tth the be Illi~g'er8m11t W~I~hOdUt any ie.E;rr or ~f.s,itatio f1Il ta't a I l, W ilIh i ndomltab Ie spi rit, Ireg,8f1d less oif 'W hcsoever Cllillg howev,e r mlany the number may be"

CCl'I'lfuci us d ad a reel; "it ls .an act em ~OW'iElIl'ld hJe to f,a~~ to. speak out ,agains,! :inj'Uls,tHiC8,.,,·'f As his~,OiIV has p r-ove !'1l~, those w he have, IfJill.llrs LU3d the il~ dreams @jJ,rnesdy and ,strenuol!l!sly with iincomlit-

a bille' slP~irit have In·everf'ailed to ,achieve their:· D'als.


SQ'·:···· .. ING of TAE.K-W.·.·'-O.:' I, IN.·· -10'10·.·····.

. .. . . - ._ .. ~... .' ,I. . .

,Music by Kim Yoan Yu:n(J 'Words .h.y Choi i-long Hi

~" fS-FEf f F ~ -, r ~~- ~ J_
;:, ._,
. , .I
Nlo Pur! in !lvuk 10 Ulli ·~i, ~I lh!!lm gale g'~1 1<Ci
0 - wol. da d~. 5hi
ran !!Ie 'S~ d!!l! .rot got DJ
" j! j =r: ... Et'· g o· , . J j ,il J Js .j: .
; ---r l I
va kan :5-ai Ir'!iU'fl' ~y,o· niJ6 .so 'iO sa Ullili mal H
va lLIi ·cl:Ii • llilaei. ,g.l.i'k • bae.·k 101 bYl gul
yom In '91 r


1 :

I r "_.

... 1J1I1I;n ....... ' ", ,..""

!"'Po· ... · !;II! ''''! un

, J.. - r; ... J I J ~J j J I :1 .J2J~ ,~ ~ J n
I ,
'se SiOg.e ,..a :son gu 51ld U e- dIJ • da
f:I n
dJ)f1g '$0 'yang.e by die, glil nun I!,.il r.l- rae' kwcr,1" OD.' 18

SOIN" G····· '- -f T'AIEK"'W' "'O"~' N'- 'DIIO::-:: (··· .. Tsek» :'.' ' .. , 0----:"'" N', -:.- ,.~

I .•.• ! .... c. 01 ..... -=.;" ~.' _'. / , ..... ~." S,(J,A WQ,f] =' .{J .' . Qrae}

1. 'W'B Ii fie Ils'8 Iflllj ng T,~e.k WIg," -10'0 w j(~b the

IPlg IqJlQiS ~I olf b u:iill d i ngl a ibet1:ef .(1 nd mo 110 pe2lcef'tlll world" ·SOI h!l: us deive~",pi I. IlIob,l!e ,ob Ilracte Ir' 'w'~1Il;h fa nrt;as tic' 'tech n iq ue t,o keel(J' f:i g hitii filg fo If' this 'WIS a kerr as; ,a miss le lUll ry' of Ihilum,ln itV and j ustii ee.

.i -T','~;lidl!Ji,L.'w·liT"in~'l!"'ioo. i [ .... '8& b .: ll,li"ii;"':~,"" ---"cc d"- ';: -,-, ." . j. 'h'" '.-

,£", . Y'!!i>I I!ij, __ !!I.i' ,1jJl 111_ . __ ,!I;,i!'-~g! II,i!!' mB_ _ ,ag B ~ 111 81 . J8ll'

110' no h,i'be rniart jig n ;iIlnd it has, DOOi nl 'fast

s 'Iread i ng everywhiBfi'S rogilll'd leSB: 10'1:

re~; g'~olnr,!, raee 3lnd[ ~'5 m u nd\s,r 'thai ideall 0.," ,courtesy"" ii nM:g rlitv'~ pe rssve rlllu~e'r ,SiiDI'f,con1t:roill,aJnd i,n,dQtlmiitaibl. spi'ri'lt~


'TAEIlWOINI-DiO ! .• ! ;, , . .. i' ~ -n i, • A, W'~"1' 'Orf Il~f,e! What 'e:)taclh~' Be the

. .

mea n i ngl ,or'f T~ ~'k,wulnl .. llO!o ('

'flO P liI~ ilt ,si m'pi:v TaekWCrn ,. [) 0 ls a ver;s,io:n ,o~ I~ nar;med oc,mbat de,sirg ned 'fa r '~he IPUW!lOS~1 Or'~ se"'m,·-d'ei~eilj"iri:e~ lit Is, nrvcmi '~hrBlfill juSt: 'th.at~ Ihaw,e'vef' •.

Ir1: is: '~he, $cie'ntlfi:c: Ursa lof;: 'I:he bedv I'rn '~he' nJil€i~hodi of sel;~-.d,e,'fenoo~ ,i) body' t:hlai~ has, '9;airted 'the' ult.imrate Iljlse' ro,l: ~its; 'f,!l1Icm"iift'ies ~:htr'ough inten~:;"n~\~ j]lhySJCilll and mantal tra inhlg I'

It is a IiIrilnll(l ~ ,8 rl. th81~ 'haiS, n 0 'EH~l uall ii n e~flhe~ pow'er Oir tech n iq,ue,. ThouS h ~rt ij:s ~ Ima rN;a i art. 'Its diiso'ipm~illi1le=~ i:elClihrnb-l UB ;illnl,d mental~ trali~ni mgl taM' ,the Im,olrta,' for Ibluilid i ngl a s,tro~t sense OIi. i us'th:e'i' 'flo"r1iiUlJde\~ h~Hl~n~lty ,iJnd Imscdvo. II'~ is: '~hi's:

Imeiliuail clJllildi it~oll'1li ng ,tlh at OOIPfuates ,t'he 'true! pl1'iu::tiiti:O'li1e~ 'from 'tJhB ~en!S,atmollil\alliist" contSrIiIlt whh masteri ng elm 1'1 the f iglbt:i mgl aspects ,olf 1ih e! art

l'lhr~ls; i~s 0 ne Oi~ the, reasons ~h at. 'Taelkw,on- Dill ls ca lied an ;atit',of sel,'v'mdje:fe'nce:.

I't ,8 ~so iim p,rl les a w~Y' IOf' tltll'n k.ing ·ra ndl ~11~te~ IPI8lJniltaw~e rly bill iin\~~ilmlliinrg a leom'u~elpil; an d spi rit rCi~ s~rict: se~lf'-'iBiiilIP osed d lsel prl i me! ,and ,BIIil iidie'a'l rQr'~ noble mo~all lliela rm1am,e lIt.

1he· Irll:e'a~;es1 d:eseriiptiorn ,c!~ it is; a'lm,oS-'t, ·al rc:uliit

Translated I i'ier., i hI' "Tae" sta ~ cis ror ltH'n'P~n.g () r f:llyi'ng~ to kic'k; elf :s;m,aS1h wi'~hl the: foo~~, ,'" Kwon·· ,de'll'1ilotes t;~o' 'fist ......... chirefly, te P uae h OBl' de'stlllOY 'W itlh, the handi 'Orf ~:ist, "De" msans ,an art 0:1' way-the, l~iglh1: wary bluiU: and! p-a~ed b'v ~he sa i rnts Sin d ,S!Elrges [A tlille past, Thus; 'taiullfIl cClllerc~iye~l, '~~l'ae~wonl'- D'~ln ilnd ~c,a[es; ltu~, mQrnrM1~1 'tm-ili'l1 i rng :BInd '~.l1e tEclhnmqlu8s oij lun,8rme.di QOlmb3i~ flo:r sel~:,~,del~e nee as' W1!,'11 as he-a:lt h~ ~.Invohd ng ~he slkiilled a~prlJl~~Qat~o," of pu nehes, 1~:j,clk5',j b'locks alnd dc(ir!ails w lth ball'!B hands and 'feet to ,the fa Jt~d diec$,tnJlcti o:~ ()i~ 't.he mav iing OIPP'J11I1 e'1!11' 'Ot OIPpOlne nts,

'J;aekwOIIl1i=' D!D! defiilITi itally enra biles, the wealk. 't'Oi possess tal 'i',ino' weapon It,o!ge~heIIT' wiltitll a 'Cil!l'rnff[d~lnloo to defelnd hmml or hemallf ,8 nd ds'f'e·.a't: the 10 plpO!!ile Ilt as well.,

Of 'CO'l~ rse, Wf1'CH1g IIV ,S p~lII'ied j' l'~M~lkwQn,= ID!o c~n be ,a 1~8thl~l~ WBra,pon.

Therefom'le! melilmr~ Ulilli n ingl m US~' ,a!lwavs.!b1B1 :Si~l'ies.d1 'to plJ'erVelD'ilft ,tlhe sltlWd!e nt '~rom 'm iSUS'iiilQ! 'iit

As for 'woman ~olkt they witl undoubtedly Und Taekwon-Do an inv,alllabile asset in tack ~ ~n 9 and d r1V9 ngl,away";wol!ves': SiD to spee k, When 0. ne ls i nforrned of the rnanv inst.ances. wh9-re frall women ,ef"ective'l'v protected themselves, 'they rn ay so u nd u nbe I levebl e - 'B ut realily i' they have been able to d a so berea use' thev are w'elH \I1ersed ln the 211ft of self-detsnce.

The Ieats Ol'~ Taekwon-Do are great in number- To. mention a 'few is oro ba b Iy pertl n.e nt: For ~ nsta nee, UY'jin g over ,9 m 0 u nted motorcvcle ,0 rei BV ~ rlI 1P9 rsons i [1 ~ i ne to attack a '~ar,get with 'the 'WOO~; ore ~'~,i n 9 ani ne 11 till j,clk_ pln e bo a rd pl'fHoed art a height often or aleven feet with the f(JIC;H'; blreakling two pieces ot red br'j!c;k, 'wi,tll ill open hand or knife-hand; smashing seven or le~g h~' pieces of" wo inc h thick pi ne b card at a s,m Dl,g lie blow w'i'th 'the fist; ana c:ki',n 9 ,two 'targr@'ts 'W it h 'whe same Ioot ii n succession whirle flyiill1g and so on, , 0 the layman iim 1'he street, such feats ma'lf so u nd i rnpcssi b le, but to the seri 0. us studa nts af Taelkwo n - D 01 and the' exponents or this art. it :is: quite ordlnsrv. Of course, by masterino this an: it does not mean that you wiill be asked to do acts Orf imlpossjbility.

P,alr'l~ I: ~ II a ~ ~y i'r serneone s hC!'I.JlI d c h a lien ge yo u to ki II a w'i lid bu II ;Nith yo l!I r bare hands. Therefore 11 is clear 'that: equiva ant demonstrations of such effective USIa, o~: pure somatic 'oree is not to be " een in other forms Of physical leo m b,~~ '~rOih n uq II e.

I ncesssnt tr,aining is essential to keep oneSiellf in top form and physical condition. h:J1 trainllng .. aH 'the muscles. of the human body 'w'liii.' be usad.

Fl~orn th e use Ol~ 0 r1 e's mlllil'[~ii'!J;:J es, it wi II be IPOs.s~ bite to h a ~ ness all ava i labi,e power g8 n 9 ratsd by every museu I ar contracno n., I t "!IV i ~ I them tOil!!!! nI~:C@SSH ry to

de I ~var such POW8 r '~O this 11 U n13 n ta rg'et.,sspecii d,lly to 'W here the most vu~ n !e-r-,ablle pojnts QW 'vita I spots, cd orne' s 0 Jj. ponern ere IrOlcalt:ed j ~ n pan:i1c'u 13 r whe III t hie opponent is lin motion.

,At thus, paim. jll is necessary to ramind the students elf Taekwon- Do II at, this art. of seU·~defe'i1oe. is s[pielci(lUy dels,h;~lf1ed for swift retal~([rt,io:~ agailnlst the mo,ving aggln:=ssor.

M est of t e dsvastal1 n 9 rna noeuvres in Task won - D (I a m based s pee ialll''!l 10 n the' r!lil itia I :iim pact or'f a bl D'W pi us the: conseq ue ntla I add ltlo fila ~ 'fa res pn:~'v.lid ed b,y ~he rebound of the opconents moving part of the body.

Simi I al~ h, by usi ng the attacker's 'f,o ree of momentum, the ,s,l igih'tsSlpU:S h is a ~ I ~ hat, NS, nee ded to U pset Ihi IS, Olr' herr eq u ii I ~bri urn a nd to topple him or her.



il n til e case of '~:hi8i students ,of: Taellkwon _, D (]I 'wh:o have lbe,Q(n in ICOIl11'5t~Im p'mc~i ice ow rhe expe rts '~hem$e~:ve$; tn.ey sptelrrid no 'tti me t:hnlnk.ing·~ ss such an ,acU:cn comes ,auto,malUcally te them. Thelr aetlcns .. in short .. n3v·e become eond ltloned re·ne'x.es.

T.~],e·mfcue·~, '~h~OlUgh'~ ut th is IE:neyclllo,ped la, me reade~.s wi II Inotk1e' t'~ at m!pE3a~9d em pha:sis is placed on regll~ la r tl~ai n i ng t Ulill ol'ider to .mas~e'r .'~ he tee hltJ1Ili q ues ,of' 6irU;ack SII11:d defence ..

IH 0 UI~S S pent on 'tfa i n imlg w~11 ri QI~ be wastsd: for s u~,e-ly yo U 'wihlill reap a r~ eh rielWal(id in the form {~If speedv reaetie ns ,a n d d'e·ad~ry blows 'to ra i n down upon !fa ur ,ene'my' D'i' in any carse to save l~iiim if' and 'whsfIJ ,8 need arlses.

EVII3:Ufi if T aekwo ~ ~ Do is praet i oed for" ttl,!9i' saillt,i8: of ,el!l:Sr:ciS9' ai~ one, the e nllJoym,B nt deriviQd wH I J lJ.J:stJfy tJh 8 't~'me' 'i nvested and spent. As, a n exercise, it ls eqltJj,a II ~Y' suiteble fo r' the' 10 hj itt nd 'VIC LWng~ m',al~e snd femall,e.

. / ,iF

AN·· C·--IEN·-T' Me A·· .. , O·_···F- K-'O·_·R·EA···

" ',-. -' , _l < __ .... ,' '., ..•...• ,. '_ ,_I"'""

Mnp ·O-liE' F-IliFT-H-1 ·C-Etoiil'iF-U-ID"Y-·' A- D K'·'O-·'R-'EA ~," --- .,' .. '

____ M_ _." -.11 IJ 1 _ ••.. ~llI.l_ ", ni I' ,", . ...:! ___:.~ i···· ",I ~_ .t~: i.~- . ,"

_' .

. '" -';Buyo

,11'·' .,. ,-

'I' -


'. 0



,,ii}' ,










,0 ,DCl,:k,:do


=, - ",~ Net icna J' Ibo.uud:::t! f)"


o OJm'llry C'~p~h:~

fill ' - 'i"a. ,1J,~lTl,"_




'['he mural 'p8irJj~jng' at D~k :Humg T>0li(rub (4t9 A" D.,) ~h~w'0'4. ,g~iie;ra11';~l! t~:u! l"i:\~mi~!l" @:f t'gO -,J'~ :pr:o,-iDiOO'~ ,Kg;"'Ji,~'(JI, :l'Cl!rei: ,",ifl, 'iihc' ,- 3: ,~u,'w~m~,. 'I ol!i! ,~, til :pwliilGCC CDID'sisiif:.oJ G'f Iii oolJljnt~ iu.cludm!l' ,I!)a~ ~O'oo:DJ 'wh icll 'W Q s~tl_lI!~~d_ :iJ'l, ~!he ("-~!t'MYjU W~l of Il.h:at, poo'l;l:ilmcc.


0- F 'T'- -IE M·'IA···.··IR···· .. TIA~ •. IL A.·~···· '··TS·:-·

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Farmingf "fish iID1g~ huntimg, medical science. uadingl and wlrirtten I,an.g uag'9 are ssid to h ave bee nta ugl ht d uri ng me rs. ig "ItS, of 'tJh e three Imr~lt ~fi ca ~ em perors Bok Hi, ·Slin Nlong and 'Hw,ang Je~ in China about ,3 r: 500 18 "C.

!() iI!l, 'tine a'thslli' he rut 'the m ura I pa ~Irui ngs into rnbs alo I1IQI ~:he N ~~ e (iIMd dn'9 hi f:e'rog I 'ViP . i c hill sCJrlii ptlo ns 'e-ngr~¥ed i ~ the pyran~,idls pn:n/~d that the Egypti ens h ad a to I'm oi: ope n ha rid fi 9 htiiing si mil air to box ilril,g as e 91 i y. ,8:S; 3~ DO 0 B,. C.

We a lso have m pens off open h and fig Inti ng tech n~ q ues pract i csd by th 8 W811'1lfiiJors. of Ms!sopotamia and Sumer (3,i1000 B.C,.~2,.30Or B.C,,). Then, we cailn easilliv imag'ilrn!9 t[~'nat orirnitive human benrn'gs had to depend on ·tiheilr' hands, and fEHe-t ~)O 'O'VIEHcome' enem les, an lrna ls, ~ nd the 0. bstac les to s urviva II fo u 11 din nBi~Um"e.

As human k,now·h!ci.,ge and 'wisdcHl''!l progl'iess.edL!" thes.e· CIFJ,lJIde f~ghtiVIIg methods W'9'fB g~adu.allv and cOll1ltinuously lmproved. Ev,enr1:lUally~ t'!1ev werre system,ati,zed as rnartia] lam.

By this ~~ me of the. (j reek ci tv - s.ta~es. (700 lB. e. ) t- box i n9 p. wf,estl ~ og a no other relatsd forms of: combat: were r€·g,u~,SJ events in the. OIYlmlp.;i,ads. The works of H orner (800-900 lB. C.) co"ta~ ns de,StCri pt ion~ of u n ~un1Jed OOlm bat, a In lei thle Glre'ek philosopher Piato (341 ~427 B,.C.) menncns sklamachla (fighting w iUM) ut an 0 ppo ~ent) ,_ a k i nd of sh ad (InN -b o).(:~ ng.. w h ich was eve nt aa Ily co mbined with wrest-Ii n,g an d box iog to fo,rml pancrat i U M. Tlh ls was a f flg,hti ng sysl~ min wh i e h the 'IN hoi e body was WIsed as a we·,apOIn.

he 'Gw,eek practitioners o-f plancratiuml 'were la,tter.'rarnsformed ijn~o Ro,mlan g ~a;d lators. The g I,ad iato,wi a'il 'Qlsmes wefi~ f-e'roc io us. sports performed for the entertainment of spectators durinq the ,gollden ag'e elf 'l:he Homan E.' prre, T hese 9 ames W'SIII'e' lntrod u ced into, Gie rrn a n 'if p. N orrna ridy ~Ind IE !lilg tal n d afte r 'the 'faU o,'f ROllle and subsequently became the basis of modern bo:)!;:"ing a-nd wrestl i ngl.

"'iE! ~u

~It' i~s rsee rded U'n'ali: some: 'ny pe~, 'o~ open Ih ilIlnid '~:iglhl~i n'g welil'e wii:delly p:f,acti'©61d inCh ins: II~ an ea (Iy' dam" 'fhe all1 of Pall~w,a9 'Uulifshe.d' (hJllri n'g '~he IWI Ci~ ,J liJ 'G,ona (app ro:c~i matU, V 200 IB.'C.,,) ,lind IC;1un:e '~Ol be! !pelifecmd dWIf'ilnrgl1lte :SCU"i,g, DYlrruaiSj,'1y a theus iilrnlid yea'fS • alteli"~

Tlhifl~:"'Jlgltu) u~ 'th e' wo del I!l1 urn areus :st'yi1es [of' IiIJall!ld a nd 'f'c-o:~, '~i~lhIl~i'fiig have; Ibe~nl d1eIVoiDpeict eac:h o~: whli'chl fEri'le:c,t8, the Irnile~d)s; 'Ol~: tlile, 'Utmm [lll~!d t~e Vi1If,i'rIi~1 hiis'towmc'j! ~ illildi CIIJ ItiI!JIlra I bae kgllf,OUli1;d of fhe' ~Q U,ill'trv wbe'8 i I 0 ~i1g iilfl~ll19d,.

In CI1l[i nil olpen li1,a nd [fligh,~'in,g is, call led KUlmg - Fu [D~ DiaeU - C han ~ i r11 II nd'iEi 8e ~amnbantli' : in Ifan[oe SIII!J,at1e'; in .Ja P,~ifi1I,p. JI ud C',~ Kill ra~e 011' Ai kiid Q[ '0 r J ujlitiu : in Fit ussls :Sa mba ; 'in 1M aJl,aysi a Basi I,at : i n TII~ ~,allrn d 'Kh:=!kB[o)!;i n'g ; and in Ko'w,e,ii it. is Ikmlown as Ta e k - K,'yon p. SQOI'.' If!j,a k- GI'i,. :8 n d l,aG kWG n - d c,

Some o~ '~,h@5;e 'forms oi~ se.I'f-defiernoE![ aea 111'0 dOlub:t :aIS [old:il!l~ mankind i~se[I"m:.

It' '.O'U - dl be '-iinllill y imlpos,s,ib~10 to 'ljf;'aIC~ Ii'U!1indl ,iBlnid '~'DDm: 'I,iglltr~li!ng ba:c'k '~)O an!r Sliillg le lbe'~lnln i "91"

l1hEnu are [ce'rlllin.IY Imalnv Ile'gen dis: IfIle!g,alldlrnng '~,IlB 'CH';g I ns 0" ~[U1C h w,e1api)f'I·· less, 'figlht~ngl lind a II ~oo o[f'm,n hary'18 sorn 8' let, f,egolf'ud be iCioep.d as tnnjfl: .. l1helFe are' some autm(lrr'itIVeS, who Iile.lieve. 'thliiU: ,the IifN~in i1mpe'llJls IO!~' bare hand ~lghl~ing eITIru~~ged lin C~lllin,a' diu ri rng ~he ,sii~lh eenuJry' !blV ,31 re.niowned B,yd d h is~ 111l0nk na Ifu~'d Ie ed h idlh al!l'!tH!I (T ;a'mOI !hi1 ICh i fI1I ~5~;' D,!aWli!J mlliln ,J 8[llan[ese') I~he 'ilhiilild sen ef 'd'I e I ~Jd la D'nl K~ ng e rah m!an 'W Fa 0 w~s' kn.,own as the, :2lth I ndl ian pa'trma~eh of' Btldhirst :Ze'n,

'The' leS~l!ei!"iIC~ o'W Z!erill Ci[r d!J'C~~~m1e 0[' 'r~',aflqlJlIi[IIU,y [~S ~iO[ 5;,nun m',aitmrialll cJ~s:~re,~ gowe'r~ glreed, valnitv and ,SD[ Olifil 'd~I~'Olulghi air) ifillwa~d [e'niliglti'tenlfff'l,e'nt~,

I[l,a fill ma (4,4J8 - !5291 ,A. D.) su p,Po:sedily j(n.mw~·uJVled 'from a SCIU'lih em I ndli\ilIlA mon,aste,ry to Ie: h'i na 'Vi a '~:h!! IH im1al!a¥M 'to I filistlfilllC~' 'tlh e Ili a ngl [Ll ynas:ty main i;ilrclh ilA tbe ISlnl;i~'LS Ic,r ISuddhislliTill. 1[1 ls c~ailmed '~ha~ ulPon h~s, irr~v,a~ in ChinliE!!, ihe. w,e'nt't,cl fa monaSI'e fY ca Iited S ha,o I i rngl Teim~'le ,~o cated in :Sh iU1J SI~li k rnou ntai n in 15:210 ,A.I[)[.

llh ,,-'re fn e' u ild'elrt.oo[k" [1!h9 'task OJ: ~ea dhwlfIl,Q IB Ijd'd h iSf111li 'mo ~Ih e' C hh'H,se, n;,Qirllu. lhJe:V' 1F11"e'pof;lledrn, be caillin~ plhvsi call,y e)(h1ifl l!!~u~d 'I1\O!1~ '~h e selUellle' di" sc,ipl i n@' ,alliiid i ntense pace! . ha~ 'w'as ,s,'St by [). ;3111i'11!,J ma, To[ '~I~ miili1 'l,t'U'~~m~e'lvel~ '~)O' aooolPt '~l1ie

haili'5.h1fll ass ,o:f - hie d is(;qipil i'fike(. 0 illll'UIli1'hl mfl'tntod i!Jloe,d t h e'M '~O' tal mU3,[)h o d ~d mlen~;alll .and piThvsica lcond iii iOlillj ngl ol!lJI~:1 i ru:uj iin 'fhe bo ~:d~Si I ~ InK \f,ongl (m lI!l51C le devel'op,m ernrt) aind S·u ,Sh i'm K'y,o 119! (m'iI'lild c lean i ngl). lIhe's e we re i ntended 't\Q hee '~h e!fDfl fJr-o m ,a III co ns C ~CIU:S co ntrol ,~uld th us perm it then" to a ttain en I igl n'te DlI'me nit. ,A tt the s alma '[i me'" S,L:llp[l,lem,e,ITili1:1 Fig t.n,e ill' d a i'~V e,~er,:c,i~e: was Sh i h IPO to m ha n (" a movement:; IDlf LCl-' 'an ha~ld:sJ ''iN hlr,ch iim ita~~dI 'the P(ls.tu~e; I~'f 1 8, diif'[l'e Femnt 'Iemlple [dQi~s~

As, ,a lte;Si,wl~t '~hey SUIPP()5~ d!y b ~ca'ml' the mos,~ '~o~nddlaJb;~e '~i'9 hters 'ilD1i1 ICh i nal. I't ls Sa itd 'tl!Fi is me~hod 'WCliII$ eVi!i~I~IJ,!;Ii ~~iy c,olmib i ned: 'iN ~t hi S h~jh Pi tOI. ha r11 to form th Eli' f',almQ Mrs, S h I5i 0 ~ u ng bexl ngl er Ch "ySimi F',a (meth od ai' S halo I i ngl Fi~t).

