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C 135/14 EN Official Journal of the European Union 7.6.


— order the Commission of the European Communities to sale of optician’s goods, the Hellenic Republic is
pay the costs. restricting the conditions of establishment of natural
persons working as opticians in breach of Article 43 EC.

— Declare that, by enacting and maintaining in force Law

Pleas in law and main arguments No 91/119 and Law No 2646/98 under which the
establishment by a legal person of a shop for the sale of
optician’s goods is subject to the following conditions:
The applicant claims that the contested memoranda do not
appear to have been issued as a result of one of the procedures
for making decisions exhaustively provided for by the Com- — authorisation of the establishment and operation of
mission’s internal rules, C(2000) 3614 of 29 November 2000, the shop for the sale of optician’s goods must
which renders null and void the contested measures, not least have been granted to a recognised optician/natural
in view of their content which is of external effect. person, the person holding the authorisation to
operate the shop must hold at least 50 % of the
company’s share capital, and must participate at
It further claims that the contested measures were adopted by least to that extent in the profits and losses of the
the Commission in manifest breach of Article 32 of Regulation company, and the company must be in the form of
EC No 1260/99 (1) and of and of Rule 1.1 and 1.2 in the annex a collective or limited partnership,
to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1685/2000 (2).

— the optician in question may participate at most in

Finally, it claims that the decisions adopted by way of the one other company owning a shop for the sale of
contested measures are invalid inasmuch as the statement of optical articles, subject to the conditions that the
reasons is defective and contradictory and because they authorisation for the establishment and operation
infringe the legitimate expectations of the applicant. of that shop is in the name of another authorised

( 1) OJ 1999 L 161, p. 1.
( 2) OJ 2000 L 193, p. 39. the Hellenic Republic has restricted the conditions of
establishment of legal persons operating as opticians in
Greece in a manner inconsistent with Article 43 EC and
has infringed Article 48 in conjunction with Article 43 EC
by imposing on legal persons conditions not applicable to
natural persons,

— order the Hellenic Republic to pay the costs.

Action brought on 27 March 2003 by the Commission of
the European Communities against the Hellenic Republic

(Case C-140/03)
Pleas in Law and Main Arguments
(2003/C 135/20)
1. Restrictions on freedom of establishment for natural

An action against the European Communities was brought

before the Court of Justice on 27 March 2003 by the 2. Restrictions on freedom of establishment for legal per-
Commission of the European Communities, represented by sons.
Maria Patakia, of the legal service.

3. The abovementioned restrictions are not justified by the

The Commission claims that the Court should: grounds put forward.

— Declare that by enacting and maintaining in force Law

No 971/79, which does not permit a qualified optician as
a natural person to operate more than one shop for the