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3. Should the existing ordinance allowing medical marijuana collectives be changed to prohibit these collectives from
operating within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries and day care centers in addition to schools?

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No 563 54.8%
No opinion 26 2.5%
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4. The current City ordinance concerning medical marijuana collectives requires that they grow the marijuana being
given to their clients within the city limits. This was recommended by the Chief of Police as a way of limiting the
trafficking of marijuana from out of the area. The current ordinance allows growing in retail zoned areas. Should the
ordinance be changed to require that growing marijuana can only be done in industrial zones?

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No opinion 84
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5. Would you support a ballot measure prohibiting ALL medical marijuana collectives in the City of Long Beach
consistent with the cities of Lakewood and Signal Hill?

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Yes 316
No 672
No opinion 37
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3. Should the existing ordinance allowing medical marijuana collectives be changed

to prohibit these collectives from operating within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries and
day care centers in addition to schools? - Comments

Absolutely! We agree that we want this away from schools but not the other places that
children frequent? With budget cuts parks are even less supervised today. Putting these near
parks, libraries, etc. is asking for trouble and makes it even harder for parents to keep there kids
away from drugs. Further the safety issue is very concerning to me. I don't want my children
put at any greater risk when they want to go to a park or library.

Or eliminate them altogether.

"Only if we forbid pharmacies from operating within the same distances -- oxycontin is
far more addictive (and generally troublesome) than cannabis...

It's MEDICAL!!!"

The state of California has declared that medical marijuana collectives can operate,
assuming they abide by the rules set up by statute. If they abide by the rules set up by statute,
they should not be further restricted. The city should focus on enforcing the current statutes
instead of imposing such restrictions that it makes it impracticable for these businesses to
operate, or it should decide that NO collectives are allowed.

It should only be changed if legal counsel says it's OK to change it at this time.
The problem is that unlike smoking cigarettes, which should also be banned in parks,
contact buzz is a real issue. Many childcare programs take their kids to the parks, I know my
son's program does - if the facilities are not moved from near El Dorado park we will NOT utilize
this park any longer. It is a given that people who get their "legal marijuana" will go to the park
and smoke it; they do it now even though the legal drug dealing store is not open at

If it is truly "medical marijuana", it should only be sold in pharmacies.

Eliminate them altogether if possible.

We have at least 4 maybe 5 collectives within blocks of our house. Currently, collectives
are not supposed to be within 1000 feet of each other, so I don't understand why we have so
many in such close proximity.

They shoulod not even be opened within a 1,000 miles of schools, parks and libraries.

The issue is why can't the council members and attorney's think of these things in
advance so we don't have to do this on a continual basis. Now if a change is made there will be
excess fees and expenses to deal with the law suits or complaints made by those already under
the contract. These type of things happen a lot and cause the residents to have little faith in the
city council or legislature.

Children are impressionable. Allowing these collectives to be located in areas regulary

attended by children can give them the impression that marijuana use is a part of normal
society. They should not exist near parks, libraries and day care centers.

only in industrial areas

I favor a very restrictive ordinance and would not mind if we had no clinics like other nice
towns .

I am opposed to all collectives being in Long Beach.

Get rid of them all. Most legitimate doctors won't even prescribe it as it is illegal

If this creates a feasible location. I don't think it should be applied if it creates no place
for them to exist. I would be more in favor of requiring them to be within major business areas.

There would be very few spots left to operate this legitimate business.

There are far too many medical marijuana shops in Long Beach. The number of
locations should be limited. Everybody in the city isn't sick!!!
I oppose medical marijuana collectives altogether in Long Beach.

This is a no-brainer: As a community, we place a great value on our children, and yet we
omitted these destinations from the initial ordinance. I urge the council to take this opportunity to
correct this oversight.

The city should become involved in the production of hemp in the form of canvas and
paper goods. Left over biomass should be converted into ethanol for use as a fuel. Seeds
should be pressed for their oil. Long Beach need to lead the way toward a cleaner more
productive California.

I would have to know more in order to comment.

I feel strongly about the day care centers, but not so much about the parks or libraries...

There should be no medical marijuana or any other type of marijuana selling in Long
Beach. This is against federal law. If people need medical marijuana, it should be prescribed by
a licensed physician at the office or at a pharmacy. Also, get rid of that collective on Woodruff &
Los Coyotes. That one didn't even make your lottery and it is still operating. You have opened
up a can of worms.
Won't matter. Recreational users smoke in parks. Pharmacies can be near schools and
parks and this is about medicinal use, so location SHOULDN'T matter. It would only matter if
these collectives sell to anyone with a medicinal users card because those can be faked easily.
I've seen them.

I would add bars to the mix

It is too late to do this since shop owners have already gone through the lottery and
spent money to create businesses that follow the previous list of stipulations of operation in
Long Beach. Frankly, these pot sales businesses are operating in a rather low key way. By
creating a lottery and allowing collectives the city has by default made these businesses legal.
Your attention would be better spent working on ways to eradicate gangs (all over, not just in
NLB) and stop illegal activity.

"These marijuana collectives should be placed in our Pharmacies not in our

neighborhoods. There's not enough control over these pot shops.

Oh please, that's silly. Its just a building. Cancer patients should not be forced to drive to
the boonies for their medicine. When is the last time you saw someone standing outside of a
collective place smoking or selling? Should we move banks and liquor stores too, they get
robbed? We should be more worried about the drug cartels that are in the country illegally.

My first choice is that 'medical' marijuana collectives should not operate in our city at all!
Our libraries and parks are used heavily by children. Mrijuana collectives should not be
located near them.

Let's get rid of them all together.

In my opinion the available areas to operate are already very limited and further
restrictions will drastically increase the difficulty to open business in the city. This is a great idea
for liquor stores, though.

You're acting like marijuana is something horrible. No reason why the collectives
shouldn't be treated the same as liquor stores. Let's have some fairness.

Parks, libraries, and day care centers are all areas in which children are present and

Actually, we as a City, should not be so arrogant as to violate Federal Law. We have

men and women serving in Federal Law enforcement risking their lives for our protection and
we discount and disregard their service and safety.

I think that anything that is perscribed buy a doctor and is sold for medical reason should
be regulated buy the FDA and sold at a pharmacy

Clearly this would protect children and consistent with why a 1000' buffer for schools
was created initially.

We allow pharmacies to operate in these areas.

This should have been in the original ordinance though.

I voted "no" on the proposition to legalize marijuana and am very concerned about
system abuse that will be associated with "Medical" marijuana collectives.

The collectives should be well regulated and taxed. Zoning issues should be strictly

This is really the crux of the issue! I support a small number of collectives in our city but
not near where our children often are.

These establishment want to set up shop as near to LBSU on Bellflower and near
elementary school and church. They will boldly confront you if you say no you are interested in
renting. They will not stay downtown but want up where they feel safer.

Beaches should also be included...the one Coleective on 2nd Street is right across from
Mothers Beach.

ABSOLUTELY. In all honesty, I can't even believe this is an issue of question...

I think these establishments attract troublesome activity in general. As a parent, I

definitely oppose having them near parks or libraries.
I think it is an outrage they are allow with in the city at all. You can go to any doctor and
get they seem to write a prescription too easily. If these people are allowed to get "pot", then
they should not be allowed to have a drivers license. Them driving puts every else one at risk.

"El Dorado park is full of kids in the skate board area and where they play Frisbee as
well as golf ball practice. The park is TOO NEAR THE RANCHOS homes where there are a
LOT of families with young children. I don't think these collectives have any business in a
residential area. If you are thinking of the by the El Dorado restaurant
@ Studebaker&Spring there is a daycare business right behind the restaurant & a pot business
will put her out of business and it's her main source of income."

Marijuana should have never been legalize at all.

If this is the same restriction for liquor stores. So far, marijuana isn't legal in California
and is still a controlled substance.

The ordinance needs be more in line with other cities' laws.

"Medical marijuana, as I understand it, is sold by prescription; they are not marketing to
the general population. Even if they were, their regulation need be no more than that of retail
liquor stores.

This NIMBY attitude is dismaying."

The best solution is to have NO medical marijuana collectives and pass an ordinance
like the City of Lakewood enacted.

dont allow it period!

It would be great if Long Beach would do away with the collectives until enough data is
collected concerning these operations.

I would be happy if they did not excist.

NO, just like Rite Aid and Walgreen's.

should include prohibition within residential areas as well.

Should be limited to major business areas in the city

However, since day care centers are typically businesses and are subject to business
cycles; opening, closing, relocating, etc., I would not include them in the restrictions for

There are enough restrictions on this type of business - please remember the purpose
for compassionate care and be compassionate to the members who are in need of this service.

One is operating across the street from the Bayshore Library.

They should have the same restrictions as a pharmacy, such as, CVS, which sells drugs
& alcohol.

I disagree with medical marijuana altogether

It's seem you are retroactively punishing the collective, and for what reason? If crime is a
concern, would such a change be applied equally among businesses that have a higher rate of
crime ( i.e. banks, liquor stores and drug stores)? I'm all for tightening up loopholes in the
existing law, but this does absolutely nothing to address regulating availability of the drug and
instead simply panders to residents who wish the collectives out of their neighborhood.

Laws for marijuana should be the same as for bars. Away from parks and schools.

I think that may just be another way of not allowing them to operate.

"In our neighborhood the people heading for the skate board park pass right by a strip
mall place (Palm Tree Liq.)
And a library. I think that is a vulnerable population to pass by a marijuana shop. I think it must
be easy to get a
a permit. (according to the print ads.) Fortunately the collective did not open at Spring &

Waste of time to change it....will get sued, lose ,and cost the taxpayers unnecessary

I hated walking down the Venice Beach strand with my daughter being solicited by the
medical marijuana clinics - "get your medical marijuana, the doctor is in". I'm sure many of the
folks going in there have no legitimate medical reason for it either. I do believe that in terminal
cases that it helps with pain control and I say yes to that. But strictly with a doctors prescription
for it and limited amounts at a time.

If the dispensing of other prescrition medications is not restricted in this manner it makes
no sense. If it is to be allowed within the city limits we need to get over the feeling that it is a
bad thing that should remain hidden awayaway.

I voted against medical marijunana, I don't think they should be allowed any where.

"1. Dispensaries are very low profile and do not pose any threat to people using parks,
libraries or day care centers. They do not negatively impact the area where they operate.
2. Restrictions prohibiting location have already negatively impacted patients' access to
dispensaries. CA law allows medical marijuana, Long Beach should not make it harder and
harder for patients who use marijuana."

Only as long as 7-11's which sell cigarettes and beer are also prohibited. As well as fast
food restaurants which serve unhealthy food targeting young people. Then, you may have my
support for limiting legal marijuana facilities.

Unless it currently is less than that.

Since these supposed nonprofit groups have apparently become big cash-based
businesses and, therefore, presumably attract the type of crime that such businsses typically
attract, I think it would be best to establish buffer zones around all places where minors spend
I don't think the location makes a difference.

The collectives should be at least 1,000 feet from all schools, medical offices, medical
clinics and hospitals. Consideration for people who are severely allergic to second hand smoke
should also be considered.

I believe we adults have a responsibility to deliver to children and teens an environment

that is as safe, clean, positive and drug-free as possible.

And change the ordinance of child molesters, ex-cons and mentally ill from living/ being
within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries and day care centers in addition to schools - wherever
children are.

I think collectives should be distributed like any other doctor-prescribed, over the counter
drug--that is, a licensed pharmacy.

The ordinance is much too restrictive already.

"I think it was very underhanded to charge a fee, a non-refundable fee, just to get into
the lottery.

I don't use any drugs, but it seems very small-minded for a city like LB to do this....we're not
some little backward town...."

I do not wish medical marijuana collectives to be in Long Beach, period.

Go farther, no disrtibution of marijuana in Long Beach.

Keep them away from Parks and Schools.

I think it is the goverments way to stop these stores from helping people who need this
to get by. Seperate Church and State always. Maybe a better question is no Liquor stores within
the same distance.

Should not be allowed at all. LA had over 800 after the green rush.

"Should children really be exposed to exposed to psychotropic drugs?


Because such a change in no way helps anyone, because you considered this originally
and decided on the buffer zones currently in the ordinance, and because we have yet to see
how things play out with those buffer zones.
Reasonable allowances should be made if this ordinance proves so restrictive that it
significantly impedes the ability of a reasonable number of businesses

The Collective Lottery thing that just happened was just a lazy stab at trying to legitimize
medical marijuana in LB. I agree there were more dispensaries than actually needed in the city,
but there should of been a thorough investigation done to see which dispensaries were strictly
complying to state law, which dispensaries were most compassionate willing to give medication
for free out to the terminally ill and eliminate the ones allowing teenagers to smoke/loiter in front
of the dispensary.

"I've noticed that collectives generally behave as model businesses in their locale. I often
don't even recognize them as marijuana ""pharmacies"" unless someone points it out to me.

As I understand it, users/patients are not allowed to smoke/consume the marijuana in public nor
create public disturbance as a result of their high. If people disobey these rules, then the proper
authorities can deal with them accordingly. As such, they should be subject to similar
regulations as liquor stores."

I don't think we should have any medical marijuana facilities at all in the City of Long
Beach. let's get rid of them...

Until the Federal Gov't regulates sales and distribution of marijuana, there should be no
sales or distribution in Long Beach.

The fact is that just as those of us who have children would not want a liquor store or an
adult book store to be next to one of these places children congregate, so we would not want to
have a "drug distribution center" located near one of these places where children congregate.

You should also limit how close they can be to each other and how close they can be to
Freeway on ramps. There are two collectives VERY close to where I live. One on Long Beach
Blvd and another on Wardlow. THEY ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER and I am stuck between
I think they should be prohibited from operating .5 miles from the above.

I think it's unfair to collectives that have already followed the existing ordinance. This is
already a very unfriendly city to business.


There is one on 2nd street directly across from Bay Shore Beach, packed with kids!

Should be the same as liquor stores.

I don't know why the council allowed medical marijuana collectives in Long Beach. As
far as I am concerned, I don't want any here. At the most one or two collectives in industrial
areas could have served the entire City. We have excellent public transportation.
The medical marijuana collectives should not be allowed in the city. Since the new law,
there has been more marijuana in the schools and it certainly seems to be a much stronger
version of the old pot.

Medical marijuana is a medicine, and should be used only in private (never in public)
and not before operating machinery, either personal (driving) or in a workplace. The effects and
their limits are not defined by a measurable factor such as blood-alcohol for alcoholic
beverages. Until they are, individuals who use it should be sequestered from the rest of the
population (e.g., in private residences).

The business-friendly part of me would say "no". Truth is these collectives need to be
better regulated - treated like a pharmacy, not a business.

And I would hope, not in any residential areas as well! The raised risk of crime and
unwanted influence to our kids is of utmost importance to families, the families that pay the
taxes in this city and are trying to raise it's future leaders!

These collectives are for all intents and purposes PHARMACIES. So, these rules should
not be applicable. But, an acceptable compromise would be to apply the same rules to the
collectives that apply to liquor stores.

THis is not a dangerous drug. People who use medical marijuana are not a danger to
children. Maybe if you limited Bars so they would not be within 1,000 feet of schools and parks
that would be a better idea.