There ts ii't:tJ~e; Ihistori'C;8111 data ~o' :subs,tawr~iate' this s~orv. IC;alf1e:'~'ulll icru~~ny ef ~h[e e~i)de~ce ~levearj's, that ![)',fiiiulma ,iurived "111 Chi'n,;3 dlli!lr'inlg tlhe' IL'i~JlII1,9 Dlvnas~v o'f ~lhe si,xth oB'n't!uiry. 'He ill'i'lila'~lv armempled to teach IB:uddhl!lS!iWl1 te f,(j'ngl Moo Je at Kwang ,Joel but was lJleifused admi:ssIDo,n 'to, 'tllilii9' ~ia:laoo glf,ounrl~', 'fhe m:i's~5,iorn1,;ary 'th0 n went 10' is m ai~il' co u rrtry 1 In lh ~ 'rr110,rt)~ cd Ch i n~ c,all ed U i where' ~ is W ss ~ nvit,ed to 't;e,;;ill(;: hi if,(,i I~'Q IMIYC ng ,JIB. F:c1r ,rea:s,o FIlS that alfle u ntnown,~ IDar ru!ma, ria fUSEHJI the ofl\e!f ,andl r~t~irad '~'O '~heJ Shl1[tomiilru,g T em,pme Wlilel!iie' he' Ir,e mal ned 'in Imedrn~€n:ioflll a no devl)t~oln Ulfn!UI 'h:5 dearth niine' yealfs I atef'"

DI~lr'ingl '~he lPel~i~od t:u~'~:w~,el. l$iil c)~ntllry' B.I(~:. alndl '1'~h Centuli'Y A.1DI .• , the' K,a rean ~ n hlS.u ~al w,as divided i nto 'three' Ki ngd 0 ms~' S:i I ls, :K,og IU 'yo, a nd B,i3J~k ,J,€:. S~ lla, the smallll'est: Q;f l~ G',se kl ngdom,$.; 'was ee nsta flitll y u n det ~ nv,sis,io ffiI ,a nd I~'a rats(S'me nt by' lits 'two- n~fHie powe'rh.Jil~ niOm'thelnn, ,and 'we(~[eil'n ne~lg hbou rs. D U _'ingl the 1'iE!:igliili ,(Jlf Chi n H'I'ulilcg" Twe ,fU v- fo u rn~ King O'f: S i 1111, 'the VCNl.! ng ,a~~s~o{: 'arms, im.d W8rfio~ class fo~med an elli"~e ofli,emrs, 'COf~IS, c81lled HWi81 Rsm,gdo.

Th is w',an~io'r co,rps-;iin ,add i~ iQrn lu, 'ru:he lo.rd~ilj;1 a ry 'Ira i ntlll'1l,g i nil spealf. bow;, $,word ,8 nd hook-a lso lira i n~d t ~H~ msa hN3.!S .by P raene ~[Ifi! 9 rnsn ea I a no p hy,s'ilc;a ~ diso'i,p;lilne'~ ;al~d '\ii'tawlious 'tCHimili 'of hand ,and ik~oi(: 'f,!ght!lliiQ. To harden ~heil~ bodies, t hey climbed rugged II1'lUJilUJ! ntaii 11$;;. ,8W,8Inl"O the ~Ylrlbl!LJ ~en~ Ifiiy,el[:s iin 'mJile ICQld~~m: mont hs, ;lllld d roH' ~hemse.II~~s lJiIllme'f,C ihJlllly '~O' prrepa m fo~i' ~ he ta_~'k ,cd de~e:ndl~nig tl~le!'i Ii' hOlmel a nell.

To 9 u Ie e t ne:mlsell,ves ,a n d 9 i\'·e' IPU ~po'$e 'to t~ @!i f kn~ghtha cd, ',n ev' in _,

CQ!!f:PO rated a 'r:iYe - po.'i nt code' of 00 Il1d uct set f-orth Iby their leo Il,iIlntty~ S, gr1e atest Buddhist monk end scholer Won Kang',.

1, Be ~ oiyal ~cfl!'ydta r ki n's.

2. Be obedie rrt to ·tOli r pa rents. 3.. Be hono.urabl,9 to your friends, 4, lIN we'u ret~ear[ in baH Ie ,

5. Maika a just 'k~II~,

TIMe. Hwa R,8ingdo became known in the' pe'ri~lIIlsu~a' for ,theill" ,cour,ag'e' and s[k,m iii battte, igla~'ningl r1espe,ol' frolm even tlhe.ir bii'nel~e{~n 'foles.

The S.U'€1 ngt[n ~hev derivsd 'f~'om thsi r respect to' thei r cod e ensbled the m to attain leart.s of vBllour that become legendary. MlaJrnlY o'f these brave young W~ ni' ~on~ died 10 n fie.~ds Q,f bat.t[r~, ln tile' th res ~'U) ld of '~heliir ynuth:=as, yoO u ng ,BIS tou rteen or 'fifte,e'n years; of: a,ge, ..

Trne' stai"ue of K,umkang;"Y u tsa",B falmOIUS wa rI'itor Ii n 5 uku lis rn, ,8 ston e cave, bu i It in th e [I'ga of t hie' Sid [I a Dynasty"

N;!oUce the :e;'~milaritiesi!nl form between tlhe K um ~angl -Yuksa and Pl,ife',se in t d i!;ry' Taekwon ,_ Do,.

The a ppear anee of cle nehed f~iS1~ a stre n 9 - k:nii fa - he nd, ,8 nd Imusel ad legs wh ic hi ma'y have been resu It. of heavy train i ng;


The re is m ueh hi st~lrica I avid e nes to deeu me nt t he exlstenes ofa form, of ~ a nd ann" toot figlh'ti ngl d u ri JII,g th~is pe:lI'ihld 'Ii n b (nh Si lira and lKo;g urvo, Some o~ the postures rssernbla Teak Kyon or J1apanese Jujitsu ':echn~Clues"

It ,8 PIP'Iar.s; that 'the Wran~,o 1"3 erf H wa 1Ft a ngd~) added ,8 new d i n19lni si 0 n to th i s prim~ntivel method of 'foot 'fjiightimg by gea!ring' it to combat and rn*us'jf1'Q the' pri nci plies of the Hw,a Ran gdo. The new 'me ntHl1 concept as '\1\1",9 I[~ as ~:he phv,sicat 19lsV'ating foot fig h1i ngl to. B n art

Our'jng the period of Hlwa R,ang'doj' the origilmllal primiltUv.'e method of hand 'firghti'ng ,oall~ed Soo lBalk-reii was popular carn,ang ttl!;!' common pec)ple in the, II(og u ryo D vna sty; the pe!opll~e had a hiig h lI'el9ard for SCHJ B,frk - G l, D'lnii n 9 the Darru=O festiV'alls (on tlhe 5tlh of Mav ,of the' IlUlnar c:ale1nd;ar) and mid,=AUJtumn fesd'llCl'ls (AUQlust' 5th of tlh~' lunar cia~end a~' co mpetitiolilS '0'" Son B a k - G i Werle IIliI e,ld a li(l'r'ruQ wiu~h 'Q am,es of K,Orr!Ui n wf,es,tjll ilng", ~ugl 'o,f Wait'" h 0 pp,in.g 'C0Il1~9m:s, iBlnd Jre k: = Chag i.

The lm,imil ]ul.:lluli.iUg :ali, 1K,8Ik,,;j; To.mb" 1-~i'll'tnJ i I U ':ge 0' ~- _:!!!I'~~:mg, 'Cih I~ m ·'b, kin(' ofKoguryo. j5bQlWs,.sp-:'['j["in__g '0(£ .... 00 H\aJ.II~Gi. OJil.'i<1·e, -a'in.II]'0&'1oo ~JlIi~ sie);~I_8,rUill.:s 'Dr t~:;:;g :P.~t,~s W, 1,"!i!lWtwm1l;],_.I)o :fD,yi_I9.g: lil)ilJIm),bflilllD;tSl.

The 'f,amo us lKore',a F1I h~.B:t\O~ma n, lJ.<r. ID a njae' Sh i n Chae Ho, in h is w~i~I'nlgs of a rH:fiJj~l<IIill~. Chosu n, des~criibes '(he ccntsets ,of sl~d II an d co Ullage U nder grue ll ng ccnd~'tions: '~d8rncin!91 with s:w"Oflds and certain w'ater sports were! held on the ~rOlen riirve~' to testa conlitestan(s C)Qurage' and persev.elran,ce. Archs'rv and Taek K'yon co meets wem held to test ,sk iii 1 a nd Il o.,w~ r.

The winn.er of tn!9 hunt was giiiveni the title lot: .son-,B~. A.I~ 'tbe abolve were j udglEHJ to be neceS:Si,ary !pre reql!J isilires.. o;r the 'w,a rru D r81• a me the wi In ners wier-a he~d ln esteem by aiL'" Dr. ·[Hlnjja;e states 'further~ that ~:he art of' Soo e,s'k-Gii "'ta·s 'Bv,entU811Iy introduced tc Ch;n,a as KW'r(jn Bup' and as a fom-rn of',Ju.~ltsu tiD ,Japan.

'Wh[J1 e pfU f'SUhlg hii'slOlriica ~ coc Ulmen'ts re I,ati n g t,o 'tho mertia I a AS! in 'Kore. a, ~'tt was; i nterestl ng 'to d iscover that the thi'rd k:~n 9 ort the' '\( Ii DVln as,ty (1 4Cnl -1 ,4(8) ~[!;,tiiiveiv lr[e'crUl~·med. experts, iin Taek Kyol I, S,ijlrum (Korean 'Wres,tling)1 s:tlone 'ithrowilrrugll.' arrche.lrry .. and $00 B,ak~Glil '®o help in orgarnis,inlg 8: ,strnng arlmy.

M uch hi i:S1:o rica I doculmen'tatii:orn seems to' i nd icate thatsome 'OT 'these' fo rms c~' o,pel~ he nd fig] hti ng Imay' have been eventual 'Y 9'>qlolrted to J apa ilIl and formed the bas is to r J aiPill1'1I'BS9 J u] itsu and Ka rate,

The' Ko.,realn Hwa Rangtdo may have' been the ~o.!re!"unne·rs., of the· famed .J apa nese sa m uraL I n hi s book "Th is is K;fmlt~e; .' M,at urtmtsu Oytllima. al well know nl aut h 0 rity 'of Ka rark! i lII1 J apall!11~, me nt ions ~hat ~he letym 0 Ilo.gy' ofi Karal may have been derived from 'the co untry' of: Kaya at the southern tl p olf. the Ko rsan [psninsud!a.


The mu r.all~ pal 1111il tl I1g ,at KangsQI l' ornb, '1t,h ee ntru.ry'" sh,ows lhe~ ad y,anoed. ski II ln an and the m;ys~9IF'iiol!UlS, u:s,age' ot.' everl astl n91 ICO~ ors, the tech.',-, -; ,n,f 'w·.·:h",t'!iiJi.u r€!lm·· ,~ibll!'[liS u ne')Cn~'a i ned.

n I CI Ule '!o!I_ _ __ I"",,,~ I __ , ,.!!i!! P ~ I! _ '. _ ... _ ' .. ,." . __ '. _


I fl a rother interes -'"'91 _tudy~ Dr. An JI.aJ San has ststed ~1i1 his boo,k. of a ncie nrl Ko. r,eal, ,0,' Chosu n Moose Y,o nglou 61g J U Ii1 ,;, t he bl~oglr.a p hv of K.,o rea n wa rriors, th at. the 'roo Su I se hoo I ('w h ich co,u lid now be cia nsidemdJ1uj its u) was known under the name olf 8001 Balk-Gi 1011i' Taek Kyo!n.

,An n IJi ally d u ri'ng tl~ e! IrmO nth o:f M,av ~ the Ki IiIlg, in ,pG rso n ~ he td a m~lh:.h Qf 'th is. form of u nsrmed ,c"o.mlba~ arthe Kak cho nl pav il!1 i on on ,Mia Am m o unta i n, 'The. wiinnetr of this contest was awarded a p~,estigiilous govem'nment post. The King i8 lso Imade the, l[:on1est G'O1m I); uII SDlry 'for a II sol d lers, 1ihlm € of tine w illil ne rs o'f this annuelcontest=Lse 'Vii Mill!" JsngJoong.'8,oo and Sa KJii;li!i1g Sung e.\i!\fH1tually became ~e.adinlg generals during tlle~ K,orvo 1[)Ylnastv. It ap'pEtNlllfS tlhlar: the IKJing held mOlm ttl a n a pBSS.j ng mn~lelres.t. '~n '~he art.

I'n ese 'were 'twenty- fi[rve flu nd sme nta I moveme nts or postures used bV' pnact-iti·oner.s. Their postuses incorpcrated hand, leg,,, jumping', fa 1111 iii ng. follmlnrng and P'iU ~ ~ i nlg te c-hiilllllj'Q:i ues, B·elow ~1ne I lste d the peste res;'

,Chi I S'UI ng Kwon Posture'

I(] H w a YI[JJ S,j IIli P10S~Ure.

An H 'Y ,a~1 Cho k PO<S.fure,

IH yo n !!Calk H lUll Sa Postulf'e' J oong Sa fy,ono POSUJI re

O,ang DOl]! Pia Yo Dian Py,o.n I~ I lyol'1'g B,o,

IG (1 Sa Pya rig DQ IG'i 'Yo rrugl Mae Bok

I~W' . ·a·- He

~'.; '_ - t '

IGlOO VIOO Guml . al ,Po Ga

Posture' F'cstlJin~' F'OStUlI'l9' Posture PO'Sl:[UWB.'


Plosture IPos~tJm IPlos~ulre IPos~tllre

Jam .Joo Gyo Hang DOl Chok IK~ IGo

IHa S,all) IB,ok HOi Do, Sap

SCHJ n 'R:aln .Joo lam Me

Yo! Fh~Ul .Joo


PcstUilre Postura Posture F'CSt:Uilre Posture P'OSt:UI1r8 Posture Posture Posture

Certainllv the Silla' and. IKowyo .DVil1last~es marked a f~owe'ring of the mlartiiai arts if'll Korea'. Soon ,a'f[eIF~, however, the~:e dvn~g;~i,es, ,aoquimd anti ·,m~lit;ary n es i'.'~,A; FliIC' Tho ~ ~,IFi h t hi's ,he,i!'J'llI rlIl ,!EJ ne!r~,Ad nf; ;1";:8\1'8'1 a n~lllii n menrne nt ,~In'l,l*h 1- ng~ d ael 8' ne

~VIQI. ~l.W":Il~tI ,~Iv.~~.. .. ~ ~~'~~ .. I1rI F-~ .v _ ~'. '!.i-. - .~ ~~~ .. ~ . -~ ... ~- - il ~. - 1- ~- - - _, -!zi~ .. -H

w,~th 'the mJi'li'~aiF''f was d ebs Sled" Bv ~he '8 nd of !h e Vii D ynas;~v' the msrtl a! arts ;appe~lred to h2IJvle CIS ased ex ist i n Q,

'Ih'G' n n.a~ blow ca me, w it hi '[he JI8p8 ~81Sl!3l occupation ('1 :909,,- 1 914,5). whe nil it was '~o,~lb~ d dlen 'UJ' pra,t:,t~ ce a nv off the fiIj1,aii1'ia I a n1S. Taek K Y()wr!1 was, ~ecrletly pracf ced by some de,d j,carwd stalwans and passed 0 n 'to. a handful of students, Pro ponen ts 101' 'the art, su ch as oS G] ng [) uk Ki .. H an I! Do:n-nlg and ,Ia few others, ma iliI,;:i!ge{i to k't$€:IP the a rt all lve,

Afts r t hie' ~ [i beretio in olf' KOi~ea UIl1 1 9 4,5~, '~he ne"w R'e pub I lc ,of K.o[~e,a Amru~d forces W'ClS e,rg,i3lnised IO~ .Januarv 15. '19410. A, 'young second Iliei!Jtenanrt CIRI,oi H on $I It-! u~, l1ecen'l.lly re Ilea;sed fro m a Jlapa Wi e~e prison camp, be g,ZiIf1' teach i f1iJg' h is martial an te some ,of hls sQlldl'iers\; 'The rest. of ccurse, lis history, resullt.i!fiIg in wh at is; uQdary' k;Jnl,Qwn thr'QiI!J.iIlg hout 'I Fa ~I world as 'ae,k,wo 11-10'0",

I n ~195,!j~ ,tlh,~ nrama Taekwon-De was, chosen IS 'the new' nr]lm€: O'~ the nalti!on~:1 rna rUQ ~ art by a b o',QJfld of i ns;~:ructo'r.s,p.' h~s®Q',rtil:!lnS and crfih e r premine lid persons. The na mIW' .subm ltted bV Gielril)~ r,all Cho,i was una n ~rnOlulSly .s€ lected for 'its dll:Mt dsseri pfi:on o:w tln e Blf[;; Tae (footllf I<;w'~ n (~Ist) 1 D 0 I~ art). Not 'on ~V did th jis ne.'w n ams bea:r a c lose s ilrrriiii lam':jiity to an clent name ef Taek KY1on" but: the Ina me g:~v,e ,al new s8 nss of n:aJ~i 0 n:ail isrn to t.~,e ~111~ whar,e as ,the preVi lent In a mes o'f Dang S,oo and Kongl 500 cf).nnOtEld c'h~,nese or ,J.a'pa:neS"e Imanl~a'i sns,

The va SIr,s, of; reseatch a nd deve,:!opment by G enera I C hoi res u Ited in 'tine Chain 9 H U r:il stvle (. pe:" nsme 'Of the, a1uthow) of TaekWo,n =, D QI. TholUlg h 111 is style is' prl marl ~y blBlsed on Taek Kyo fil, Soo, B a k - G"i is nd Karalt'Q tech n ~qluBS" Ell mYI~ii'ad of te chniq U!9iS, have: behsH'~ added, espeei a li~y in 'the Vl3f1~e'tY' 'Dlf Ih La nd tech n'iqi'DJ~eS , , .-I --11'#'-",,*' j of foot '~~-ll1ni--'-'--

ano pe~WS"'I.,!iid'Orili OI' ,00 'ID~C' Clues"

T,he Chain Hun sw~e is based on "trwenty ~our pau;em,si, each perfected and poll is bed by G!e:fJ1le'ralll C~,o i Hong IH i ;au~'J;d 1~li'i$ 00,1 ~~alg lID€S~ from the wh ~te belt pattern Chon -J i to the hilg hes,t. 'T'engl II i"

After 1 ,3 DO years. Ko re a [111: m a rda I ii3frt has rea ehed fu II m,atulrh,y and III i8S!, ,s,p:mad from a sma II ba nd ef a ris®olclI',atic we rrlors to plrac;t.itlionefs; Ii n more 1ha r1l

,Si~XW DOlulnl~ries ww~h mn I j,ons ef s;t,lJld'enlts. 'llhle tOimlbmiFi1a11iolll of' the ,o,ld cJ.assi;c~a~ '~echnii~L!!les; and new lilnod.i"'_~iiOariolns; Il'N:l~1 resl!JJllted h'l a 'forml o,f :selrr~-derm',nle!l' and m enta I IC()l!1diiJ~i;Oln i nQI !!.I rnlrUrva Ile,d ilm tthe modem womilld'.

'The lilboVi' ,hirs,ittory W'8S fe~e,ased j n the: we-o'k.! Y' magazIne off Chos u n daili I V lli1'e'ws,P'ape r by 10 it Lee .s,~.llIn K'~ln~ P r~5!~dell11t of IK:Vlu n!911P uk U WI ivers ity ln " ,9691 ,zH"1td ICHile o:~ 1i(,ol11ea":s: most Inilolm!Bd Irnl~'B,torhuiIlS.

nn~ iP_lIIim :p~_i!l~igll;!] I, ~,nfllk, TlulJul~ tltr 'lilj'l!;ur.,u W, UI,'!: .:lit)

~-liW~mrry" :~il_[~Dr"'~, ,~"p=~llii'i" '(b<F', 0 D~ IiH'~i.. -


On the o~he~' 11 a nd, F:u n.~lkos~ I(ij'i n i~',clolm mon I '!f kllflOW'lnl as the 'f~rtlh@if of JlalPtrlllelse Karat'e) WW'Ort:e a' boollS: i rn '~958. 01 a i mh1!g that ~.fmate is the, trs ditione I ma rtla I ,81ft O'~ Oki n.aW,81, H 9' started t:h at it had bee 11 deve loped sl nes the 9th ce rrt liIlry' Ai [l. ulrilde~ the na mJ5 lof "Te , .. (hand), 'W'hen the Oki naw,an 'tech n iq ues, m,ooillfied by ooll,abor,atit~n with Chine/ss K!elmpo {Ust Imet,hod}~, 'the art: ibe'came known as ""' D ote" (lC'h ~mlese! hand). Thiel first exh i b itlno III of thil~, rnartia ~ ,aWl took pl,aoe in ~ 9117 and :~n :SiuDeBQue'nt V€N1JlliS ft rap'idly' 'gallJ11flc PQPul~'l'riw 0111 the, .J a pa ness rna i n Ila:no. I Ii the: lea rly 1 9':30:9:. the 'word ~~ Do" (: Ch i n:8l) w,as replaced by dlil8' word "Ku" (empty) 'to distrn'Qu:nsh J,apaJn€l:sFa' I(,Hm:e froml Chin€1Se, iKempo., ~I n Siii ~ a ,~,J a penese Wl~iti ngi;~ D rt ow 'ltalrat'" ma,a ns Ch i na,

I n ,a book ,of l{~n"3~e w rltten by' N,ag,adcn i, 'the, autih!o,r states that accord i ng to ~ e,ge~ d a rnd myth.. tlhlie'rlie was, ill 'tty'pe orf open hSr:!Id 'fighfli rng that. ~,e;sem,b led pwesem1!,t: day S u rna 1~,J,alPa nese wmst~l~n g) and Ji udo in Jlalpan ;8 be. LW!' :2\;000 ye:8l1i'S ~g-Q.

Some' theories ,are! more' hi ig:h~ v g leased tn sin othis'rs:.. Ib lib!" the conn n u in,g i8 rg ulme nts ebout the 0 rig 'iiln'afS; ()if ope n ha nd an d f'Oot f~9Ih~:i n91 are u f'ilIIU(el~y to be: resolved,

A d ~SJput~ over wh leh 'COI~ ntrv co ull'd clal m th e flrst use o~ ,trilre 'WO u Id hard liy be m,D rs po intJess. The Ch i nese theo!ry is 'the rnest read illy ,8!coe;pt,ed 1b~'CaIDJ'se, Cl]lii In a was the crad le 1Ji~ O'iiii'e nta I' eu hUJ,e,;: bll.!Jft dll is doe's, I1iOi~ necsssa rhl y ImENllfID t:hfj~ t ~ e ma l1ia ill ,cliffs had tm elr b~g,ilin n:~11i'1I 9 there as 'we ~ t 0 pen ha Ii'1Id ,8 rid fuO:~' f~g'lhi~:i.nQ probab~v did Inot '0 rl~g Iii nate, in any one COlt! ntrv,

lt ls, more' tnan liks!IYJ a ~altu~al de:ve!~',o,p:~:nent '~ha~' oOQu~nfed ~i.n d~']iI1e[rent pl aces, as 't h EI' Jill8!sd 8,1"089: fbm' ,a sy"Sts'mtaltic: rneth od of deh3'f'i!OI3l. T1hJlUs ,th1e hQnlB o"f eac h rn a ~t:!la I ert wli II def'i~ it:e~'y deeend on the nat~ (l1n.ai1i'ty olf its fo under, bllt: nat: the i~,ist:ori'c:a,1119ngtlh of' a C!OUI~i~ry'.

