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C 118/30 EN Official Journal of the European Union 20.5.


The tool to prepare part A electronically is available via the 8. In the case of successive submssions of a proposal, the
eTEN website Commission will examine the last paper version received
before the closure date and time specified.
Proposals submitted by post must be received by the
Commission at the following address, and labelled as follows:

‘eTEN proposals’
Call 2003/1 9. In all correspondence relating to this call please make
European Commission sure to cite the call identifier eTEN 2003/1.
B-1049 Brussels

For deliveries by hand or by representatives (including by

private courier (1)), the delivery should be to the following
address, and labelled as follows: In submitting a proposal proposers accept the procedures and
conditions as described in this call and in the documents to
‘eTEN Proposals’ which it refers.
Call 2003/1
European Commission
Rue de Geneve, 1
B-1140 Brussels
All proposals received by the European Commission will be
7. Proposals have to reach the Commission at the latest on treated in strict confidence.
10 September 2003, at 16:00 hours (Brussels local time).
Proposals arriving after this date and time will be excluded.

(1) Courier services that ask for the recipient's telephone number The European Community pursues an equal opportunities
should be given the following number: (32-2) 295 58 75 (Mr J-C policy and, in this context, women are particularly encouraged
Debouvere). to be involved in proposals.


for the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme issued by the European Commission
(2003/C 118/20)

1. Publication reference (b) Geographical area: India and the 15 Member States of
the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Denmark,
EuropeAid/116307/C/G. Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
and the United Kingdom).
2. Programme and Financing source

EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme, B7-3010,

ALA Council Regulation No 443/92 of 25 February 1992. (c) Maximum project duration: 36 months and minimum
project duration: 12 months.
3. Nature of activities, geographical area and project
For details, see the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ referred to in
(a) The programme aims at strengthening and enhancing
item 12.
civil society links and cross-cultural cooperation
between India and the European Union through
increased dialogue, information exchange and
networking. This will help raise awareness of India in 4. Overall amount available for this Call for Proposals
the European Union and of the European Union in
India. EUR 12 000 000
20.5.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 118/31

5. Maximum and minimum grant amounts 10. Application format and details to be provided

(a) Minimum grant for a project: EUR 250 000 Applications must be submitted using the standard
application form attached to the Guidelines for
(b) Maximum grant for a project: EUR 500 000 Applicants mentioned in item 12, whose format and
instructions must be strictly observed. For each
(c) Maximum proportion of project costs to be covered by application, one signed original, three copies and an
Community funding: 80 % electronic version in the form of a diskette or a
CD-ROM must be supplied by the applicant.
6. Maximum number of grants to be awarded
48 11. Deadline for applications

7. Eligibility: Who may apply? Friday, 12 September 2003, 16:00 hours, Standard India
(a) Be non-profit-making; (b) Be among others: media or
culture organisations, foundations, associations of media
organisations, media training institutes, etc.; Chambers of Any application received by the Contracting Authority
Commerce, associations of SMEs, trade and commerce after this deadline will not be considered.
associations, Confederations of Industries, trade
promotion agencies, etc.; higher education institutions
(or parts of such institutions) and private higher
12. Detailed information
education institutions (register for a minimum period of
five years), recognised and their degree accredited by the Detailed information on this Call for Proposals is
competent national authority in their own country; (c) contained in the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’, which are
have their headquarters and be legally established in published together with this notice on the Internet Web
India or in a Member State of the European Union (see page of the European Commission:
countries above); (d) be directly responsible for the design and on
and implementation of the project i.e. not acting as an the Internet Web page of the Delegation of the European
intermediary; (e) have stable and sufficient sources of Commission to India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the
finance to ensure the continuity of their participation Maldives:
throughout the project and to play a part in financing it;
(f) be experienced and able to demonstrate their capacity
to manage large-scale activities corresponding to the size
of the project for which a grant is requested. Any questions regarding this Call for Proposals should be
sent by e-mail (including the Publication Reference of this
Call for Proposals shown in item 1) to delegation-india-
8. Provisional notification date of results of the award
December 2003
All applicants are encouraged to consult the Delegation's
9. Award criteria Internet Web page above regularly before the deadline for
applications since the Commission will publish the most
See section 2(3) of ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ mentioned Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the corresponding
in item 12. replies.