Why have a law at all????? If smoking has been banned just about everywhere,why do
we need another law?. If City Council was doing their job.the sale of marijuan is illegal. Use the
local pharmacy for selling the stuff//

As a high school teacher, I'm certain that young adults can obtain whatever drugs they'd
like to quite easily, including alcohol and other drugs that are more dangerous than marijuana:
limiting location seems arbitrary and cosmetic.

These collectives are not going out to the parks, libraries or day care centers looking for
new patients! Use some common sense and stop wasting the council's time on this!

The existing ordinance that was voted on a year ago should go forward. Council
members and the public had plenty of time to weigh in on this issue before.Most of the
objections are NIMBY (not in my back yard).

I have not noticed people coming out of marijuana dispensaries and hanging around.
They usually jump in their cars and go. I have never been inside of one but I've heard they
cannot consume the substance on the premises.

I have not heard a valid argument as to why this is necessary, people who need these
collectives are not criminals or bad people at all for the most part(not everyone is perfect). not
allowing the collectives to operate will just force those honest people to seek their meds
elsewhere, like the locals in the parks!!!
"It's the danger of violence taking place based on the cash component, with enormous
amounts of cash being transacted
The temptation to attract a bad element is increased.
We have lived thru one incident already. We might not be so lucky next time.."

Like any business, the visibility and high profile of these within the city only add to the
possibility that they will become places where drugs are distributed to children as has already
been the case among students at Hughes Middle School, as testified by Monica Daley (former
principal) and by my own knowledge of a parent whose minor child started smoking weed as a
result of it being sold from someone related to a collective.

I don't approve of medical marijuana collectives, but if it is the will of the people, they
need to be as far away from exposure to kids as possible. When kids are told by their parents
that marijuana is illegal, but see it sold in L.B, they cannot differentiate if it is medical marijuana
or not. The first mistake the City Council made was going along with the state and allowing the
sale of medical marijuana. It needs to be highly regulated.

Put them in industrial areas, away from residential.

No, why would that matter? As long as no one is using near the facilities, it souldnt
impact parks, libraries/day care centers/schools. If it becomes a problem, then put the law in
place. If there are no issues with loitering, etc, then leave it as is.

I have property in COuncil District 1, 2, and 2 others and I think that you've passed
something, let it work. Many won't make the next few cut and will be eliminated by restrictions
imposed to open and by erros in running. In a year, many of these will be long gone by attrition.

It's not the collectives' existence near places where families gather that's the problem --
it's that some "patients" tend to hang out and use their prescriptions near the clinics. There
could be other ways to handle this, such as strictly enforcing loitering rules.

The more restrictions the better.

Medical Marijuana is a sham. I believe less than 5% of users have legitimate medical
needs for it.

The restrictions of safe access and availability of medicine for the needs of patients
should not be viewed as creating an added element of public safety, but rather the opposite. IF
you 'zone out' or eliminate a safe option for people to receive their clinical cannabis you revert
access back to a black market, increasing the very 'threat' you are trying to reduce. If you view
this form of medicine in a way other than medicine it is only because of a lack of information
regarding our ECS.

I don't want to smell it or breathe it, it is no different than cigarettes, and if found to be
legal it should be restricted the same as cigars and cigarettes.

Marijuana and other drugs are already be sold in and around our schools. Let's regulate
it and get the criminals away from our children.

There are no laws against bars being near parks or libraries. Bars can have people
drinking and leave the establishment thus endangering those around them. NO ONE is allowed
to Medicate on site of any of these collectives, and security is a requirement of the collectevs.

If you do this, you should also be making these same restrictions on liquor stores and
any place that sells alcoholic beverages.

I can understand schools but parks and libraries are public places and I doubt there
would be any negative outcome from a collective being 1,000 feet of a day care. That's going a
little overboard.

It's a must to set the ground rules right away on this, I beleive if you don't then nobody
can't say, I did not know. When you don't wear the shoes of people who are in great pain, day in
& day out, find something that helps ease it. It's hard to allow what has be known in the past as
something you get high on. It's a natural plant, a high percentage of people these days are
looking for ways to use Gods natural plants as medication.

This essentially puts them in industrial areas which are in west and north Long Beach.

Collectives should only be allowed to be ran in Business parks or industrial areas. Away
from kids.

Absolutely. How about moving these collectives to industrial areas, away from where
anyone lives -- away from homes, kids, schools, parks, libraries, and where families regularly
go, gather, etc. These places introduce danger in the forms of drug availability to our kids and
guns/drugs/money in one place. Just a bad idea.

I believe it would be irresponsible to do so after the ordinance has already been

approved. These issues were addressed before the ordinance passed.

maybe day cares??

Parks ,Libraries day Care Centers How silly why not gas stations and dry cleaners

They should follow the same rules that apply to places that sell alcohol and prescritption

Enforce the current ordinances, don't impose more. Bars and places that serve alcohol
are not restricted. I don't believe the collectives would increase crime if they are run according
to current laws. I would like to see factual statistics; not scare tactics and hearsay.

I feel this would be too restrictive! Long Beach has so many parks, libraries and pre-
schools making it a great place to live and raise a family the last 24 years, but doesn't this extra
legislation seem to be supposing that those who use medical marijuana are as dangerous as
child predators? I or someone in my family here in Long Beach may need medical marijuana
someday, and I don't want to be profiled or discriminated against like that because of a medical
condition like cancer or aids!!!!
And should include businesses/sites that are predominately children based like dance
studios, etc and I would rather it be 1500 or even 2000 feet if you keep them legal.
I am totally against the use of marijuana at any time except with a REAL physician's

Our children should NOT have to walk past a dispensory to get ice cream or play at the
park. Too much criminal activity is eminemt. My 8 year old NOW knows the word marajuana
because she knows of the shooting that happened two bldgs away. To the lobbyists: Do YOU
want a pot store NEXT to your home? Do YOU want people loitering and smoking in your
backyard? Do YOU want people walking into your house waving a RX asking for pot? Do you
want gunfire? ALL of this has happened to us already!

The safety of our neighborhoods should be everyone's number one priority, but I also
think think that the existing ordinance could do the job just fine. I think the city already spent
enough time and energy on the existing ordinance and they should at least give it some time to
speak for it self.

Collectives of Medical Marijuana should have the SAME restrictions as pharmacies like
RiteAid, Wallgreens etc

Smoking is already prohibited in parks. Children do not attend daycares with out the
supervision of an adult. There are bars and plenty of alcoholic establishments near libraries.
Medical Marijuana is MEDICINE PEOPLE!!!!

The more enforcable restrictions the better. After all, it is illegle. We are just trying to
generate income from it. The more restriction equate to more fines and license fees collected.
We should Tax the Hell out of it for all we can get. 90% of the users are a shame in the first
place. Complain of a backache, pay $150 and go get your fix. Who are you trying to fool? Not
the taxpayers. Look at the last election...Again!

Stop going back and forth on this issue. It should have been done it right the first time.
Stop demonizing these folks that need this medicine like my mother who suffers from cancer.

You've just gone thru all that. I thought that this city cared about its residents.
Apparently not. I feel sick that you want to change something that is so helpful to cancer
patients. I am very upset that you would give in to backwards prejudice. I thought Long Beach
was a progressive city. I guess not.

They should be no different than liquor store zoning.

Frankly, I think if it is for medical use, it should be distributed by licensed pharmacists.

"97% of dispenceries have been criminalized. we do not need crime next to schools,
parks or daycare centers, furtherore anywherre near where there are children near.
It is the city councils job to ensure the safety of their citizens, period. no matter what the cost.
we have city attorneys for just such law suits these guys are threatening. I say, tell these
greedy guys to bring it on and we, long beach shoud set the precedent for defeatign them in

the ordinance is already restrictive enough, liqour stores are legal, and encourage the
traffic of children by selling candy. Collectives on the otherhand are very low key, with no
advertising, and no selling of ANYTHING to children.
We don't put this type of distance limitation on more dangerous (and more socially
acceptable) institutions like bars.

Only if you're prepared to close all of the liquor stores within 1000 feet of parks, libraries
and day care centers too. Anything else screams of discrimination against medical marijuana

Why do you want me to get my medication in an industrial area? Iam sick if I can get my
prescription filled any of the local rite aid or cvs pharmacy then why not 1 collective in my district

why, didnt you already pass the ordinance? i am never voting for my council member
again. He has shown LACK OF ANY COMMON SENSE!

The school restriction is sufficient.

The zoning restrictions and hours change would severly impact my safe access to
medicine. My local collective has never had issues with the community, and has helped my
personal health greatly. Where is a proposed map showing where these collectives could
lawfully operate?

How can you change the zoning restrictions after collectives have paid to be in the
lottery? There is a high chance these collectives would have opted out of the lottery if they knew
they were in a restricted zone. This is extremely unfair.

Concern regarding the amount of traffic and the influence on children in observing the
number of individuals seeking to purchase. Will this behavior have an adverse effect on
children as to the generalized acceptance of its use.

The collective I go to is directly across the street from a library. They handle a safe and
protected environment, unlike others I've been to.

"In fact these poor patients and operators are being persecuted wrongfully.

They DO NOT attact more crime most definitely then say a neighborhood diner or bank,
Starbucks or 7-11.

Additionally there is a misconception that these operators are making money. They aren't.
They are barely making it in todays environment.

Owning a collective is NOT lucrative.

Leave them be, and treat them as any other business. They are decent American people
running this.

Thank you."

Are the same restrictions true for liquor stores?

We should remove them from Long Beach entirely.

too restrictive!

The vote has already been made. It is quite unethical to go back and penalize those that
have expended great amounts of money since the lottery.

Co-Op's should have the same freedom as liquor stores. Liquor stores sell much more
harmful drugs like alcohol and tobacco.

"No it should not be changed . The collectives that are still opening have been in
complete compliance with all rules thus far. it will cause major lawsuits with realtors and
property tax disputes. Many collectives had inquired about parks and the legality of it but were
given the green light to invest clean money not drug money.
They are not selling HEROIN,COKE,SPEED, or ECSTACY. Just MEDICINE. it helped ease my
fathers pain when he was dieing from cancer more than any pill would. It helps pain"


"After 'eons' of discussion, guidelines were announced and people paid almost $15,000
to participate in your ""lottery"". They leased property, jumped hoops and expended time and
money to lease and remodel properties. Then the Council minority decided to win by obstructing
the majority.

Restricting operation within 1,000 feet of bus-stops, fire hydrants and parking spaces would
have the same effect: no collectives anywhere in long beach. Just SAY IT.

Want to be taken seriously? BE serious."

There is no requirement that pharmacy's be located 1,000 feet away from parks,
libraries, or day care centers. There is also no similar requirement that bars be located away
from these areas either. Medical marijuana is a legitimate medical business, supported by and
voted for by California citizens. It should not be treated differently than regularly pharmacies.

What is the point of these restrictions? The restrictions will not keep marijuana out of the
hands kids. Kids do not get marijuana from these collectives. The restrictions will make life
more difficult for people suffering from medical illnesses. That would be a a travesty.

Collectives negatively impacted should have their money refunded and the city should
pay costs (leases, equipment rental, etc.) collective incurred in reliance of previous ordinance.

hell yes

They should be limited not only by distance, but by true need and the so-called patients
should have ligitimate need for the drug. Their need should be more scrutinized along with the
prescriptions that they show up with.

We already spent all this money setting up the current ordinance, we signed off on it, we
took their money, and now before it's executed we want to change our minds? Just go forward
and deal with the issues as they come along, because right now the ONLY issue is the city
council itself!

Maybe parks within say 500 ft would be plenty, otherwise I think daycares and libraries
are ridiculous.. Do Walgreens and CVS have the same rules, because thats exactly what a
dispensary is.

i see liquor stores and gas stations that sell beer next to parks all the time.

It is absolutely the city's obligation to make the safety of its littlest residents safe. The
dispensaries bring a questionable element to the neighborhoods; it is a fact. Long Beach has
an unproportionately high amount of dispensaries compared to its neighboring cities such as LA
and Orange County cities (some of which do not have any). The city tries so hard to make it
beautiful and appealing to attract residents but I question what a near by dispensary will do to
my property values.

I find it ironic that where there once was a skateboard store, near Studebaker and
Spring, where kids could go and congregate to participate in a healthy activity, there now is a
Marijuana Collective trying to establish itself. I do not want Marijuana business opening across
the street from our parks, and our library, past which I hope to walk with my family for years to
come. I will be extremely let down by L.B. if this is allowed to happen.

Based off of principle, when I commit to something I follow through. I feel that if the
government did what they already promised we would be a stronger nation.

The system hasn't proven to be broken, everything has been voted on already. Can we
just move on?

Absolutely not! The city created these ordinances and the collectives have opened their
businesses according to what was asked. It would be unfair for the city to change them before
the original ones even begin. That would be poor taste.

While your add it, include locations where children gather, for example, the Long Beach
Ballet studio. There are three located just across the street. Everyday children come and go
and its disgusting to see their signs and arrows directing one to notice them.

Absolutely not. There is no smoking allowed in the parks. The collectives provide a safe
place for the patients to purchase the marijuana, take it home and use it. The patients are
responsible enough to obtain a presciption rather than to obtain it in an illegal manner. By doing
away with the collective, you will encourage the illegal element to foster.

The existing ordinance had this limitation in its earlier drafts, and was later deleted. All 3
of you voted yes for the ordinance. It is deceptive and irresponsible to vote yes, to come back
and want to change it before it is implemented.

you already told these people where they could set up. This is mickey mouse governing.

Industrial space would be far better in my opinion for these businesses to operate.
Patrons could still obtain the product they desire and it would increase the degree of safety in
the community and limiting the exposure to children/minors.

"Let the current ordinance run first. It was to be reviewed in 1 year anyway.

I belive many collectives had operated years

before the city audinance. They have not like the drug house. I have not read about the
collective sold MMJ to children or patients caught smoking outside the collectives."
Priority 1 of government is protect children. This being a cash biz with the product itself
being highly desired by criminal elements, the possiblity of guns used to rob the outlet
represents obvious unnecessary danger to children. Any vote must error on the side of safety
concerns for the children before any financial considerations.
"A drug dispensary sends the wrong message about our community to visitors and
This is a residential area we live and with 100 lf of residential residences. Children should not
be exposed to this business or the clientele that frequent these establishments.
A person was shot at the drug dispensary a few blocks away down 2nd street. Why would you
condone this violence and allow more of these establishments in our neighborhood?
Due to the nature of these businesses they have large"

To many dollars have been wasted away on this! Please just let it go!

Please ask the other councilmen if they would want to live close to a business that was
already known to have a history of violence as in the case of the dispensary on Naples Island.
Waking up to gunshots is a very rude awakening! These collectives do not belong in family
neighborhoods where our lives are put at risk but rather only in commercial/industrial areas.

I am the mother of 2 young children (2 & 4) and I don't agree with the limiting the
operation of the medical marijuana collectives. Should we take the alcohol and cigarettes out of
all the supermarkets and Targets, etc that are also located within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries,
schools and day care centers to limit our childrens "potential" exposure them. It's up to us
parents to educate our children and not to make it harder for people who really need the
marijuana to access it.

I live on the east side of LB

Gerrie, With respect and admiration for your advocacy on many quality of life issues
here in Long Beach, I must disagree with your stance on this issue. Although there are most
likely five votes to pass the item the result will do nothing to protect children. In fact it will
encourage many more law suits being filed against our city with unknown cost to residents.