ST'O_, __ :Y' IOI~ T,AIE,IK'W10N,-D10

("Ta elt; 'w'on,-,D 101 rY,fJ'kS'lil}

,AJ~tffin)ughl 'the cH'igill11s: ,c_:d~ the malniial ,arts, ,a~,e :sh~otu:led'lI1 mV;S,t.ent~ WI! consider iltaln unden·'alble. faIC:I: tffiiilarl: '~n:un '~i'me' immelmolfi';al! Ilhi~'r:a Ihal~'e been !Ull'lys;[iieBII 101.l'on 5: hlV'O'fr\ri ngl '~hel USB !e;. r ~he hili I"lIldl:s 8iln'fl.d f:eet: 'f'O,1!' p~ rpose' ofJ $81'fJ·_· protectlon,

I"f we Wll'ii to defi ne tn ese p ~ ys'iea I s ~tiiions as · "Taek,w'c n = 00/' ,9 ~y OO'Ulf'nIUY' mh;[lhl cma'ilm cf,sdiit 'ror i'rnv,~ui!lthlg 'r:aekwlDI'1I~'ID,o. There I~S.l!' hOlwe,vel!i~. scent I"!e~Elmlill,arnc~ iDe'meen! lialiBikwlQn .. 001' as, lit '1$ pracU~oo toda,~, and 'Ihe ,Cf1ude· 'fo'~lm~, of IYlnamil13:dl c-omb~~ deve'~o,pedl ijIi11~tn,el p\!3lst

U,OdeIITIr1 Tale'k.w·,o n -IDo d i'ff,ers, 9 featly frem ether l'lIflii;llrli,all arts, Ii Fi fa et, no

other ma rt hll 8'n h;; SOl adva'ficed witln ~leg~if\d to ,the sD,plh~ s.ticatio nand ef1\~ct~wn,ess lo'f 'its ·~echniqILIDe· g~' ~he· ,ov8~'~,all~ Iphys~c',a~1 fiitnes;s, iit iml1J81rts to ~~s' p'raclll~iOntl s,

S ilflllCJ!' '~'he: ~IrH~OfiES... '1:erm11~,fllogry:," 'l!eilJ!h fII~qllUJ ISj! sva,tell1ill~~. fl1iIieUa,cdsl;. rul:es~ pr,81c1;i,c€l1 $U it" (JlnII,ej s:p,j,itua I '0Cl11U ndai~iDlfJ11 we re scien~i:~i\Callly develllgpld'~, sy.s;te.mlatl1Imd~ lB nd n'a rned by ttl ~ 3Ilarthoi', it ~s i,HlIl e;nrror tlO tlhi n k of ;EMilY ph'ysco'a I aetlons lempl~oyingl '~he' ballad ~,ndl 'meet f'Qr seU~de~enc~ as T,ae(kw'c:n~,Do. Nc"r iis. ,8 ny cld;h~lr- ma M~a.1 all1S .SY5tem en(~i'~led 'to ,cofllll~1 ib~eU' Taeikwon ~ IDo.. IOn 1'1' those' w:ho p~ac;tffic8' '~he leci:1 riiii~I~S bersed On! Ihe! aU'll her's th~~UIDes,.. (j'u'ilncilP'llers, jll!lll1d pbiJ:loiSOlphy life' cC,"6:~de: red 'to' be' stJu:delnts; 0'1' 9!er1IW i'ne 'Ta~k!W(Nill'.' 0,01,

'W'n en 8lnd wlill8Jlre d ~dI 'T'aekw,oln ~ D 0 be;g i n 1!

.A comb~ nati 0 n of iC 1i~c:umit8i1n,ce\s; Imade ~'t poss;ib~le!for me- 'itO orig,i ~ 8te is! nid IdeVle IlolP Tae kwo n -·100., II n addiidc n '~Ol my ~rilor knawled ge o~ 'T:ailk IKyo·n;. II Ihad ,Bnl Q!pponllJ n~ty-i 0 Ilea rn IKalf,at& 1'1, Japan dur;iugl 'the I!lIlnh1illPPV tihiil1--V'-{six years, wh:e~n n"ll'~ na'U;ve I~a fiIldi 'wa~ 'Q~c!U,p~ed by' 'tthe J,i1IlpalFh3se. Soo!n ,oift,tr fGtU8a W~i; liibs!f,a.ttH:j wn 19~5I' II w',as fl'~arood iral a' ~'rivil~ged position i3(S, a fQondiin'g membew'of the Ii1 ewly formed SOilUth Korea n ,Armed FClrees"

The former p,:rovided 1mB wil~h a dati nit'S 19n1S)£! ,o~· ClFeatu on", !l)1r'U;j the I~attte!l'

g,ave Ime the pcwe r to d lsse mhl at:e' Taekwon _, D 0 t~ ro ugh out t!hel e iiiirU re ,a~med forces. desp,ite turlo ~,S, ,oIPPQs.ith, n.

The !sme'rgenlce of l'aekwon- [lIo ,as BI!ll ~n:te',rna!tiionall m~al!1~al art in a relat i'Ve Ily ,sholrt pe ried o~: time, was d ue te ,~ va r~e'Jty of faotors:, Th e !ev:ii S Q'f' cents m porBm'V :s'cu::;ih~,t:v (mora I corru p'l i 0 not. meter irall ism, sel fi,sh n1I,~S~SI' e:bc." 'h,ad crear~:ed a spii rituall v aeu urn. Ta~ kw'On ,_ D 01 WM able to clolmllen:sat,e~ for' the prevt9liii,n.g sense oi eml[ptiness~, distrust, de,caide'l108 and lack of cenfldence ..

III n add itlon I these we,re vii'ob~:n~' tii mas, 'w'hen p.-eoph! 'fe~1' the naed 'fen a mea ns ot pr'Clt'EH:tii riliQ th e'm~e:~v~, and t:ha s ups rr'i:or~'I~l olf Taek:won - D 0' tech nir,q ue came to be wid e'I'y f:'ecogn ~'ze;d _ 1M Y :S:Qc[~11 statue, t h e ad va rna ge ofJ be:i ng lae-kwo n . D,iO;S 'ff,ou nder a nd my Glod - 9 ivan hea Ith aliso 00 rntri b utsd to the ta'IJlio gl~o'w'th of 'f,aekw1on ,., Do alii Qv,@'r the, world,.

1M 'if ~ nvo Iverne rrt 'w'itlh the m aUiiia ~ ,arts did m uch to s upp,leme rut 1tthe bealt ~ t ha t G od galv~ m;EL l had beH;!'I1 be rn fra i,~ ,alod W'leak and w,as lencQurag'ed ~j)i ~e,al~,1iii Tae k 'Kyon at the age! of 'f~fteelnl by imy 'te',acheJ of' Ical~ I ~.gln13lphy. I mil 1 ,93,8" G fEHN'days,

unexpected incident thet would have made lt di'~'ncJIlJII'~: to' return horne without risk err: r,B p,r i SiB lis,

I reso l\fed 'to become a bl ack belll~. holder i n Kal~ar~e 'wh~II,e I \rII,es, in J a pa n. The skills I 'req Oi[8d were~, il 1alit ~U]f~ic'i!~nt ~rotect,ioln agalinst these who m,i'g ht see k to do me harm, N,ot CD nllv was ~ ab le to return to IlKor1ea,. b UI~ I ,$:U bss quentlv IjlnitiJ:artved I~he f1Jaltio'll'la I ~'iij b-elta~i 0 n IIill,O v srn e! nt ~liJlOW i1I as the Pya n gy~nQ S.tud e nt SIO I d ~,e r's I n oidie'nt. Ili ke: so- m a nv pSr[l;jots D~n th e II eng co UW;Sle CfW human historv .. Imy ;8JC~:iO'~lS, aroused t~Jt3' WWl81:h 61~ those 'irlllpos'iti'Qns: ef power, i was, iwnrp:nl!sO)ned for a dme ln a Jap3ne'se a'rmy j\alit IIIfili ,J.iEH'~IUJi:UY 10f" 1946,., :1 was C:Q rnmisslo ne;d as, a second ~ lleut,~ n an'[ i' n ths 'fled s ling R,8IPU b I lc of K'Q're:a armry and. p'OS1ed '~O the 4th im'll,Fantwy regiment in K~,81I!1'ii.gjU., Cho~la Nttllfr1!d,o Pta"i U1iCB as a compalny eommander.

~ beg a Iii to tsae n Karar'be '10 nly lso'lld i e ~s as a means olW p hys,ica I an d f1Illent~d tr.al~ n i ng. lit was t ~\H~Hl mat ~ re;~11 ~~d that we needed ~'O d we~olp 0 ur iawn J'i ati onalll martlel art, superior ill! both spirit and technique to! J;alpal~le:se Karate, I str(3ingl'y bel ieved that teach i ng it t hlFJough 0 ut the 00 ulliirtry wo u Id e'l1ill b le me to 'fu If II ~ tn e pi.!;!dg,i;! ~I had mads to lh f,ee of my 00 rn rades, who had shsrsd lmry' ilmprison ment

by t he JSlpa nese. "Tbe reese n th at: IOlJ r people suffer in th is 'W',8IV at tlh ~ he n ds ,O'f the J,apana~H9,~~" I! t"icEid said, "is' that our ancestors '€',a~loo to rule 'w'ise:l'y~"n

• ""fh S')f explo ut,ed f~ e' people !iiUlIid lin 'the ell d, lost the 00 L!lntry' to tOI~'e'i 9 n dam i l1at~:iOili1" :~'m- we ei!liief r'eg~li n our '¥reedQlml and indep-i2'nd ei nee, let us nat bee ems 'I he ru lets of the P~Q p,119• I ns,tB'adi_, let: us' d ed~:cate 0 LJ w:se:lrv-es to ad vlsl ng t hose who II'U le. "t

It w,as with ti~ is a mbit:~olliil i n m~ n d ~halt III beg'gln to de~lie~ CH:J new tech n ~q was.

Sy,Sitem,atii!ca~ill v. frern Marlc'h ,otf th at s amiB yealr. B-v t he' end eif 1 9154 ~ had ril1e1a r~v com ~[I.'e'ted the' fO:IJJI;nd.a'tio n m ,Et n~w martial art for Ili<oir-,!S'a" a nd on ,Ap r j, 11111., " 955,., it- w,as 9 lven the n arne "'Taekwoin - D(l;.·

Olmll tlhie spiritualievel, Ta;ekw:on -ID'e) is derived 'frolml the tradlithln,ad'~, rethl,i,c~1 ,fi'fiIld mora lprl nei p:lles of tbe 'Qrien~: ,ailn d, cf eou rse, from my perso n a I p h ~ losophv .

IEv1@m thollJig'b i amllo:rr1lly five feet tall, I pride' myse,lf on ha-vhllg lived ln 'strict ,ac~olrd a nee with my mora I cony ict~OIIil:S'. I Ih,a\i"e~ u~e d to, fi 9 h ton t h,e' slds of ,~uSi~iioel w itho ut ts,ar of a ra:y' k~n d, I be i iev-e that this was, pO\$S i ble for me «NlIIV beca use of the fo rm ida b le po'w'e'r end i nd 0 rnlteb lie Slpi'rit i nstl Illed by' T'ae'lkw',~ n- 100.

lh El' phvslca I tech niq ues of Tae kW()lfIi - D 0' aM lbas€:d on the PI~'~11!1I c:~ p;1 es ,o,f mode ~ rn sc'ien ce, iill1 pari ~cu liar.;, N ewton ian physi cs wlll'iic h IS aches us h ow to ,geif1;ei~ aiM, m axi m urn 'po'wer., ,Mlnita~y tactics err: attack and dEiHfe nse= h a\te a lso been i nOD ~'PO r.a~ed.

I w~s,h to m alk.e it cI eer th at al tho UQ h Ka rata a nd Taek Kyon wer.e us~d as

~efe,ren ees ~I~I 'rh e CIC ur:5ie of my st.~dy'~ tnJe f~ ndeme rna ~ theo rles alnd prilrl cl ples ol T'~aH3,kw'() n - D 0 are tota 11'1' d iHel'ientt' from th ese (),f alll11'V other rna rtiel a [1. in this 'Won-lldi.

'~111 ~lir~rc h ,of' 915'9" ~ lied ,the mil italry' Taekwon ,_ D~) demon stxarti 0 n team ,0 n a tou r sbresd, W,e~ v'isi~ed :9'0 uth Vi el,tn.a m Bind Taliwa n. I't W8lS the ti rst such v.usiit in 'the 1M! ~ s;'tory of Ko rea. 011'1 tlil,~s eecasien, I lI'e newed my resc I utio n 'to I eave mlY 'pa,rsonalllie3g,ac'Y to line world~ ln the form c!f 'Taekw,cn- 001 and l forrnulated the, fol k)w ~ ng bas~ e idea Is fo i' th e T tale,kwC) n -1[)0 praC1:itio,['il eJS';,

11. B v deve ~o,p i ng an 'iJJ pr i9 ht m ii nd a nd a S~~JOlng body, 'we~ 'will acqulre 'Ih'~' selt-confldence 'to stand Q n the side of j usties at a II times.

2'. 'We sihlalll un i b3i ww 'h alill !'ilrU~n :i rID a com man brotms = hood,. ",itiilCUJ'I: re,g,aKll to re I i~llio m~ r,aoe!", mati,o na~ ()'r ,ideo,lbg ~call bo t!l1~ld.aiii'lh~s,.

3 i' 'We slll;111 diad~ea!lel 0 ursel!vlel& '~;o ,bu'ilid i;ng a pe;acefiuII h WnlliB n soc h,'ly illl 'wlbiidh i1 !Js:~i!OO~ mora I it.y,. 'la'lUst ,a:nd h ulma n ism IPf1eva(il.

~I aJI~o W1e,sol!~ed 'to ded ~:e am, m'vseJf' '1'0 the. workl-'w'ide pr,o p,8g,at'io 111 'D'~ "'~u~lk,won" Do, i n the sl nOE;'fe ho pe' 'th,at 'it: VIl,a u Ie proy ~de 'the means, bV Vlihiich t!iM~ un i ~ioaitioJ[n olf the dl i\l"idedl ha IV1®S' led; ml't fallLhl:erll;iU'lid wo,ulltW be come pO(SlS,ibll~.

My' stiudv 0" ltle k.w1o,n .,1001 proceed~dl i fii '~O parts, spi'ri~,ulll Id~s)cipl~1il8 and! I8chnii~il~1 perreCtt~Of1i,. lBel(Hli Uie '~~e humalA spiJrii~: bel ()i!'iiUJS to tlilte, Ifle\~llmfID 'of Ime~taFJltiivsii"~ wha~ [I m8'itA [by s:plif~~IllI~1 d j'sICiipllj'ne is not I\BSV tal de,S'C'l~be!. Oln;e C811'ln:ort tOl!Jc!h~ :Sie,e lof he'a~' 'Ih:s' sp'ir:t lo'f miClO"

11'1 it; wiid,e _ lind! dee'pe~ '~'litan aniy1tilwl1g we c,am peree ~lIJe~

Illilll 'Ii'h ~':!l, 'mspelct" I ~ mi'VSe'li~1I' Slm on ~y a l'1I!o)~her student p slrUc i pa~i rng ilnl 91 c(u'nmn u in,g a,nd ne'~er-· end i ng learn i ng p,rooe:ss I

I h lW'1! oCQl,me' '~;o de1,in e '[he 8P i:~'iUJ.l1Ji~ d lmsnslons of l'ae:k,W\o,n- Do ,as fl!:S'~IIl1,g olrn~se!mf wiith ,t~~ i'de.a'is of 'f'aekwon ~ D 0' alFidilutalin~ngl grid tlJ,!ITldef~' sta I'ilidJ~ng IU,e f'lI iii meani'riQI 'D'~ leia~h ,O'£' '~h'e! l'ta;eik.wo n-IIC'o pS'l1'I'mSli ~ f W'I: ,conlSl:d:e', o'Ume[~es as, one! w'i'tih 'Ta:elkw'o,n" Do,!! we: w~111 .spec'l i ~ as wei lfe'speC~ !O U, owrn bodl~es: ,8 ndl 'fookwcHnl~IIi)ID w,jll~ ne;ve~' b;e~ used tin,a, di$honOriab~el WiIV~


- ,~

'The na mes, o~' ~he p;;rlte'rns ,al~ Idelll~f\i!ed If'!",olm '~he m-ost ~illl!ls~riOILilIS ,p'eople 't'CI h,3\11',e~ be~n IPIi"OdUClId by Ir.nJ€'alr'v fiNe '~:hol!Js-,and 'y~alfS, crf Kiomallil histcIry. A F),r'Olpeu u rntile FJs~a ndll~n·g o~ ,the pat~e'f'ns l!ea;cis,;O i nevH:abl "'I' ~\ill' the ilie',alll irz,at i cnl". 'Eh at 'Taek,won ~

_.. .." -

DCI ~':s a maJFt~al art t'O be' used iOnliV 'for' sellf-df.flenS0' ,and only ln '[,he ,c,aUlse 'of

,I. •

jl UtS:U(;€'.

'The h isb'J ry' IOif I!tJ(H;e~ !o~lntal~ ns I110t a sl n!g]~,e' ,S8 mpha Ci~ it-s Iml~ ~ ~:~iiry torees

- -

b ~ i ngl ,~mpll,oy,8 d fOF' '~he iimv,fJsiio rn o~ AS ,".e,jlghb-OlfS ,Of ~'D r aWll~' o~h elf' PIIJUP,OSel: !e'xc1e.pl Il1';U iCH1a II de~fenre-,

i [11 the te G h In lc a~1 ,ama, I crleal~d tal w~:de va r i~~y' crf tech n i'qJ'~es '~haJ'~, ca n be lused in is i mos~, ,any' ,sii tu at.iion" Thev a re based lOin '~he 'r,o Ilowi ng 'rJri 111ci p,les;

~;, ,Ami mO~E!Jlme nt sheu id be desllQlfiIledi U), (l,rcd UCE' mll)::ilffiliJlm ~ owe f ilml ,3ICNDo:r =' dsnce wUh !c~e1iltir~i c 'fblfmuI1as, rEI rnd tthe lprhl,ciiple' of: kjne~'i',e lenStuQV,.

2~,. 'The' p!lf1inc i p!h==,s, ,be.h iind ,tj~ e '~ech n ~~I ues sh au Id be:: SBJI cJ~ear '~h!!Jl~ e,vem ,those! 'i 9 nora nt Qlff TraM3 k.w,o J1j- Dlo w iilll be a bla to di:s.'~:i ng u ish COI~lrect "from I n,OD r:IfeC~: mOViement.

,3,. The dis~~alriile9' Sind ,a'f'igll~~' glf eeB~1h ImiOWmenl~ shclt-lId! be ,e·xac;tl~y denliu~d. in IDlrd~elll' 'to ,aclhiev'e! n'UJFle! ,e:ff'i,clre·nt ar~1ac k !alnd d efJeii!il'se,

4:", lhe~ pu ~'PQiie ,3 ['[ltd imle.'['~"Cl d C{~ eae h Iml()v·enlerrt sho u:1 d be' el enar' i;Jllnld s~im:p~ e .• iii n ordee t,() fae i ~ ita1~ 'the, '('8 ae hi i ngl a nd ~ela ~,11'iI ~'ngl Ipro C!3iSiS"

!!)" Babe nel 'tteach ing methods s !Tholu'ldl be d evm~Gped so ,tlha;t. ,the· b eWtl'elflits (]o'~ Taekwo,n ~ ID,o ea n be ,enjloyed ,b'Y ,every'!) Ile~ 'v'Oulngl ilJrnd 'Oila.. Dllen 81nd

16 .. Corre:c:t bre,aUling niie!thods: stn,clu~d be deviised~ enhanci'ngl ,tlhe speed 10,1: each n10'\f,e,ment· and reduci'n-g 'fa1t.ig'ue"

'1.. Atta elk si10llijlld be: p assilb~ie: ,ags1i !lSi: ,fillnliy ~wta I spO'~ lOlnl ~he be dV' ,8 nd ~r~ :s;holuld be POssi b Ie ~D' de~lend agali ns~ i18ll~ Y,a r;h~~ies 'OifJ' a'tJtack.

B fEa.,eh attale~Jng i~OCII SIhOU1I~d be! clearly' definl9d ,8!un,d :5:0lUldh, based '~Ul11 '(he' struetu Ie of thle' h Ulima Il"I b calof.


g. Ea'I;;I~1 Imov~ment she u~:d be easv to tlX9c:ute" eNl,ab~ Ii n9 'the st ~d,e milt t'O elnj 0'1 l',aekwon '~' 0'0' as a 5,POrt and recreation.

~ 0; Spe1clial censlderatlon should be p~I~'d to pl~omo~h1g !!;l,oQd he'a~th and preventi ngl u:nJ url es,

'111. E,ach rnoveme nt sh 0 U Id be' harmonious and rhyth m lcel so that Tale k,WQ n = IDQ is aes~heMc;aJ1111 v p Ile'as ~ 1119.

1 :2, IEaich n'uJ'v~ ment ~in a pauenn m us~ expressi U-n1g, person 13,1 ity an d SIP:i ritU811 character Q'f 'the person it is named after,

Adh@iifallo~i to these basic pWlijncip~'es' ~IS 'wnalt malkeis Taek,wo.l1-'Do a m:artliial art, ,a:!l1i: ~e5;1he~i c ,art., a seie nee and sport,

,;\t''ll!, ~,

M 0 RA, . C IU L,T'U R E (J,ungs'hin ,Soo'ya,ng)

The broad connotations Gina v,a~molurs posslble int,eirp]te'tat;~cns, ,olf the moral culture aim often ve:ry dift~iclL!llit for the' 'we:stefi'n mlind to gra.sp beliC8use, tlhis' ws ,an 'a:5:pe'ct of '0 rien!tta II Plih i h'$Ophy 'W'n, ~eh perv',ades, tlh e I iveg (rf Ori e ntal people,. I n €II WOlfd'i' it is the en deavow and process of: becom i ng en exe mplary r:M;~lroo:n SIU 0 h ;[HS COlrrwf:uciIUji$. ~~5512 ~ 4- 7.9 A. '0 .. ) .

To become SUC~I a P~r.SlO,I!l" one has tal first f nd h :~mseU ,allii!d ,aoq ill il~B al mora I c hs raC~~I!i" w hie h is, respected by a'IIIL Ttmis esno nllty be SiO h ueved th ro ug h 00 natant pra ctioe of me nrtall d isci pi illil Ie;, Th us, iffi: the' ti mss c,alill for it ths me:hta'lly' d f Sit i plll~ined man can eontri blu~:e 'to, the, bu ild i n91 o't ,B n ii:deall :soc)~,ety 1h~nu g h 'wise ccu n$le,1 to the {l'I)\{1e rnliil'ilie nil t, s nd, eve n after dearthi, ttl 1'10 u9 h h Ii,s ev,erlalst:i "g: @')famples.

-C;onhJ ci us sa idi", "to JJ remote 'tlhe :$Ie nse of me ral i'tty '0 ne: must it;.n-eat othe~s 'IN it'll fa it hful nsss Bind s~inOBrity based on riglh,mollJj S ness~ 2ilnd 'to, ,(5 ~~imli nate (i,omlpIGlf.€l,ly vi c ious Ull:~ n1k;,i mi,g"· "

~;~ I, .If!I'





q, ft


Everyo [i,e I),f US~, as ,191 soelel be i ngl" des ires, to I Iv'€! i nil a 1~eie a nd pea[cel~u II soc i,ety. ,At 'the SiJ me t lme I' it 'is, our' obi ig ation to bu i Id ,suloh :sociariY' 'for '~ha pecple.

I have q uoted varlo UIS words ot 'W isdorn err a nciisl'llt sa i 11l'Ii'1S a no ph" I cso phers for e r8'at~lf:l 9 .8Jn id alalll soc re,ty i n 'the hope that students ,of 'T,~ekwo'n"" D 01 U~e ,them, as ,al 9 U! ide, '1)0 CI~ 1t]lvafiil1l 9 t~ e!i r mo r:alll cu lit IJ re.,

An idea,1 soeietv, ,accollfdillgl to LAO~TZUI is 011119 in whvch the ruler is 0''1' is U ch I; ~g h mora ~ eh 113 r,ac;t~lu tlh at he ca n1i 1~'U~e natu rai~II'y" not by ~ nter-fere'lm;e or fe at' b'iIJ ~ by a p,pe,a I! ~lfll'9 'to. 'the. 9 OQg natu Ie 'o,'f his people, w 11 01 by men~ Iy do i 091 the it' d,uty' ea n II :ive 'free!I'y in pe'ace w IDtho l!Ii~ feslr an d a rt<:ii~ny'.

