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C 119/12 EN Official Journal of the European Union 21.5.


Call for proposals OIB.1/2003/01 — Conference Centre with interpreting facilities

(2003/C 119/09)

1. European Commission department responsible: (d) Architectural features

European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and — The proposal must concern either an entirely new
Logistics — Brussels building or an existing building which has been
Unit OIB/1 — Implementation of Buildings Policy completely renovated.
Rue Guimard 10, Office: 06/45
B-1049 Brussels
Tel. (32-2) 296 55 84 — The finishes and equipment of the rooms, communal
Fax (32-2) 296 62 69 areas, offices and toilets must correspond to the
E-mail: general specifications for buildings occupied by the
Commission, as listed in the ‘Immeuble-type’ (standard
building specifications).

2. Type of notification: Call for proposals

— Annex II lists the main architectural features
Persons interested in the type of project described at point 3 requested.
are requested to send their proposals in accordance with the
rules set out below.
For further details, and for information on the technical
requirements and special equipment for meeting rooms
There is no standard form for sending these proposals. and interpreting booths, the specification sheets on
meeting/conference rooms (‘Salles de reunion Conférence’),
entrance halls (‘Foyers’) and specific SCIC requirements
The purpose of this notification is not to draw up a list of (‘Spécificités SCIC’) should be consulted. These sheets
potential contractors and it on no account constitutes a may be requested by e-mail from:
commitment by the Commission in the context of its
public procurement procedures.

The working languages will be English and French.

(e) Availability

As the situation stands at present, the building will have

3. Description to become available between the second half of 2005
and the end of 2006.
(a) Location

The building must be located in the Brussels Quartier

Léopold district. 4. Proposals must contain the following administrative
— the reference: ‘call for proposals OIB.1/2003/01’,
(b) Capacity of meeting rooms with interpreting facilities

The building must comprise conference rooms of — the name and full address of the project,
different sizes, equipped with a varying number of inter-
preting booths.
— the name and full address of the party making the
A table in Annex I shows the seating capacity and the
categories of rooms envisaged.
— full particulars (including telephone and fax numbers,
and e-mail address) of the owner and/or estate agent,

(c) Other practical requirements

— a precise technical description of the building,
In addition to all the parts required to allow optimum
use of the conference rooms, the building must include:
a car park with around 150 spaces, a restaurant and/or — a table showing the surface areas above and below
cafeteria, offices for support staff measuring a total of ground level, and those of the car parks (with details
around 500 m2 and storage space. of each floor),
21.5.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 119/13

— a table showing the categories of rooms envisaged: 5. Submission of proposals:

number of seats, number of interpreting booths,
surface area in m2, ceiling height, (a) Address to which all correspondence should be sent: as
in point 1, to be addressed to the Director of the OIB,
— the state of play of the planning permission (where European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and
appropriate), Logistics — Brussels, Rue Guimard 10, Office: 06/45,
B-1049 Brussels.
— the amount of the rent or the selling price at current (b) Proposals must be delivered by registered mail or by
market conditions. This price will not take account of messenger (the party concerned in person, or an
special interpreting and conference techniques, appointed representative or private courier service) to
the secretariat of the abovementioned Commission
— the date on which the building will become available. department (see point 1) by 16 June 2003.

Each proposal will also have to include a nine-month (c) Envelopes must be clearly marked as follows: ‘Call for
validity clause which will run from the date of receipt by proposals — Conference Centre with interpreting
the European Commission. facilities’.


Table of requirements for rooms with interpreting facilities

Number of
Number of rooms Capacity
interpreting booths

3 115 6

6 115 9

6 115 7

2 140 9

3 140 12

1 250 12

1 380 23

Total 22 3 055 203

C 119/14 EN Official Journal of the European Union 21.5.2003


Main architectural features requested

— Each room shall be equipped with a control booth in addition to the interpreting booths.

— The booths shall be positioned on one or more sides of the room in such a way as to allow good visual contact
between them and the control booth.

— The booths shall have easy access through a separate entrance leading to a soundproofed corridor. The access
corridor shall be at least 1,50 metres wide and be accessible from outside the room. There shall be rapid access from
the booths to the room.

— The booths shall be at least 3,20 metres wide, 2,40 metres deep and 2,30 metres high.

— The floor of the booths shall be at least 0,60 metres higher than the floor of the meeting room.

— The meeting rooms shall be grouped around a common entrance hall which shall be linked to the main thor-

— Each entrance hall shall have toilets (men's, women's and disabled), telephone booths, a reception area, a cloakroom,
a sufficiently large rest and refreshments area with three or four spaces for PCs. A magazine sales outlet shall be
easily accessible from all the entrance halls.

— Each room shall be of an appropriate size and ceiling height for the number of persons and booths envisaged.

— These rooms shall have at least two entrance doors, one located at each end.

— Each room shall have natural light where this is technically possible.

— A table for one or more messengers shall be located near the main entrance.

— All the rooms shall be air-conditioned.

— The main entrance shall be equipped with a control and security system capable of swiftly managing a large number
of people arriving.

— If possible, direct access to the entrance shall be provided for vehicles in order to permit unloading.

— Offices and storage space shall be provided for the use of Commission staff.

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