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C 119/10 EN Official Journal of the European Union 21.5.


— Member States and candidate countries associated to required. It will be up to them to inform the public
LIFE may change the national submission deadline and consequently.
the total number of copies required. It will be up to
them to inform the public consequently.
4. LIFE-Nature Co-op projects
3. LIFE Third Countries projects
Proposals for ‘Co-op’ measures shall be aimed exclusively at
Projects of technical assistance which contribute to the supporting the exchange of experience among LIFE-Nature
establishment of the means and administrative structures projects.
needed in the environmental sector and in the development
of environmental policy and action programmes in eligible
third countries bordering on the Mediterranean and Baltic Deadline
Proposals should be sent to the Commission by 22 August
Deadline 2003 (three paper copies). The complete proposal must be
sent or delivered by registered letter, by private courier or
— All projects shall be submitted to the national competent by hand by the fixed deadline to the addresses indicated in
authorities at the latest by 31 October 2003. the application file. The postmark, the date of collection by
— Projects will then be submitted (two paper copies and the courier or the acknowledgement of receipt dated and
one copy in electronic format) by the national auth- signed by the responsible official will serve as proof of the
orities to the Commission at the latest by 30 date of submission of the proposal. Faxes, electronic mail,
November 2003. incomplete applications, or applications sent in several parts
will not be accepted. It is the duty of the proponent to
— The national authorities may change the national ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to respect
submission deadline and the total number of copies this deadline.


Asia Pro Eco Programme: Operational and Practical Dialogue issued by the European Commission
(2003/C 119/08)

1. Publication reference support. They should be organised in conjunction

with agencies/networks which have already a track
EuropeAid/ 116557/C/G. record, in order to promote innovative approaches
2. Programme and Financing source and long term vision. Applicants should aim to
design the conferences so that they have a long-lasting
Asia Pro Eco, ALA, Budget line B7-301. Project No sustainable impact. The organisation of Conferences
AIDCO/2001/0137. may seek to develop synergies with other environ-
mental initiatives.
3. Nature of activities, geographical area and project
duration Studies

(a) The Asia Pro Eco Programme is designed to strengthen A study should prepare and fertilise the ground for the
the environmental dialogue between Europe and Asia. Conference.
Areas of activity comprise environmental management Guidelines
capacity, market based approaches to environmental
protection and development, promotion and support Documents (e.g. recommendations, guidelines,
of Europe-Asia environmental R & D networks. For conclusions) should refine the ideas taken out of the
further details see the Asia Pro Eco Website Conferences so as to propose new ways of managing
environmental impact according to the issues
( presented.
(b) Geographical area: The European Union plus partici-
Operational and Practical Dialogue pating Asian countries, which are as follows:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, People's
Each activity must contain the following subcom- Republic of China (1), East Timor, India, Indonesia,
ponents: Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Maldives,
Conferences Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and
For applicants who want to organise a conference
relevant to Asia Pro Eco main objectives. The (c) Maximum project duration: 24 months.
Conferences will highlight the EU perspective, linked
to downstream technical assistance and financing (1) Except Hong Kong and Macao.
21.5.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 119/11

4. Overall amount available for this Call for Proposals notification of the results of the award process is
approximately three months.
EUR 2 500 000.
It is envisaged that Applicants submitting proposals during
5. Maximum and minimum grant amounts 2003 will be notified of the results as follows:
EC contribution and maximum and minimum amounts of For 3 October 2003 deadline, during December 2003.
grant for this Programme Component are:
9. Award criteria
Operational and Practical Dialogue
See section 2.3 of the Guidelines for Applicants 2003 —
EC contribution: 75 % Operational and Practical Dialogue. Please note that
applications will be judged separately on administrative
Maximum amount of grants: EUR 500 000 compliance and eligibility, and on technical quality.
Minimum amount of grants: EUR 150 000 10. Application format and details to be provided
Least Developed Countries (2) percentage will be 90 % and Applications must be submitted using the standard
up to EUR 500 000. To benefit from EC 90 % Application Form attached to the Guidelines for Applicants
contribution, the Conference must take place in a least 2003 — Operational and Practical Dialogue mentioned in
developed country. item 12, whose format and instructions must be strictly
For further details on the size of a grant, see the Guidelines observed. For each application the applicant must supply
for Applicants 2003 — Operational and Practical Dialogue one signed original and two electronic versions in form
referred to in item 12. of disquette/CD of the Application Form, the Plan of
Action, the Budget, the Logical Framework and supporting
6. Maximum number of grants to be awarded documents (CV, Summary Sheet of the Project, Plan of
11. Deadline for applications
7. Eligibility: Who may apply?
Applications must be received no later than:
Applicants must be either governmental, or regional or
local authority, or public sector operators with proven 3 October 2003, 16.00 hours Central European Time.
experience in organising Conferences in the Region in
the scope of Asia Pro Eco Programme, such as Any application received after the deadline will be auto-
Universities/Research Institutes and Environmental matically rejected even if the postmark indicates a date
Agencies and organisations, Associations/Federations, preceding the deadline.
Chambers of Commerce, Environmental and Industrial 12. Detailed information
NGOs (see section 2.1.1 of the Guidelines for Applicants
2003 — Operational and Practical Dialogue). Detailed information on this Call for Proposals is
contained in the Asia Pro Eco Guidelines for Applicants
An Applicant together with a minimum of two partners 2003 — Operational and Practical Dialogue which is
may submit a proposal. published together with this notice on the EuropeAid
(a) If the Applicant derives from an Asian participant web site:
country/territory, he must have two partners from
two different EU Member States.
and on:
(b) If the Applicant derives from an EU Member State, he
must have one partner from an Asian participant
country and one from a different EU Member State. pro-eco/index_en.htm
The Programme will give priority to partnerships covering Any questions regarding this Call for Proposals should be
more than one Asian eligible country and taking into sent by e-mail (including the Publication Reference of this
account participation and/or active involvement from the Call for Proposals shown in item 1) to europeaid-asia-
least developed eligible countries (2).

8. Provisional notification date of results of the award All potential applicants are encouraged to consult the
process above Internet Web page regularly before the deadline
for applications since Asia Pro Eco will publish the most
It is estimated that, under normal conditions, the time frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the corresponding
elapsing between the submission of an application and replies.

(2) Least developed Asian Countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh,

Bhutan, Cambodia, East Timor, Lao People's Democratic Republic,
Maldives and Nepal.