Ordinance should be enacted to prohibit operation of MMC's within 1,000 feet of parks,
libraries, day care facilities and schools.

Libraries, really?

Why can't they place in a more industrial area?

Yes they need to be more then 1000 ft from anywhere kids will be coming from parks
and school and also beaches.
Putting a collective across the street from El Dorado Park, a public library and adjacent
to both a liquor store and bar? Really? This is not ok. Frankly, if this Medical Marijuana facility
opens down the street from us (Spring/Studebaker), I will move my family out of Long Beach.

The ordinance was written and approved after much volley, to come back and modifiy
after the fact is just clear restrictive policy taking aim.

There are so many children in this area that I worry about their safety, as well as their
families, and my own!

Let's compromise - it should be changed to a 600 feet buffer zone for parks, libraries,
etc. The state of CA passed a law for 600 feet buffer zone against schools, LB should be just as
fair and follow their example and require 600 ft from parks, libraries & day care.

This would be a better addition to the current ordinance.

Safety! The Naples shooting so close to "kid" areas convinces me that those who do not
vote for this amendment will have blood on their hands.

City of Los Angeles has enacted laws to prevent people from smoking cigarettes on
beaches in parks and pretty much anywhere that people congregate. This is to prevent those
who don't want to be around 2nd-hand smoke to be free to enjoy life without smoke. I would like
to see similar laws in Long Beach, smoking isn't good for anyone. Marijuana isn't just smoke, it's
inebriation, similar to public drunkeness. We don't need that near schools, libraries or day care
centers or schools.

Too many dispensaries. It's ridiculous.

No, it makes no difference if it is a 1,000 ft., of 50 ft. If one wants to buy marijuana, do
you think they can not obtain it illegally? It's naive to think that. Any one in high school can
obtain it. The proximity to parks, or libraries is irrelevant. The patients are the ones who are
responsible enough to obtain it from a collective.

I do not see any harm in having them within 1,000. feet of schools, libraries etc.
As a business owner in proximity of a collective, i have observed the patrons to be very
civil, proper and law abiding citizens. It has had a positive effect on my business. We are very
close to a park, and there have been no cause for concern. i'm also a responsible father , and I
see no threat or concern with the collectives. They operate with a business license and with
regulations, just like a pharmacy except that they sell Oxycontin, real dangerous drugs.

I understand not allowing collectives to operate near schools, but I don't see how parks,
especially those with their playgrounds in the center of the park (away from major streets) can
be affected by a collective's presence, any more than they are affected by a nearby liquor store
or cigar shop.

You have to allow the original ordinance a one year time period to work. Then it should
be reevaluated. That is proper procedure. Apparently you are not reading and understanding
State Laws pertaining to Medical Marijuana. If you change the ordinance before a year is up,
You can be sued. There are over 25,000 medical marijuana patients in Long Beach, those
25,000 has already indicated that they have had enough of the City with the ordinance and is
ready to

I believe that there are sufficient limitations on Marijuana Dispensaries. Any additional
restrictions would limit patients ability to obtain their medicine safely and easily.

See number 5 below

Medicinal marijuana collectives operate to serve the public. I don't find it necessary to
prohibit them within children. It's a very serious and crucial to people's health. Nothing should
ever be smoked around children, but people need safe ways to access their medicine, and that
includes being around schools and parks where there are even policemen to help oversee the

Collectives do not belong anywhere in a residential area. They should be in

industrial/commercial areas due to possible crimes.

I think we shouldn't have them in our city at all. 1000 feet - it should be miles!! Do you
realize what will happen? You can already get a "prescription" from some so called "doctor" in
Venice. Every High Schooler will be getting one and lining up to purcahse. If they have to be
here, not near a bus stop or within miles of a school or park. How about a nice industrial area
near the port?

I'm not as concern about the parks as much as I am about day care center & libraries.

Advertising should be limited as well. Bill boards should not be allowed.

Absolutely should be farther away. I'm not at all against medical marijuana however, it
should be no where within walking distance from children.

Only if the ordinance is applied equally to pharmacies and liquor stores.

They should have the same prohibitions as drug stores, liquor stores or markets that sell
tobacco, alcohol and over-the-counter medications such as Nyquil and Sudafed.

"no changes necessary, these places are not harming the community in any way.
these collectives are inconspicuous and respectable places for people to get meds."

"I believe in L.A. county Long Beach has the most marijuana centers.
We don't need it in Naples."

You are going to put the few thriving businesses in long beach OUT of business! Our
city is filled with empty store fronts - please do not destroy something that is working.

leave medicine dispensary/collectives alone already!! haven't they jumped through

enough of your lame hoops? do you make these restrictions on liquor stores????

Changed to 600 feet to coincide with CA law for schools

The existing ordinance is already restrictive enough. The additional changes are not

This would be vitural ban, leaving almost nowhere in the city to operate.

Liquor stores sell cigarettes, and beer. MANY people MANY MANY people have died
from both. NO ONE has ever died from Marijuana.

I understand keeping Collectives away from schools, but if this ordinance passes I will
not be able to get the medication I need for my illness of Lupus, which causes CHRONIC pain.
My illness also prevents me from being able to travel long distances, and there will be no other
collectives in the area.

"They should not be allowed anywhere in our

city. If they need help they should be getting
medication from a pharmacy ONLY."

I don't think it matters. The people using the collective are not that likely to run right out
to the park and smoke in front of kids. They are happy to have a legitimate way to buy it (again
and again) and will take it home.

There shouldn't be any marijuana being grown in Long Beach or Lakewood, period!

Why all of these unnecessary changes? There is a lot more going on in the city that I
wish you would focus on. Why are we focusing on the legal collectives where there are illegal
collectives who are paying ZERO to the city?

Sick people that use marijuana are not a threat to our children. Do you think "gun-free"
zones around our schools keep the kids safer, it's just feel good legislation to keep the sheeple

Libraries are visited by adults who are pretty much knowlagble when it comes to
marijuana....parks are ussually visited by families and any parent who does not want his kids to
use medical marijuana he could explain to his kids why he thinks that marijuana is not good for
them and finally day cares are for kids who are not really aware of their surroundings. I mean
come on now day cares! 1 - 2 yrs old kids don't really understand what is going on so specially
DAY CARES I really do not believe in

you taking it way too far

These dispensaries attract bad actors and at some point in time some child will be hurt
as a result of being in too close proximity to one of these dispensaries.

We don't need them in an area where our children are more likely to be exposed to
marijuana. It brings in an element of unsavory characters in and out of our neighborhoods and
exposure to more crime. They are not all grandmas and grandpas!

"I'm 67 and own property and live in Bluff Park.

You are creating problems where none existed!
There is a collective two blocks away and I have seen no problems at all. Where are the
restrictions on Drug stores? I see one directly across from a park that sells very dangerous
drugs and alcohol. If there was no demand their would be no stores, let capitalism run its
I'm more worried about the bums and homeless in the neighborhood breaking into homes and
cars than someone smoking a joint."

leave collectives alone. They do an honest service to disabled, seniors and needy

A mmc is a store where u buy mm. Unless u r under the impression that patients are
dealing their mm to children or minors then why is it a concern. Instead the ordinance should
read that a patient is not allowed to medicate within 1,000 feet etc.etc., that would better protect
our youth. Each and every permitted mmc should pass inspection from health, city and a
volunteer mmj advocate group. A advocate group is needed because only true patients know
what to look for in a mmc.

The rules for collectives have already been established and agreed upon.

They should not be allowed within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries or day care centers

I frequent a building where medical marijuana is sold and grown.It is very close to a
library, beach, and children who go to shop. They do not need this in their "play area".

Should be near hospitals

Please pursuade your colleages to vote yes on this measure. I have two little boys and
I'm not willing to take a "wait and see" attitude that was mentioned multiple times at the meeting
last week. I honestly don't know what we're waiting for, to see if someone else gets shot? I
know that there is the threat of legal action on this matter by the dispensaries, but it's worth it to
me as a taxpayer to protect the public. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done on this

It is far too restrictive already. People who are sick or have disabilities should have
equal access to their choice of medicine.

I am not as concerned about the location as I am the appearance and safety of the
location. I do agree that distance is important, but 1,000 feet may be too much.
It is much too easy to resell marijuana in these areas.

I feel that this is hypocritical. If this laws takes effects it should apply to all
establishments that sell mind altering substances.

Changing the ordinance would be reckless and invite lawsuits against the city.
Collectives contain and minimize the criminal element. They should be allowed anywhere any
other business establishment is allowed. Without bigotry.

Residential restrictions also don't apply to Wardlow Rd. at Cal Heights as there are 5
open collectives, two are at least one block away from Burroughs Elementary. Since these are
all high risk for robberies and murders, I feel this has made the neighborhood unsafe and
devalued our properties in this recession. I am angry that Uranga and Lerch received campaign
money from Collective owners and no one seemed to notice. Did this money come from Gang
acitivity? To destroy our neighborhood?

I cannot go that far for my medication

1000 feet is ineffective and gives a false sense of security that we are protecting our

"Pharmacies and other medical/pharmaceutical establishments do not operate under this


creating this obstruction to groups operating under legitimate state mandates would be
imprudent. The legal costs of upholding such a decision would place major financial strains on
the city to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars and alienate voters."
It is ridiculous to have these located so close (even across the street) from our parks.

That's too restrictive and inconvenient from the residents who need it.

Prohibit them anywhere near where children gather

this will effect 18 of the collectives. will cost unnecessary money to defend lawsuits.
collectives will not go into the park. Schools already have a buffer zone. its stupid

Why don't you go after the tabbaco company and ban alcohol and cold medicines that
don't work and cause serious health issues. Medical mj is natural and it should be obvious that
the people have spoken and want it to be available to them. Try going after a real problem for

no, let the ordinance be as it is. You never stated how many collectives will be affected.

We do not to my knowledge manadate that kind of restriction with business who sell

There will be many lawsuits for nothing. Makes no difference

You and Mr. O'Donnel should be ashamed of yourselves. All 3 of you are hypocrites.
You have no care for your people. You are being ignorant, and close minded.

Take off your blinders and listen to your citizens

please let the collectives open and start their operation.

It is my responsibility to keep my child safe. What does a collective's proximity has to do

with anything? Drugs are available everywhere illegaly. Let this collective environment lessen
the illegal scene.
1000 Ft from schools is not restrictive enough. The MJ collectives should not be within
1000 Ft of anywhere children (esp. teenagers) congregate. i.e. parks, libraries and day care
centers. as well as schools.

If you are limiting the distance to 1,000 of schools beccause of exposure to children,
then parks, libraries, and day care centers should be included as well. The primary consumer
for a park, day care, or libary is a young child which is the same group that attends schools, only
younger. If they need the pot that much, they can drive further. This is not about conveice for
the user, but the safety of the citizenry. They should feel glad they finally have an opportunity to
legally buy pot.

"Schools, Parks, and Libraries - Yes.

Day Care Centers - No. What infant or toddler is out smoking pot?"

We should err on the side of greater, rahter than lesser, restrictions, especially since
marijuana remains illegal to use for *any* purpose according to federal law.

I would be open to the newer prohibitions that are being proposed in this question, if and
only if there were a "grandfather-in" clause so that existing collectives near parks and libraries
are allowed to stay open, especially if they have no visible signage on their office.

I feel very strongly about this. It makes no sense to allow the centers near parks and
day care centers, where young children are at risk for what ever may happen. If they are
restricted near schools, they should have restrictions anywhere near any children at all. I
personnaly do not want them located anywhere in Naples or Belmont Shore!

I don't think belive or support the use of medical marijuana. I and not happy that there is
one in my neighborhood at the corner of Bellflower and PCH.

You have given these small business owners enough grief. Let the ordinances stand
from the lottery. The city has collected their monies, held a lottery, so give these businesses
their licenses and leave them alone. Let your new restrictions have a chance to weed out the
collectives who don't want to play by the rules. Long Beach can ill-afford to chase away any
more small businesses. Look at all the empty storefronts!

It is stated to enact this ordinance "before they open for business", however there are
currently several in the area (the Dank Depot -7th and PCH, and another in Naples) that are
currently open.

Medical marijuana dispensaries should be treated like pharmacies, and pharmacies do

not have to follow guidelines like that. Medical marijuana was passed by California voters. It's
time to accept that.

I see gas stations that sell alcohol near every school, park, and library in the city.
There is absolutely no reason why a MM colletive would need to be located so close to a
park, library or day care center, not to mention schools. If anything, malls should also be added
since these are typically kid and family-centered areas as well. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Should not be in our city......

It depends on how they operate. If there is a specific problem, then we can deal with it.
If operating in a well managed way, let them be.

Too many restrictions will leave patients without access



parks and libraries no.. schools and day care centers maybe but the entrance to most of
these collectives is very tight.

My wife runs a large family daycare and strongly feels she does not want the collective
on Spring St. closer than 1000' to her center.

I run a large family daycare (12-14 children). I oppose having the clinic so close because
of the safety of my children. We always have to go across that area to access the park and the
library; I feel that my clients are starting to feel nervous about this issue.

This is still a drug controlled and considered illegal by the Feds.

Medical patient getting their medicine has nothing to do with parks, libraries or day care
centers. Are you going to apply the same legal standard to Rite Aide and other Drug Stores?

The state ballot indicated most Californians are still not supportive of recreational use.
Prescription uses need to have regualations to ensure their safety and the community safety.

no drugs.....should be around children!

The Council had plenty of time ti think this ordinance through and hear public testimony.
I say "yes" only if the sale requirements will apply to bars and mini-markts selling liquor.

Yes, prohibit all dispensaries in the city. Let the the US Government dispense through

reform pensions!

Not unless a similar ordinance banning sale of alcohol or tobacco within the same limits
is also passed.

I respectfully suggest that you save the city's money and wait. The medpots have no
effect on parks, or daycare centers. They don't target anyone as costomers. Its the illegal drug
dealers you need to keep out of LB.

I want this to stop because i am worried for the children. I think it will hurt the children in
Long Beach. I am Cambodian and I don't want to see these places open near our children. It's

As a mother of 2, I spend much time in the parks. The dispensary near the park we
frequent is no different than any other business. There is no relationship between the collective,
and the surrounding establishments.

European experience shows a reduction of use by teens and reduction in crime through
availability in certain locations such as the collectives. Please don't be so blind to the reality

you can never make everyone happy. Buffer zones are meaningless. If a teen wants to
smoke tobacco, or marijuana, or drink alcohol, they'll find out. Collectives are law abiding
establishments. Please respect the wishes of the majority. I see no problems with proximity.
Schools were the big issue, and you have your buffer zone. With all of the parks in LB, there is
no spot left for the collectives, so you'd like to eliminate them entirely, which is not the choice of
your citizens. Plea

I think the collectives should also be regulated as to the quality/strenth of the marijuana
that is sold/perscribed.

There is plenty of space away from the above mentioned locations to distribute medical

Please, for the preservation of Long Beach and for the safety o my two daughters, keep
these marijuana dispensaries away from parks.

Patients need easy access to the collectives. Leave the ordinance as it is.