Ne::d~ 81 rno'r.i3iII society is cine in whi,~:d, the pe,op,lle admire and pr'aise the'~r flU le U' in '9 rstitude for hi is love a nd the be nu g n dis position he bei~Hs toward hili s pea pll!e~"

Thij'rd Iy t:he:re is' a ; "Iegla I istl 0 soc~,ety i i1I wh iclh the ru I e'r be,oi6lluse h,,€, Ilia tits, the mora ~ a uthe rit.yreso i1S to, vall' j 0 us ~aws te ,glov,e~rn h ~5 pea p ~e. 'W'hJQI in ,tJu rn obey bsca u sa they 'mar 'tlhl e ~BtribiU:~ioll1l t har~ the v'jlohUi on of mese laws 'wi ~ II brilli1llg. U nder 'tl~ese e iwcu msta nOles" tjih.®, ru ~er loses c'~clSe touch '¥iiitlh h ls people,

F~ n ~"'~lliV the 'WQlI',S't k.ilflii-d of; so c iety is 1:h.at' in w h loh 'tlnls ru I er, throu ~ih de cepUon and t:fI'~ckery'. :m is U SiBS' n Is, Ile'glaJl a utl~,cn·'ay '®c 'fu rther his perso nail ,81m bltlo ns ,alnd i mposes ~ is ru le u P 0 n ~Iii,s ps 0 p le by force ,~S he deems ilrill!'C;e,SlSary. ~ n sue ~I 6 societv, th e' ru ~elr is desp;iis@d a nd I~'ated. by' I~ is people and. eve rrt lJJ.a'llll 11 i nv ul~S not 0 n IV h is own d,ownfijll ~ but. 'W ith him ., he downf;al~:~ of 'the peop lei and 1:he

"'0-' untrv

¥.'._', ~ '.'I"~'.


ln Taekwon - D 0 a heavy e mpha sis is pl11acoo on 11\1110 ra~ eu It 1lIlrs", 'for it not onhl plromo·t'ElS a h ea lit hry body a nd keen m i nd but goo·[j spcrtsma Ash ip ;!;lII!fQd ·tthe IP~rfec,tion (JiT m,ot.a~ be:h,arvi,ot', .. As an Client Gree!k.s 'first: e.spaulsed in their sound rnl rild j' so u nd b()dy;~, 'C'~,9ativ,e spl r'i~ co neept, th~' ,mo re d:nse:i p I illfDed and cuh'i;va:ted the m i rid is, the. mOIF·e disci p I ilfn,ed sind C IJI i'~i\;a1ted w'i II be: the, stud €'nt' S use oif l,ae,kwon·- Do.

INJlo do u be tlrn,e foil ow~ng lessons M1ay be 6:0 mewlhat: nard to! f!ul~~ 'II understand: hO'We''IJIEH", it wc,u,lld behove t~e se·r,~OI~S, s~ude!l~U o~ la,e:kw'olli'Dl=IDlo to ~e8d, d ilgle:st and ;atte!MlPt to 9 rasp these' 'V,~'ry fu n dams ntal essen ces of mora 1 culture"

A. R:etu r.n to the bas le ml atu re--M!9 nci us Slave the foll,Qwi'n'g an a logy whs n

h€· rea:.S() rn,®d th at a man ls basloa IIV' good.

iEv"el'1. 81 wlJlthl~e~ss robber, CCiJm~nlg upon. an j'f'!lilOeelE'illt ehi!d .allrH)lJJl~ to 'fall into a 'we It wi ll tlfy to s ave ~:he ch i lid, f,o rg:elti~ n 9 '~o~ t!~ e morne nt, his. i unite rrtlon to HlD the bouse, Thls 'g"ood lJi1:at 1U'Q'ie.' beeo rnes obseu red 0 r ,tOm p lete'lly lest by g:reed for mo VI e'y a nd power.

B. ~,e' vi rtu 0 us-h. is d ifficl~ It to deFi ne' whi,t vi rtut; ~is" HoweVlei r, these ,lire '~ivB h ILIln·Ullrn Q u,an~i,esw h li,c:rnl halVe ilee n reco 9 n'il.Z!ed as v lrtues s~:nce ancient tim,es',; h:~m;;!nity, righteousness., cO!lIrt.e:sv~ wi$do'm~ and tJ'illls,t 'To be virtuous ens must ccnstantlv cullti·vate· ,ainiCI p,ra:()ttiC@' ~ht8se virtues.

Conf:LJci us said:

·j"VI·rtue, is ~ ~ ke the north rsta r, All tn,e. ·st~ns rieV'o,lve a r(l,liJ.ndJ it i~I~' a 11 o,rde,rly fashion"

Tlhe:re!i(ne. pe·o fll e who s un,OUiiil d the v ilrhao LIlS Ipe'r:5o n ~ fllatUiltB.1 ~y w~ II act '~!aw tl~.8 beb rma fiII~. of soeletv.

1 H· -IU··· R.~' A'= N- 'I-IT~ (: llt..l'i

Iii • . 1''11'111 ~,iIi., , 'I,'

The ab~l:ty't:o 'mel sorrow for thie' mi'sf~f1unes ,of'felllllo,'w' men iand 10'11'8 them a II eQilU a II~y as pa.rents, II!ove 'the i1rr chiil d I'\en ie q u!llly,;,

OO.nh.h~.I ILlS deiffi ned h Ulma n ilty i 1111 ·the 'fo,IIIDWi ng ways,:

,A" To love l~e'Q p:~e; especi,a ml y (] ne/ 8 '1Ja'relill'~.

B" Not as'k~ng others to do w,hat you would rather not de,

C,. To be hsve with tine nature of: pro priety bv 00 ntro II i rng 10 n oIl19se,I".

l[) I To h EU'Vle un bend i ng, desi re ~;o .a ccom p~ is ~ 'W hat 'I s rig] ht uegan:ll,ess of how insdigln~fu,caill1l,t''the F'E!;S,l!! I'tt m.a1y init~'ally seem 'when compared 'to t:he amount of ef'fo rt put 'forth.

Eo To value ethers' hono,u1l" be,jfo~'e, yo,'ur 'own. F ~ TiQ pu t others' frsedorn before you r own,

") ,P;r~lc~:ice, utmost prude nee r OicQde~.ty and d lseret lon in eve.rydaly' I lfe, 2) l!Devote onsselt to !as,s;il~In.~d work be iit lalrg'~ OIFJ smell,

:3) lID emo nstrs te sl In c€'rity with w'~ ollie h,e,alf~edl11i ess '1'0 'otlhe f$ at ,8111 ti mas, T ae! KO'n{l IM,e ngl (12th centu ~y 8", C.) said:

'~;Ti~9 heav',en provldes four seasons whilh;!, 'tJ~e ea,rt~;1 has the pow,e'r to prod ucs ,81m I ivilWil 9 th ~n gs", Ttl is privl ~'ege' ls ri at reserved fo r ,almi1Y spe!cfffi e pe rson but for a II h umla ~ b e,i iii,g~" L L TI~~,e mi,o r,e'l ,~IUj rna n itV ~ iies in th e' ideal 0": shari ngl 't he fi~'ui ts ()'f natu r>e 'witll a II pee Il.~e .' "


The' abmty te feel ashamed orf IJln,iusrn' acts and to do ene's dUlly 'tlo o~heir,s. Me,ini(;;ius $,a'id\;' ·;"~Ol~' the '0 rd,ilfl!181FV pe'fSO'f1 I if:!!, ,8 nd dear~h ;alf\e' 'tlh e If'illlU1S1: ilmponalfn, in '~hel _ i'f:e:, H,O'W0;V~f~, fo(r the, 'vi nuous pa,lrS/c rll '~'D' III ~ye ;lInd die f,o r ri Q nrfeo usnsss I~S 'fa~ 'lfniO r.~ lim port.aI~I~ Ul!iJ,1n I D'fG' a nd dea th th~ rnse rives .' !

IA i iii hteousness is: we II deli ned hill Hille' ,(I ct. olr ~ ,aelnal! n ar,my ge'nolrall aep,i!cit'EHj ~n tllil e' bo,ok 0'f1' ;';Waw IMlalDl u\lJ~I'·~ wliIDUl! n aho~ ~ 2i4lIIJO ,ealn"s; ,agQ~

,A {3 e.!i1elli'al walS, talki ngl rei brea k, 'fto,m 'the Q r'U'~'11 illl11Q VII,a r w~'th h is so Id'~'e-rs, by a '~V\9jrli' bank whe n en aida bro Ulg ht h iIIiT!!1 a sm,ad ~ 'calr,fi'fe of" w~ ne for h~s fe'~in~shtme'"t H'e took tha car,a'fe ,alRd sl OIW Iy le,mp~ied it i'rrtll 1he' 'fl~QiWw~ 9 (jIve r in 'fuU 'vi"i!'w 'Q,f '~Ihe' Dtm211ed sold ~er5! ,Ci,ndi ·lnliVhed. '~hem 'to sba;~e tlh e' 'w,~n e 'w'Hh h tm, by" 'tall::i !I1iQ iii si p' 0" 'tthe W!8te.r from th e river,

,3,; P IR'IO IP R I lEi' V' ('Y:f,)

U nl ~:htc: an i m~II:s; '~iglhr~i "'9 ,olver f1o,c)d" a COU,rtS'QU5 rna n woulld lo/Her alllll(~,~ih;e'f mallil a plie,ce of bre~d even 'tho'lIJlgih ibo,:h ware sUirvmniQ .. Oi.l!l~ 0"·' respeol-" aile!' go,od

Im'a Ill!i'!i:e rs,

Cord~,c~us, seid, "proprie'ty rnilust be practised fc,r t:ne p~'Oper cleve!llopmie~t ef p elmo nalll i't~v~, ,eU1 d 'W hO'SV8 r ~ acks s i' n eeri ty' in h is word $" eel f.!jln C)'~ I:U3' co nsidered a Igen~len1,a rt ~~'

He also ,!i;,aidi::

a a Fra n kness 'W itJrn'CJ ut counasy C,BIn be [r8~,hliN· rurlh less. "

;. R espeetfu I ness wltbout co LI rhi~~s.y ~ia'n ma·ke tf;l!!i~ Fe c:'ipi'6l,nrt rather

uncomfo,r[abIQ" "

,. CQiur.agleollUls ness w~thol!J t (;0 U rte~Y' ea rrl! be rather' ''iJ'io:~e'r1t.''~


l"t:tFa' abi I ity' to ji ud ge ri 9 ht. from WirO ng~, not. espec ialilly ~ fIi marH:er.$, concern i rigl t he ri'Ql nit a r1id w'~ong of D,'t~ ers lb LIlt in Im\Slue rs 00 "ce'~'nili",g onese'lt

A w'ise rnan (V'u ISee) once sald '110' his sons, "no mQrue[~ how small ~;~ :i:9, 'y'O:~' S h 0 U 101 not do wh at: yo u realllll~8 is, 'iN roo rrliQ, OI~1 t hie, otn er hand 'yo U 1m IUS't do w'ha~'

'.,.,. riI"',nht' no matter 1· ... ,l"'iIw' small 'I\t- 'm-'!!iI!jJ' seem _ ~,.

,!Ia ~'~:;:;11 I ~. IU i[] '-!II!!i! i OJ' - - ~ I I 1,!I;l! - - , - _. ~ Ii """"'''"' _ ._

5,. 'T'RU,En'" (SHIN),

The. a bl Ii Hy to keep '0 ne's 'W'OI~d:5 an d pro miilsles~ not: on Ily to one:' s tJriell1,ds but ~Q; 'everyon e in 'gan ersl, Without trust a persorr loses all princi p:~e~: and d ~ 9 n it:ies, and b eM:~O me's a I ,j ar an d a, ch e,a®e r.,

I [I

How, then, can m'aiVR discover his OWIIni human 'filia-tUf1e:?

"he re are two way,s by wh j,(:ih a psrsen can f ~ln1Id h ~ mElle,I'f; first, by IPweserv~ ngl

- -

U'le 9 0 odnsss g~:VBII:l, to ;~ i m bV ,13 ad a r' heaven ,131: bl nil, a-nd sece n diy' by ere n 0 un c-i ng 'Q me d fow' m,ait,e'ri~ I thii1ngs,.

Bas uCi3l11 ~V ther~e .a re tWOI lk~ nds cif IPQsUiho n; one is ,t he wive vij rtuefS '0 iven by heaven, le')('Ph~~n.ed ear~jer~ and the omh9~ gi~8-n by man, sueh as ,8 cabinet minis:~)eH~ bureau chief and :$,0 on.

Un fe rtun,atell,-v rna n olf'ten '!fel lies 'too much on w()rldill,y pc,siti1on 'wh i c'h is tra rusi e nt at basi, 'for wh at Ina If1 gives, ca ru el 510 be Its'k;e.1l aw,ay. 0 rill the other hsnd, w hart heave f'iI end Q'ws us wlth ls ,etern,a I, Th is is not to sa y thar~ we (,ejem a II~ wa J'I~d I Y 'U~ii ngs but rather th at '\A,N!! lkiee p bo,m' pes it!i ons i n iPf(j'pEl'r bsla nee so that [he v~ rtues of the! fo r'meHI' positio rill prov ides gliU ld anee 'for the pr,o,pe~r use 01 the, latter.


I iii '~h is man ner a rna n w~ llqai n respect ,alliii d set good '8'xamp'I'8s for at h S'Il'S to f~);11 ow. Witho Lrt JJ rope r '9 uld a nee, ,i8l person can easi IV' f.a,1 ~ viet il!"n' to' the 'te mptatlo ns Il'f persona:11 pawlS r a nd wea It:h~, e'lmipl'oy~'n9 unet hi ca II mea ns to 'vunh9 r his ,3 mil it ions, U II t~ miim I Y such ,I perso n w~ II become a tyr.a nt, or a d ilc'Udor a n dan enem''Y of 'the people,

Accord i ngl tal Confuci iJS~ ,e 'ge rU~r[OILII:S ~'nd lovi n 9 man ca rllll11 et In ave' ene rnles f'henefo raj Ih uma niiity, t'h s' f:ilrst vifil!ue, is, like a SU10 ngsecure 'fa rtress.

He who is content with whet he has, is the richest man in '~h@i world. On 'the other ha,nd!, if Qlne Ih',as. eVi8i nl'~,h i ng and 5,t i I ~ more. he m,~y v,el be poor - A rna n ViI h 0 is b I i'lf'1I d ad by greed ts not O!1i I Y 9 ive n '~O co rru ptlon, i Ii1Ui,g IU e a no e'x p Ilol~n;.t io!n o'f others, [but W'O'~S,t 0" all, he casts hillT!iSiEl!l-f in the position 'Of" "friend f'i,ghti [1£1 !3ig<;l:'i nst 'f ~ iend, 'f ather hg hti n 9 ,a'g,aln st so mi. ;' 'f~ nail Iy beco min 9 no beue-r rha n an animal,

There is eerta j' n tlrtuth i In the, 0 I,d sa y i"g th.a l' Ell trul V Q 0 001 pe rso n can ~ at be

rl c h. and Ir ieh pe rson ca III not be .a trulv good person.

Acce rOil fIi 9 '~'O .a 11 a ncie nt ad;a,g,e" "·'00 n sta nt rn ateria I dii ssarl isf a ct i o n is 00 n! sidered to be the ~oot: of ,~II m isfo rtu fH~S. u The ~e: is no belt tier way to SE!! H sat i sfaetion and h uma n .g ~owth than tile' censtant d eve, I 0 pme nt err: a ge·rH.~ ro us nature,


c. H,e humble

A weed! holds u p ~ ts head in Cii nog,H1iloe' w ~In e a mlat~ rs 9 ra ~ n bows it'S head i,n h u m'~11 i'ty. lao - 12: U ta ug ht that Ilofty virtue ls [Ilii ke tal deep va,lley i nto wh i chad ~ strea ms ()'f Waite'f f'ow';, A vii rtuous m,8illi1 wi II d raw' the respect of ot 11 e rs towa rd h~m :in tlh e. sams faiSh ion 'whiJe;, one wlho is SieU,rsh and e go'jstic wi i I ~o ese tlh e respect ,of his; fe.II,o'w man a no become despise d. ,aln d isol ated.

lobe h urn b ~e' is nCii~ to en g,ar,g,e in petty, sq IJJa boles. but 'to ,bs' I ~ ike, 'the magnalim 0 U$; wii'Yer iil~ "t he ,~oV!t va I ~ey wh ieh i V1~ ng'ate$, tj~,e' 'fal~~m fiel ds around it

D. S'B Iii '"' c:riiti" e iis,nll

IN 0 one ns 'wise no m the: m,Q msnt 'cd b'~ rth. As Ih u rna n be j lJ;I;gs 'we have many fa IlJIllts 8 nd Stlre plHJilrrne to me ke1 mlistaki91s. H,OiW'8V'B r, once h,av~ ng ale a q U im'led k iIiIlowll,edge 'we ~ela nrll to oorr~ et th,~;,$e S hertee mii: n Q:Si;,

It: WOI!J ltd not b 8 ~ m poss ~b~,e to, 0:V'entlU ally beo,8lma Iperf:e ct h u rna n behllIQs" Fa r t hi 'ItS; P ufp1ose; j't: Ihs eS;Se!lilr~:i'.all: Ii'i ot be' idy I i ~,c taw~rds, ~e,alr1ni ng .8Jrl d co rru~i n ue to be 'W i~ i ~ ng to c rDtjj;ciz,e' o,n€;s~~'f.

~~ A~

", .", ," "', ",.

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]A ,tA


~:lJ" lriir$,Q :is, Jill:e ;11\ dee, 'Yo.lkl:y.

1'1 hi: said [ha~ Con fuelus and his ,(lupi ls lp.~,aC't~:se.d sei'~~,cri'flh:;[tS;m bV 1'18 ,pea Ungl 'title' fol I owi nQl ttl me '~i mes dali'l'v,:

'1) HI,8fv1e I rtj,.eg:~E!'ct:e:d ,o,tj~,efr'S;Il ~eqlltH!stts l!:u;~!t',alMlSe' of !eJllf~sh!nll~'SS, 2)1 Harv'e II be,h'eved 'v!irth a si'nc~:m l2lttitude towards, f[fjrend.$

,3) H a,va ,II ~ nsp,i red ethe rs wi'~h oe rtali ntv,~ 'wh i le be,i n91 ,lJru:;er~;a~in myse!i'f ,4) lhI,ave! ~ !1e,ghl~cled ,to plfa;c,t ise virtue

5) ~,8V\B I Ino ,ed in ilinry ,s~lIdi·e;s,

6) IH::afYtll ~ .av'Ci~dedi ,a,e-1wlll,g wit~'1il Ir~glhteoll!Jsn~ss

'7)1 H alVa II COi"I'lEH:=t,ed m'ysBilf i mmed i,at\f!,~'y upOlnl i'e,alllh:;:i ngl my 'fa u lit

E. Be ,510'"'

!8eea I.!Il~' ~ ~ght i~s '~!oJnrrdess and ~oft,~, lt cain i~ml ~ mmnllat~ ,andl givel w81rm1Jh ~:IO' even h ijdd!e'n eome rs, A;s, water ca n alss:ulme any siha pe or form, it calrnl btlt1'e'r' ,seNe i~.he l'iviiing 'th i n9'S; t ~,at In,ee.d it 'to, ,~U rviil\l'!e" 0 II ee 'w'ster becomes a p~n1 of ,the OOeiijlml., even tihe' 1;3I'1geS[ :$;hilll i'5, liukie a mere leai~,j and its aw,es1ome"uwy wlhen ;allf,c1used !Cain lComque'f ,tlhe' 'm~me~t wnlloumt£ili~m.

If o,ne e ISliims to be S;llfOllil g,. !hIe 'wi II ~!OOlrllllmeet, Sl~m eO:P'nle' who ~&; stf1o!nge'Ij'., A 'tiii,ee~, :s;tH~1h 8!S, sa p II r mlIJQ, cain wiit'hsta'l1Id a ,s~r,o ngl "iN ~1li1;d wlhl,e'n ~it i$; SO'~t a~ld fiIIel~db!1 II Ibu'~ may b 9 ~Q ppled Of bl~oke n ,~lfter h: bseomes '0 ld and b runl,e. The sa me:

Ipri nci Ipls iii lso 8!ip,plllJ as '101 h UlM!D n be ili!illgiS'. IE ResllP8lct, [Q',: "III de rs

As, son respecll:$; lPa:re~lb~ V,O unige~' ib;rQ'~he~' IfeSFlBCts; olldler brothelr'~ mall'll mlcJtS;JJ: ,fillw!Brys [fespec~: hlil: e~lder~: ,e,r se,n hllrs,. Th is is ttms be; llJ'iy 'of 'm;ln ki!lnd~, fa nd ene ,(d; the d is'tliin C;'I i ti1ns bet!ilvee~, h u ma n tel nd sin i ma I.

iMiE!'nc illH;, sa id there ere '1:h rI'e ttl i ngs O'f va:~ lUi [i n h u rna n seei aty; Ploswt~:on., honor and Ime raIl i rmte 9] ~Iltv,. I n '90V1e[~lnilmelll1,'t, plosi~~ilo,rm is ICOIl1:s;idered 'ilmlp erta nt, in a IGDlmmUlli1i'i';;:~, hOlrlliD,r", fjlndi '~otr ,al ~Ie',ader O~; advlisor, m.O:Hjl inil)e,gl~ity. I~nd~edil' ,tiile're cain be' l~lC' ttl iild~,e'f.l, 'w'itjtmOi~ l lpa'reli'rls., nOli' a 'YO lnil,gl ge'nerr,a;t:iofll wi'tho ~f~ 1:llel o!~d genetr,atioWl'. A S~'lc~ety and iii! nla~iOIIi1 coul!d not aVloid chaos witholll,d, ~ts; ctll'tu~e' a nd soela II ~,rd!e'r be-iii" 9 based e n resp eat 'to r th~ ~,Vi1,cwll edge alnd 1tl€i wisdom of

." elders hiS; e '. ~~id"

G. Res; pie ct th e r i gh ts of oth Ei,r'S

T~) c ri ti C:i2:iS' S CHY'!,eHO rile' 'W h 0, IS bet1)EH·.. to' covet oth er's pOiSS~~S ions. and to stea ,11Ihe me rhs Qt' others are the marks of a r1J un seru pu 10 us ms n. M other nat U1re does make c I a i ms to heir dam a hili; y·e!t: all ere at ures w'ith i n ~t aeknowled ge her eternal I i:H::CO Iiliipl is !llme Wilr~:s,. To. hs ~ I) others, d eve ~C'PI a mid s tii!tICE:'sd i n life is oBI raward in itsie~f' and has !;I true value onll'y i'r nc1:hi,r1lgi Is expected ln return.

Th fa u g ho IJ.Jrt h urna n hi stOIFy. people wh 0 in, jea 10 us'¥, have ste len t he reco'g n it ion d ue to oth ers .8iifldl have ~;lo~ ~ n the i'~ possessions 0 ut of ava r ice h~v'e a IWiS'YS left da f~ ,~m pr irns of shame and d is honor.

H. De just

To be co ~ rect alll d forth'~igl,ht is to ~ iive one "5 II ~'fe CCH'fflCdy, Oldi sa,ge\$ used 'to sav: "To COnllrTI,Q'n1I men, ! ire is most valuao I e, ~ nd desth, mOISt tesrfu I .' r H oweve r. a 'rig hteous ma n WOt~ ld va II'U9 J usti ce a bovs ~ He itself an d w'O,ul d be.

., .. ·1111"' n n t,o.: d·: • .6 r,~·t'l,..,a r 't'h;a· n ~:U b-:I'i'i'''Iii'to tn i r:li; II ~'I;!'t- ~ ... iC ~ Sue In nota b Ie 'fin urea as, B !fN;~'k: - E.-

w I ~ I. " • , _ i~ - '"~ ~ I:!..... ,_ .. ,"",. I'! . "', "'''"' ... J! I;.I!.... """""'" - - - :;:11

Sook-Je of China, Sung -Ssrn- Mlaoril of IlKor,ea and Yosh'~da-Sho'~ll'1g ,of .Japan

~I~ chose death in defiance ,of injustice. le,aving to their pooter~ty ~a~'1:ing exa rn:pll~s"

BQle k. - 12' -Soo k -Je II'llv\~d in Clh,o u pe riod ebout :2 ~OOO 8 .Ie ,. 'W':Irn'e n K~ n g Moo '['0 ppled the twe nttv' seventh I< i ng; wh 0 wa s a VE3'ry' n otc rio us tvra nil' he refused "EO serve t he' rH~W I(i 1~,gl w he IJj surped the ,tlh rons by' '1'0 ree a no not by ~ €'9 It iirnab3 process: hie, eve!WiIttua~ly stsJIt'V',ed to dehath in a ,s:ellf-~'mpo~sed exile in the 'Sooyang rnou nta i ns.

S ~ngl- Salm = 1M CH) n 'iN as an i mlPo rtsnt m i n~:ster ~rf: 'the K.i ngl Se J '0 ng!, i nventsr of Han-Gul (Korean alphabet] 'in '~he 14,th (:enrhllfy', A:her the kin'g died ,il:i:iild ,t he' 'It) u ng D a III ,J ong became k~ n'gJ h ~Sl lJI ncl e Se -Jo cans p i red rEl11;;U) ~ Ii'iI st the boy k~ ng a nd ·tCH) k Q'VE)!f the t ~'rl0 r:!l9", MJn istsr S til !1'91 was later @)(,e'ii;ltll,t@d beca use of h is persi ste.nrt 'protest over th e U~ I awfu I eet of K1'f1'g Se' .. J o, 'Y osh ida ,_ Sh 0 i ng t Q rile of the I oya:1 lsts was a lso eXJa(r~.Mled i n PJfO~$t 'wlhen the D oku - Kaw,a mil utarv Q evern me nt, a1: the:' ti me, '~!iii €d to sbo I lsh 'I h e Mlei ,~J ~ me narc h v,.


