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After everyone has thrown. etc.Compared to the rest of the sport world. Field Dimensions and equipment Frisbee Golf courses can vary widely. in one form or another have been with us since ancient time. Although. Next. Basically. so that it will be easy to identify which disc belongs to which player (if this should fail. . in the least amount of throws. people form a team. the order of play is chosen. but usually. This is left entirely up to the team. just like golf courses although the average length from hole to hole is about 200-240 feet. which is the number of throws it took a professional to complete that certain hole and course. it¶s origins as a sport trace back to only the 1960s. usually of no more than 5 players. aiming to have a score under or at PAR. which is used to play formal Frisbee Golf. height. PAR. therefore complete the course. The person recording the course should write down each person¶s disc number and name on the score card. is the goal for all players. Here is a list of the equipment one might need: y y y y A course is obviously needed to play formal Frisbee Golf but any park will do. flying discs. the tress and objects around you can serve as ³holes´ Frisbees ± the ones specially made for Frisbee golf are much nicer than the ones made for recreational use Scorecard Pencil Scoring and Time of Play Scoring is done by simply counting each throw as one point and the number of points per hole is added up at the end to come up with the final score. teams may choose to play according to age. When someone hits the target. The first person throws the disc. watching where it lands and then the second person goes and so on. you want to be at or below PAR. Each person chooses a different colored disc. or skill. the other players must continue throwing to get to the goal so they can have a score for that hole. the scorekeeper counts up the score and the winner is announced. the players walk to their discs and the furthest person from the goal is to throw next and then the next farthest. when ³Steady´ Ed Headrick invented and patented the modern Frisbee. Being the passionate Frisbee-r that he is. Rules of play The rules of play for our Team Sports version of Frisbee Golf were very lenient. Object of the Sport The object of Frisbee golf is to basically hit the targets and. he also founded the game with the first disc golf basket. there are numbers on the discs as well). they were used more for killing purposes (the Greeks used sharpened discs in war). Frisbee golf (also called disc golf) is a baby. After everyone has completed the course.

A disc which. Putter . This shows adamant disrespect and often can cause an unfair altering of the game. stable flight. Even though this is a small action. Terminology Here is a list of common Disc Golf terms: Driver .A disc designed for slower. has a tendency to fly straight. and respect are vital to your survival in the sport. the previous knowledge of the course can prove to be an amazing advantage. Also. concentration. This helps the game to be more fun and less hostile for everyone. more stable flight.A disc which. The most difficult type of disc to control. Experts say that the hardest thing to master about Frisbee golf is learning how to distribute your weight when throwing a Frisbee.A disc designed for close-range. The more you work on this. long-distance flight. but the typical course can take from 45 minutes to an hour. This helps you to know what is coming and what the terrain feels like. Get to know the course before play. any muscle that is related to the movement of legs and such is very helpful. has a tendency to hyzer (to the left for right-handed players.A small disc which is used to mark a player's lie. Skills needed to be successful in the Sport As with every other sport. Stable . An example of good sportsmanship would be to remain courteous and always remain silent during crucial playing moments.Time of play varies in Frisbee golf as well. has a tendency to anhyzer . Approach disc . when released flat. backhand throw). when released flat. There is no set time of play because Frisbee Golf is largely a leisure sport Strategies Here are two strategies for playing Frisbee Golf: y Practice Playing! This may seem obvious. but the more one practices. Mini . when released flat.Refers to a disc which. So good cardio and leg and arm muscles are great. the closer to perfection they become. the better at Frisbee Golf you will be.A disc designed for fast. y Sportsmanship An example of bad sportsmanship in Frisbee golf would be coughing loudly and distracting the players in any way when they¶re about to take a shot. Understable . patience. Overstable .

Hyzer . while a sidearm hyzer fades right. resulting in a 90 degree rotation from vertical. Also known as a tee box. resulting in a premature landing. For a right-handed player. The disc is released at a vertical angle. Also known as a sidearm throw. Backhand throw . backhand throw).When using a backhand throw a disc¶s flight arc which causes it to fall in the direction opposite of the throwing arm. pro par is generally three on any given hole. it makes scorekeeping much simpler. Pole Hole .Results in the player¶s throwing arm moving across the same side of the body before release.The spot where a disc lands and where the next shot is taken from.A throwing technique similar to a baseball pitch. Roller . Also a reference to non-tournament players. non-permanent hazard on the course. Lie .Results in the player¶s throwing arm moving across the opposite side of the body before release.A designated area where players begin each hole.A disc¶s flight arc (backhand) which falls in the same direction of the throwing arm.A hole-in-one. Tee Pad . .Completing a hole at one under par. The disc generally lands face down. The most common type of throw. Worm burner .Advancing the disc by causing it to roll along the ground. Anhyzer .Failure to demonstrate full balance behind the mini marker while putting. Overhand .A flight path which must be followed in order to complete a hole. Birdie . Falling Putt .A shot which is released lower than intended and/or at a downward angle.An unintended. Amateur par varies. Players cannot step on or in front of the mini marker when putting within 10 meters until demonstrating full balance. Ace .The average number of throws for an experienced player to complete a hole. such as collected water from a rainstorm or a pile of cleared brush. or basket.A brand name disc golfing target.(to the right for right-handed players. Par . Mandatory or mando . Pancake . For a right-handed player. This tradition started mostly out of convenience. Other brands include Chainstar and DISCatcher. while a sidearm anhyzer fades to left. a backhand hyzer shot fades to the left. a backhand anhyzer shot fades to the right. Also known as a tomahawk throw.An overhand shot thrown with considerably less power. Casual . Forehand throw .

the patience shown in Frisbee Golf could be used when dealing with people in the workforce. the Online Disc Golf Magazine. Although I stand by the conviction that it is a leisure sport. Web.disclife. . Frisbee Golf is played mainly in the USA because we are the only country that really has time for such leisure activity. <http://www. The sport serves to keep the upper class (and gym classes) entertained. Sandbagger .shtml> Real World Application As with all things.When players make up different holes on an existing course. which has little application in the real world but the grace and poise used when throwing Frisbees could be used to make one more balanced. Ex: from hole one's tee pad to hole three's basket.Term used for a warped disc which has hit a tree or other solid object at high velocity.Safari golf . Also.A tournament director.Resources . Frisbee Golf has its importance in the Taco .DiscLife. 2010. TD .A tournament player who competes in a division below his or her skill level Source: "Disc Golf Terms ." relaxed and fit. 28 Oct.

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