4. The current City ordinance concerning medical marijuana collectives requires that
they grow the marijuana being given to their clients within the city limits. This was
recommended by the Chief of Police as a way of limiting the trafficking of marijuana from
out of the area. The current ordinance allows growing in retail zoned areas. Should the
ordinance be changed to require that growing marijuana can only be done in industrial
zones? - Comments
Growing medical marijuana in a retail setting makes zero sense to me and again (given
the cash value of these crops) puts shoppers of other retail establishments potentially in harms

There's just no positive spin on this no matter how you look at it.

This is silly. Who cares where it comes from? To avoid abuse, we might want to tighten
up the controls on prescribing it...

Same issue as above.

Again, those who will purchase this drug will go to the most convenient place to smoke
it, which will be in the retail area. I think people are naive believing these people will go home
and smoke it.

I don't understand what difference it makes where the it's grown.

A friend of mine owns a Mrs. Fields franchise in Downtown. A medical marijuana user
with a chronic disease visits him every week after getting his pot from a collective that is right
down the street. Needless to say, he purchases his cookies and then does the rest of his
shopping in that area. Sounds like it's good for business. If we are going to allow medical
marijuana to be grown within the City, why not keep it in the retail areas so other businesses
can reap the benefits.

They should be allowed to grow it any where and sale it.

The issue is why can't the council members and attorney's think of these things in
advance so we don't have to do this on a continual basis. Now if a change is made there will be
excess fees and expenses to deal with the law suits or complaints made by those already under
the contract. These type of things happen a lot and cause the residents to have little faith in the
city council or legislature.

I would defer to the Chief of Police on this issue. However, I gather that these industrial
zones also be within the city limits. If so, I would prefer that industrial zones be usef.

see above comment.

If it has to be grown, grow it where it is supervised.

This restriction may make the marijuana more vulnerable to robbery or crime since it
would have to be off premises.

"I don't know where the specific retail and industrial zones are in Long Beach.
What safeguards will be implemented to secure the crops from unauthorized
harvesting(stealing)? It is still a controlled substance and must be secured at each stage."

As long as the ordinance prohibits growing in residential areas.

Growing should be permitted in all areas of the city.

not sure what advantages/disadvantages would be

Not sure which "industrial" zones would be conducive to growing, not to mention, most of
these zones are not in the greatest parts of town. More info would be great. Is there a fiscal
impact on the city by choosing one or the other?

Need more info on the pros and cons.

No growing it at all. This should all be regulated by phisicians and pharmacies. Do we

grow vicodin, coedine, morphine, etc...?

Too late, too late, too late. FYI, some people are going to smoke pot anyway -- probably
some people you would never suspect! The truth is, if the collectives were primarily medicinal,
pot could have been sold legally through pharmacies and by prescription. I say, if people want
to self-medicate, then let them. At least this way you can tax the stuff and separate it from more
serious drug use and sales.

I think it is ridiculous that our City ordinance encourages growing marijuana in our city.
What were they thinking? It's probably so they can tax it and bring in money to Long Beach.
There must be a better way to get Long Beach out of debt. I think that marijuana should be
grown in a controlled area away from the city and under strict guard. People kill for drugs.
Looks what is happening in Mexico! Marijuana is a mind altering drug and we are driving next
to these people. Scarey!

Put yourself in the cancer patients place, they need this for appetite and to keep weight
on so they do not die. Some can't even drive because they are so weak.

My first choice is that 'medical' marijuana collectives should not operate in our city at all!

I am afraid that once growing is done in residential/retail areas, there will come
robbery/theft of the product. it really should be as far as residential as possible.

Again, get rid of them all together.

Personally I do not agree with the restriction to grow within the city because it places a
security and resources burden on the businesses, but if we are already taking that step then it is
a good idea to take the risk away from communities and residential neighborhoods.

You should be free to grown it where it is most practical and efficient. In fact, industrial
zones would be harder to police; easier to break into.

I do not want anyone growing marijuana in or around our neighborhoods. It should be in

industrial zones only, where homes are not closely located.

It is surprising that Councilman Neal clearly understood what a negative influence these
dispensaries are to a community when he objected to additional dispensaries in his district. His
affirmation of these costs to a communities quality of life should set an example for all of Long
I dont care were in the city it is being grown as long as the FDA is regulating the
growth/manufacture of medical marijuana/medicine

Who cares

Absolutely. Store fronts pot shops create crime issues that will be close in proximity to
residential areas.

If you don't require it to be done at the same location as it is sold, it will be too difficult to
police & oversee.

My preference is "no marijuana collectives". City Administration, police and the judicial
system should not have the added burden of control and enforcement associated with
marijuana collectives

Or in areas outside of the city that are appropriate for agriculture. This way the crop can
be regulated.

I would have supported this 6 months ago but I don't think it is fair to the store operators
to change this mid-stream. Let's see how it goes and re-evaluate in 6 months or a year. This is
important but not the most critical issue.

I think these establishments attract drug seekers. The more limited they are, the better.

Let them grow it wherever retail space is available but away from schools/parks etc. The
plant itself is not harmful to breathe and looks pretty.

I believe these are businesses and need to be conducted as such, on business property.
This will probably help identify the co-op as opposed to the guy that grows it illegally in a
"house" with hydroponic, lights...

There is no way to police or inforce where or how much is being grown.

"""Out of the area""? Is this whole thing about taxing the product for revenue for LB?
How about the taxpayers quality of life and freedom from potheads roaming around? Just watch
the Broken Window effect once these businesses start selling.
If this pot legalization is just for revenue those responsible for implementing it should be
ashamed. We have to suffer because our City ""fathers"" don't know how to manage our
Trim the fat starting with some of the City perks and raises."

Marijuana should have never been legalize at all.

Pot growing is stinky business!

keep it from coming in from mexico!

The harder you make it to produce, the more illegal importing there will be! Save yourself
an impossible enforcement problem and simplify, not complicate, these operations.

Retail zones are probably better patrolled by the police.

but maybe in retail for the smaller businesses

"Our concern is that the use of medical marijuana (MM) is abused. The message of
prop 19 is that marijuana use be prohibited and the law be enforced. There are adequate
prescription pain relievers and no compelling reason to allow MM.
Otherwise, why not include heroin, cocaine, opium etc. MM merely opens that door."

I would expect that this could isolate crimes associated with break ins and thefts away
from resdential areas. However, at some point, those residents who wish to have marijuana as
a part of their lives should not expect to perpetually shift the "dirty work" off on someone else.

This regulation is not, I believe, in the best interests of dispensary members. With all due
respect, the chief of police has no documentation proving his point and the growing stipulation is

I assume growing in industrial areas would reduce the possibility of collateral damage in
the instance of a robbery. You've not provided a pro/con argument for such a change, so
perhaps you should provide background before asking this question.

Ban ALL marijuana growers and dispenseries.

I do not know enough to have an opinion.

Not enough info to make an educated call.

But only if it's monitored closely.

This seems almost as absurd as saying that only beer and wine made within the city
limits can be served in Long Beach. The growing and processing of any product varies greatly
from one geographical area to another. Ever had a Chanin Blanc from Lake Tahoe. We should
be looking for the best product to solve the ills. Why not liscense and inspect the growers?

I see no reason for this. To first make a law that marijuana must be grown in Long
Beach and then to further limit where in Long Beach it may be grown seems like a "chipping
away" approach to eliminating marijuana growing and dispensary operation.
The government should stay out of the lives of individuals! It should be allowed by
patients to be grown in homes and on personal property.

Regardless of where the marijuana is grown, there will be safety issues that will need to
be addressed. Would city police have to step up their patrols in areas where the product is
grown to protect property and the safety of those living and working in those areas? Will private
security be mandatory at these growing locations? How will the property owners secure the
sites? The probable uptick in criminal activity in the growing areas is something the city should
seriously look at.

As long as there is a limit to the amount of space and/or fees are paid to the city for
specific land measurments.

Marijuana should be grown wherever it's grown now. The ordinance does not make

The capsule form of medicinal marijuana (Marinol) should be the only form of medicinal
marijuana available.

overly restrictive

Not only it be done in industrial zones, it should be done outside Long Beach.
Though it is only my opinion, industrial areas are too often deserted for long periods of
time. Retail areas have more people around to discourage access for those unauthorized. Youth
will be less likely to gain access in retail areas.

How can you determine where the marijuana is grown?

Because such a change in no way helps anyone, because you considered this originally
and decided to allow cultivation as currently outlined in the ordinance, and because we have yet
to see how things play out with the ordinance as is.

This ordinance makes no sense at all. How will law enforcement be able to tell that
cannabis sold in LB dispensaries was grown at LB grow sites? I watched that council meeting
on TV and the Chief of Police must have his head in the clouds if he actually thinks that policy
could ever work
I don't see the big difference between growing marijuana in retail versus industrial zones.
Marijuana comes from a plant. As far as I know, one doesn't need that much space to grow
enough of it for a collective's operations. Why saddle the business with this additional regulation
when it doesn't seem necessary? Patients would ultimately get better prices.

I don't think we should have any medical marijuana facilities at all in the City of Long
Beach. let's get rid of them...

If you want to grow, grow it at home for personal use or grow it in an industrial area... but
BUY AMERICAN. Put the Drug Cartels out of business!! Better yet, don't smoke - cigarettes or

I think it's unfair to collectives that have already followed the existing ordinance. This is
already a very unfriendly city to business.

Firstly I don't understand why this requirement was there in the first place. There is no
eco-friendly way to grow this in LB. There is no open land. It will require space and massive
amounts of electricity, water, and chemicals to grow the marijuana. Doing that in retail zones
close to homes I think is a disaster waiting to happen.

Not sure why we think Retail stores are nurseries? They aren't. Also where are they
going to grow this? Inside? Using lots of electricity and energy to grow it?

Should not have to be grown in city limits. Alcohol is not. Why such a restriction?

If we have to have such a law the marijuana should be grown away from houses,
schools, children, parks etc.

But industrial zones should be included.

Please do not even consider placing a crime magnet into only the North and West side
of town. We have enough issues to deal with. We do not need any more. It is a crop - it should
be grown in a controlled agricultural area. How about changing the zoning to accommodate that.
What about the power plant east of Studebaker?

I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with zoning laws and how you decide what's retail. I don't
think it's a good idea to allow this "industry" to run in the area of schools, parks, residential
areas, etc. where it poses a higher risk of unwanted influence and possible crime.

moving collective growing centers to industiral areas only increases traffic and the cost
of doing business for the collective. The idea is to make this medicine affordable and
conveniently located.

I think growing this stuff in industrial zones can be controlled and charted by the city.
That was revenues can be earned on the amount that is grown.

It is a business project, not a gardening effort.

It doesn't really matter where it's grown. How will the city be able to police this? Does
the city have enough inspectors to go around to determine whether the pot was grown here or
elsewhere? This sounds like it came straight from a Saturday Night Live skit.

The ordinance should allow a collective /grower co-operative where patients and
growers can bring the medicine to a central location that is tested that the police are aware of
then the police can focus on gangs and other important crimes . The group is CCGC and some
council members are aware of this. Might solve a lot of the cities problems. I encourage you to
review the information.

I think its a great idea but maybe limit it to marijuana grown in CA.

this is a waste of time, to enforce and regulate.

If all the council members who voted for medical marijuana wanted it, they should also
be willing to have it grown in their own back yards. To shift the growth of marijuana to a couple
of districts that encompasses the industrial areas, would be pushng it on certain districts and the
people who live there. That is quite unfair for those in those districts who don't want any part of
marijuana or the crime associated with it.

I am unsure about this. but I guess if it is regulated, I can see the value of lower traffic.

Most people are oblivious to the location of the collectives and where it is grown, with
exception to patients of the collectives.

The reason I don't have an opinion is that I am not sure which is best for our city. Is it
dangerous to have it grown in retail zones?

Yes, of course, would you let someone use a retail property to grow corn or any other ag
use? The grow zones should be allowed to be closer than 1000 ft because the industrial area of
LB is small. They should not be required to post their addresses publicly but should remain
invisible as possible.

It should be grown away from where people live, to cut down on the chance of crime
near homes. Having said that, I think industrial zones are more conducive to growing
operations, but I don't see a reason to limit the farms to them.

The more restrictions the better.

The current ordinance should be changed to allow for medicine to be offered to the
patients according to the needs of their patients, and it is not the City's nor the Chief of Police to
determine what the medical needs are. There are many forms of clinical cannabis that will no
longer be available when you restrict access to the plant form only within an indoor setting
within LB, ESPECIALLY in fewer zones than the current code will allow. The physical space
available WILL NOT meet their needs.

Yes because retail zones would and do regularly have children present in them or near
by as they are mostly around the areas that the tighter restrictions would prohibit the collectives
from operating in anyway, industrial zones by nature are not areas that children regularly
frequent. If someday the law allows it to be dispensed properly through a pharmacy like it
should be then the ordinance should be changed back at that time due to the associated
regulations that pharmacies already have.

Within the city limits is good. I don't think it makes much difference where.

"1. So in having 18 collectives and requiring all collectives to cultivate in industrial zones
will there be 18 cultivation locations as well?
2.And how will we fit them into the 3 major industrial zones located in the west side being
shared by the 1st and 2nd districts and in the Airport area in the 5th District and a sliver in the
grow locations!?!?!?"

We should import marijuana from all different places. Requiring to grow marijuana in
Long Beach already restricts advancement in quality.

No I think the Chief of Police nailed it. If it's not broken don't fix it. The current ordinance
is fine.

There is a kid on every corner, a school on every mile, a library every ten miles, a school
every 3 miles, California is so crowded, it is not right to require a person to move, where the
area they live in grows these plants in a healthy sun bathed area.

Right now, I don't mind if there are plants nearby that I can see. Not sure if the growing
would be indoors or out, but I'm okay with it.

Should be changed to have the ablity to grow outside LBC I dont want marijana grown in
Long Beach.

I'd rather it was not grown at all, but if it must be -- just get it out of the areas where
families live and regularly go.

No that's just treating these people as second class citizens.

this is an agricultural product. Areas to cultivate it are not appropriate for retail zones.
industrial zoned areas are a good alternative when there are no agricultural zones available.

This is also outrageous. The current need for medical cannibis may require more what
the city has room to grow.

Again you are trying to restrict it out of existance for those who truely need it.

I strongly agree with reducing the traffic of marijuana from out of the city whether by
cultivation on site or in industrial areas, but I am against the fact that it is possible that this is
being enforced in order to shut the doors of the collectives.

You voted it in your city... now allow us to grow our medicine!

Farming and Ag zoning would be better. We could lease them land on the old Pacific
Electric Right of way and generate more income from this in the long run. It also shouldnt be
grown within the prescribed distances from schools and Etc....
There is a prior agreement with the lottery winners that should play out...These are
things that should have been already brought to the table...We should be following the
guidelines est. in prop 215, where the members provide for the collective. Now, you have made
more secrity risk, everyone know that you are "GROWING". We need to use are resourses to
stops real crime from happening around our city.

more crime comes with the pot plants.

If all grwoing MUST be done within city limits, and with all the requirements the grow
sites must abide by i.e. odor control, location ect ... there is no need to restrict it to industrial

The entire ordinance that only allows marijuana grown within the city limits is absolutely
ridiculous and should be thrown out.