I. Bel 'fll"1ug,a II

S~ nee ancie lit. ti mss, excess. ive I uxu ry a nd pleasure ca used 'the dow rrta i ~ of many k,irng:s and nations witho'u~e~x)cepdon and h~storv·s ful~ of such axamplles., P"e'rsQI!fQ~ ii n Ile,ad ell rshl [P i~n pertlc u lar must lea rn to b e' frUr9,aJ~ ill nd [I,ave mode r a1e:ly. As tin IE eld adage~ goes ,. ~f. 'the wate r ts mudd y upst rea m so it w III be! dow mjt:raa m .• '.

An extrarv,aga.nt I!ea(h~~'r wW af~ec~ his subordinates lin this same 'way and wi II b rl ngl mo re nards h up to Ih is ,subj eels tlh rio ugh i 1!11 creased 'tax_artioilil is) Ad bri be ry. Dutingl the t.ee Dynas~y of K.orie,eJ .. the king"s rov~ng inspectoT' Letl- Mlong,V ()lng, 'w'n i 'h:!' 'uavel i n 9 't h e.' cou ntrys ide' i rnlcoglin~to.. w,as i nviiJrea to 10 r1I 13: ,of th e Ilatvish dinner I~arties, of a notertous gj',Jivern,or. I n the mldd e of the re,ast, he, irecited his famo us poem:

The swe.et wine Y-,QU drink from ,the. giittennfJ cups Flow'S from tl1,e' l'ears 01 people who' toil

The ten'del meet wh'fc,h .fills. the. dishes of j,a'des is UJfr1 from theil' ac,hin!l (Ies,h

,Me"iet you laugh~ saddel' they will weeo Louder y:o,u' s;n'9~ m,Qfe plain.five their ,JifJ'nJent.

'The g;ove~rnor Bind his echons reOO'91n~Linlgl the true identity 10" 'the 1P0e.t~, bees me irigihte ned Srrh d 'U~d fro m the scene- Aelme mber t:1rn at th ere are tears and hea naches; uf m,i;l'rrnv be hi no one m a n' s P'~8 as u re,

,J" Be, d I~sere~ert

I n eve'ry 11h i Ilg he d ees, a perse n m ust no,tt be i mpu Is'~v~ or reck less but be patient amiCI 'm.ho~gh'r.ful. r Hie w'ho' acts withotlt think,un'9 at least three times, wiiill 1181telJF fie 9 relit his act i 0 n, P,' warn.s an o lid prove rb,

Accordin,gl'y" on a ma!too~ o,~ an imponant appointment or PUrl nshment~ OlfU) must not decide ihlas,tIi'ly but must dellibelra!te to reach a, decision that is both fair a nd objec'tive.

K. KnoW" tlflUe happiness

Lac-Tzu poinlted' 'OUt' 'that nanrrs was b81sed ,l),IIip0 11iiI' hanna"'1 r n iCO ntrasts, f'or exa rnple, the liUniV'en1'~ W,3S; maal®, up of t.wo 'foroos~, Yin Uema,ie} Bind ¥',ang < ms i'e) ,., Othe r COI~ltr,asts, w~we~ ha rd and sott, ~ong and short, nh~1ht and day~ S;O,I:id ,and em1pty, 00 ld a ~d w,arm,. big' and sm almll. beeu tlfu I ,and ug,~V.

A 11,1 ttl i rnl~ls in th iii: W',O rid are fie ~,atflVe to o na a not her . M ~~.err can Q fiJ ~y come lfiro m ~'avhlillg been halp,pv ,0 nee and sorrow frorn j ov,. The wealll thy and 1hs! power~u I ,are' 'F"I ot necesserl Iy' happy',. Fet lavery If uch perso IlL, the\r:e aria C~)U ntless poor and 'fo'~ ela:cl~ W1w,ant, ,a natio n 0 'f OPIP['essed., M en cl us' denne!d illife"Si ~:hW1ee hiap,piliil'®$ses, as '~'Olllllow,s:

'1. H ea I rh Y pa rer r ts and h a,fll'ifil,a ny w'ith ~ n the fa m~ lv.

2" To Ii ive with prilde dlnd ho ['IJIOIi!' '~:hir'OI~ 9 hi eoneet behavior',

'3. To ad UOi-;l'rS' th ie' yo u ng tOI become IU pru 9 hi, ~u,d useful: rnern bers of soe ie'ty.

l; Let yo U If actiio n s S P9'8 k, 't'o f' VOl IJj rsa Ilf:

E:ve-n the i3lblle,st orator 'lis apt' to err iff' gllvern 1'0 '\lel~biag I;!'_ A c;lllosed mouth C:i3 ll,s,aV\e!' a fish from the hook. ~ 5 we~,111 (I s s,t,av secrees tre III th~ EH1em¥'" T,C) speak only 'what is m~an~ii1lgfull is iii si"9ri' of a ,c,llIl't~vatt,ed P!!lSO n. Pi®;o pille, u111 k Im!ostl v to brag alba ut themselves 0 Ii' 'to g.'3!J n adva nita ge over O~h01~S.

,A rna n of vi rtu e exp resses h mlffisell ff: me fie' thro uig h deeds th a n words, Tin IUS,iO In e ~ nt II ua neas

'lEdl!m~re the r@UIiIil !~ (llll',odll!loo bG~ic: 1"~d(!;'l"'.s


others through liv'iing exsrnples, In the 'o~d davs, the tru Ily leff,®,cth/e w'. V to teach W',8S be ~ h9ved 'IlO be biV' th e action s not by the word s, of 1:he teacher.

M, D.8ve~(~'p pe,tiIC,e of Imi nd

A c ~ear pond becomes rrtud d y. Ii f ag ltated ,IFHlId 'E he n ret u ms to UtB ori[g Ii nail state' whe n fill ~owe d to .sBr~1 e uind istu rbed.

lilt is sali d th at ca 1m. wi II be able to co nq Wle~' the 1M Sial, Ui nd au bt[ed Iy VO Ul ca n end u ria the hcttsst summer hleat if you slt calm and composed, Conversetv, if VOU move 'roo much 'in order to warm yOlur fr[ee:z.ing body 'f[QU mary get temporary mlliet but it does 111M last too long,

Wi(fj can ,iiltilta' n pe,1a ce Ci~: mij II1d th fa ug h me.rd i ~ tatio n, .by em Pty~ nrg 0 ur minds olr a I ~ pe:tt.y the tIIgh ts, ,al U!I d ret WI rn un 9 to the netu ra I state. [o'f man, Unlik,e ln Buddhism or Zen, meditation ill T,iEiekwon-.CQ does netmean a total divorce from the wortd, I[iike [a dead body', but rather an active moment to refie'ct Ion ,our past mistakes i n s~lenoe' and hiil he !pr;v~liI:::Y o,f oll.Jlr thoughts# and through penltenee, '[0 continue our self-improvement

to'ward be com i ng Ib®UfU men or 'women.

Th is, aC'~ive '~h 0. ug ht process 'I n s i len ce is celled .. J li!:f1Q - Joe rilg- Dong··

N.. IB,e' iot fi rrn m iind

A perso n o'~ stro ngl (:oln'iiilc1:'iQI n is. uns uspi ~ e io us en d una rlna ii d. Wh[9 n prov[sd wro ~gl. he h as the. rno Fa ~ :5tFelml[gt:~1 to adm it his m istskes 'to even the: most h umb'lle' and has the oaura'ge 1:0 stand UP ~o the m·ightv· if he believes hiimseJf or hIB'rsel'r fio be riglht.


Suong! co nvict ion can be Qla i ned '1:lut)u 9 h 'rille lbluo'ad ~Ind d~ p, ;. Kr·'-,Slpmriit Kii ls a 'form !of' ;a;C:I~ve' energly whhch 'fnl~ le~eWFV pl~tysical c:e~I~ and org,~n wh Ule "~'Ch i" -'iN i i~1 ls '~he [m/otiiiv,atj~ll!'iIlgl "ffo.n:e,:, the "1'0 rmer mcnJes, a nd the latter leads" if' ',K ~ ". :119 n ilu11l1'md wU'h g rest can3! ,~nldl a I h)wed to gl~w bas1ed OWl h um:al~'~ ~ lI' and j usnce, 'uts, soa ring p OW,9 r ,iiID ~ oo1Jllealclhiil1lg :s;in~in,gtJhl Ican 'filll'the' ihe',aw'n ,a nd ealf~lh,. e!lli1a:b~I~I~g man 'to lIf'e~ch ill ne'~ heiSII~i~ o'~' Sllrea:t ach ievemsnts, ,S;O M,'~'fiiIC~ us ex honed hi s d isoi p ~es;.

Oml a mo,re lpr,ac~i,ca~ 1,6Vle,1 ,. K i" hell ps us to :kc,e p, QUlr nlilmn,ds, c~'e\alli' Sind iii l:e , I. 'when 'Iitule! arffiii rs lo,r I i'(ie' b;sitolm@' s,tJll'3li ned and 'C;IO'f1irtlllJsed~ e,r sees us '~~ re ugh s llee pll e$S n ig:FtIlts when '0 ur IO\l,~d one ~s; Qr,aviely ill,

0.. B,e' deH~"D"ted

As Imedita~:i'o:n i:s tOI '~he r~~iig lo us, eoncentrr','!!IIIii'i'o In ,~1Ii1 d [h~!V;if'ji~'i'~ rill is 'iilojf'i the ~1"1'i<C'F ,1fIi i'!i d' 1!"iI1@:i"e.a:- '~T_

,""'~_,, . _ ... _ _ _ _ "IiI'~,""_ .. 0iI i!l."-' I!l. _ 1O.!!11~,.'o!il!'., 01111 !""tol":iIII:":'iJ~I!1

snee is tn 'the Ilia be UfE)lr" so is rnora I '0 tJl~ ~u re "to t~le' Ipn::,cti'Uone IT' of the ImEl rU!Si11 a rts, ln eth Err we rds a 1P~r',!HJ !its Ynf~'li~ clhiwllil'Q died iQal~'io", te hills I~WIl11i i nteries~ and d1u~:v is, '[-h,e' seuree of li'~e and powe.r~ CillJll'~'iva,m'iolrr1il elf mli !lId" 'therra1Fio~e!. i's, no mCinopo,lV of ,any perticular ~-ersoln.

,~n 'f act th~ s~ nCfuit.¥ and effa rt: def!in it,e,~y iprod ~:ce '~he bel ~e'f alnd tha be~,li,et m,alkes ,0 ne ,abl~~' ~JQ IfeJBClh the fdin a I goa L

M,Oi'r,id eu 1'1 ull"e' is co f!il~iid~red 'bl be ,iI cIDjI'iv~I: ... i ng movement 'tUI iMIEI ke one deVClt'e' 0 l1iese~rf to his w(ulk, wh'ate~>er it m~'ght be, ,~nUI his, I all' and wom eeeome one.,


, , '

, '

. . '. - ~. . .


In SU1Mlmary. we cain lenjloy SI'Q're,ater '~'\eedglm, ,o,f lii!Ilclion by p~eservingl ou I OfH'li,i,e natu re win i II,e. m alki n~ ClJU'r6Ie. lves i rnpe rv'lclUS 't,o.' 'the te,mp[atiiic'n of po we:r;, rncnev snc 51'>:;, A person who has 9n(:llined :h is, stage 0 ,: self-eu ltivaticn is: sometlmes icalled a "Saint,"

~ t ml~lS;I, iiil1rdeed see m iii ke a n iimpo\S.~:dbhlj' IIJlndertal~tWng 'to a Im;eOI mortall. A mouotaln ,crrussilng begins; : _11~,ha single bofd S1fie:p, . nd an OC(UDlrn beghn<s wlith each :sim,a I ~ strealm.

As en G Ie nt proverbs say.: ~'~W'h e m ,there' ls ,I w'i ~ I' t h ere is a w',ay. ~';' ;. OilrH9 should net I[ook attar; when the 'way- ls ri[g:ht in [fn::;.nt 10'" 'YCIIIlJj. 1'1 ·~:Eve' . heaven can b e [mo\!!,~d if one d eV01res Ih ~'mse'lrf ItQ h is cause. j

W'itlh a strong willill aiFld 'fi:rm dle'I:e~mi n.arm·ion~, it is. wrntlh~1ll ~he. reilC h orf ,3Ilyone. whol is w'illlinrg '~'D Iml'ak,e' thel 'EI/li'orl.

Tbis mona ~ C~~ Itufe' is ~ Ira iq'l!!l~ Iy tied '~111l 'W nih Tae,k,w~on-I[)oj not only 'fen 'tnle e:Vle:!iiltlU~,1 att;al~,r.lme,filr~, o,f ,the h jig h est 9 ~ ifds: i III Taekwen - Do .a!nd the Ipro,mcltt'ioln oli power. teehnlque, Bind seH'~, eonifiden,cEi, but al ~o fa f the au It uY',afiicn of chera cter, Wi tho ut this, ,tlhie i nstru eta,' w;oul~d be '9 ulty cd rlmlJ~wti ns a d6!vas~;~i'[ii;li1I 9 'f'orcs eo tihose who 'CQI!Jjlld ~!"teIt11ua~ i y becoms so en ill morsd ot t ne,iill" newlyfo Ufi! d te c'hitnlCl ues 'they m i:g ht 'VSfi'Y eas i~!y Itl eeome b u ~11'i es 0.1' use' th IS, 'kn Q,wll'erillg e QIS a mea ns tOI aeh ie'v,E! 'tj~e'i r lOa monalll a mibjtj.o ns,

M est Tae kw',o n -100 rnasts rs and i nstru eters are more apt. to put em:phlasls, on this aspect of lira i n i Illlig fi8rtlhew tna n sems ~l'f tile' more 56 nsetions I 'tra'~fiIJwri"9 SM,'ides 'of ,runni'liig o,v~'r rocky ~easholr,'eS',r hecflldngl the fists rag a i n5't pabb les 10 r th rusti ng them ,iI !1t~ boi il i ng wi;it.eir,. an'elli1~rpit~ r1i 9 'to ste Pi a bird ln mid -'fl ilg hit" a nd so forth,

Moire ii& ~ d!Wl"'Gmd 'f£]i 'fBek~1'Dn~;lo


'Thel~,e 3If'e, :IllSi'll ,3 n YIllfI be.r 10 f ob!1 igatnioW1'S the ,!5le lolUiSi stjlJjdelni~ Imru,st n ~nll. and '~he '~o ~mo'w in,g' ate ps h~lw been '[a k,e!n lbiy 6';a,ch '~telk:.wo rn .,010 scl ~'DO~ under "the:

I ntE!rna'ti'c nal Tae k'won ,_ D Q Fli9deqr'aitk~ n to ma i nta i n the: h'~ 9 h standa:rd'si erf i nstructo IS is nd strudie' nts ,

" ~ A close gC rutl iiil'i~t m ust be rriliiade: of the mefr~:all mat'€: up amid lblJCJkgl~oull!1 d of apllll iCEI,nts b~'f:o,m 'th~ irr a,elmi'SEtiCHil '10 the d 10' [a ngl 10 r sehoel,

'2 'Orienta't"ilon tOI patwlk~itism~ ODedii enee, lbe'h,lavi Q f;1 praetices r disci P ~ i rti e, all11d hu m~il i ~Y' must be un del1'ta ken",

:3 - P'ersan~11 mo rals, :s;~n ce~1.~'Y'cr ;aJS 'we ,I ~ as tech nl r.q ues she u I d !l,e talke;1iii il~!~O DO nsideraticn UIPon ,aWl.lra ling 'the h ~'g!her ra nb,.

-4,. H igh~r Qlnlks; who carie' fQlulnd 'fig htmng ,she ulld be IPU fFiliShedl by ,ttl e 'Iocil I '1 aekwon - Do, Ass.ociaUon.

5" A,I[II bl aek be~\ms must n~,g is;,~e[fl" wi th the Illo,c,alll faekwon ,-D 0' ,ASSiO e'llatlo n. and I nte rn.atm:ilC) na I T2H!llk.wo Il '" C'o F'ed erstlon,

(J urrhlllQ 'tr,r.fliiiilhlg '~he s~udle'nt shoiI!J Iell Icons,tanl~llv da'I;Je~,D~p, ment[.a I and phvsi,caii d lsel pi ilJ1@" i:llfiiC 'the f'Q.~llOrwiili1,'g' aJC1m'li'~ies slho'u Id be C()lnlsidered ~In i'nteg,r,all paTi Ci~ '~h~$ '~r,amll1ing.,

'T R:i~\'V' ElL, (YO HAENG):

~ " " be esined L-. I" ...!I hi "I A'

r'at:~IIC(t!Sml can , .. e gl,sillneu .uy Uave Ing to no~eUl or nstcnca areas, : ':.n

A,me'ri CClJn Stu den t c nee remarked atter v i,sit~ rI'QI Glettysbu r9.1 a nla the SiHW 100f General! P'iokeUf,s; famous charg,e': "The f~[ghr~ng spirit and courage '~hey POSSi8Ssed to aUe'mpt to; co iiiiq uera n u nconq uera bille' po::dt:iolll"ill m uat have 00 me from a I ova Ifty a II crft'ioe rs wou Id like to aeh ie\lI9,"'~ .s1:I~de nts ,ShOIU Id ,seek out th ese rna 1l1:1JJ! rnents, stud y and aU€'M pt: to lea ~ fi1 fro m the mi.

e~' !U>d


Th il~l form of exeretse not: on I'V' d,ey,e'loIPs: illl'nlPO rtsnt i e'g :muscl,9S~ b ut also nou rishes the spl:~lr1i:t an d promotes a ',fee I iWi! 9 Qrf V i Clary an d t~iiil!JJ mph, as 'j M 1lJ!,sti~'a~ed in 'thlel 'we,111 known K.olr,ea n p eem; ~. N'o matte r how h iglh tlh.e' Imou ntal n ls, it, ca n bel co mpa red to a srna ~ I tomb under the, healvel![1. There i 9, no reason why" mien) ea n 1"101: sueesed ~f' he desi res to el i mb 'ut Alii too oifte n~ h ow,~ver ~ one cilia i ms it is too h ~gh to cl i miD 'w nh Q lit eve:Pi1 makl rrug the attem pt, H


IBy taki ng cold .show',e t$ ;and baths or ie.xen~ isi ns 011111 Sliili,OW - covered gl'iOIU mi d IIUlI bare 'feet~ sUJde:rrw, b~lnd tenac h,y a rid. pr:ide.

_" . ".'

. . ---~'-:..~


P-UIB; ILIC······ [~I~R··'·V:I-II;/!"l< E ("'S'A' H:W',··' '-E'C .DO·-: .i'U~SC;,a)I"

'_", , ,I -: l!I;IIl~ . "." ~ I '.:- .. ~." _: __ ', , i~': .:.~''Y'iO ,··.M:.'.~,

:s'v 00 lin ibutl]i n 9 '~i6I bor to the 00 m1m un ~ty ,. es pENo;~allly '~,o[ the pCHJI~ or d ls abl!B d, ths student learns eharitv s ~IU m ii~ i'tv~, OOlmlr,aa €IS h ip. ~\~ lera nee" .a no se noel ef

ET'~O U ElI'T' E (Y E ,.)'O"=)~'

A h igih d8~gjree' of: e1ttiq uette sho liIll d be! obse rved by' st uda nts, bcn:h i Bside a nd ours lei e the do wain g. Th is 15 ~ ~umd be [aJppJ~ le d by ~O'WelJ' Ira nki ng students '[0 sen ier students Wlh! ~ ll,e. train i 11;9., bv h ighe.~· ji",8111il Jd rn 9 studs nts 'to e ~d 9!f stud 6 nts ·0 ll.J'tsidie of the ~ra i,n·iJn.g Ilia II ~,dIG' j,a1ng ).. and by a n students whe n vis iUIiiI:g 2illn,otths'r do j ang. I n a ~ I C.,!3iSiSS", ern pltn asis :$,1,0 uld be pi aesd a n co rrset and p no per sa I ut'ar~io Jljl., I t is a 'form >of reSI:lec~ and co IJ rtesy liin We:steul as we~ ~ as 0 f~e.nta ~ so c·hnh~~s.

I t ~s i ndeed poor taste fo r a h 1.aIC,jk belt to S ~ jig ht ,a beg i n niln 9 wlrn ~'te belt w'ho n~i"g tn 1 \!l'ery w,e,l! be' the Instrucm r' is sen lor r rl both ,ag e a nd station. Students visitiiirHJ otner do jangs,,. 'wh:fi,ther tine'¥' be Taekwon- Do or other martiadl aIITS,. m U5,t pay props r respect and ,Q bse rV\8 th 81 tra its of 'ffi)oae,sty and loourtesy at a I ~ times,



, ..

M,a 11 ShO[UI~ld ,a tt,ffmpt '~o d1we;ll~ in 'the l:arrgest m,anB;j'DIn ~il1 ,the, WQ,ffJdrr sta rndl Ian '~he ,eoII'iU'ct lP~alOOI almd w',a Ilk, io,n 'the' br,o',aa.est: ,shelt.·

(1M aln ~c· mil"li;iil;,!j;; -lm'-':""" 1ii'io~""le_' .~ -c A . _ . __ • ~ ,I waiL '!WW 1'~.I!;1i!!!U .. , ~mu

sQ,cUrllE!i ,dwei Ilii'ng ii~i .Ill fso OWlr!I 'vi rbu~ us

mijlnd., Mil' sholulldl ,alw,arvs, ,stOlnd ,on tile, l1idie' iOi'; jlulSit:ice· a mdl ~N;e[ ihJclnes:U'i and 'fa i'lI'h~,) .


The' stt.idy of T;aekwo n - 00 offers; s'eve'ra ~ IU n '01 ue advant;ag"es '~Q the ph y'S'ica I ntness of the studs Il'Jrt.

No dou bt. one of I iif,e.'s most treasu red assets is 910.00 hea~:~h. The re:fQ~e. (lile' of the gll~eat c:a'~d~'n.a~ sins of malnikAind i~s; his abuse of this asset, Illilcid8nt8JI~~YI he 'who does not ,ab U! se o r' hi u rt his ow n body" lnel ud hlg1 t:h e' h i!'IIi", is de,f i' riI,ed as obedir~nt. to his parents; 510 descri bed ln :0 rie Alita I ph ~ losophv.

'W'ealth, p,owel~~ ~ame ;i9ln,d the bllei:ssl~ng 01 p,hlysilcelil beautv ,an;: ,alii I rel~,artivelly un lrnporta nt U one doss not possess good he.ailth" An i nd i'vid ua lowes ;Dt' to hili msei'f Sind his 'f:,am i Iy tn 'GOir1St~ nUt wna i ntel i n a J;iid i mprove his healrh, Confuc'i us sa ld: •• ' Be:~n'9 in glood h!e~ I'th is a 'way of s h a'lliin g gna'at. devo't~'(H' to

ii;h. . . . ,to.", . . . Ii.. "11'..1' . tn·· [,.11:.. ~. tll..·····t - - It - _. ",~

IL _ €I pit! 00 n,lUl!i]. ,als; C'I] ~ ,ILl S .. ,@l'a Ud ~ lSi ' u il,ie,~ r: !iiUe most concern.

The stud ants 'w:~i I rea I :r~e ,hI,ow lm PO rtant l'aekw!o 111- i[)o ii's. to h uman h~al~~h thrtJiu,gh the 'toil I,owi n91 art~cJe written by 11J'~t" IA:o,tu~irt S.A~ner~.sii b~!ih::lk belt holde-r of Tat9Ikw'OIIil',- 00.

T ~,e'~wo n -Do may he praCillicerl i nd iviid uel ~'Y 0 r in g~ro UIPS without the IUJlse of w,e,j!Q n t5: 10 r SIP~'C i:a II ,eQ ui IPme nt, I t is" :~I'l most e ases, pm et ioed ai one 9,l(ce'Jj,t W:hB sparrlng, Since the body eets its own limits, in~uries or straies am-,e' ratre' ,and the' Dhvslc-a II 'co nd it~on of tn e st ~delwalt [paces h I~m a utomatieail 'if. The e ntii're svste m o,f the bOldly f. from th 13: fi nge'rs, to '~he toes, is bre ugiht hue, ptay.

