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Sample Board Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting location
Time Meeting time and date Action Role
3:00pm 1.0 Welcome
1.1 Opening and Welcome Chairperson
1.2 Regrets [insert names and titles of those not attending] Chairperson
1.3 Adoption of Agenda and Call for Other Business Adopt Chairperson
If important, other business items suggested by Board or staff members Decide
may be discussed in Section 6.
3:02pm 2.0 Disclosure of Interests
2.1 Conflicts of Interest. Note/ Chairperson
Identify real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest experienced by Decide
any member in relation to the items on the agenda
3:04pm 3.0 Minutes of Previous Meeting
3.1 Review & Adoption of Previous Meeting Minutes Adopt Chairperson
3.2 Actions Arising from Previous Meeting Note Chairperson
Review progress on actions arising from the previous meeting, including
identifying any outstanding actions, date to be completed, and who is
responsible for ensuring it is completed).
3:05pm 4.0 New Business
4.1 Item description(s) Decide Chairperson
4.2 These items are likely to be of strategic or operational significance For
4.3 example, new programs, strategic planning, or risk response.

Recommendation (s): [insert recommendation, for example ‘That

the board decide on a preferred option (A or B) for mitigating the
cyclone damage risk’].
4:00pm 5.0 Reports and Operational Matters
5.1 Item description(s), e.g. Financial Report Note ED,
5.2 Report
5.3 May include the CEO’s Report, the Finance Report and reports from any author or
subcommittees or advisory committees. These items tend to be routine, for
information only. Discussion may be limited to questions arising from
reports circulated with the agenda paper or short verbal reports provided appropriate
at the meeting. Tabling written reports at meetings should to be avoided. person,
Recommendation: [insert recommendation, for example ‘The board Chairperson
accepts the financial report’]
4:15pm 6.0 Other Business
Items not on the agenda can be raised for discussion (with the Chairperson
chairperson’s permission).
4:20pm 7.0 Next Meeting Reminder
Next meeting [insert date, time, location] Note Chairperson
4:25pm 8.0 Roundtable Evaluation
The designated evaluator reflects briefly on how the meeting went. Note Evaluator
4:30pm 9.0 Adjourn Chairperson