You have no effective way to verify the sources as it is. Why add to a rule you can't

"Will there be guidelines regarding the amount that can be grown in a specified space?
What about monitoring these farms? How will it be determined that all marijuana sold was
grown in LB. Will there be methods of testing for crops?
I believe to monitor this will require special
training to determine if the crop is local or not."

"The ordinance over reaches in its ambition to tell experts in the field where and when
they should grow the medicine.

Would you tell Phizer or Merck where to harvest plants for their medications? OR where to
prepare them?

It's an absurd notion that you get involved in any way."

This would require the business to lease multiple properties and double, maybe triple,
the cost for any businesses already open. Or force them to close.

We should remove them from Long Beach entirely.

Those collectives that have already won the lottery have gone to great expense to grow
within the retail areas. At this juncture, you have to forgive those that won the lottery. After any
moratorium has been put on all of this than I could agree with this. Again, it is too late to have
collectives that have already signed lease agreements and expended large amounts of money
be responsible for these late changes.

there should be any additional hardships placed on co-op's that do not exist for similar
manufacturing companies.

I don't like the idea of growning anything that is ingested, in an industrial zone. It stands
to reason that whatever pollutants are already in the environment are going to seep into the
crop. Not healthy in my opinion.

No there is not enough space in industrial marked mapped zones.

"A Council minority wants to circumvent the majority will. BE HONEST!

Anybody can get marijuana, kids to seniors. citizens. Unregulated marijuana sales are not better
than taxed and regulated sales? Impending lawsuits will be a waste of taxpayer money we can't
I don't care whether the restrictions pass or not, but you, should be up-front, honest, but your
pseudo concern is a travesty and a sham against the people of this city. No wonder people are
so ticked off with government."

The growing of medical marijuana should be allowed wherever the grower can get the
lowest rent so they can pass on the savings to the patient. There should be no requirement one
way or the other as to whether that is in retail space or commercial space.

Collectives negatively impacted should have their money refunded and the city should
pay costs (leases, equipment rental, etc.) collective incurred in reliance of previous ordinance.

And the amount of the harvest should also be trackede and controlled so that no further
distribution can be performed.

It doesn't make a difference.

Keep it away from all residences and commercial zones where everyday people do not
want to be exposed to the risks it brings. Don't tarnish the beautiful areas that our city is trying to
preserve and promote. It is like a pox mark on the city landscape.

I do not want these controled substances GROWN, much less sold, anywhere near my
house and my family.

As long as they don't advertise, I'd prefer for them to be discreet.

It would be prejudicial to the lower income residents of the industrial areas. City Council
had months to study this. Leave the ordinance alone for 1 yr. If it turns out to be a bad idea,
then implement the changes.

Again, you had the opportunity to think this through. Leave the ordinance to be
implemented as written. How many times do you get to change it if it is not to your exact liking?
This ordinance reflects the results of months of studies and negotiations. The real supporters
of the collectives voted no to the ordinance, because it was too restrictive. You are either being
deceptive now, or you were deceptive then? Please leave it alone. It is restrictive, but it is in

just strike this whole part. growing is the most dangerous part of the whole operation; let
em do it in mendocino county, not here

see above.
"Many LB collectives have not catch up their pre-ordinance stock level or not even open
yet at the new site. All harvests are not same, just like fruits in the store.

Both 1 collective per patient and caltivation limit within the city WOULD NOT WORK for
patients. Undisclosed caltivation sites would be safer for LB community. We can install pre-
authorized vendor system."

Of course, otherwise it makes it too difficult to control and again puts citizens at risk of
criminal behavior with guns around their homes and children.

That would be a Huge burden to the bussiness owners, new bldg, new lease, new City
permits. Taking the 15k and then changing the rukes looks "Real Shady"

I don't personally smoke or use marijuana, but again I feel that the collectives should
have the right to conduct their business fully and legitimately anywhere in Long Beach.

Why? Dispensary's should be allowed to grow on site or anywhere else the operator
determines most secure and productive. However, I would assume that most marijuana will be
grown in industrial areas as it will be more cost effective. And, the bottom line is "cost" of the
product. With the current ordnance allowing a limited number of dispensary's (small
monopolies), with high permit, business and inspection fees this will make and/or allow
operators to ... More to follow in seperate email.

Growing MM should be tightly controlled and restricted to areas least capable of

providing influence of its use to minors. Agricultural &/or industrial.

I think it's unreasonable to expect it to be grown locally. I think it would be best to get any
medical marijuana from a collective in the state of California. that way the clients can get the
best for their respective ailments.

Yes need to be done in industrial zones only.

Medical marijuana collectives should be limited to industrial zones in all aspects of their

Marijuana flowers have a very distinct and potent smell. Having on-site grows in retail
locations could be obtrusive to neighboring businesses.

Let the collectives decide where in the city it's best to grow their LB going to be a
nanny state? are you next going to regulate where apples, celery and carrots are grown?

"I know this sounds off the mark, but bear with me.
Recently, the ""Farmers Markets"" were reviewed by KNBC 4 Joel Grover, who found that
Frutos Farms didn't grow their produce at their licensed farm in Cypress, CA, instead they
obtained the produce from as far away as Mexico. The farmers market organizers didn't have
the resources to verify the location, or if pesticides were used. If the City of Long Beach can
verify the growing location of marijuana plants, the plan could work."
Allow the existing ordinance to be implemented and see how it will work.

Let the ordinance be observed for 1 yr. Avoid unnecessary lawsuits. If there are
problems, the collectives will cooperate to change it. This ordinance is not written in stone. The
collectives don't want problems any more than the council, or the citizens. If the council honors
its word, everyone will cooperate. it is not in anyone's interest to have problems, but allow the
ordinance to be observed. It is irrational to change it before it is started.

If the owners of a collective are responsible for their marijuana, it does not matter which
city or which section of a city it is grown in. "Trafficking" occurs when there is a grower of the
marijuana, then it is handed to a second or third party. I do believe that if the collectives can
show proof that they are responsible for growing their own marijuana, no "trafficking" has
occurred, even if out of the city.

restrict Long Beach collectives to only purchase and show proof of purchase within
California. People from all over the country will come here to rob Long Beach Collectives. It
should be changed immediately to allow the collectives to purchase within California, in which
the vendors must give the collectives a receipt of purchase and that is the collectives proof that

See number 5 below

Ridiculous ordinance. Collectives should be allowed to grow out of County but still in the
State of California. Period.

We need a variety of sources for medicine. People needs different potencies and quality.
The more growers available, the more medicine able to be given to those who need it.

see above

Still we should not have these!!! What's to stop private citizens to grow it too???
"The chief of police should not concern his department with this because it is a political
issue, not one of law enforcement. His duty is to uphold existing laws and ordinances, not to
further his own personal political agenda. This is a ""medical"" concern to many residents.

As a statistician and journalist, I immeasurably contest Gerry's survey as being overtly biased."

This is the most ignorant part of the current law. This basically prohibits medical
marijuana from being grown outdoors because of the limited space in Long Beach. Medical
marijuana that is grown outdoors is typically half the donation price of indoor marijuana, which
helps countless patients by providing affordable medicine.

This actually creates jobs by keeping the growing within city limits; however, it should not
make a difference where it is grown as long as there are no toxic chemicals used to grow.

It is impossible to limit the trafficking of cannabis from out of the area so you might as
well tax it and make money from it. I thought we were trying to get this city (and state) out of
debt? This is the easiest and most productive way.

"HSC 11362.5 which was a ballot initiative has no limits on where cultivation is allowed.
Past attempts to limit prop. 215 have failed in the courts. No other jurisdiction in the state has
this limitation.

Patients who are sick and/or disabled should not be relegated to industrial zones, which tend to
dirty and dangerous. Imagine a cancer patient or someone with AIV Virus using these facilities."

Like any other retail business or farm, they should have the same rights and rules.

After looking at the industrial zones in Long Beach, there are not many,if ANY, available
locations. Which once again will leave me with no source of my medication.

"Please do not allow this sham to take place

in our city. You are only asking for trouble.
Don't be dupped!!"

It'll be cheaper rent anyway.

This is stupid. Do you really think that the low lifes that grow this stuff are going to follow
the law? Why would they want to pay sales tax on something new? The people running this
state are generally ridiculous and laws like this are evidence of it. This state has gone to Hell!
Good grief! I can't believe that there's actually a survey about this.

There is a lot of retail space for lease these days, better that space be used than sit

I think it is likely that criminals will pay visits to the growers to steal their product. Thus
to the extent practicable the growing activity should also be remote from children.
They should not be allowed in residential areas.

They shouldn't be required to grow at all. Medicine of quality sometimes must be

obtained in different regions because of climate.

Pure genius on the part of the LBChief. I believe all mmc owners,workers and
volunteers should all have to be residents of LB that way their is no trafficking outside city lines
of any kind unless of course u come here to spend and leave with a sealed container.

The rules for collectives have already been established and agreed upon.

The addresses of the places where the marijuana is grown is public information. If in
retail areas it could increase crime for those not involved in buying/using medical marijuana.

They grow it inside where it can not be seen now. Do not want to see growing in front
It should be grown anywhere in California to ensure various strains for numerous

"The hardest part about dealing with the city government is ""common sense."" Would
limiting the growth of marijuana in industry zones make sense? Would would allowing growth in
retail zones place a danger on the public? What would it do?
The positives and negatives should be weighed."

If marijuana is grown only in industrial zones it is much less likely that neighborhoods
would be targets for crimes.

How secure are the growing sites?

This would be reckless of the council to change after the ordinance was already
passed,it would invite litigation against the city.

City shouldn't be involved in where medicine is procured any more than it is involved in
where the cattle are raised for McDonalds Hamburgers.

Yes, but require growers meet green energy restrictions (use less water and electricity),
post Prop 65 warnings, have heavy security presence,and otherwise follow any drug purity laws
in processing. And no making items that can be used by children (pot brownies and candies).
Deliveries to shops should be used via secure methods and all shops should also have a heavy
security presence.

I don't favor the cultivation of marijuana under any circumstances. Since it has been
decided to allow such cultivation/distribution/sale/use in some areas, I favor making such
cultivation as difficult and unpleasant as possible. This may help.

Industrial zones have little activity at night except miscreants; this would burden the
security expense of the industrial areas. Better to have the facilities in areas that naturally have
more pedestrian, automobile and police presence.

Industrial zoning restrictions would create a major risk of biological and chemical
contamination of patient medications and may lead to a class action suit for damages and other
punitive measures.

How did so many people get sick all of a sudden to need so many shops to operate?

You can't change that now

No because this would I believe put an undue safety factor for those who are elderely or
fraile to be in environments where they are unfamiliar.

Hold the collectives responsible

I trust the collectives more than I trust you. Let them do it their way

We need to keep the growing areas as small as possible to make the control easier. It
would also limit the opportunity for people to raid the cultivation locations.
This sounds like a way to slowly strangle the collectives out of business, therefore not
providing a leagal and safe means of dispensing marajuana.

We should err on the side of greater, rahter than lesser, restrictions, especially since
marijuana remains illegal to use for *any* purpose according to federal law.

This is a terrible idea. You want to tell cancer patients that all their medical cannabis is
virtually guaranteed to be contaminated with all the heavy metals and other pollutants that have
already been HARMING Long Beach citizens for years -- especially the citizens that live near
the 710. This is truly outrageous. Contaminated marijuana is much, much, much more
dangerous that marijuana. Why would you force it to be grown NEAR contamination?

What was he thinking?????

The current law requiring marijuana to be grown within the city limits should stand.

Moving virtually ANYTHING to an industrial zone is MORE likely to raise crime then
keeping it in a residential, patrolled area.

This reduces chance of actual usage in these 'growing' areas.

Part of my wife's cancer treatment involved the use of Marijuana, we got it through a
pharmacy and things worked our well.

All this pussy footing around with micromanaging details looks like just for show. Let's
handle things more straightforwardly.

Growing outside city limits should be allowed. this is the only product in the universe
which is required to be grown in LBC.

this will not eliminate trafficking. the whole thing is absurd.

Allow growing in retail areas just seems like a disaster, inviting the possibility of theft into
retail areas neighboring residential areas.

I really dont want to smell the odor of marijuana being grown in my neighborhood....and
yes the planted marijuana stinks as it grows.

...this part of the ordinance is already overly restrictive, pointless and unenforceable.

The air in many industrial zones is polluted and not conducive to healthy crops.
Growing probably takes space....and it would be better to utilize space in retail areas for
additional retail stores servicing the community.

i feel that if marijuna is already illegal and having this around will definately make things
even more complicated as is.. bec ppls who is trafficking drugs will find their ways and it will
cause more problems for those who wants to quit the use of marijuana and other substances.
and having it grow in the industrial zone will pollute our lungs .. the ozone layer is already
messed up its not a good idea for us.

Again, had the approach taken been similar to that taken in the State of Maine, the
ordinance would have been fair and protective of the public. This matter belonged under the
jurisdiction of the Health Dept., which should have established the need and solicted proposals.
Also, the City's legistlative committee should have addressed the matter long ago and worked
through COG to influence State to take action as was done in Maine.

I'm against growing it. It just brings in the criminal element, even if it is legal. Why don't
they get a real job?

lower sales taxes!

These issues are a waste of the council's time. There are more pressing issues than pot
confronting Long Beach.

Leave it to the collectives

I don't see how this can be controlled unless the shop is required to grow it on its

I like the idea of controlling what product is actually's a fact that currently
most of the medical marijuan is coming from out of the area....and out of the country.

We don't want it in our neighborhoods. Bad enough we have to fight illegal use on our
street with police and neighborhood watch.

Leave the ordinance as is.

5. Would you support a ballot measure prohibiting ALL medical marijuana collectives in
the City of Long Beach consistent with the cities of Lakewood and Signal Hill? -
I was originally for "medical marijuana" for those who are very ill.However, in our current
configuration this seems to be a joke. I feel there are many using "medical" marijuana who are
not truly ill. For this reason I would probably support a total prohibition, but I still feel that if
medical marijuana was truly for those patients in dire need I would be supportive of 1-4
collectives in the City. Given the lawsuits already pending and those threatened I wish we had
never allowed it.

YES YES YES -- there's the positive spin!!

Can we allow fireworks sales, too? After all, some places in the area allow it, and we
should be EXACTLY like them...

Possibly but I'm concerned about businesses that have already been established. It
does not seem top fair to have allowed them then say they have to go

Until that time when marijuana can be dispensed at pharmacies, it should not be easily
available to residents. For those people who really require it for gluacoma and other serious
conditions, the state should have carefully located locations (clinics?) where it can be obtained.
As it is now, it's wide open for abuse.

YES YES YES YES YES. This law is SO abused, I have 3 friends who have "medical
conditions" and get prescriptions. They are in NO WAY disabled.

I believe medical marijuana is critical for people with illnesses such as cancer. It has
been voted in by the people of California. To prohibit it in Long Beach would act in violation of
this directive. I think it would be unfair to people who need medical marijuana.

If it's legal, it shouldn't be prohibited. But as I said before, I think "medical" marijuana
should only be dispensed through pharmacies, as are all other legal prescription drugs.
Personally, I believe "medical marijuana" is a scam.

Personally, I feel medical marijuana is a joke. If it really is a prescribed medication then

it should be picked up at a pharmacy.

Kick them ALL out of our cities.