The tr,a ji n 'j ng do es not pro d uce ~al"ge ,knoUy' m U!SC~€"S~ it ts nds to exc'h ,an ge fila b by hn: tissue for lean '~isS,D.!ite. The rh ick muscles deve:~oped 'ttl ro l!I,g h we,j'g bt trai ni W'I g ten d to push the blltJ od vesse Is apart Without add i ng new ones to 'Ull i 'the g,ap., SLUe h t ~'S ue has d iffie u Ity in :r€'cehf.i ngl 'oxy'geifil' ,9IfN:J d i~pos:jm1 9 af wast-e ,t:11 ro,uQ h t h e b loud stre am .t!iInd t h It-US t lire's m'OI~e e asi Iy"

Taekwon-Du's n~lgll1 r-e petitio filii' low ~9S'~~U;anl09 movements d9\!'8illo:p a longler~ leaner and more flexjble musculature. Slli.]ch mlu;SCII'e3 ha;'!le ffi .. Qfe of th,eil~ ,r3f'EH=m!f) CklS8 to blood supplly routes, til UlS produeinq maxim um endurance and w,~11 being", [B;nlWb1I., p, 23,1)

flil!8 emphas~s: iilnl 'Mih5:~:ing '~he '~[ 1Iiln k liin exec l!ii~:i rng '~he k.'ic~d mgl rnoveme ms and mn ICOIU Ilte'~ ba'l,ancii mgl 'the hand mOVlsm'l:nts b lid I ds 81 "'~lfm", we~l~ ",mlUj scled olbdomen. T!iU~~i hi ~QIt119QI ra iSle' p'n~c: iedUiWl Q most o~ ~:he ki~~_s i J1!J '1 aek:wolil'"' £)0' ,a~:soi

..J - - - I - iriIi!' .;; he ri,·...:11~ .... £ t-' he +-"U ii"!i [I\., 8 nd . n f'iif.!! r '!ii'h i;nll:.. i'lIi'II ~ 'l:e'Ii·'/lle,e l'b a '[!';tillll .... 'J iI"Ii iI!i 'T~Ii!l;L.'~<IIi,~ mil i'1i

'!i;J!I;!iVe!' '0 ~;;:!I' IU: '"", ,a:I'u~ ~r~, i !!:i!' ill'", ~111!ii. a I I !oJ I' 'icl:' I( 'm~ I' I I ill I !UI'G";' ~lOl!'. fll~' 4.:ii _,'IIJI Uf y;il I oullli;;"r'f' IIJ Ii II -

10'0 is Piffii rtieu lti:\lrl'y' fie comm s nded ~D r WQm1e11ll1 beca use' o;f th~s, dJetve I C I:l me nt o,f the 1',owe'l' iSlbdom n" hips, a,nd i'nlnl~'r ~h i'ghs.:: ,am',as wh ~ ch IP~od UlQ~ a Voun~iflu I ife'm'il[]I~llilIle' 'tJlg ure for womenl IOif a~ml ,alges,

Afte f ci1llimd b,ilirUn iillii Pi rtlcu I,ar,~, ,these i}1i"e2iLSi 8 rs s,tll',el[clh,ed a ~Id weal te'Dl ed;:

TaG,kwQ n = ,Do u,a'ini ngl is, i:dea I te resto,re' mliUsic~'e' "tone for he'illtJh i~1 W\9 II as ,appeafa n08'.

Th e~ '~y'p-lic~ I t rai n i ng m'le'Q i'me,~ i nvo,l\dil!iil 9 le'xitl8'fl~,i ~ moveme nts 'olf '~he el~ltii re bodv", raises dle' pulse i[,arte and oxy'ge'n chaill',acte'risl[OS, ,o,f ,thll3 h~aln: (BInd IllJln~Qs, O\I'!er ,a:n11 ,ex)(;~~ndldl :p&riod .. llfl,ijS: i1mCfilBSled ljIernilaUo1111 is 'lerme,dI aJlliI ,a81 eble e'ft;e!c:t [,-COOPEH'I p'., "0\8,), and providesi '!:he 'fornlowmng b8Ii1e'f~ts:

1., Be'l ps 'tthe ~ u ngs 0 per,I'te mOi'l6 eflffi'oIentlly.,

"'!I' [I!:n I ~1~ftiEiii2'l "h'Ci b- .' ~ ii"'iI ..... dl vae,~t!i;il!;e; m ,~iii.,~ n If'II 'th,D rn ft."Ionrillifli in/ll~i~ h ~e·' ~ !"iI,A rr--d i iiif!; ~ n,n' '''1-:11131

~r! ~tlul'~ll;~f~Q '- __ ~ ", '!.!IV" __ §~'~~i_~I~ . _ll![gl~ I~ ~. _l_ !!!~ !!!v~l!¥ ~l n~~U_ .. ·. ~~I~U _ ~~",: ~I!d.i!nl~~ '1 _ ..:.

resli Si[~alrg,c:e 'to b1loo d ~!O'w'~ th us' ~o:w,eri ng ~he' din;il;'Jstol ic [b~,c od IPf1~SSiU re, 3'r ,In.c:m,ase'fj ~hje' blood sUIPplly,. 'especm311lv fled Ibl~oodi 00:118 and hemog'lobmln. ,4.. U mU~lk,es '~:he: body' 'tiSSIUO' [h;e'ahhlh~lr iilll1 S l:!l,pJ],lyilin 9 i"t: W'!'t tru mlDlf,e IOLl.(¥'g)f;ml~ 6. l~'~: ,eonid it ion~ d'ble' hE!'iSilll"tj pli'Qv;d hi!'Q more Fe,selwe 'f~,r '~Im~lrg e'l1c res"

6. ~I~' p;Fo,mo~e'S better s lee 1=" an d waste e,l: ~m ~ r11.mt~:iolrnl,

'The 'IlrSlliin ~ n91 ~9 nds to b~ a no rima I lzer of: body we,i glhl~, Ii n 'Unlat: [~ reS11JJ I'm bill a gaiJ!i11 'Of- sol id tissue '0011' 'tlhe~ lunde', ~,we:lgh~ and a loss: of body 'fa~ ~o ttl e' obese, Thel !ElHSU'mcl'ledi CIII'oJrWe' COIllS.uItll,f)'U'O n 'f:c'r 211 vrng oro us; Taekwoll1i= th'JI wD,rko!lJr~ is about shii:' h l!Iindllii'sd ca I'olie,si PEl:f he ~Ir Q ne! olf thl' nl;iig hast 'flo~' alrry' sports act !'llily-

S~ln os 'I;~~ i t)"x p,e<nd itu re. of ,~b 0. ut: 3,5'00 CiS ~,e,r~e~, res [j lts ina we:j g ht loss '0'f o Ifi1I e pOlllilnd. ~t wiill~ be' seen that a w~;eJd,y '~r~liilnillgl :schedu;~e.,~)'f oDIIlly s~x heues wm~ll ~esu~t ~n we i'g 'hit' h)ss lo'f o[~,a I(lOU nd per 'w1tek.

TaekwOII!l~' D'o o:He,m a S!lJ pe'r m ealll~i O'~ flelVel c,p,ing! '[in e Chalfitc:ted':sdcs: o go,cd IPEH'fOlrmalincol in other' :s:p,ons:, .as :5iugges~ledi by Mlc:loy' (pl. 3,' ~I )1:

'l , M useu lau stlrenglt ~;

2. Dry n a ml e e iiTI,e'rgy-'lt:h~' I b ii I:i'tV '[0 Ithroiw onesel f i nto p~r~o rrn a nee' wi th \ligof'.,

:3. A.bii I ity to eha n ge the d im!Ct:i\cni~ 'Ol~' :mQiVemel~lt

,4·. Ala i I it.V-'lihe' ,a'bUln~v to nlit}"~ t'ull'B' be dy qllJir,e(k~v ~rllm 0 me pl~',aQI run SIP ace 'bJ'

,'!;Iinili"Jjtlll'h--iE!jif 1Y~~WlUr _~~!

£)\0 I~ ~et)f.i bUli tv' crf la i nlm,~ Imiu$ol,es mind Illig.am,e nts. 6. Pe'fn'p~efalll vis!Jcu'I.

7 .. OOflr(~ent[l'ientio[n and 'the ,abi~:nry' to aveld dlstraetlon ..

S. U nders·tilJn!d1 iii ,9 d~le met haln les ,iBliliI;d 'fech niiq ues lor body' mOVIe rnents, "Focus" ,reQlu ilfeS ·tlhat 'W0 have muse u~lalr s'm,mlrD,gdlr" bah;l 1II0e' (lInd ·the

IB'~'e:i'1ion of dYlli1'cnrnlh::: '9 ~ef\QV whe;n W~' ocnC·EH1.tlJ·art:e ,an 1JtnJe' pow\eir Q'~ ·tlh~ III Ddly' ,a~: n ne p(jl~ifi1t i!in space, Co:mbi natUQtn~ olf tu Wi.dlailm~n;~a I mQVl@rn:9 n1lm: alnd p\a't~e'rns dGiV'a.lop ag i I itv and t he! s him i·ty to I~ ha nge· rnoverre nts as 'well as: d iwe etien wh i ~e! !S'paim·ilfillg de\l\e'lops· ,pe;ri,P,tH~ ra~, viSI! en In d ~o,nIC~lntra1:h) nil,.

'Thol (j~ganlb!.d '~ra'ilil1lliim'g pll\ooedlJf\!s 'S:~!re~· a systelmatwc wanm II!J,p ,of mluSicJle~ '!!JIiil"i,~ ~1·;t:I !!JII~~ !iii*-~' ~'lli"""'~,a~ PlIIfi,n bl·,ifI;:.;"'I;d !ilIc~ll- i: Im'- Q . .tIi iMi'~ .JI:lIO!'li.w:· ~ - ,,,Ii:<. ifnI! mo'l;.;; '[I'bo ml~ IIfe.lil'"JiiE!jll!'!~ These

~~I~U __ ~~l!ll;[~ __ ~iI'l _ ~!W¥ .~ _ -H _ ~~ Y. U J'UII!I.iI1 tjU! .H.w . 1,IIIIUlkiIl~11 II.JII~ !IW.I~~l~~~!I I ~~~

'wa ~ln'iili:ng W Pi le'xe're;~HS promote 'f~l~'xwbi I i'i.y iQ'r' Jo i ms .. tel11doln~, a nidi I il~slme'nts as: we II ~ a·~ SB rv~in 9 to IpreV'1:! nt i~nj II rles ~,rn ·tn;.mn i og.;

The Ire's i ml'!!' a lse stresses war.m:il Iii 9 down exerelses ,after train i n9 t'O ,p IlJ rnp dowiI1J the a-CCWlffiUlJ l,iiUCHl o,ffi: bkiOd sind ·n lJiid (l;lfeSCiIi1.t bll tlh e lin uscl"$: after jllio~,e!lt: eHefe~ses\< ~ ~ 'thiilSJ is,rruo,'~: (:lamia!' :s:~i'F'fln:esS! .ilrrud d isoolm~!o;mt 'W i III ~e51l,!1rnt (Wi II iiUi"~:. 11';- 6iB)

'These tec~ n iq ue:6, ,of: wraulmli n; III.IIIP ,3 nil w,arm i ng ,d ~'wn ss we I'1II as the bm,~thh'rug e);')el~C~'Be ~aught iElJre oi~her eX811i"i11lpie:s of ~he ~i'gliiiV deVle~IDped science' ,of body mecha nl~cs ,:a rne phiVS i'o~ogIV loo·n1;aiJn~dI wluth i iii 'fUOOlicd Taetwon,·, D!o' tr,a:inl~'ngl~

'The alttatki mgl ;;; Vemll~"' '~Ih,at: i~$ ta'ugltiri, lEi Isol III as its bas~s ilm baste: pbys,io~!o,gV., ,As~ide· h'Clm ~~.!i'ViIi'i9 to, demora·li~;ei 't'he ,opponelnt", 't~e' "Y,e!I!"' $.le.r\l!eS 311so. to tigh~e n: 'the IO'we r ,a bd 0 m~:n a I m us elas '101 p-weve~l~: ii Ftlj ruJ ry I'll the event o~ alml ulrD.:e'xlPf!,cte-oi ee U1nter,~aUack, III n adld it h:N'l ~ the ex hall ~1 ion, 0 r '~hor,a,c,~o 'gnilnrt: SIS: 11~u,alc~~:ood ,a IsO by W0lig ~juJi'ftlEtlffi CHi wrestleilf.s s'ewes liD eqIUi:tI!iiz\f! 'I !hIe' p~e'S5 Ui!\e! IUiiNJlreatSe in the '~ho-',a(X. whmch M'ay Ire.sul~t '~'roml''II'c!lell'llil: exe~ritiici('ib~ '~lillJs plliWlnrtiililig: i n.] u~y 'to the vrtalllO r:g8In~\. 1he' 'com pll;e'te! ,ei)t hllall,~tir:o!n of the' j iYie!11 i'~' serves, 'l\iO ~xpe~1 '~he t:i d a I ,a ~I~ of 'ttl ely I1!Igs th us i nOlle'as,i ngl t he b'oo,ai~h ~1D1,g 0 r Vita I 'c:a PilIClir~;y' 0" the lungi9:.


ll'~ IOiUl1 00 se~n '~hat, 'the, .srUJdy cd 'T':~tekwon-ID'o ilS r9Ci(Ul~me,iU1,dedl '[l!DJ men, wOmen and c:h~l~dlre 11., ~'~:

Ifhilly provide, ben:el'~i't~ ~m1I pGfCepUJid·- mote r organ izat lc n, co",cefli,'~.n3~h)n", v lslo n, Ibo-dll~' dew I:OIP'~1 ment, ,aellcb ie 100m d itiion i ng ,of '~he heart ialndll Ulra gIS, alru::t IPwiQVide~, 't.lll,8Ii'rnli rng 'i n body ICOIn1ftfOl~ 'wlhiich ii 'v·a I uqjble rn~1 ,tlri~,' P 1lI1fSIU uf' a~ a D'V' 'Dttili'telf' spo:i1 Olil' ,phty~;iea I ,activwty,. Cen.] p~l,edl w i1th n~e, obvhl us bene;ii'ts inl self- de,feilf1~~ Eilmd the :$,atisf,ao:Uo n of' m!as®erlns snc !ent an' fo~rn~ it 'woluld ,a'ppe,a~' that 'T,aekw,on .. Ii) QI ~SfJU:HII~~d be' pa rt ,rd: 'bhe' nf'~: IO~ mil people ''for ,a'lil their I!iife",.

Bn)wl1 .. Aosooel' C:., and 1(i'la'rs Id S!, Ke my,on Ed,. '!~'Cma~h:al~ S!~udi8es (~1l1 fhy.rdc811' Acri\i!iurt, .. ,' Pre'ntli~:·., HaU!, III ne, INew' J ersay" '1:9118:

10010 per, IKeim neth IHI .. UAeIiC b les," M., IEviBlns' and ce., INI",V. ~,968,

W'"III" J ~ p- • -1I.jj ... ,..(ji' I .It,.. ;I' ii:" - .... IU I,ams\!! '_ .lci;.1 c .~ -"' 1\y11~lloa' ~\(Jec~; 0'11' ,01).0 n: ali'hll

Ph'ys,htl!ll Fiiline~ ~.,

Pieif'~amOII'1!l P~eS$~ Lo ndlQin,. 1 g 66 [) r. Rob-err1: 8" Arnelr


iA KW'O' ". 'N' DO' A' N D'

, ,-, _ •• ,,' ..,', ., " •. ~' .• " I < -;,j,. ['

M E;N' I'TA'-' L E'F' . 'C·····T-

- I :,. I' I _ .

_' ',I"" ,,'-_ --I I_~'.·····.,

Taekwon ·,0'0 Is ~lin art th at: i rn pi les a VI ay of thiilin kln 9 and i ii'~e', ,Sind p.,~uti cula rly i n ir~lst:ii~111 ii'IiiI'Q m·orall Chili I i:zati:o 11 ,lind ge neratiling the pO'Vlter' fo,r jill snce. T;a,ekw',o n - Do itS: ~ lso Ikn own as oll!i:e, of '~he best mea ns of dev,e'loIP~:n'9 ,aJnd e ~ h a ~Ioi ng the ,emaUo rna l, 'per~eptlJa I an d p5:ych C loghJ~a,1 charaot,e-r'istics t h art en abl e' the' 'y\O unger ge nenltiiic n, re;garclless: lof is'ge't soeia I status or sex, to erffecttivehl lea rn and paWitTc:~ parm.~ in the, sa ctal~ ,am d f)lary demands o h~s peers.

Every mo:vemenl of Taekwon~, D,g ,is $~ii:e nt if Ii ea 111~y de:s,igllill~d w ith :speci fle purpose and ,a skillful] lunstlu.:!!c:tor m'8i¥r- therefore, deveillop in the' student a balief that ,SUICOOSS; is, pass ibh19' for :a nyo'ne,.

tCOI!i'Q6,tClII!1l~: repstiti (iUl tsac hss partielfn.ce a nd the, Ires:o,h('~' to OV'eIF'DOlme, a filiY d ~fli eu It.V. The tr-elm;e 11"1 do us; power glenerated frem 'D nets, body de'vel ops the se If .. Ico'nffi'ide!lliCe to mset any opponent, at ,alny place ~ ialnd ii n anvslt aJI'at'~om1t. Span ~ng teaehes hUmlility'" gour:age, ,a'h~'"Iil:~~S ,i3ilmiid sccuracv, ,adap!taibiili'ty ali w,sll ,laiSi SEl;if.co ntrol,

Pattsrn teaches fl'e:~ libi I it.y" 9 raes, ba III a, n oa ,8 nd CO,O rd lin atil on w h ,il~~e ,the f',1U ndame!rrI'a'~ exe rcises de-v,e lop pre'cis ion and t:ealc;hei; the method. pri nei ple, Ii maglii nati on land pu rpose, Eveln1ltua~ I'Y'I' th is tral n ~:ng pe;r'lme,sne,s ,every eonsci 0 us a nd :s u bconsei 0 us a'ctuio,n of the student,

P'elril1,ta ps in some way" Taekwo n '~' 0'0 a Ild th,s' gu id i n1lg ha nd of ,~ qua I i'm-ied instructor m'rElV' se'Ne ss i8lnaid UJi the mn5)gu'lded~ insecure, and phys!ic~lllly w,e,ak beea use the student w hie, comes; to! love ~he an 'q ui~ck'ly real ize~; that: to excel, the, body m ust be ke pt at ~rts, alp'ti~m u m peak af oondi:~~"o nhlQ ~ n d hie' wi~llJ' conseq ue,nrtIY'i rH!5 itarte ,to' .l,eopa rd ~2e Ihis tlliai nlii n gin any' way'",

Th iIlJIS" 'f,2Il9k.w,on - Do offers a sn ilet :seilif - i mposed dislc~:pl i ne ;811,oog \i~i~'th ,the -SlPi rit of {';oopel[ Mio'mil and Imlutulal resped.

lo9~1!h B r wii~h d~ SlC ilplliine ~he!~e ,itn'l@: Imalnv 'who need ,filll1,d sei8llooih for aClceptarn ee teind leader;s:h ilP' and ,are, ,anx,io us to al§oc~a~.e 'wi:'~h agI'o up CH" ~UII'Dng ~ eader. ~ 'f '~he SnJde.m1il tra ~ IltS; censel 9'1il d011lJ sly'! hei wi I ~ eesi Iy be acee pte d by' ill is PBe'IFS: a n d ~.ulpe'r iers.

~I'f the! ~ nstrueter ,8 nd I~aln k ~1!r1,g be! ts are a f1~~ c u la!~e!l' VIlle II ,. 9 r,Qolmad. po lite, 'con~idellllit.. in~e'll igent an d u rnde rst:a rnd i:ng .. th is, l~ad~w:shiIP' wi IIIP~iGvi&de .. perhaps, "U~e best O'f: a II :pc,5S'lbl'E=' 'i Dlffl tieDe'S 10 n the' s~!lIdent Pliiej udiJc~' iils; '~;alll!ig ht all alrru le'adly ,ag1e btl ru, '~hen! is, I i'i~t:[e! 'blilme 'fow peny Iprej! wei ices whi Ie :$ tmBl'ri'ng ttme' ea nliSlradltuu'e= alndi siPl)!lrtan t1rEJli'n!n'9 ,a-tllrna:s,plhe'~ei ,c:f T{H~kwon .. IJ'o.

'Ttl ro LJ g h seve'fe tra i r:iJ,UIIi'a a cl asses. one le:B!I~ns to eom ml!JJ n iClrt-m w'~t'h '~he 01 bvious te;[5:1U 11: 'tlhar[ raci sl blaln-ii.a!'S, ;81~e: :s~lr~i[pped aw,ay.,'The h;;;llrmlonii:o,us ~l('C h;;tlil!:llge lti'r TaelltwQm,.· D,D! benw,eEiil1llraces !De rlain IV hel'ps ~:o., ,e:radmc'ate! tJhre' IIU rnfQlit~Jl1iia:l-e lalck of 1iI11!1ltiewSlt'arn'ld i ng Ulat 01'.1 mn [0')l ~S'rn, ootw,aen, J)!eopl,o.

Ob\I"iDUS~ly; tJrNil: tralin~'rilg one tr\eceilives ln Tae;k:wom1'-OO' has numerous other adv,a.rrrtages. l',ae kw',o n .I[J o can be q IIlI tte be nefi~C ialll ~or pre lJ,ari:nl~1 yu uth not 0 DiI Illy' 'ro'f 'ta'kiilrllQ h[~ plaoe In ,s'Cu::;~:elt'i brDjI~ ,a 1:501 fOlr I~ii's, acadeimlih:: 111~ife. Thli!i art 'reacilhle:s .. , am'O;mg ot:hiB'_' '~hi'ng,s"" tifH1,aca'~:V ,Bind !coIfH~enh"at~o,n: ,and ~t ls aliso ,oondl~H::ive' !rio ~eHe~'~ngl 'tih~' '(e;filIS[IO,fiiiS and pm'e's5~lr~s ~I~ec~uamd by' the r~gQF~ of' IhJ!n g '~edl~D us' Iholu rrS of ,~tud y. l'J;, sass ion ,o'f lili'amn i f1Ilg can fle'mN's:h Vn e ,s;~ud8nt a riild h:e'I'p ICl8lilm 8lfid eleer ,the m illnd, !P9!rm it1ij:ng '[he s~ud e nt ,t,~). onee 119 a i h1i fo c us h is ,e:ne~g"ilE:s c~ mIP~ete~IV (iilil'i! h is s~ud ieM~;.

S:~:u(h~ nts 'te nd 'to become [~G,'~'hlr,g ie alnd d[is~:r,ae~9d :afte. r :Iong he LUlfS: in the COlr1lr~i'nes Q~ :a 1[; lalss,I''OCH1ITt 'flh ro us) h bmtea kwng '~he ,$~udent: learns to cle~r hiS m ilCld i3ini!d re!fnOVIQ' ,obst8Ic~les: that mi~'gh~ nQrm'~dllly dEr~rii,et "f!"'ollmll ~'cN:~lJItSed POWEl'!'.

U ~i ng, tn us: sa me' pr] nei pie: >8lg ~ i CiiIS~ 3 speclfic [--i!lwget a d i ~~:g e'nt st Ii.H::Ie,~:it can le~airnl te OOf1lioenttate hillS -,e(soijlI'lCG'!, 'W,itl~ is milirn,imum less af enelrgy'. Taek.won~ 0[0, also tends, '~o aceelerate a s'[udeln-gi~,"'S process icd' Im;arulI"iai~'iQ~I. :s;'un,ce 'mhe S>e~iJo,usn IE!SS O~' ~h e a rt;, its pOiteil1~:i,al ~tv ,EI nd thl~' p rof;c'tI rndl rreels,peet: he e,V'en~ua Illy 'Qlainns, flroml tbe l:ralmnli1lnlQI S!i:~:ilmu I,illmes, the. stu deil11ii 's SitS nsir~iv it" a fiid pe'FeeiPtro n,

H ~'re is, pert. aps tine, i nstru eter's most' i mpc rt,aIFil:~ ph ase ai i~nsn ueno n; '[he abl I ~'Iy 'to 't~a,c h a stud errt methods e'y usi n'gl t~ e bod'y' (I!~: fa V\~ea po n w,rth out

13 b usln 9 t hat 1kl!l,OWh3dgi9.,

Tho.ug h t be pro lCeS5, m ay be a frustratin g OIl1,e., the tss k of' ~d ucatl n~1 'the pu b llc a rnd reseo nsi b liB' leaders i n the C:Q mm un itV' a nd ~ nt red ue i ng ~h!e 5ti m u II i '0" Taekwon - [)Q ls a c ha I h3llg,e QIIII died L,[;,[rted tU:ud,e:nts should u nderta ke,

'~1: is he Dad that the, 'fa regojqn 9 pag,e$ h ave suffioie MJ~l G;xpf,esoodi 'the. rssso Ii1IS: why Taekwo n- 0 0' h as bee n spread i r!lg! II ike wi ld fire th rou 9 ho UI~: tbe world.

