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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 132/5


4.1. The standard and obligatory application form is available 5.1. The granting of funding is subordinated to the budgetary
electronically at the following web-address: authority's decision to earmark appropriations for this
5.2. Having assessed the applications on the basis of the
If necessary, it can also be obtained from the address in criteria and conditions in this notice, and in particular
point 4.4. how the applying organisation's work programme relates
to the Commission's policy priorities, the Commission
4.2. All the documents required for each application must be shall within five months of this notice, select with the
sent in triplicate to the address in point 4.4. assistance of the Advisory Committee established under
Article 9 of Decision No 283/1999/EC, such organisations
4.3. The application must be submitted in one of the official as are to receive annual financial support. The
languages of the European Union. Commission decision shall lead to the conclusion of a
contract with the recipients responsible for implemen-
4.4. Applications must be submitted to the following address: tation, concerning the rights and obligations of the
European Commission
DG Health and Consumer Protection 5.3. Applicants will be informed individually in writing of the
Rue Belliard 232 — 5/79 decision pertaining to their application(s).
B-1049 Brussels

4.5. The application must be postmarked before or on 10 5.4. The Commission will publish a list of the recipients and of
July 2003. Proposals sent by express Courier service or the activities funded under this framework in the Official
delivered by hand must arrive by 17h Brussels time on 10 Journal of the European Communities with an indication of
July 2003. the amount of the support. The Commission may also
decide to publish the work programmes of the
4.6. Failure to include the requisite information may lead to European consumer organisations that are granted
the application being rejected. financial support.

Call for proposals for indirect RTD actions under the specific programme for research, tech-
nological development and demonstration: ‘structuring the European Research Area’

Scheme: Communication Network Development — Géant

Call identifier: FP6-2003 — Infrastructures-3

(2003/C 132/05)

1. In accordance with Decision No 1513/2002/EC of the In accordance with Article 9(1) of the Regulation of the
European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 June European Parliament and of the Council of 5 November
2002, concerning the sixth framework programme of the 2002 concerning the rules for the participation of under-
European Community for research, technological devel- takings, research centres and universities in, and for the
opment and demonstration activities contributing to the dissemination of research results for, the implementation
creation of the European Research Area and to innovation of the European Community Sixth Framework Programme
(2002 to 2006) (1), the Council adopted on 30 September (2002 to 2006) (4) (referred to as ‘the rules for partici-
2002 the specific programme for research, technological pation’), proposals for indirect RTD actions should be
development and demonstration: ‘structuring the European submitted under the terms of calls for proposals.
Research Area’ (2) (referred to as ‘the specific programme’).
2. The present call for proposals for indirect RTD actions
In accordance with Article 5(1) of the specific programme, comprise the present general part and the specific
the Commission of the European Communities (referred to conditions that are described in the Annex. This annex
as ‘the Commission’) has adopted on 6 December 2002 a indicates in particular, the date of closure for the submission
work programme (3) (referred to as ‘the work programme’ of proposals for indirect RTD actions, an indicative date for
setting out in greater detail the objectives and scientific and the completion of the evaluations, the indicative budget, the
technological priorities of the specific programme, and the instruments and the areas concerned, the evaluation criteria
timetable for implementation. for the evaluation of proposals for indirect RTD actions, the
minimum number of participants, and any applicable
(1) OJ L 232, 29.8.2002, p. 1. restrictions.
(2) OJ L 294, 29.10.2002, p. 44.
(3) Commission Decision C(2002) 4791, unpublished. (4) OJ L 355, 30.12.2002, p. 23.
C 132/6 EN Official Journal of the European Union 6.6.2003

