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C 131 E/8 Official Journal of the European Union EN 5.6.


Wednesday 24 April 2002

 in the absence of Mr Solana, the Council’s statement on Council reform and transparency was post-
 as the Council could not be present the oral questions on the legal base of budget line B5-822
(Europol) (Item 91) were postponed until the May I part-session;
 the deadline for tabling amendments to the García-Margallo y Marfil report on indirect taxation (VAT)
(A5-0140/2002), which was last (Item 96), would be at 16.00 that afternoon.
Mr García-Margallo y Marfil proposed that the debate on his report be cancelled and that his report be
put straight to the vote at voting time the following day.
The President established that there was no opposition to this proposal.

Thursday 25 April
 a second report by Mrs Morgan (without debate) 2000 discharge: general budget, sections II, IV, V, VI
(+ 1996-1999 discharges), VII and VIII (A5-0113/2002) had been added to voting time (the first
report had been referred back to committee on 10 April 2002 pursuant to Rule 144(1), (Item 19 of
the Minutes of that day)).
The deadline for tabling amendments would be 16.00 that afternoon.

12. Meeting of Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers in Valencia of 22/23 April

2002  Situation in the Middle East (statements followed by debate)

The next item was the joint debate on Council and Commission statements.

Mr Piqué, President-in-Office of the Council, and Mr Patten, Member of the Commission, made statements
 the meeting of Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers in Valencia of 22/23 April 2002 and
 the situation in the Middle East.

The following spoke: Poettering, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group, Barón Crespo, on behalf of the PSE
Group, Riis-Jørgensen, on behalf of the ELDR Group, Cohn-Bendit, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group,
Wurtz, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, Crowley, on behalf of the UEN Group, Belder, on behalf of
the EDD Group, Le Pen, Non-attached Member, Galeote Quecedo, Imbeni and Esteve.



The following spoke: Gahrton, Morgantini, Della Vedova, Coûteaux, who first spoke on the remarks last
Monday by the President of Parliament on the French Presidential elections, Brok, Obiols i Germa, Van der
Laan, Nogueira Román, Marset Campos, Sandbæk, Souchet and Suominen.



The following spoke: Soares, Ludford, Jillian Evans, Alavanos, Nassauer, Van den Berg, Olle Schmidt, Baut-
ista Ojeda, Tajani, De Rossa, García-Margallo y Marfil, Fiori, Cushnahan, Khanbhai, Sacrédeus, Gutiérrez-
Cortines, Raffaele Costa, Tannock, Sumberg and Piqué.

The President closed the debate.

Vote: Item 10 of the Minutes of 15.5.2002.

The following spoke: Alyssandrakis who referred to the question of the accession of Cyprus, and Korakas
on Mr Solana’s forthcoming visit to Greece.

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