H OW8\11EWI- it must be dearlv remembered th at the mora ~ civ ~~ i,z,a'tij en, wh i le e Iiii a b II i !iii g' 'the yo U fillgft r ;gelnl~ ~ al~i 0 rts "to 'PO,S8e5S 'the ir- own 'view' o~ I if:e ,and phllosophv, le~.aJdicatingl "211 det~~H',~orati,ve 'Isnd~'",cv is; the' prlrne reason of all-


'Via IJ ng ,alnd' ,o,ld, m'8 fie' and ''fema Ie., a nd ~in :som 19' eases eVG!n halnd h::a:pperl perseus alfie' ab,IB to pii'a;c,tlb:re· ,aI k,won -11 0,. Ph;vs'~ca I ,stR:n~lfh." w~'ig ht and badly bUlillld ,a lie 'QI~ nQ eQ Iiiis,e!c:tI,lJF.e:fU~6'S:. A eo ye~lr O'id,. :915 po Li!lln ct 10 me ,;;'U1mied! 'WOlma n C~1JIl deltlrve' as lmuc;'h pemo,oa :sat~jsfa;cdD'n~ a long with marked! iimil!l rovem,e nt in Ii1lerr lme rnt!aJ11 and physi'ICilll s~at~ of' haa ~tJlrnl, as ,aln 1,B, y.alr '0110 0 ~VI1!i1 p~c d'8'CSlthlotn eha mllJ)i)D:n",

P,alttern~: mav be chosen ,iiH::oordl~ng to ,8 students'" limim;at.ilolils and ,~d",ce 'Ta:e:lkwon,·l[)'o bO:aJSU a Imvriad! o,t: uu~!h n iq liles,~ 'It. o~e best !surn®edi f\'Q(r an i flIidiuv~d usl :S'uJdiewu: callil be cd1iosen air Imooiif11ed" A, 'W'!ofd 'O'fJ 18IlOO'IJlr;8,gem;ent: fle,r those. wlhol a re, physj'cheill'v III Iildle1rdevelloped the! Dl'ajcuiil;V' ,of T"u~~tWOIfi - D 01 m\asmi~$ '~od~,

'~Ji,i~1'tD II!'Ii nti' ·1 rn"lt~'I''i9 -I-Iv' ii!5IlF!i'dln'lliliu:li'~ ijlj,~ '[ilL nL Ue.~'I'" ~I' .eiIli'Eli"iont"'1lo. .... Ii i'!i;'!Iiliii'UI~\I!:!I11 .... ,""" ;'oi;1II'....illi'n'eI.j;;;'1i!'!j In II n

!i~,I!;;lI.i""" !I m'y ~ __ I_:."~ i!;Il~, Diu. IU!f'!l!!i'~'U '!I!l¥' ~JI ~I 1~lj 11131 ca ~'~I!'I!;ihl:;lil, III ~ U .llI!ull. . Ii ![,II 'v. ...... ly~I'UI~I_~1 'I:ul _I., __

'Fact ,8 n i iii stflUllC!~lOlr' lusuall'iv prefe rs a n I~ nderd!l3i'iJe'1 0 ped SUJ da M not on I'y be cause 'of the. ,PBlfSOrrUi I !c;haill enge', bu'l: because ~h is, 'ty,~8 ofl student 'W i IIII USiUHJ Ily work In~uC!h Iha rdel" ,8 ~d1 Moa me '~he IfH)Sit ded j,ooled :studeiiflil,

I n some: w,~!V's~, T.aelk,'Won ,,"' 0'0' i~ si'miil1a r lin gfm1n,as:m:iics., l! ,stwdem~: me:rerny has 'EOI repe,Bt. wlh'Bt: '~he ~rnSUUif:!tor 1~las, d'elffl,Q,nSltr,3t,ed 'wi'tih ,0 ccaslioli1al! ,c:O~-(Ha'icUl1s: on pro per 'te,'~'n i'q ue, Also ill :$,tud,g'nt w[ith leven 111~imH,~d 'Era,l n~ng ca rn i ntr,o-d uee another oeginne:r 'tOI ,'t@chniqlliJiSS the ,s~udemllt: hilmsei'f has all,mady m,aste:red.



AJlttN'JUglh a praenee suit ~s a 1(llrs·requisUe in elassmem tlfaiining as, an ,B!i'd. for

~ I

mental! iBlndi spi Ii~UJ 81 ecndltion i nlg~ O;ftlB' rca n lust as; e.as.i'ly· tra i n1I ln s hir1s~, 'Ira ok

suit, or' wen :5t~'€le't cjllc'~:hes,.

To ltraiin or halrden an ,atmClknng or blocking tooll~, s,traw rope 'w'ound around. a pleca of wood, a bag' '~~illiled with send or a p i:ece OIf' cll,oth 0 r papet ·S Uls:pe'lilded by ,a string can slulH:ice if; th,e: regular 'ualilf1lli'nr91 aide :is net 8v,aiHable.,

·S~ill"h'C~S T.aekwon··D,o can be p·raic'tioed iilli1ll a cieaJrE~d space in your baclf<;'y',ard or eve.JiIJ public: per.k in the Ilbsenroe 6f tra~'Il'''i"g ham~. tha atudent has tihe Qonv'enience e,f! tlr3iiningl by h~msel'lf 8nry' time lit. suits Ihi'm"


A. lore,dQ'ml

Ih,B'rB is a eornmon tendency among: tJe91illiiimers to tire 'of f1epealing the salmI! t'eo.hn~q ues ove~r Bind over. I!omdiom w]1I usualmlly S91: ~f11 be1Waen ·the th'im and sheth month for ;3 beg~inning student, This its, the pef1iod when a .s1.ud!ent is bUIi'lding] hila 1i,8Jekw\Orn~ Do f,oundatio'lil bV :Ieerrnhlg fundamental t,ecI~mliqu, arnd b ui Id i n 91 pow·le~· ..

Impali,enoe .. lack. of: seU-·conf~dell'lce!" linabUirty' to pet(~eive nm1p~oveimefu, and ] ~st pl.aw ~ phiV$iica:1 'fat iglue· comb inB' 'U]I ca use til psy.,cJhohlg;ical~ and ph y.sh:ai ennui. Afl"err the sfJventh mlonth~ In OrWwe r, 'the student devello~,s; physicslll'V' ,and 'fatig ue is rieduced" The stude'rIf! beg'ins to lea rn tech n iqru:es t!h at he can use 'to g:aJUrge his; r,Blt1e' of adv,anlcem,9 nrt;. ii nd th ro ugih br,e\alkh'llg tech n lq [JIles alnd is parring] 'th,s' student deveil alps 00 nfideince~ l'he be$t: w,IY to comb·at bo redem is t\O aue.rnd r~~lassH, reg;ul,ar'y and dave'lop reso,lve t,o a't1-a~nl 8 spe·eified g0811.

IB" ~I ilU:ll:, [of tho ro·ugh ness

00 often the stud ants sac:rifk~e' t'tI or'Dugih ness. I'll tha laarniins process,

beea use '[)fH!Y' ,tl9'rilJd to ~c\$e' patt'e! n~' emd il~ sist Din ~rogll!i~sgmmJg '10 a hiig her' teGh r:!1 i (J'IiUe b8~-O ire' ImaSh~·ri ngl 't~ e pire:\i'iO'tilI5 one, Studene, $1110,~ I'd fia~il ile thi~!~ Itt .Be, e~tremely ~'mpor~ant -~or '~hem to ,~lnD'w thQrolUgh~v clme ~iI1l1i91~ technique u'lliit~1 it ibe'[;Olmes ren eXJ~V!e ibe:Wore' adva nei ng ·t~o, 'tlhe· ne.Kt:.

The :seiel",e;~: iO'F 'becomli rn91 a black lbe'il~ ls a sl mPr~le' 10 fUlli.:: leem ~'hQ~ouglh 1''1 each tech n hrmlue'~ esp;eHc~ia Ily' ,pat~'m~rns\!! fi,tepi by s;1ep.. not 'o,nlly d~e'V€ii1 Otliingl 81 plh:\f,slica I reUfe~HNe: aCi~ioln., but d'ie\j\!!IIQ'pmng m'e'rlIita'! cc'ncelntral~:iio fill as, we'~ I,

_Icapped 9 Ifni Sf Il 9 h I 'nJm martial


'T'R,A,- -:I~'" IG, SECRET'

O~"'" IF TA··'··,····, E K······ 'W"· . '.' '0"'" '." IN~~ D· '110""-'",

", '~ " '.'. ',", '_ '_' ".' ,'." I" ,- ..... ' .... _'.',.

Am old proverb SiI'Y'S th Bit eve n heaven ca n n O'~: m ake a d ill"i,g EH"Ilt work,er~, poc r.

IHowever'. in Tsekwon-Do dilig'enc'B or intensive' t!ral'ning alone does not pro d uce q ual itv 'tech n uq ues, On the. contra ry ~ i nstru ctlons 'from a 'rai 00' 0 r' u[li'nqual,"ned lnstructor would be worse "than not being taugll:i1'~ at all because unseientifie meve me nts fJ"iIIOt' 0. n ~V red uos the 'pc)we'r but req u i re 211 trems ndous amount ef t.ime to cow-act.

On t e other hand r u ~de If the proper 'g u~d a nee of ell competent i IlI'1Ist.nJ ctor. a student Who trains ~alrm~sdy with dedicatio';1rn 'willlll:i5an~ the true te,chrrniiques of Taek.vi,H:m[~llDig ,iln iii 'colililparatijv!elily short peri,odi of time with less, effort.

1. 10 stud V the theory oJ po'we.!r t~"lcrcughly,

.2. 1'0 understand 'th purpose end meaning] ,o,f each movement clearly.

:3. 'To bring the mIOv.elmen:n o.f eyesj' hands, leet and b.resrth. iinto a :'inglle! coord i na®ed action,

4. To ,clh 0 osa 'the a ppro p ~'i,a,te att;acki rilig 'too II 'fCH' each vita II ,s,JJ 0'1 ,.

S. T o beco me ·f 81m i 'I ta r wit n the ICO'ffect ,an 9 Ie and d istance 'for attack iii nd defence.

6. K'e.ep bo,th the, arms and Ilegs bent sllirigh -1"'1 whil11e the movement is in motion. '1 All movements [must begirill with a backward motion with very 'few

exceptli ens.

8. To ereete a sine wave d u'ring the moven ant by utiUzing [he kneel spring] IPfl~lpe rly "



RE-' A' 'T"-O' "I 18'-' 'HII~P

I, ,-, ,,'.' ',." ,',',' _- 1_ II _I

('S'=' i~ '",,.. D -

I', ,- "', "I,

I, "a/'IlJI '0)

Eve~ to cl,av iliIlI me ch~;Iil'~ Kia rea~ h ~dd en !DQln~'uc lain values I(l~re n ~ p pear ~:h Ku.u;g:h tih;e velilil,eelif of 1:'AfE!!rH ieU1 ,c,n [liU'V :50iPh is:ti~catiiofi. 11~e' :$)0 n ~h,at Jenflaiillil ed i mpl'i e FU~' 0 bed iern ~ 't.lilliOl!lg hOl![Jit hi~s Iii 'e beesme ,pin C1bjee '~: 10'1 wa rs hrup,fllll~1 vene f aritio.liiI whe n 't m e' pta ~en't died. Th is: abed ~e nee ~lnd hJya hy I!ii! eve r 'IN av,e'red.

FifO m 1,111 e ,Co f1!'~:liJeli a:n va~ ues th,e KOilre~n te a ~TH~d ,lI de;~ p sense o:~ r~SllOeHJt to r n is teachers. This rel~a:[:irQJ!IiU:S.tro~p hias, 2!llhllJay'S b~len an ~mpo,ntQllflt Of~I~., ,An old KD rea rn ,Pr.oIV,erb stafles. ", ::,atfiiE!!rf i!!lnd 11m o'i~'e r allrie Un,e' pat,IlHUs 'whol btl" ~g me ~ Pi w hm ,Ie: ,8 teacher [cS; thel p~~e nt who 'ldlUcalillBs; me." This i:s, ,~fu e!' raasen "l!i~i!1V a stud e nt wias eX,peei.ed' 'bJI pa'y as much resp ect tn his 'Ie'a c:h er as ~ e W'O IUhj ~o' his parents-

'Tl~ us ~he perslo na I be nds of I~oy.',alll~y ;2ilndi msplec~ ,t'o[w~rds the' teaeh e ~ ,~nlild IpartUlll~S 'fJ'olJl'med 81 :naf~i'O;f!!ia I ,;:ilnd 'fam iliy :stli'iU'Ctlll!l~,e!.

Th 0 uglh a su bjeiC t, malV tOW~ ieal ly' '1:0 h.RS lei !fig .. '~l'iIrel Ii ng must S!hiOW respeet ifjlmd ~O'y,allt.y '~:O Inlis 'Iea,o:her.r' 211S AJlle'x(llnder t:he Gilrea~: dnd' '~D Ad~t(litl\a',,, TlhctlQilll'n1 a T;,n hsr mall' h;nlB hls so n, h 8 ca n never' be'come h ~s 'te acher, The 'fatl~ie r I SiC n rs I.~~i 0 nsh i p is e'mct~i'O:i!1i all ,~nd ,8 II ollJj~icttthl ~hr is lost. W'i t~ 0 ut ttl ls 0 bjectiY i ty ~ it is nee rlv mmpossUll,fl to i n:5,tJii~JUte a no OOlfi1ll~i n U~ sbsol ute e 0 lnilim:ro III '\!\i!'itjh '~he II e,al~llliIli r1!QI 5v,s'leliinl.

flhe'i"e BS .ani 01:0 ,Ko~&,an ada,ge1p. "·~\aF,e'nts ml81V pIi'CH;~e"ate childlr1en Ibu't mOlt 'i~li9h P~lfPQS~' In !lliJfe." lih~"g~B'at'€-:st chaUenge: and f,ew~ud for a p\are~n iiiS~ be'illl1lg a b Is to pravi de 'l:h~ Quid a nea ttl at 'W iilll ma ke t~~, eh i lei: a, usef u'l and ..,es,peH~ted mlemnb~l~ o:~ the :s!oeietyo

'Obviio1w:slly., il[ i ~ a iPl~gne\llll,~ s Ir,e:spofl's'ibi I i'lV' 'l'O pr,o\il'l~de he, prOPel'f Cd uCd1~i'Qn W(f} itC Itl wj,~ II Ituj,'c~d en tlh e' ,t'hli~ d 's knowl',edig!e: ,(J nd i:mb ~'e' !lIlm rn (H' heir 'ljji,iitlh a '90od Sie nee' crf et~ ics and If;TiHJW~l!'1 i'~y, I I, is 'Qfb~l'fl !Imip{)s~,i bile' f'OIf' the pa'rents '~helm;sed;ves~, hi owever, to prev i de the co rreet Gld ueati'ci! n the, ,oth i Id I1leeds, T~lli S: is bees ,tJlse the:

IP(al~'Brrt ~11~l8,itat's ~O! force diis,c Ilpi ~ ne en th ei r e ~lllld ren in an 'ob.~e:etive: main. ner, There, lis a ,SIJlj b cOil'iiSci',D us '.~ali 't'hait lit' 'W i II~ ,Creai!B SI bJr,ea,cih in '[be,ilf ~e 1,1'llicns hip. COilJ1ifiuciiu!5 ad vised" ·'·'cihii!d rein she u ~ld b e exehen ged arad ts ugl11'l bV eon-

ell ~ ~II!

'~~I~ne I:Hill~lem'ts.

To tea (1 h a nether' s ,0 ~,~ I d to beco me, a pelf,s,el n of ,good ch a raotel!f aeeerd ii ng '~O the w is,I'N~~S Oit: hl~s or her oW n pau~nts is a g,re~~ ~espol~ s~ bi ~ ~1:Y,. I ~ tile! le'ye's of '~11Ie, stlllJdlelOlm:! his teachers 'will oe,cup\" ,aln '9Iqua:1 pos:i,rn:i,ofil '\I",,'i'~;h hh~: ,cw~ pa'~lMll'hi., 'Th~l![fe is tlJlM'[h in 't)he' alD1licielnlt ~ulx'in;! mat K:ingj; teacher;; lalnd "a~heli" ,are 'Dine' ialndi equoll.

Ther'e m YS,t ce rtai n ~y be a deg ree! of 1'0\1\8 and uno erstand ung in ,a~ ~ t he' above re Ilal~i Q nshi P$. but. th ere must a lso be ill d egn!E! o'f object~\t itV., i'ti,I,s Sa'B me lrell al~iillril,$I1iliIP must alsc be 1~i'\~Se n1: i iii Taekwon - '0'0. The Ir:es;pon(silbli[il~ty 'QiW 'tea:G'h~ fI,g '1hi 50 a 111, lies w'ith '~he iinS[fliJlOtOfS\t w hose ,eve nll!!Jj Elil mniM,i'c'IfI, wi II be 'bl' te'!lI,ch ,~fud~n'ls ~'Ol be :ph vsk:a ~ IV ilndl rnen ts! Ily stro filgl 0 nd tn he:ilP' OQ'filJ'IFiibul,Q to, a n'D re pe'8ce'f u ~I 'WOlrl d.

Ce ria i n ~y ,iI ded i,cQI~d and $;Ii nice re' ~I!il 51 fueto r' i':s an tllbso'l utt~ n 6HlEJ'$S ity 'fo'r ,is!"Y d I) .J,8il!'il,Q, lh,1 de ]:a ng Cal nnClt IgllrO'w ,and mature 'W ]lh!l),u~' ~ I~~,d re ,o!~ leq Ui!I! iy' dediDc8te.d a rndi s.iiin,cem' :S,'tude;Ats. ,AcC!o,rd~n,glv" lbo!~,h i nsuuemr Sind SUJ dE!lIll~ o.:we a deb~ ;o,r: lIle's,po,ns'ibiilfly l,QI '[~a:c:h B'3Cfl I()llhe;r 'tihleu 'C8n nu~velr be' palid.,

'The '~:o~lllo,wi~lfI1,g IPo,i nts shou Iid' be: obsel~d by i ns'~ruc1,olrs a rud st,u.die,~rts al~liike~

1 - Nav'e'f 'I,i~,'e: o'r: tsaeh i ngl" A, good i nstruetor cain teae h ,i) n'r'Niheoo, ,any t~me,~ and ,alw,ays be rE!\adly '1'0 ens,we ,. QI'lL.Ues;ti,orls,

2:. A,n i nstru cter sh 0 M Id be iB'8'gew f'O r his, stud ents to s l!Irp.a~ h j'm'; it ls th 13' ull't i m,mJ~e com p ~emelrilt 'fo r' awn iin:s,tlrl~'c::tor" A S'~:ude'l'1lt shou I d ne\fel~ be helld


ba elk" ~ f t h e i nstruete r rea ~ i 2)88 fl ls st uden t hats deve ioped b svond h ~;5; teach i ngl C spa biill ~he:s, ths st In:ie,lflt s hould be sent '1.0 :81 h ilghe:r fa n k Ii rill!;) ~ nstr ucror.

3" A!Iii instructor must ,alway,s set a good example for hls students and neVlelr attem pt to de;~tau d th em",

4. Till ~ deve loprnent o,~ s tudents is hi e u ~d ta ke preced e nee ove~ co mOM~'~c; a =, ~ ism. 0 n ee an in structo r' becomss 00111 csrned 'W ~t h ,llliii8fti!3iri a I ism; he 'W il~ I lose t:he respect of his, st ude n ts,

5,. ~ nstr IJ.H~tOJ;S, sh ou lid teach solentlflca ~ IIV ,a nd thsoreti ca ~ I Y' to ,saV8' 'rn:i me and e ll1,e'[g y.

if).. ~ nstructo rs s h ou Id he IIIP stud ents (lleve ~op goad contacts oQ u tBide t he, do' ,iJ{l!!liii,g (t~;ali'ningl hall). It: us. an lnstructor's re.s,poIilHsibill'i1ql to develop students o utsld e as 'W~~ I as i ns fa e t~ e do J~ ng ,

'1' . Stu dents, shou ld be e rIl 00 unag ed to "it i sit other do j a rilg s and s;~u dy ether teehnlcues, Students, who are forblddan to vi's it other do ,~'alngs ,ate ,~iJk!Eldy to become re bell lo l:JS:. 'There are two adva ntagles 'f'o~ allowi ngl the students to v is i t oth er glyrms,; not on IV' ls t:h~'r0 the 1P(j:ssn:~;i I ity thm a student: may'

o b~e rv~, a t,~ ch n i'q u e that 'Is idea I ~y :5 U1 i t'ed flO r In [m, b,n.ut: lli'A e mlay also have, ,ali

b, "11 b . hls i II:...· " f' . ih'

C I uSln ce 'to e a'U'n ~''Y com pa n ng - -IS tee r ~ n ~q U6S to I n enol~ tsen In IQ uss,

:8", A IIII ~~a,1JJl dems sill 0 u~ d he t related ~ q uil'll~ there sh O!LJ ~'d be iii 0 "farvoritle.'S, St utd~ nt shou Id .tJllw.arys be see Ideo in 'pfi\rarte.. 'ril ever in firQ nt cif ,the class.

:Et I'Fi t he i nst ~ UC(O r is nor able 't'o a nswer a stu den t's QiIIWl asti IQ n, he! s ho ILJ ~d ",O'~ faibriC:i;lilt,e ,i9qn! a nswew but ad ffllliit hie does n o'tt kn (Ji-'W Bl nd ,at~e mpt to fi n d the a rilswer as soon as p©ss:i bile," AI ~ too o'f·te n, w~ ~ I ra lowsr degr,s8 black, bell t dilispe rl!SiE!i i ~ loglnlcal~ answers to h ls studs rtts mere 1'1' bees u se he iis afra id of

"mn~; --g ..;: ... 0- .... j. be ... a h lie; IBI Ii.. c .-.I1 ..... .as not kn .... 'w the ,~, nC'"!-,,~'all'

~Y:~,Ul ,!I gI ,O'.IO''';'! !6I)G.'O II [1'0' 11;.\1 U 0, ' U 11;, ~ u,' IL ~, al ;g~,,,,,,.,, .• ,

1 O. An lnstructer should 'inllOJ't,:seekany'favofS $!Ullch ,1a:S: ,c,~e;El'i .. blg the studio, doling reoa ii r works, stc. fro m h is students.

'11. An i ns tructc r s n 0 IU Id not e':x ploit h is students, The ,0 nll'y purpose of an instru ctor is ~Q p reduce berth tsch n lea Uy and [me ntal ~y ex:,cel ~,e:~n SUJ de nts. " :2. Always be h 0 nest ViI i~h the :S,t,'tiI de i'iIft$", ,~nd rtIle'Yew brealk a trust,

f' '

.Ib.!!.:rnmol:. ~bo KinlP,;. 1;j!aehu .. (Iul !ra;llI~ [t' e~I'U,~ny.,

SiTU DENT'S:: (Jej:a)

1. Never tire of ,llei;,nnliln,·: .• A 9,aod student can h3'~UT!11 anywluHe" amy tlrne ..

Ih is is, the sec t'et IC', 'len owl edge'.

,2. A iglood student must be w'illinlg to saor~fi"ce for his art' and lnstrueter, Many students f,ee I tha! their ~r,ailllil~ng ~.s ·a commodity bought: with monthly dues, end are Iunwilling to take' pert in dernonstrations.


~,t:IlGh i n 9 ;aJ'nd 'wowk i ngl arOUiflJd the dQ j a ngl., An i nstructor ca n ldfo~d to lase, th i':s 'tv pe lof: student.

:t ,Alw~ y~ set a 'goo d f)'X;;U1ifi:P I e fo,r II ower I[gln k iml:Q stud enrs, I t" is 0 n Iy natu ra~ '~hey ViI i III1 attern Pit t\Q ern ull ate se nlor studerrts.

4. A,lw8'YS; b~, ~OYi8~ and never erlflclze the' instructor, Taekwon= Do QiI" the teac,h in g meth 0 ds,

5·. ~'~: an i nstructe r teaches a tech n i'q ue, pra ct.i:s@ ii t ,jftlnllid ,at~e mpt to uti ~ h!:e it. Ei Rlem elni!llJ8'r that a stu de Ilf'a DO no uet ·0 u~side '~:he, do la rilig ~enece on the ,en: ,811i1i,d i nstructo r,

7. ~:f' a stud ent ad OIPts ,a te chn ~ Q ue trorn ,a nether d o ha ng alii'] d t tHe ~ n:s:,u'uct.o'f ~Uis.a pproves 0 f ii'm: the stude nt !l1"!1 ust discard it. im rnsd i,at~'I'~lIO if 'Ira i n alt: the gym whe'~'e' the, tech n i~ us was, I ea rim ed,

,8. rri!/Jew1r: be d~Sr-8:s.p9CrhJI to '~he lnstructcr, 'Tlhlo,ugih ,SI student is aIIQ'w~;d tOI di$i31g.ree w~th instructor, the! student must firat fJ'oll~ow the' lnstruc'Uo n land d~ e n d~'5:C:l!IIS:S, thi9 matter lar~,e r.

19. A stud ant m us! a Iw!.~ry-s be: ea!ge:f '~\Q ~e8 rn and ask q uestion s, '~ (1. N'eve r Ibetl~~ry t h,e i ~IS,~:rUCt)l)lF.!



lJi Ko:re&m tlh .. ~


Solid lers are as stm n 9 as t be ganer,o ~ who, I ead es thern, and. i rill ,i3 like rna n ner ~ s:~luj}e'rilts ea n o'Fill:y exce I D..UI nde.r an ,exos llent instructor. We~ can nor expect a b~ mtl 00 to 9 row' ~ n al f leld of reeds, nor ca n 'we expect to. ff Ii'iId an QII!JI tst.alnd i milS plupi I u nder .aln unq ual i fie~d '~ea cher,

I t ~s of: pa rticul a~ i mpo rta nee that t he ~W'O aspects: Olili' T.aekwolln ~ DOl,;, me splrtt and the tel'(:::I"Ii!lrnl'ique~, ITIlIJJ:st be 'taught ~ogle:~her. Tlhsre.f,orsl ,21 'quaH'~ii,ed ~ nstruetor rn ust com bmne th e Iq ual iries ,of a :SiC h oler 2!lndi a, sold ler j'f h f)! is' to prod u ce IPU p'nll's, 'of nob!I,e eha nacoow and D'U tsta III dning ski lts,

Such ai!1!! lnstruetor must possess ~he followingl (~Ua~irf~i,es~ '~. S'trolli1'g 010 rel it no at hi ca I rs,t~rad~ sds,

2," C:llea r outteok a ni d p!hm~ esophv iiin ~ ife.

