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C 116/6 EN Official Journal of the European Union 16.5.


VI. Supporting documents

List any documents or evidence which is submitted in support of the complaint, and attach copies.

Whenever possible, a copy of the national law or other measure which provides the legal basis for
the payment of the alleged aid should be provided.

VII. Confidentiality

You should be aware that in order to protect the rights of defence of the Member State concerned,
the Commission may have to disclose your identity and any supporting documents, or their contents,
to the Member State. If you do not wish your identity or certain documents or information to be
disclosed, please indicate this clearly, clearly identify the confidential parts of any documents and give
your reasons.

Place, date and signature of complainant

Notice concerning the anti-dumping measures in force in respect of imports into the Community
of polyester staple fibres originating, inter alia, in India: modification of the name of a company
with an individual duty rate

(2003/C 116/04)

Imports of polyester staple fibres originating, inter alia, in India are subject to a definitive anti-dumping
duty imposed by Council Regulation (EC) No 2852/2000 (1).

Indian Organic Chemicals Limited, a company located in India, whose exports to the Community of
polyester staple fibres are subject to an individual anti-dumping duty rate of 14,7 % by the abovemen-
tioned Regulation, has informed the Commission that it has changed its name, as from 15 November
2002, into Futura Polyesters Limited. The company has asked the Commission to confirm that the change
of name does not affect the right of the company to benefit from the individual duty rate applied to the
company under its previous name of Indian Organic Chemicals Limited.

The Commission has examined the information supplied, which demonstrates that all the company's
activities linked to the manufacturing, sales and exports of polyester staple fibres are unaffected by the
change of name. The Commission therefore concludes that the change of name in no way affects the
findings of Regulation (EC) No 2852/2000. In view of the absence of any substantive change of circum-
stances, the reference to Indian Organic Chemicals Limited should be read as Futura Polyesters Limited,
with registered office at 13 Mathew Road, Mumbai, in Article 1(2) of Regulation (EC) No 2852/2000.

The TARIC additional code A148 previously attributed to Indian Organic Chemicals Limited shall apply to
Futura Polyesters Limited.

(1) OJ L 332, 28.12.2000, p. 17.