3. Natural or legal persons fulfilling the conditions stated in ‘FP6 — Research Proposals’
the rules for participation and that do not fall under any of Call identifier: FP6-2003 — Infrastructures-3
the exclusion cases in the rules for participation or in European Commission
Article 114(2) of the Council Regulation (EC, Euratom) Rue de Genève, 1
No 1605/2002 of 25 June 2002 on the Financial Regu- B-1140 Brussels
lation applicable to the general budget of the European
Communities (5) (referred to as ‘the proposers’) are invited In both cases, proposals for indirect actions submitted on
to submit to the Commission proposals for indirect RTD CD-ROM or on diskette must be accompanied, in the same
actions subject to the conditions in the rules for partici- envelope, by an identical paper version.
pation and in the call concerned being fulfilled.
Proposals for indirect RTD actions submitted either on
The European Community has adopted an equal oppor- CD-ROM or on diskette which are incomplete (7), illegible (8)
tunities policy and, on this basis, women are particularly or contain viruses will be excluded if a complete corre-
encouraged to either submit proposals for indirect RTD sponding paper version has not been supplied.
actions or participate in the submission of proposals for
indirect RTD actions. Proposals for indirect RTD actions may be submitted on-line
via the Cordis website
4. The Commission makes available to proposers guides for
proposers relating to the calls which contain information Proposals for indirect RTD actions that are submitted
on the preparation and the submission of a proposal for an on-line and which are incomplete (9), illegible (10) or
indirect RTD action. These guides, as well as the work contain viruses will be excluded.
programme and other information relating to the calls,
can be obtained from the Commission via one of the Proposals for indirect RTD actions that are submitted on
following addresses: paper and which are incomplete (11) will be excluded.
European Commission Proposals for indirect RTD actions submitted by email (12)
The IST Information Desk or by fax will be excluded.
Directorate General INFSO
B-1049 Brussels 7. Proposals for indirect RTD actions have to reach the
E-mail address: Commission at the latest on the closure date and at the
Internet address: time specified in the call concerned. Proposals for indirect
5. Proposals for indirect RTD actions are submitted preferably RTD actions arriving after this date and time will be
in electronic format, either on CD-ROM or on diskette. In excluded.
any case, proposals for indirect RTD actions may also be
If foreseen in the relevant call, they will be taken up in the
prepared and submitted using the forms in the guide for
framework of a future evaluation.
proposers (referred to as on ‘paper’).
Once the software tool within the electronic proposal 8. In the case of successive submissions of a proposal in the
submission system (EPSS) is available before the closure same format, the Commission will examine the last version
date in the relevant call, proposals for indirect RTD received before the closure date and time specified in the
actions may be prepared off-line or on-line and submitted call concerned.
on-line. The EPSS software tool will be available via the
Cordis website In the case where the same proposal for an indirect RTD
action is submitted on paper and electronic format
6. Proposals for indirect RTD actions submitted on CD-ROM, (CD-ROM, diskette, on-line), the Commission will only
diskette, or paper by post must be received by the examine the text submitted under the electronic formats.
Commission at the following address, and labelled as
follows: 9. In all correspondence relating to the concerned call (e.g.
when requesting information, or submitting a proposal for
‘FP6 — Research Proposals’ an indirect RTD action), proposers are invited to cite the
Call identifier: FP6-2003 — Infrastructures-3 relevant call identifier.
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels
(7) All proposals for indirect RTD actions must contain two parts: the
For deliveries by hand or by representatives (including by
forms (Part A) and the content (Part B).
private courier (6)), the delivery should be to the following (8) Proposals for indirect RTD actions should be submitted in PDF
address, and labelled as follows: (‘portable document format’, version 3 or higher with embedded
fonts) or RTF (‘rich text format’).
(9) See footnote 7.
(5) OJ L 248, 16.9.2002, p. 1. (10) See footnote 8.
(6) Users of courier services that ask for the recipient's telephone (11) See footnote 7.
number should give the following number: (32-2) 295 58 75 (Mr (12) This does not include proposals for indirect RTD actions that have
J-C Debouvere). been submitted on-line.
6.6.2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 132/7


1. Specific Programme: Structuring the European Research Area

2. Activity: Support for Research Infrastructures

3. Call title: Communication Network Development — Géant

4. Call reference number/identifier: FP6-2003 — Infrastructures-3

5. Date of publication: 6 June 2003

6. Closure date(s): 2 October 2003 at 17h (Brussels local time)

7. Total indicative budget: EUR 100 million

Instrument (1) EUR (million)

I3 100

8. Areas called and Instruments:

Area Instrument

Area 3.2.3: Communication Network Development — I3


9. Minimum number of participants (2):

Instrument Minimum number of participants

I3 Three independent legal entities from three different MS or

AS, with at least two MS or ACC

10. Restriction to participation: In the case of the provision and enhancement of a research network backbone for all
Researchers in Europe (Géant), the proposal must be collectively submitted by the legal entities in each Member
State and Associated State in charge of operating the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). NRENs
from third countries may participate and receive a Community financial contribution, on a case by case basis. Legal
entities created by the NRENs to contribute to the deployment of connectivity and services on a pan-European scale
(e.g. DANTE, Terena) can also participate.

11. Consortia agreements: Participants in I3 are required to conclude a consortium agreement.

12. Evaluation procedure:

— the evaluation shall follow a single stage procedure,

— proposals will not be evaluated anonymously.

13. Evaluation criteria: See Annex B1 of the Work Programme for the applicable criteria (including their individual
weights and thresholds and the overall threshold) per area and instrument.

14. Indicative evaluation and contractual timetable:

— evaluation results: estimated to be available within some four months after the closure date,

— contract signature: it is estimated that the contract related to this call will come into force in 2004.

(1) I3 = Integrated Infrastructure Initiative.

(2) MS = Member States of the EU; AS (incl. ACC) = Associated States; ACC = Associated candidate countries. Any legal entity established
in a Member State or Associated State and which is made up of the requested number of participant may be the sole participant in an
indirect action.