,3. RB'SJJO nslb I:~l an hud~~ as ,8 f1J P.WiiS,'1 r u eto .,

4,"" Sci e n!t~:-fi,c, m i nd ~ n matter,s; of leloh n iQll!.U a.

5. Know~:edge of 'the vital spots of human anato,mr'Y'.

lEt U nshakable :!Jllfl®eg wil'~:y :~11fQ PiO;~ ifiti;cla~ ,a rile! '~i na nc iali' dea I i ngsi.

'1" D eo leatlon to spread tlih!e, art of 'T'aek:won - D 0 thilf() ugh ~)U t ,the wo rld, S One who '9 aipl~\s, cO:I11!I1iidelrr!lce, firo'm hiiis, ,~e n'~or.s., is '~n!1st.ed by lh as f,e !l~ow

lnstructors, air. d Is re'spe.c1ied by his j u n lors.


THE PHil LOS'OP-r- Y OF T,·.,EIKW10N-DO (laekw'o,n~,Dio t:hul hek]

~ n recent y~arrs., t hare has been a In upsu rg:e' in v io~ enee a n d a 10188 'Q,r mora l'itv i III a I ~ I eve liS ctf soc -Iety. e.SlPs,c, ia Ily simon 9 '~he yo u ngl., Thail"8 ;ue, of eo ursa ;:I n umbs r ot reasons for ~'h~s,.

M,any pSVlChoi'Og,~sts ,todialY f&e~ 'that ~lhis problem stems; from frustration.

Ana I ystsj, 0 n th e other' hand, po i mt 0 U~ t rrn at 'these rn isg IiJ ided pe'Q.IJ~ e are ~ ndead ;fj d i:5,1 III usio iJiI,ed seg msnt of ;S,QC Ii e. tv search i mig '~()r vall ues ,8 nd weleV'31m1 ce in what they consider deceitful, materialnsti,c~ and absurd w'orlid '0" war.s and dseadenea,

untcrtunaeelv. h,ow~'ve'r~ instead olf eonstruetivslv lc.haW'l'Ii'iI)e~in,gl their €'xtra'o'rci ulnarv en'i!rrgv allnd 'po'ren1;i.a'II~, ffi'ar '10(11 mall!r~1' strB~e' Ol..!i~, iml b:lliiilid ,aJl1iiI9ler .. des:trovinQ 'rather than ow rlding~, or merely ru n.ning ,i!:lWav 'from it: ,alii by iso'~artjng tihemsehteSI wii'th dn.liQs and the,illi o'wn worlds o'f 'fantasy.

Presently. the 'tendency Df "the ,s:tron'gew pre'yilll1,g upon: the. we,a:k:er;· appears 'to be, at its ps.ak. IFlraln~dVI the IPre51~nt WCH~d c,lo,e,ly. rasernbtes a .... corru pi a'ge .• '.

It ms ebvicus that this phenomenon of soc~ety is mot Ime~G:ly because of the :s,truggle ~or ,survilJ,a~~, but m,ailinly because of an overdeveloped matftniali and sele ntlt lc chiill! ill,at ion. The 'Iform!9~ Ilmli:s,ie'ads the' vo u ng to th 8' 1e.'xUe me m aterialisrn Or egoll:s'ml~ while the ~nlef seizes human be'ings 'with 'fe,ar" though p'laying] an essentia~ role in publl ic we'~'f,are.

Then what W,Quid be the. rernedyr' Nee,dless; to sav i1t i!s; '~he dlevelopme.nt of rna ra ~ eiv i~ i z alii oln-tl! e prope r menta ~ states of a h UI rn a rill b~ i:r1Ilg as the lord o:f ere ation, enOlllJQ h to. p ~~v a i[1 0 r at least kee p a breast w'it h 'the deve,I,o pm,s rn 'of mete, lal and scientific 'c~vil izatlon.

The utmost purpose of TaekW'OIIi1,-D0' is toe "mina~le fiightingl by discouraqi ngl the stro ngler's 10 p prassi 0 no" the wea ker w ith a ]IlJQWe r 'that m ust be based on hum'anirtYJ [ustice .. mOr'ality~ wisdom and fanthr thus lilelp,inQI 'to build a better and more pea cet II wo,rld_

AU men. fegardles:S. o,f Q'ge. have f'elt that dealth is a shame and lamented t 11 at tihey ca nnot ~Ii\!"e as le til 9 as the' Dine trees or the '~U n'lles. tJh at see rn 'to. ~ i lie ii, '1: housa nd veers, R igh ~eo. U s 'me n, 0 n the other ha nd ... de pl ore the fa ct thet j l.Is1i ee does. not !8lllwBIYS triumph OVlEH' the, tyrany of POW'€!!f However~, there ar!e two

way,s ~o dea'i 'w ith these problems: Th 8 '~'oirmew t.' 'th rou 9 h me ntal rd lsci p I i I11i'B. 1:he ~a~:~ell"., th ro u 9 h phy8~ c a II tra i ni'~ng.

~.~: ~ s my S'~1f1 CEm! ho pe ,th at throug 1m Tsek worn m, D 00. anvone ea 111 9 aw ns r enouah sttrength to be(:Jolm,~ al guard~ah lof jus'ti,ce~, to, cha'~h9nge' seclal disu,nliW' and, ;tt,~ eultivsts the human sphtt. '~D the ,tn'ighIENS:t level ,ana:iJrl!3l.bllls'. Ilit is ln this s p irit I ;1311Tl1 ded ieati ngl 't:he a rt ;of l' aekwo n ~ Do to the pee pi Fa !Qrf the 'W'o ~'~(t

Tha ph ~'I osolphy nf Taekwon- Do is based Q n the eth i oa I!, moral, and ,51 p:ilrii:~u.a i sta ndards by w'~ti ch me n can live 1'og8'thelf' ,lin harmony., :i3 nd ills art p1i9!Uenrus are i ns pi red by th 8 ~ rlea~ls, a Inid exploits 0-]' 9 reat me n from 1<0 n~'an h ~s~,o'ry", ~o rea's fameu s m i n~a ry and IC~ v~ I lea.;delF.~ w't! 0' i,~1 In 8',ar~ y f iV8' tho usa nd yea rs af K,o rea n hnS'tlo~v havel nev1eu' in v,ad ed 1t;he:i r neliig h DO ur vet who fougb t brave I V and mads 'glreat: seU - sacritiees 1.0 d e!'~end thel r hom Ii;!! land ,a9 a i 11St 'i nvad i In 9 en E3',mii as. I ,a~ SiQ I ncl ude 'the fl ames 'of p.g:ll~riot$ 'W I, 0' willi' il~ 9 IV gave !l.JJIIP '[heir ~~VBS to w:e,ga:~n IKorreal"s, ~reledo,m and ii'ndepel~i1d~ncJe from the ,J.apanese ooe uoarion.

Ea'ch T ull (pa'l:te'rn) IQ'f 'T.ae,k;w,o f'Ii ,. Do expresses the, tho ug hts a nd' the ections Q'U d-n ~'se 9 rsat 'men j' SOl the students t~.'f T.aekwotll~, D (]I m ust 'rs'n~ct. the' t n.JE! ii :nl'~\E!! r:l1'~i a 1118 o,f dl ose whose narns e,i;lich T ul bears,

Th EHef.olWE!!. u mid e ~ 1['iliiOi c~ re umstanoes s he dd T:eu~'IkWCH'i!I'~'I[J 0 be used for eelf i sh, ,6Q'Qlife5i1S iV1€l ,Q!rr viol ent IPILu·pcNies,. e i tlnelt' b}l' ian i iilIld ilv id u a ~ or '911''0 IJ p. N a r wi I ~ Tae kW10 nil -00< be, used for a nJ1f cOm me ~'iCi a I or pol it i ca II p urpose whatsoever. '~ hive: set fOlrth the~ 'f,oi~QiwiDiI{l philosophv and g'uudeline:s' wtai'Gh 'w'i!1 be the cornerstone of" Teekwo n -Do a nd by w hh;h a ~I~ seri CD us stude'~1s of th is 6If~: are e neou raged to I h/e,_

1 -s Bta IN i 11II:,iln 9 to g:o whe re the go i mig may ,be ~:(D uglh and do the th i'ng s "that

a re '\!YO rth dob"9 eve ~I tho u gh tj~ ey cue d ii"f¥i'oJu It.

:2., Be: ge rrtle tOI the wea k and to u 9 h to the, s,t.rong"

3,., Be content wi~th wha~ 'YOU f!larve in mQllJey' and posit~'o'f1Il but: never in


4. A Iw,ays "Wi n lsh 'wh,(rl VO u be g i nl~ be i t ~ ;;I1[ge' ,0 r SI'"iIIUMIIII-

l~s.. ISle, a, wi II i ng! 'OO,8MJh er to ,~Ifi]IVO ne fle'gJar,cHe'ss, 0:11 ue'!!11 i'9 10 n if race or ideo lio'9Y.·

6. Neve r v'iie lid to (lspr1ess,kHlIl '(U d~lti9,at ii n 'the pursu it of a nob le ea US'S,

7. T each atthude and s.kllill 'W i th actio In! rathe r the n wo mls.

8. AlwilYS be you rself '~"'l~Hl '[ h'[li'Uglh 'yo u f ,c~in:,lJim'stan C~S, m~'\1 ch a n gr~'.

:9. l8·a tne sterna II t~a'c'h e r WI~~ 0' teaches w~th 'the, body 'wlhe n 'you ng" ViI ilth words when ,o~dj and by moral precept eVlen .Eff'h~r' deem.

G'I:~!. ,f:2htUlw 1~~r.t{JIlI~IWJ '~I~~MIi1 im~ '!iliJ pliU-D::Ilmip:I1()" Qil' 1',~',lmTQID,~:Dg,

1~1' Ttni:led, iS~Q,'oo~, &fl,Uil'(JiliS !O.'H • .[i, 'VDlnlg)roSSIlQCn,


I n rae kwon ~,D o, ch,a. a cter dev8'1 0 pme nt, Iortit u de, Ie, filJac'ilty,~, and tee h = n i q ue am 9 raded as we III as ln d ivi d ual ca pac itV. TI~Ie. promotiene I sea ~e Is divided into ninet,seOi ranks -10 grades(IG,ups) and nine. degr,ees (Dans.) The' former begins with ~ Oth ,grade (Gup) ~,he lnwast iilnd ends at Urst gr,ade_ D e'g Ire es beg i ni wi'th the 'fi rst die'gre is (D an) and le:~,d with the u I t~ mate, In i nth degree',

There is. of co Ur.,S!8 r a certal n si 9 n irii,c,aill"l.ce' i nl! th ~ n umberi ng system. 'With deqree, tlhe number 9 ls not only 'the h ilgihesl one among one dJ~git numbers but also is the' number of:3 mu'ltti'pl"ad by 3;" I n '[he Orhent.. thsee is the most esteemed of all '[he n IJj m bers. Th e~ Ch i nase char attar re p're.sellf1l:~i ng, th ,ee ~ s wntten: ~ .The U PJls r Illi ne symb 0 ~:iil:,eg ~Iie heave n: t h.e m~dd I e ~ i nee, me rta Is; a nd the bono m Ii ne, eanh,

I t w',as be,1 iev',ed ' hat t he i nd irvid u a I ViiI he was !S uccessfu lin prornoti n'g his country, fellowmen and God" . ndabla to reach ,ilUill eccore wi,th alii tn'f'1ee V\\'ould als'p ~fe.' '~:'O become Kin'Qj' w n j',c:h W,~tS W r itt,~ 111 t ~ US~ty: :!E , Ths Ch i nese chalracte r flo r three and King are nearly synonymous. Wh,s'n the number three j,s, mult,ip[I'~ed bv itsel f. ttl e eq IJ ation is nil ne, til e h iglhest o.,f the' h igln:' thelrefo~e,. n i i!illi1l:h deg rae ~,5: the h jig best of the h ig Ibn ran k i ngl be lits.

It is also ~nm'liesting 'to, note that when the numsrs '9 'i,s multiclied by ,any CDt her srill:1'g te d ig'jit n umber a nd the resu !t.QInt fii'g u re's .a; re added liQ9'iether. the

ans.wer aIW,BYS aquals 91~ii.19. 9 ~ 1 -9; ~9 X 2=18", 1+8 =~9 and so on UPI to 9 x 9 = ,81, EJ, + 1 == 9 _ Si nee t h!!:5; lis '~'h e '0 nl "I' s Tng lie dig iit n IJmlbe r 't11[8V! Dlig th is prop~rty ~ iii ag a i n po r nits to the n urn bel' 9 as bel ngl '~he most pas]rtave o'f Hg ures,

T a!k~ ng~he use of rne n u mba r th n3'9 one step fon,her, d'Hi' deg rees are f!)JI rther d iv i ded j nto t~h ree d istti n ct e I asses, First rhro uglh t h i rd d egllr'ee is 00 msidered the novice stag,tas lof black belt, Students ,ar,s stii~ rnerelv beginne'l"S in com peri SO n to the hEgher degrEl'i9.s. A:t fourth de;gnee~ the, student crosses the threshold ,of 'PiIJ beH't:y .a ffl!d enters. the exp ert cl ass. S;eve'll th 't!~ ro ug h ninth is com PQIS'ed of Taelkwo'n~Do mas~ers-= 't.he' elite who full~y UllrrrdeJr',stand alII the P.fifU!icu~arsof Tale kw'ol til ~ Do," mental and phys.ica I,

T h,e~e is perha ps 0 ne q uestio Ii'!I 1 h at re rna i, n $0; 'why be 9 il nl \Alithi the Ilo!west (If: tine two diilgit numbers. "110" why not bee in w'~th the IIQwe:M. OIt:"H~ d~git number an d proceed 'fro m 'nrrst ,U!tillde to n iirllth 9 ~'adl~~ ,8 n d the Il"I Ibe'Qi i n ,13,g a:i, til for degre.es 1

Tho Ugl h ~~: wo u ~d (;e:r~;aI~1n I y be' m()II'~' logk,a~;, t Ii e 1 [) to 1 ,a nd 1 to 1 .0 n umerica 1 syste m '~I~ the Ol~ji:ent ~'s ag;e'les~_ 11: wo~ Id be i,llnpos$,g ble, if not ev'en a bit ;~m perti nsnt, to att~mprn: '~o change ta! pr,ac'thce that ls even carried lato ch ~ lid Ire," 's g,am1es,.

Perha pS there was a n i'n'~t'i al iog:fica ~ reaso nil f'o r it.; however~ it seems to have been ~ est ii:n a I1t iqlY itV',; J!I!;"~:lV how" the n i!.li'mbia r ·"'1' 10" lis the lowest €t'l(i,gti ng two d ~g' it nrum bali"; oo,ns~q u€"nt~y I a .beg i n ne'r must, stert a~ t h Is n um ber rather than 11 olr '1 ;2 w ~ ~'Chl ann IJmerh:=l3i~ bl' hi glhe:r.





Th is. e rite'rh) i's base.d on 'the '~'D,t;a I n urn bs'r of he UII'S Bind d,rav.;, Ir,e.q Ui~I',e.d 1'0 n' '~he s.'~ udent to obta in ~i rst de 9 me btack be ~~. and ye'8Irs, f,o r' the' fUirther b I tick be I;' d e'g] ~,ees..

Ther'B a~[e, actualilly thr'es Ipr,o'grams, a beginner may' follow:

1 . An " ,8 months co ursa!:: an ho UF' a n d a h a If; [pe r d B'Y .. ,gix days: pe'r week f,o r a tota I of 702 ho urs

,2. A, :3 0 rno nth ICO urse',~ an ho ur ,8 n d a h a If pe II" day f. th Me days per wee k for ,8 'lci~a,1 of 585 he ues,

3. A 12 mo.,ruth course; four hours per dav, six d,ays [per \I\lee.k for a total of '1248 he urn.


:-lInl.·· ".

. R'E'q Iwflfe' - ,lIMit
'Cit,ada, 3.0 U!: 1.2
Ot'h 2 I 1 11
9th ,2, , 1
8th :2 '1 '1
2; I
7!~1'I1 , 1 1
6th [ 3. ,2 1
5th 3, I ,J 1
~ h :3 2 11
3rd 4 ,2; 11 I
[ I 2
211'110 4- ,3
1st s 3, 2. DEGREE


'.6 I







IF hst De!g re,e----Expert or N'DvliJQ::e ('

On ~ oif' ~ he ,g'reate,Sl: m iscenee p'l iOll'ils wlitllh i n ti~'u~' main i~11 '~lnr1!:$; ils the! l1iotih::H'ii than a II b'h~C'k, bel't hOI!de rs ;i1un.e e1i€peG;. t i',s u nde,mta fiidlabile ~h ali: these ulnliEu~:qlUa IlmUd wiith !:he IPIrN3n~all ,iliI1.'S; iflril iglht malke 'tlhi.5; e em uilt:io.n. HIOW8\i1\er. :in ~ denl~ is hotlldl,cEutajnl"v ~eCIDglli1 ize! that: tjtnd,s is; not' airways the case, "IDi~" loft:e~f'i"

~ :=::-~;--: b. ~iliI""lk: bell'~: ho,lders advertise th~mse.l\lleH~ ~,S e,~ i"iii3;i1:s, a nd event ~ allv even

r:l!oV'!ce.1!;,I! ""'. J'~_ ., . - - - ",.., --. . - -, - .. F" . - . - - _. ~'

eonv ilf[! ce 'tlilJelmrse iVE!!s.,

T:h~ 'fillrst degl~ee Ibillai~k beilit 110 Ic:telf hatS, uS;l!J,allmy learne.tiI en D ugh t:eclllnliQllue' to def'and h imsel ~ 3{Ul1dinsm' a si"rl,gl~' ,0 p'PO(neiiin:.. H!e ea n bel oomnlp81~'Hj to a 'ne dg ingl 'win CDI h'cts; ,iSH:q ui~red SlfilJQ'UI;g IllI 'Ma~heilfs, tOI ~'eav'e ~:he nest: and 'ml11d "fair' h imse~lf:. The: f rst de;g ree is, iii :s,'t~art~~ngl PO i'n~", l'ho; st tldta m has me.,I'v' bru i I'E a :fa un dado n'. The j Q b cd' !bIU ih;! In'9 tih e ho use ~ir,es ahead.

Tin € InlllO'V ice, lOll a)cJ~ belt ho!lldelf 'IN i Iii now rea 11'1 begiiln to lesm tee hiliiil~tl ue, Now' t,h'8i~ lhi'e hia:s, miasm red l!h Fa' ;21,liphabe\;, he can !be'la i n '~O read. V'i!3'iirs ,ow h a~d work an d sh,gdy a1wait him bef:o re: he ca n ~rn oog into 00 nls~dew' hi mse If an inSitrucco rand expert.

A IPsn]ep,tivle' student wiltr at t:hii's s~age'., sl!.!!ddeully reali~a haw' V~lry liUle he

It. news ~l W1l.·!!!!·~i'

The blsc k belt: ho Id:e'r a lso enters CSI new era of re'sp-o nsi b m liift'y. Th Q'iLil~ h a freshrnen. he has ,enterlsa a s'tlnJ'liIiQl hontuabille '~rat~I~'nmty of 'the black bel~ holders cd the' el['hlt.i re 'wor~ d: an d hi is actions ~.nslide and 0 utsids the uai n j,n 9 he I! wilillill be c:alrEl,fu IIV' scrut iin iIed; His eond uet 'W i IIII re'~I'ec~ on all black be lit holdsll,$ a nd he. m list COin st',anU~ s~rive ~,~). set ,8 r1I I!3,Xalm'P~e 'folr all !9 rrade h o,lders;.

So,me wii II 'cS:ftalin~ y ;adVClnce i riI!Ul tilhe le:xpe'rt, ,s'ttag1es" H O'W!iV'8ili"" 'far t:OCI many 'w'-m be~!ire.ve, ths rnisecnception and wm fle,m8in in novlce, menta!lly and tEH:= h n i,e'alll ~Y',.


TIEST t:Simsa)

There ,~re! two categ 0 il"ies; QIm'"8de a,nd deg me:. G"lfa'de te,st.ilrmg, [:s loom d ueted Bit an al~pn)'Pri;ate glym to wh ic hi the ~t ude nt be'liD,nge .,

C,egw'8'B te'st.in 9 UP 'tiO th i rdl ii'S cond ueted by. ~I pre moUo n boa rei cOlmpcsed. om more tha n th me and less than SS!V'B1I1l rnem bers of' ths a ssoelat lion !Oir federati(jtnl of' the if 'pa'raJ]'!!!t eo ulnl~ry,.

Fourth to ,eighth deglf,ee will be t~s;tad by 'the pwoimo!'~~ 0 n oo,mmli'ltes' of tl~ e II nternat ionalll T'a~.k WOWQ, ~ 100 Federat:i('H'D" A'S 'f,ar a!1S In iinth ds'gre'eli is ICHJn'CBrrH~d~, unanimous cOlrn,ellliif1 has tOI be ,g tJ',aln~)8d by' ,8 speci a I Icomlrniittee wh i e h si~la II co nslst 01191 'me mba rs who ,a Ire' ,h elders of ,e,itbe r '1t h Of' 8th de@ll"le~ we cogn ~led by 'II'U:;' I"Me,r,rnla!ttion a I Tae,k W(H]~' 0'01 fede~ ark .. n "

'The powe r test ls ,striC1:I'y' prohi b ited for eh i Id.rre'"~ for it rYhaff causa bon e or ImlUSC I!e: dalma'ge.

I;;' ~.r;,iit£J.' ,!I~'!;,.!"!!,fj.

As; ms c u:Stomary', al QI ua I if'~ed iinstrllH:itor m,ay' t~~:t: (.J! p '~ tl Fie hal~' ef h is he ~d 'I ng degree; for" i8'xam pile" 4th deg ree m,ay U~19,t up to 2,nd; 6th degre,e UIP to 3rd deglree;,


, 110th


[i:r-. __


!iiii'il~ ... "," IUI!iJlA Y1f"""~:II~ IFl:fY

4d~1 ,F-------~==i

,JDQi n9; .. 6 u n


3··,SU:p .allo'ne

. -Step

;l"!oid L." L. !OI~ e i\.1(iL

F ,...-..4!' _

ill~ ~11$1:

2. [Eve IV 10 pelms abolV·e Of" below the .pftSsiin·g m ark will be afLItQm!ad·~,

ca lIy "111'0' _ - Qi-a.... dueed

_ - _. f.o!lm ,~y or reo iLlCElu

accord in 9 Iy~

',. p~ ss ing marik. ilfS ,60 pOli rrts,

. .




Flying tum lIng klek




".ii, .. ..iJ ~~l~

Sa-I'f -d,e 1'e 11 IC e ~:e~hf:dq'li.u~

~f'llyiirn.g raY'erso' ti1ltmhlQI klick

4th UI-J~'

S~lt~d&'r'ence 1!ec.hlllque·

liE I' II"! '~~.·'_i ""1"1 Iii" . 'fi 1i1I~1 "'.W 1·;;JI'w .. " R~


MI - M'O" ,Don'·. '"",



.~.;.: .

. ", ..

-. ", ",_', .' .. -

. ",.-.,"



'fha, is

, ..



Sei;j'.1 NlO

'D M:e of Blnh

Pr.eS!ennt :I'!I,!CIonk ,n,1IiiiI ..

lmIi'o'''''''''''''' II . '~~'Il;;i~'

c'.;ij . -'dli!'IiiIIUCa d _:_. n

S'!EUl i 0 ~

msmJp:er' 01"1'9$1. Bo!!!ud:

JE ~S' T' 11"":,0'" 1ft -M- F:O'" R: n E'C' i!:Ii!'E 'E"

.=',:! I, r· ',' .. ':. _ L.;!" '~If\ " ,


Sa'l'1io,1 I



P'f;',ea'ent ,FI:rank:

D~,W of T~t "'" 1 '9 ' .. ,"


metnbel o.fTe:s:t i!ioard:

IR8q I,I-te€l IFl:81nk

•. -n-"ad ~~.~,~,.,.v.[

,Ploom;ot:iD:n Da~8

Reg lj$"t~iItI Rank

ApPlrovad, ,Rank



Sarial N}o

Date [D', Birth ~,iMio[n.lity,


P'r'ElnRt' Aanlk

~-:'i;~ ~~~..l


15th AJu~. " :945, Kol\eao

~'Oth Gr'ade'


Four direcliQ!11 b~ock



Dale of EUrth

Sa,- ,ial Nlo!






8'"..Ii ... j.,' t.. [~ il\U::lf\;


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