The issue is why can't the council members and attorney's think of these things in
advance so we don't have to do this on a continual basis. Now if a change is made there will be
excess fees and expenses to deal with the law suits or complaints made by those already under
the contract. These type of things happen a lot and cause the residents to have little faith in the
city council or legislature.

Often addicts falsely claim a medical basis for their use of marijuana. I do not believe
that Long Beach should do anything to promote possible addiction by our citizens.

I do not believe there are actual medical benefits from marijuana. If there were, the
active properties could and should be extracted from marijuana, approved by the FDA,
prescribed by Medical Doctors, and dispensed by a licensed pharmacy just like other narcotic
drugs. This so called medical use of marijuana is just a fron for recreational use.

No- marijuana has much research proving its medicinal uses, such as helping people(my
sister) through chemotherapy.

It's an ethical and moral question - Should Long Beach "profit" from allowing the
collectives to locate in the city?

I oppose all medical marijuana in Long Beach.

The failure of our various political leaders to get together on one set of united legislation
is unbelievable. The medical use of MJ should be under the same controls as other drugs and
dispensed through pharmacies. How can a city overrule what is a Federal criminal offense?
Either it is a crime or it isn't! Make it illegal anywhere in the city or state until such time as our
"leaders" can get their stuff together.

This Medical Marijuana problem is getting out of control. Stop all collectives and follow
Signal Hill and Lakewood.

prohibition is counterproductive and only aids criminal elements. Clearly the people of
California and many other states want access to Marijuana. Politicians that pretend to know
whats good for the people based on faulty studies will not stay in office for long.

I do not have enough information in order to answer this question.

Not sure about this - I think there are real needs for medical marijuana if appropriately

Need more info!


I think the only way it should be allowed is with a prescription taken to a pharmacy.

Find another way to dispense other than collectives or contiunue with current option of

Again, too late. What would be the point? These stores don't have blazing signs saying
"GET YOUR POT HERE!!! Being near a library, school or park is not important. Frankly, the
business owners who have spent large sums of money to build these businesses probably won't
jeopardize that investment by participating in illegal activity. If they do? THEN shut them down.

"A resounding YES!!!!!!!

I say this out of no disrespect but....there are 52% non-conservative voters vs. 23%
conservative voters. So I can see how this measure was able to pass."

Though I don't know how I would vote, I would support putting a measure on the ballot to
have residents vote on what the majority of voters would want.

Cancer is everywhere, but I'm not understanding this question?

We don't know what their policies on medical marijuana are.

The thought of someone using marijuana (even for medical reasons), then getting
behind the wheel of a vehicle, etc. is frightening.

Yes, it seems like it's caused too much conflict as it is. I believe that the city should be in
harmony with the federal government. When the federal government makes it legal for
"medicinal use only", then we can revisit collectives in the City of Long Beach.

Maybe in a perfect world, marijuana would be sold by your local pharmacy. But, it's not.
However, it's a drug that helps many sick people. Don't do further harm to the sick.

Depends on the restrictions on the use, like alcohol. Driving a vehicle, use in the work
place and public places. Can law enforcement test the amount used on the field and is there a
level that would be considered intoxicated. If these are not addressed than, I definitely would
not want medical marijuana in Long Beach.

Having an office located in a building with two dispensaries, I can personally attest to the
degraded quality of life their tenancy has created. I have been personally threatened with
violence and our building is now home to vagrants leaving graffiti and other evidence of their
presence. I would offer my vocal support in this effort.

Absolutely, yes.

Yes, as long it is not being regulated buy the FDA

You guys are just going to cost the city money. Only the lawyers will get anything from
this. It will be your fault. You should have thought about this at first. I would sue if I were the
collectives and property owners.

This would be ideal. The entire medical marijuana collective issue is a bizarre game.
This entire issue should be addressed at the federal level and prescribed using the safeguards
that are in place for all prescription medication.

We sell alcohol and have pharmacies. This is just another type of pharmaceutical.

I strongly believe It would be in the best interests of our city (and the neighboring cities).

Any legal selling of marijuana that diminishes the profit of organized crime is a good
plan. If we think that these cartels in Mexico that profit from marijuana and cocaine (and heroin)
will go away or stop their rampant killing without us finding ways to create legal medical access
to these products we're only kidding ourselves.

I think that pharmacies only should be able to sell if it's legal.

A few medical marijuana collectives are fair to allow people with legitimate medical
needs to procure it safely. But not near areas children frequent!

I'll help work on this!!!!

I am not opposed to m.m. dispensaries. i just think the city should have taken a MUCH
more thoughtful & responsible role in the details governing / overseeing the dispensaries... ie
location smarts / cash on hand limits / security specs / etc... i believe our city ordinance specs
should mirror those of LA as a minimum... these are cash cow businesses and i would think the
owners of dispensaries might smartly look to the LONG term and work with the city /
communities to ensure their survival.

Absolutely. See above. People can go outside Long Beach to obtain their medical
marijuana without much difficulty, in my opinion.

Absolutely AND I'll go around and collect signatures if needed

Marijuana should never be legalize at all.

Please enact such an ordinance. Give the cooperatives back their money and make life
safer for citizens. Article after article has shown what a con business this is.

"mexifornia is in bad enough shape as it is, just

what we need is a bunch of democrat potheads
running around making it worse!"

Absolutely! I just read where Long Beach is cracking down on all the different gangs in
our area. Why not put our money and energy into businesses that won't attract the type of
people we are trying to get rid of or deter from coming to Long Beach.

Absolutely not! People need local outlets to provide for this medication as any other. I
am mystified by our reluctance to be compassionate to those who are in need of this medically
necessary treatment.

That approach is way too Dark Ages for a progressive and compassionate City such as
ours. Medical marijuana helps with numerous health complaints and ailments. It is 2010. We
need to acknowledge the science and deal with it in a responsible manner.

NO, we have a daughter who suffered with severe nausia due to chemo therapy for
treatment of cancer. Marijuana was something we were contemplating for her as this was
proven to relieve the nausia caused by the chemo. Very sad to see a 33 year old mom with two
babies and a very frightened husband in this poor shape. She has made a full recovery,
however th

Marijuana is so demonized it's embarrassing it's even an issue. Let them sell medical
marijuana. Alcohol is the drug they should be controlling a little better. Alcohol is a hundred
times more dangerous. Thank You!

I am not against medical marijuana I just think that it is too easy for those to get the
marijuana that do not need it for medical reasons.

"My experience with M and other narcotics based on years of law enforcement and
working with addicts.
It is not a harmless pretty culture."

This issue will not go away. Acting in such a manner only sweeps it under the rug. I
believe it is prudent to establish precedent and procedure now. If further legalization is approved
in the future, we will at least have the groundwork laid to deal with it more effectively.

Medical marijuana was approved by voter referendum - this service should be available
to anyone in the state who qualifies and it should not be a hardship to travel to a dispensary
because of unneccessary regulations.

Not if it takes a special election.

Opening the door to distribution merely opens the door to abuse of the system and
illegal usage. We shouldn't be worried about the folks with a legitimate prescription. We should
be worried about the element waiting in the wings to jump on this chance to get their illegal
drugs easier. With drugs, comes crime. We should be working to clean up LB and make it
safer, not opening the door to thugs and inviting them in.

Long Beach has a large and vocal HIV+ community. Depriving them of access to
medical marijuana within the city limits would only enrage that community and make them more
vocal. I assume if they partnered with other patients who find relief in the use of medical
marijuana, you would find yourself with a public relations disaster. Medical marijuana works to
relieve suffering. What does not work are the laws regulating it.
Peoples vices should be regulated not outlawed. Prohabition should have taught us that.
Illegal only means only the criminals will be doing it.

We have a medical marijuana "business" down the street. I never notice it to be a

problem. I think it is running for its use.

"Yes, any just invites the abuse of the problem.

And I do believe that persons REALLY suffering should have access.
But high blood pressure - tension - hang nails ?
Why take on the problems of Lakewood and Signal Hill?"

It is a medically necessary thing for some people. Might as well grow, sell, and tax it in
our city

Probably, because if someone with a real medical problem requires it, they should be
able to get it directly from their doctor maybe. I just think there is way too much room for abuse.
And we can't have high people driving while on their phones too!
This is a drug as dangeres as alcohol and cigorettes.

I should like to hope that the city of Long Beach is more compassionate and intelligent
about the care and support of those within this city who have no other viable means of relief
from their ills. Be it pain, nausea,depression or whatever.

Tighter controls needed then it would be ok. If this is not possible then my resoinse
would change to Yes.

Allowing these collectives gives the City of Long Beach an opportunity to collect revenue
for these businesses by imposing certain fees and taxes.

Dispensaries in Long Beach have operated in accordance with the regulations the City
Council imposed. They serve the purpose of supplying cannabis to patients, as allowed under
CA law. Obviously some people don't like the law. Prohibiting dispensary operation in Long
Beach would only serve to support illegal cannabis sales. I would think the City of Long Beach
would be striving to eliminate crime, not encourage it.
Any collective that serves recreational users does not have a place in Long Beach and it
does not seem like much is being done to insure that doctors are giving medical marijuana
cards ONLY to those patients who fit the criteria laid out in the compassionate use law(s).
Control the doctors issuing the cards and take the profits out of the colelctives and most
objections will be addressed.


It is going to be grown somewhere, the city might as well receive some financial benefit
from it.

There is a need for some to have access to medical doses of this drug for their
excessive pain. I do think it still needs to be strongly controlled. Too many already think it is all
THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana, has been available in pharmaceutical grade for
several years. Inhaling is one of three acceptable delivery modes, that can be done without
smoking. If there is a true medical need, why is this not being considered?
Need more information on this.

The Kramer household would be elated to see such a measure brought to Long Beach
voters, and we would do all we can to rally support for such a measure.

I'd be willing to pay more taxes in order to NOT have medical marijuana collectives!

Why is Long Beach so anxious to make medical marijuana illegal?

not unless you prohibit all prescription drugs, too

Medical marijuana is legitimately needed by many individuals. However, there needs to

be stricter controls over who is able to purchase the marijuana and better ways to ensure that
they have a true need and an authentic prescription issued by a competent physician.

I have read of too many long term problems with the use of marijuana to support its legal
use for anyone. I also heard an operator of a medical marijuana supply business admit it is
really just a scam for those who want to use the drug. It may have medical value, but that
should be discovered through research, not users' testimony.
When I watched my Best Friend die from Cancer this summer. I will never vote for
anyone who woule vote for this measure ever

Medical Marijuana would be nothing but trouble for the city.

"The Medical Marijuana laws, while they may have been passed with good intentions,
have become a joke.

These ""doctors"" will give almost anyone a ""prescription"" for almost anything.

Headaches, stubbed toe, or even ""symptoms"" that are clearly faked, marijuana is prescribed

Do some research as to why Signal Hill and Lakewood have done so."

Absolutely not.

Because scientists have found that marijuana has medicinal use, and we should be
compassionate enough as a city to facilitate those in need getting their medicine in a convenient
and legal way. (I believe Councilmember Schipske said as much during the original process.)
Plus, should the remaining part of Qualified Patients v. Anaheim be decided in favor the
plaintiffs, cities like Lakewood and Signal Hill would immediately be subject to litigation - as
would Long Beach, if we join that club.

This will take away access to truly sick patients who can not travel far to receive their
medication. My terminally ill father relies on LB dispensaries for his Lymphoma, if each city
does this more and more patients/recreational smokers will rely on drug dealers, this issue truly
is close to my heart. LB is one city I always thought to be progressive, please rethink your
position Councilwomen Schipske

I believe medical marijuana should be available only in pharmacies with a prescription

from a licensed doctor.

If that happen I will relocate. Maybe Newport Beach even Santa Fe Springs would be
better that's saying something.

YES YES...I don't think we should have any medical marijuana facilities at all in the City
of Long Beach. let's get rid of them...

I believe in medical marijuana for people that really need it for pain and suffering. The
problem is that these so-called marijuana collectives get some quack doctor to sign-off for
everyone that walks through the door. It's a "wink-wink" game that they are playing. I think that
medicinal marijuana should be confined to bonafide medical entities such as hospitals and
doctors with a regular practice. I strongly oppose all attempts to legalize marijuana for
recreational purposes.


I WILL support any prohibition measure until there is a "drug test" for driving under the
influence of marijuana as good as the existing blood alcohol test. The marijuana test should be
allowed if the suspected individual is driving AND in the workplace. Instituting this test is
mandatory for safety.

Absolutely. I feel strongly these collectives are a front for "weed stores" with legitimate
patient needs being used as an excuse to make them work. Let the patients get their medicine,
at Rite Aid.

For all the obvious reasons, the residents of Long Beach will not benefit from marijuana
collectives. Customer, employees, owners of marijuana collective should seek another city for
this enterprise. There will be ready access in neighboring cities that fail to rebuke this
degrading business.

It would depend on how the measure is written

We really don't need LB to be a pot store destination for all the other surrounding cities.
There has been crime and a shooting in Naples already related to the collective there. We don't
need more crime coming to our areas.

This is ABSOLUTELY what I would support. Why hasn't the City Council realized this is
just organized crime. There are not many people who REALLY need medical marijuana.


After all, it is against federal law and the will of the people of California.

Better for the City to allow, regulate and control the process than try to outlaw it and
have it come in without supervision or with an external agenciy's supervision and control.
As a pharmacist and 22 year Long Beach resident, I am vehemently opposed to the
introduction of so-called "medical" marijuana. It is a gateway drug for illicit drug use that hurts
the users and the community. There is no protection for the community from users.
"Prescriptions" for "medical" marijuana are too easy to get for inappropriate or non-existing
conditions. This is an element that we do not need in the City of Long Beach.

The council took on a compassionate consideration that has truly no real way to
oversee. First it would be helpful to have the support of the federal government and then
medicine should only be dispensed by a licensed pharmacutical practice or a doctors office. It
is called a 'controlled' substance for a reason. The city is treating it like merchandise, not

I have a family member that could benefit from this, however, legalizing it will not
alleviate the real problems associated with it. It will create an even bigger problem of teen
use/misuse. Thereby creating a possible life-long problem as drugs (and Marijuana does
indeed have a drug in it) can and will cause a young person to make decisions that affect the
rest of their lives. Without the opportunity, or limited opportunity they stand a better chance of a
healthy, productive future.

This is taking a step backwards. Marijuana is medically and socially less destructive and
dangerous than alcohol. Special treatment of location and distribution only mars this substance
in a negative way. We need to keep in mind that this substance actually helps many people
with many illnesses. Why would we stigmatize these people all over again!

I can't open a oxy-cotin collective. Its a legal prescription drug but must be purchased
through a licensed pharmacist as should medical marijuana.

I know intimately the beneficial effects of marijuana for folks in dire need of relief. I think
it's criminal to deny these people a medicine that works for them simply because others abuse
it. Are we worried about distribution of Prozac or Oxycontin as a culture? Steps to erase the
stigma surrounding a natural plant are steps toward the future, and decriminalization/legalization
are a blow to the Cartels and other organized crime.
This is something that I would consider supporting. While I appreciate and respect the
legitimate use of medical marijuana by some, the number of locations currently proposed for the
city of Long Beach seems a bit high.

If given the opportunity would also work to support the ballot."

When you legalize these collectives, you're just encouraging all the potheads and drug
dealers to contaminate our neighborhoods. Drug dealers will do anything do make a buck, even
if it's off high school kids and impressionable middle school students. Think about the message
the City is sending out to kids regarding marijuana. The City legalizes pot; therefore, it's okay to
smoke pot.

"What about the patients?! Seems city council never asks that question!!

A ban just puts it back on the streets. The demand/supply will not go away!

This seems to be unethical. Do you tell children that you have to play by the rules and then
change them halfway through?
City Liability: Does the city have the insurance to pay for all the claims that will be forthcoming?

If you didn't want it you should have voted it out originally otherwise this is just Fraud."

I think that marijuana when used as a medication is a good alternative to some of the
other perscription on the market. I believe it is a good choice and ok to use in people's homes.
But can be regulated by companies so that people don't go to work on drugs, any even
cigarettes, acohol and other prescriptions.

I don't know the history of this ordinance, but this whole issue makes the city appear a
joke. How many people require the use of "medical" marijuana, really? They can't get it at a
hospital? This is just one more subject children will have to be prototected from, and that
prevents Long Beach from appearing a family friendly city. Wait till you find out who wants to
move into the city when those shops open. You will have people living on the streets like in San
Francisco. Good Luck!

When you ask, "What makes a city great?" or "What promotes human flourishing?", I find
it difficult to believe that those entrusted with leadership within our city would answer those
questions with the word, "marijuana." Why can't we find other things to promote that are for the
common good and for which no one would argue that it promotes human flourishing? Who will
lead like that within the city of Long Beach?
"As the ordnance stands now,it sends a horrible message to our kids. They get mix
messages from TV, the computer and magazines; what they don't need is mixed messages
from their City Council.

People in Mexico, and more recently in Arizona, people have been shot, tortured and
beheaded, all for drugs. Long Beach, should distance itself as far way from marijuana as it can.
Does anyone in the City know why the Feds refuse to legalize marijuana for medical reasons?
That discussion is needed."


NO WAY!!! Why would you make patients leave the city? Some of them have disabilities
which makes it difficult for them now to get to the current collectives in the city. That's just
stupid!!! Let's send someone outside the city to pick it up. Rediculious!!! I am
not sure. I am supportive of medical marijuana, but I am very unsupportive of it being
unregulated or out of control. If I was presented with evidence that it is detrimental to our
neighborhoods, I would support 100% to get rid of it all.
The collectives serve a valid purpose, and should be allowed, if only so the city has
greater control over their operation.

There is no justification for having more ways people can drive impaired.

Not only would I not support that, the entire medical community will feel attacked and
viewed as criminals and will not appreciate feeling that way when they are already feeling bad
because they are sick, which requires them to receive their medicine in the first place and would
appreciate if the Council does it's job and learns about this issue from the medical community,
not law enforcement. Their opinions on medical needs are irrelevant and out of context as they
view patients as criminals.
YES,YES,YES,YES,YES (get the point?)

as it is my understanding that collectives are still illegal under state law, only the co-ops
are legal. However medicinal or not federal law still prohibits all aspects of marijuana growth,
possession, and use. I think that the city should take a stand and uphold federal law. I believe
that the medicinal subject may have benefits and should be legitimately studied, but i know
many people that "donated" $100, got their card, and have no legitimate reason to use it, they
are just potheads.

"Prohibiting these collectives will NOT get rid of the marijuana in Long Beach. It will just
keep it within the realm of the violent underworld and I don't want those criminals in my city.
Your analogy to the airport expansion is flawed - the criminals are ""flying"" over our homes
anyway. At least we can regulate who, when, how, and what they can fly. Doing less is

(Thanks Gerrie!)"

I see bars all over the city of Long Beach and I'm sure alot more problems come from
them than collectives, DUI's especially. As a veteran and active soldier I believe collectives if
ran right under the ordinance provides a great service to those ex-service members coping with
PTSD. I also believe it truly helps people dealing with terminal ailments, cancer, AIDS, etc. that
more harmful medications would otherwise be required. I don't use marijuana myself but I
believe its legitimate medidine.

I know people that would appreciate a nearby collective. What? They're all going to go
to Hawaiian Gardens? I know there are issues about collectives that I'm probably not aware of,
but as of now, I would like to see them in LB even if they have a few tough restrictions.

Don't know what their regulations are, but they are most probaby are more strenuous
than those of Long Beach.

Closing down collectives in Long Beach will just create more illegal drug trafficking. This
is a no brainer. This will not stop people from obtaining their medicine in Long Beach,it will
merely create hundreds of new dealers without the police being able to know where there at.

i don't support an all out ban. however, the drug should be treated by the law as any
other prescription medication - regardless of how the federal government views the drug.

Again the cart is in front of the horse. The drug misuse of pot smokers and hard drug
users exits because of the perpetuating of wrong thinking. Spiritual values should be before
materalism, people before profits we'll have a society where kids don't have to get high on but

I support safe access to medical marijuana and believe that Long Beach should allow it's
residents to have access, if needed. By the way, I am not a medical marijuana client nor do I
take any illegal drugs. I very rarely drink alcohol. I'm just an advocate for safe access for those
who need this. I'm a retired RN and know that sometimes traditional Western medicine does
not work for everyone. I know if the only thing that worked for me was medical marijuana, I
would want it to be available.
Even with the abuses in medical marijuana, it should be available to those who need it-
not banned completely because of a few bad apples. OK it is now regulated (as most laws are
made to restrict the abuses of some-who are not self-controlled- to the freedoms the rest of us
have the privilege of having). Why should the general public be punished by making medical
marijuana too inconvenient to use?

YES, YES, YES! If there is to be distribution of "medical" marijuana in the city it should
be distributed only as other narcotics are distributed, by pharmacies, hospitals and the Health
Department. Let pharmacies that are in compliance with the 1000 foot zones choose to sell or
not, otherwise go to the health department or one of our 3 fine hospitals' pharmacies if they
choose to distribute. Ban all private marijuana distribution facilities.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with your community.

It would be highly appreciated if the city could consider the needs of patients to medical

Go back to Illegal........What didnt you understand......

I am very dissapointed with the City Council. My mother suffers from cancer and
marijuana only helps her. The city is wasting too much money on this. My mother is not a
criminal but it sounds like the Gerrie Schipske is demonizing those who smoke marijuana. It
brings in much needed revenue to our city. Please drop the marijuana issue and focus on more
important issues.

What are you thinking? I'm a 68 year old woman who is very ill. The only thing that
helps my extreme illness is medical marijuana. Why would you want us to suffer like this? If
you close down the collectives, then you better close down the liquor stores...which are of no
medical use whatsoever. Leave us sick people alone. What's the matter with you? Why don't
you read the actual studies instead of being bigoted against something so helpful that you don't

Everywhere you go in Long Beach these days, you smell illegal substances. The fumes
are on the street coming from houses and apartments, and even coming from cars. You can't
avoid it. Why isn't the LBPD enforcing the narcotic laws in this city? All marijuana use should
be outlawed. Allowing people to use marijuana, by obtaining a medical card is a joke!!

See response #3.

"statistics show that the majority of medical marijuana is used as a recreational drug.
why do you think certain well know paople in long beach are involved with these business?
Money!!! Period!!! They could care less about helping someone with cancer, aids or any other
ligitimate sickness. They know it brings in cash and that ios all they care about.
We know with cash comes crime, period!!! We donot need this in our city!!!"

NO, california voted to allow for the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons. I will vote NO
for any measure prohibiting collectives in Long Beach.
Since it is illegal nationally, I do not support allowing it in LB.

Restrictions should be in place to restrict drug trafficking, but we shouldn't restrict the
rights of the sick to do that.

Absolutely not. In fact, I will actively vote against anyone who has a hand in prohibiting
medical marijuana collectives. Yes, Schipske, I'm looking at you, I'm in your district and I can
see your hate for the medical marijuana community every time you open your mouth on the
subject. Medical marijuana was made legal by the voters of the state of California. With the city
in such financial trouble they should tax it and regulate it, not ban it all together.

This is such a bad question I am losing faith in city council

The number should be limited. A study should be conducted including a statistical

analysis of the approx. number of actual medicinal marijuana users amongst our residents; then
calculate the number of dispensaries necessary to satisfy that approximation. Currently, Long
Beach is servicing several areas (i.e., Lakewood). Let's try to keep it to servicing citizens of
Long Beach and not worry about the greater market, which shouldn't be a factor since this is
supposedly non-profit.

Allowing collectives to operate provide a safer and easier to regulate environment for
patients who need medical marijuana. Lakewood and Signal Hill simply let the street gangs
handle it for them.


please please please do not ban my medicine!

I believe medical marijuana should be sold in pharmacies.

I cannot believe how my city came together on this ordinance and the selected council
members are going back on what they voted for. Very Disappointed!If these changes to the
ordinance occur, expect lawsuits, not only from the collectives but individual patients also.
Please take this into consideration. -Long Beach Resident for Life and registered voter.

"No. However I along with hundreds of others would support a ballot measure that
supports ALLOWING Medical Marijuana Collectives without any inhibition whatsoever in Long

And I have heard that collectives and advocates have both the legal and financial resources to
take on the city on this for a great period of time, additionally draining the city of its resources

I've even heard of advocates seeking city council seats at the next elections and als"
Restricting Medical Marijuana would be the same as not allowing someone with diabetes
to receive their medicine due to the stigma attached to this particular prescription.

We should remove them from Long Beach entirely.

Please do not ban my medicine and force me to drive further away.

I'm all for medical use of MJ. However, I believe most of the users are gaming the

It is legal in the State of California. The City of Long Beach stands to generate
considerable amounts of new revenue via the annual fees. Quit looking at this throuh "Reefer
Madness" eyes and understand that people that utilize marijuana for their own given needs are
not second class citizens. These people are as good as any other citizen of the City of Long

No too much money for a referendum to be placed on a ballot

marijuana is a safe and effective medicine. Long Beach should enjoy the benifits the co-
ops add to the city like employement! If you have about 50 co-ops, each place employes atleast
5 people. Are you really considering laying off over 1000 employed people in the city of long

I believe that the people of Califonia have spoken and voted to allow Medical Marijuana
to be available to people who need it. Thus, the collectives must be allowed. I believe that in a
Democracy, the will of the people must be upheld!!. I feel betrayed by the system everytime
California votes for something and someone comes along and tries to overturn it!!!

You should be worrying about many more things than taking away sick peoples

While I think dispensaries are a crime risk if they are placed responsibly, as this
amendment would ensure, I think we can find a compromise that allows for public safety and for
safe access. This amendment would ensure that compromise NOW, whereas a ballot measure
could take a year or more to get enacted.

Marijuana is beneficial. It helped my father when he was terminally ill as well as my aunt.
It is more harmless than alcohol, you dont get high than beat up your wife or husband. This is
not the REGAN ERA! IT IS THE 21st CENTURY get with the times. Marijuana will always be
around no matter what anyone tries to do But what honestly is wrong with it? How bad are the
affects on you if there are already shops that sell it. Theyre not opening up crack collectives and
its money the city needs. grow up

Your survey questions are biased AGAINST collectives; you could just as easily have
asked: "Would you support a ballot measure allowing medical marijuana collectives in the City
of Long Beach consistent with the City of Los Angeles?," but you didn't. For God's sake be
FAIR. Some Long Beach citizens surely are potheads, but they're not stupid

I would vote and campaign against any council member that supported such a ban.

A ban on medical marijuana collectives is cruel and ignorant. I live in Long Beach
because it is a more progressive, compassionate place than Lakewood or Signal Hill. On the
other hand, they both have bans on parking recreational vehicles in residential areas. That
would be a good ban to put in place in Long Beach.

"In general. I do not regard Marijauna any safer

than smoking. The history of this sequence also
has not been published, nor is it as easy to find
as that of making it totally legal. The propaganda of this is there."

Collectives negatively impacted should have their money refunded and the city should
pay costs (leases, equipment rental, etc.) collective incurred in reliance of previous ordinance.

WhatI would truly be in favor of is a ballot measure that eliminates them - they are still
out of line with federal law which I think should supercede state/local ordinances. I don't
consider it medical at all. When you see the people going in/out of these pot stores, the vast
majority are only going for a legal high.

"This would be sending mankind back to the 1800's. Would it be fair to make sick
patients drive 20 minutes to go to a Walgreen's?

I'm not even a marijuana smoker, but I believe in God. And this was put here by God. I know
well enough that it is not fair to say what kind of medication a person can or can't put in his/her
body. It's like saying ""No, I don't agree with you taking aspirin.."""

Councilmen need to stop being afraid of their constituants votng for them, and help sick
people who dont want to take a bunch of pills have safe access to their medicine in which
actually helps them.

Yes I would. Long Beach struggles as it is with gangs, crime why open the door to this
type of commerce. There was once a time where developer tried to attract high-end retailers
into our city which would bring in so much tax revenue and positive image for our town. It is not
likely this will ever happen because of these decisions LB makes to allow collectives and
related commerce...Lakewood has much better retail shopping than LB. They made a wise
decision for their city image!

Long Beach is plagued by many, many problems as it stands. There are completely
neglected areas of this city that should be invested in and revitalized. Downtown, Central, and
North Long Beach areas are crime-ridden and appallingly poor. I am a former resident of North
Long Beach, recently moved to the 5th District near El Dorado Park. NLB is a shame and
disgrace to our city. Fix these areas before deciding to legalize "Medical" marijuana.

The Collectives serve a purpose for a lot of ill individuals here in Long beach and should
remain here.

That's just silly.

No! This city is in a dire financial situation. Long Beach stands to benefit financially
from allowing collectives to sell their products to patients suffering from various ailments. Long
Beach has an opportunity to be a leader by allowing collectives to operate under the ordinances
already established. I personally know one collective that goes above and beyond in order to
take care of their patients.

Great job to the council members of Lakewood and Signal Hill for not allowing
themselves to fall under the influence of special interests. For this qustion to be asked after the
fact, shows our council does not possess the integrity of our to neighboring cities.
The citizens of the state of California voted to allow the collectives. You will do a huge
disservice to your constituency by allowing the illegal sale of marijuana to replace the legal,
safe, law abiding, regulated collectives. What are you thinking?

No. This is the wishes of people of California to have legal access to medical marijuana.
You are completely ignoring the wishes of the people who you are supposed to obey. For Mr.
O'Donnel to say that he doesn't want marijuana period is selfish and irresponsible. You, Ms.
Schipske should listen to the testimony of Melissa Etheridge about how medical marijuana has
saved her life. I'm sure she is someone you admire, or

you cant do that - you can only keep them from that as a land use. You cant keep
anyone from smoking, distributing, cultivating for medicine. Arent you supposed to be a lawyer?

In an honest effort to accomodate those who need pain relief, Long Beach approved
these "stores" which is what they are. Mercy, they became retail stops for anyone who to buy
marijuana. The weed attracts addicts, the cash attracts criminals and the family atmosphere of
our city is diminished. It's time to use common sense and get rid of these thinly veiled "outlets".

All of these collectives are operating illegally and should not be allowed by our city.

"If you ban all collectives I hope LBC will refund all application fees.

What police need to keep eye on is the illegal collectives. Once they turn illegal they stay open
late. That is not a compatinate acts for MMJ patients and bad for neighbors, but neighbors are
more worring about the known one who operate legally."

Possibly yes, but that may not be fair to other cities that do allow it in their city as they
would be taking all the risks as I stated above to supply Long Beach residents with their
marijuana requirements.

"We are not Lakewood, nor are we Signal Hilk.

We set the standards they follow.
We need to be Leaders."


Absolutely NOT, I would support Long Beach collectives even more knowing that
neighboring cities have prohibited marijuana collectives. It's about giving the people of our city
who need medical marijuana convenient access to it. I have been exposed to and offered
marijuana several times over my lifetime (I'm 38) and I'm not a user, but if I had a medical
problem that would be benefited by the use of medical marijuana I would want a safe local store
to purchase it from.

We don't need this type of shop close to our homes and shools

I thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective on this issue. I understand you
are attempting to represent the majority of your constituents, or at least the ones you have
heard from. I also think the survey is biased, intentionally or not. The list you sent the survey to
is unknown and because it was unable to be forwarded and submitted is problematic. Your
statement that the vote on Prop 19 was "overwhelming" is a stretch. Voters passed Prop. 215 ...
More to follow in seperate email.

There does not need to be 1 for every 1000 residents in long beach, The regulation on
how many needs to be in place.

I would support a legal battle with the city should a prohibitive ballot be introduced.

All medical marijuana should be distributed by a doctor like all medication.

As long as it's done safely, away from highly populated areas where there are families
and children present, and the appropriate clients are visiting these facilites then I have no
problem with it. I think companies giving away the medical marijuana cards need to be
addressed as well because it's too easy to get one. This is bringing around the wrong kind of
people who can be a danger around these businesses.

If the city has the money to refund all of the fees to everyone who applied, I think this
may be the ideal situation. I would prefer you try doing the 600 feet buffer against parks/libraries
and if that doesn't work, ban all of them.

There are persons who benefit from the medicimal use of marijuana and therefore need
local access to purchase it in a safe local area.

"I don't know what the prohibitions are that govern the cities of Lakewood and Signal Hill.
I can't make a judgement.
I am not warm to the idea of Pot, it's not a drug, what's the potency, ""proof"", strength per gram.
Alcohol does have a potency as stated on the label. One other concern: would parents know if
their children were taking medical marijuana?"

No, you will not keep the patients in your district from obtaining it. It is also allowed in
California. You will cause a huge financial burden on Long Beach, which will be forced to deal
with the lawsuits. This change to the ordinance is selfish and irresponsible. How could you do
this to your Long Beach citizens, and why? Why expose the city to the potential lawsuits. It is

This is just ignorant and hypocritical. Mr. Delong doesn't want marijuana " in his
backyard, fron yard, just doesn't want it" He needs to listen to his district's and Long beach's
citizens. Collectives are a good thing. it reduces crime, what is so difficult to comprehend here.
Didn't the people of California vote to allow medical marijuana? Hello? Listen to your people's
voice. Now you want to go back on your word and open the floodgates for lawsuits. Where is
your sense of duty?

My wife is ill and depends on the local collective to control her illness. Why, after all we
have gone thru, do you want to further restrict patient's rights? Stop already. The work has
been done and it's working just fine. The collectives in LB are responsible and you wouldn't
even know they exist.

As far as being consistent with Signal Hill or Lakewood, I see Long Beach as more
progressive and capable of making its own decisions not based on other cities whose lack of
diversity and smaller populations should not reflect in our own politics and public policy. Long
Beach does not, in any way, compare to these two neighboring cities and it's residents deserve
to be represented and supported by the city in which they reside.
Again, Lakewood is getting ready to be sued by the patients in that City, there is a State
Law that prevents any City from banning medical marijuana. The City of Lakewood cannot cry
Federal Law, Federal Law does not overrule State Law, look it up and you will see that I am
correct. Federal law acknowledges State Laws in any case and then looks at the Federal Law to
ensure that it

I do not think people should be growing or selling medical marijuana, or any marijuana,
in the City of Long Beach. I agree with Lakewood and Signal Hill!

I am a stroke survivor. Left with physical issues from being paralyzed and lost speech. I
use medical marijuana when needed. It makes MY life livable. If you take away the access to
the prescriptions, then you will create a physical hardship for me. I OPPOSE any ballot measure
prohibiting the collectives to do business in the City of Long Beach where I have lived for 43

From the traffic i see going into these places it appears half of long beach suffers from

Medicinal marijuana patients have a right to treated fairly.

Please rise above -Lakewood and Signal Hill already did- is there really any need for
discussion on this???!!!Look at the time ,energy and money wasted on this already-vote no.
Move on to something much more important!

Marijuana is illegal per federal law. It should be illegal in California also.

"Monkey see, monkey do" is not a viable reason to impose or create ordinances. Let our
city remain autonomous.

You guys obviously have never been so sick that you just don't know what to
do...numerous medications, some with reactions and then medical marijuana was tried and I
can at least now cope with the effects of my illness...for me it has been a gift from God...he
created every plant for a specific reason i'm why should we question his
knowledge...this one works!

Not only does this limit the safe access for the estimated 10,000 Long Beach patients is
also limits BADLY needed tax revenue for the city of Long Beach. Why are we laying off police
officers? Not only did the city of Long Beach collect $14,000 per collective per permit they also
kept the money from the collectives that were not approved!! I cannot believe that these are the
actions of elected city officials. Literally TAKING money from hard working people.

I recommend that marijuana be dispensed as prescription by a doctor the same as other


The federal prohibition on marijuana will be lifted in my lifetime. If the cities and states
continue to allow the purchase and sale of marijuana even on a medical level, the federal
government will follow the state and local lead. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and
tabacco combined, plus it is a great alternative medicine for those suffering disease with limited
side effects. The natural progression of marijuana is legalization.
NO WAY!!! get with the times!!

I have been a medical marijuana patient for 5 years and I find it to be much more
beneficial to society than alcohol.

This would be a compassionless move and would probably be unconstitutional. leading

to costly lawsuits.

"Marijuana will be legalized. I for one would look forward to having the right to grow my
own medicine one day.
Lets see the numbers, has crime gone up? Have assaults gone up in the areas?
I am willing to bet the opposite has happened."

"This is all dissapointing, and I really hope all council members consider the pain and
daily difficulties us patients go through. The collectives mean no harm to the community, they
only exist to HELP and show COMPASSION!!!

God bless you all..Have a good day"

"For the sake of our kids please don't make our

city house this kind of business. Don't put
the need for tax dollars ahead of wise decision
making. Maybe if we had let Wal-Mart into our
city on the East side we would not be talking about this absurd business."

It is going to happen some day. Let's make sure that we have the proper tax structure in
place to treat it like alcohol and tobacco. The is the potential for a huge revenue stream.

"Lakewood and Signal Hill do not allow medical marijuana collectives, so... ?

Why doesn't Long Beach outlaw gangs and gang shootings? You should really make murder
illegal, that will stop em'! If Murder was illegal than no one would ever be killed before their time

I think that the City of long beach is not being far with the collectives.... you should stick
to the set of rules you origially set in the first place..... these places have been keeping us
people to go out to the streets to get our medical marijuana... by you implementing these new
rules you are asking to have drug dealers all over the place you should really shame on you and
you should stop making a big deal over nothing and over your personal profits and needs.

Our oldest daughter died of cancer and during her last days Marijuana helped her
manage pain. I think a balanced approach to this is far better than an absolute no.
Long Beach does not need to become a pot haven. I believe it should be strictly
regulated. I understand that "some" people need it for medical purposes. I don't believe they all
do. Doctors are paid to give out these Rx's without regard for true need for the marijuana

Where is the problem other than the one you have manufactured?
As if, LB council too much $$$ involved.My estimation is that the average store nets
approx. 1000. to 2,000. per day. $14,000 was less then a weeks work to some of them. 3 yrs
ago while undergoing rad/chemo at LB Mem. i was forced to pay $70. for 1/8th of top shelf. it
only costs $38. a ounce to actually produce. Regulation is also definitely needed to protect jobs
that should be going to local LB mmp.

If such a measure passed, I'd be forced to move out of Long Beach. I have serious
health problems and medical marijuana provides the only relief I get.

Marijuana should be dispensed only in existing pharmacies.

i have an acquaintance who when the pain is too unbearable, medical marijuana is the
relief. it's a welcome change from the pill medication required and the fear of addiction.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for asking us all what we think.

Anyone who would support this probably would also support putting all of the disabled
and sick in gas chambers and getting rid of them--out of sight, out of mind!
"How would the prohibition of ALL medical marijuana collectives help the citizens who
truly need the drug? I believe marijuana is quite useful to patients who suffer from delbilitating
diseases and should be available to them.

I did vote no on the statewide proposition to legalize the use of marijuana.

Another ""common sense"" issue. Good Luck"

We have a large community of AIDS patients who benefit from the medical marijuana
The number of collectives needs to be limited.

Leave collectives be.

They add no value to quality of life, invite crime, & attract dicey clients. Proceeds are not
taxed & the owners make huge profits. Drugs are not tested for purity, are grown in
environmentally unfriendly ways, & may fund criminal activities in California and Mexico. Most
of the persons using the collectives are young & ambulatory. True medpot should be dispensed
in pharmacies. So Long Beach gets pot shops & I have to shop for clothes and household items
in Signal Hill & Lakewood?

It will not be upheld in the courts. It would also deprive local areas of tax revenues.
finally it would deprive districts of tangential revenues from the operation of collectives and the
contributions of collective members to the community.

That would clearly solve the problem.

Long Beach is a unique city unlike Lakewood and Signal Hill; we have a large,
multicultural population that relies on collectives for true medical needs. be more sensitive to our
no way. do it to liquor stores and bars first

There is a law. Prop 215 states that it is legal in Calif. This is hypocritical

We have to face the fact that these collectives are here to stay and do not attract any
more crime than a bank or liquor store. Let's embrace the patients and collect the taxes that we
so badly need in this city!!
I believe we need to be just as tolerant of those who use medical marijuana as we are of
those who use alcohol (moderate users) or other prescribed drugs for relief of medical and
mental health issues.

Let god's medicine be available to the peaceful patients. Alcohol is the problem, not
medicinal marijuana

May be the lesbians should be kept out of LB. That wouldn't be nice, would it? Its the
same thing.

Please let the patients have proper access to this miracle of god's.

Having a safe, regulated environment is very essential. The alternative has no


The genie is out of the bottle. We have already allowed the collectives in the city. Let's
just be smart about how we control them so that we protect our young people and keep the
shady element away from our residential areas, parks, libraries and day care centers.

Personally I would support even heavier restrictions on medical marijuana. While I know
there are people out there with a legit need for it, most of those whom I have met were young 20
somethings with no or minor pain that is exaggerated in order to receive the card. A fellow who
used to work with me who was 21 got a card after spraining his ankle, on the days he had to go
to the doctor he always came in on crutches. Playing the part. Just ridiculous if you ask me.

Until they make it reasonable and safe for the non pot buyers, I would.

We need to maintain a legal and safe way of dispensing marajuana to those in need.

Yes, because marijuana remains illegal to use for *any* purpose according to federal
law. The proper place to begin to deal with marijuana is at that the federal level because
unless/until we do, nothing we do at the state and local levels will matter very much in the grand
scheme of things. Are you sensing a theme here?

If you understand that people are using medical marijuana for legitimate pain relief, then
why would you take that away in its entirety? You must not believe that people use this in any
legitimate way. I can assure you that people do use medical marijuana for legitimate, necessary
pain relief. It is therefore extremely cruel and insulting to think that someone could be so
cavalier about taking that away from someone in pain.

I am not sure what is the measure is in Lakewood or Signal Hill, but as long as it is
against any Medical marijuana grown or distributed in Long Beach, I am all for it!
Long Beach City Council has invested the most time, money, and research into this
topic. LB is cited to be ahead of the curve-why go backwards with The City of Signal Hill or
Lakewood? Don't keep reinventing the wheel. LET YOUR COMMON SENSE PREVAIL.

I was the first one to support the use of Medical Marijuana. But after personal
experience with a friend of my son, who was able to purchase a Medical Marijuana card for
$150- when he had no "medical" need for the pot, then abused the privelege by supplying his
friends with the drug. I have changed my tune regarding the use and distribution of the drug.

Not at all!!! That is absolutely ridiculous! Of all cities, why would you ban MEDICAL
collectives in LONG BEACH?! They shouldn't ban them from anywhere unless they are doing
something morally or ethically wrong.

I believe the whole medical marijuana cause is a complete sham and a way for people to
skirt the laws of our state. One collective is one too many.

We should limit the number and locations of such establishments given their specialized
service. How many people really NEED MM anyway...legitimately.

Not in favor of marijuana being dispensed legally except through a pharmacy!

All I see from the city is ways to restrict patients from getting their medicine. Our public
servants seem to be missing the boat on this. How about consumer protections, like health
department postings in the window, weights and measures, and measuring product for harmful
chemicals and pesticides. Let's protect our residents from these things, not deny access.

Medical marijuana has been voted in as a needed resource for those with medical
conditions. Leave it alone.

This would be a lawsuit waiting to happen = why waste city resources defending it?



you are limiting much needed medication.

I support people getting medical m.j. but it needs to be in a way that will protect the
safety of the other citizens.

I believe marijuana should be available to people with valid medical needs. That being
said the system we have is a joke, anyone can get a card from a number of unethical doctors.
Collectives are not supposed to be for profit yet it is big business as evidenced by the price paid
for the "lottery" the city of Long Beach held for Med Marijuana licenses. This system is broken
before even getting off the ground.

"I would work to elect different council people if this was even attempted. This is NOT
what the people of Long Beach want.
Why do you ignore the will of the people (Prop 215) to enforce your personal position? Is this
why you're in politics?"

But not certain this is fair. I do not support marijuana use, remember the saying "Just
Say NO"! I know others who do. So having regulations is a comprimise. It just should not be
openended. I think that the proposal to limit the number of dispenseraries is right.

like whatever i had said earlier .. no to all drugs and substances.

Nor will I support any candidate for Mayor who supports this measure. The analysical
skills that this issue required is totally absent from positions taken by some of the
Councilmembers. Liquor is a far more serious issue and the over-abundence of liquor licenses
and establishments is a far greater problem than medical marijuana.

YES!! I don't like seeing these types of businesses where families reside.

clean my air!

Medical marijuana patients need easy, safe access to legal marijuana. Marijuana is not a
threat or a risk to public safety or personal health; those who believe so are uninformed and
frightened. We need more education regarding the benefits and use of marijuana and less
legislation to control a percieved (only) threat. Believe me, kids have plenty of easy access to
marijuana and have for many many years.

Lakewood and Signal Hill are hardly role models our city should follow. If council person
Schipske feels this is the direction in which Long Beach should going she needs to be voted out
of office ASAP.

I would support you. i have a radio to Cambodians and i would let you speak to our
Cambodian community about this concern for the safety of our children.

Californians have spoken on that issue

"Let other cities who want to have the collectives work out the problems with the
program first. Then, depending on their success or failure, LB can allow/disallow the collectives.
If we go first, it may be hard to shut down a program that has lots of problems.

(Do you ever buy the first version of software or a new model of car? Or do you wait and let the
adventerous try it out first?)"

Absolutely, Please get the dope out of Long Beach. The loadies already smoke dope out
in front of their house and in the park (frisbee course El Dorado), don't empower them more.