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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 138/9

Notice of the Government of the United Kingdom concerning Directive 94/22/EC of the European
Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 1994 on the conditions for granting and using author-
isations for the prospection, exploration and production of hydrocarbons

(2003/C 138/05)
(Text with EEA relevance)




The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry invites interested 4. Applications must be delivered to the Department of Trade
persons, in accordance with the Petroleum (Production) and Industry at 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET,
(Seaward Areas) Regulations 1988 (S.I. 1988 No 1213), as together with a fee of GBP 2,820 per application.
amended (‘the 1988 Regulations’), and the Hydrocarbons Applications must be received by the DTI no later than
Licensing Directive Regulations 1995 (S.I. 1995 No 1434), to 13.00 (London Time) on 16 September 2003. No
apply for Petroleum Production Licences in respect of the applications will be accepted after that point.
blocks 113/21 and 113/22. The definitive list of unlicensed
blocks is shown on maps deposited at the Department of
Trade and Industry Library, where they can be viewed by
prior appointment (see below for contact details) between
5. The proposed operator within each applicant group
9.15 and 16.45, Monday to Friday, until 16 September 2003
(including any company that is the sole applicant) must
(referred to below as ‘the Application Date’). They are also
submit a statement of its general environmental policy for
available on the Oil and Gas Directorate's website
the conduct of licensed activities in seaward areas.

6. Further guidance on the material with which applicants

1. Licences issued pursuant to this invitation will incorporate
may support their applications is given in ‘Notes for
clauses based substantially, subject to certain modifications
Applicants’, available from the Licence Administration
and additional provisions, on the Model Clauses set out in
and on the Oil and Gas Directorate's website (see below
Schedule 4 to the Petroleum (Production) (Seaward Areas)
for contact details). ‘Promote’ applications will not be
Regulations 1988 (as amended, except that the
accepted on these blocks.
amendments to Model Clauses set out in paragraphs (a)
(ii) and (c) to (h) of Regulation 8 of the Petroleum
(Production) (Seaward Areas) (Amendment) Regulations
1996 (S.I. 1996 No 2946) will not apply). With effect
from 1 January 2003 royalty consideration is abolished 7. Applications will be judged against the background of the
and the Clauses will be amended as appropriate. continuing need for expeditious, thorough, efficient and
safe exploration to identify oil and gas resources of the
United Kingdom Continental Shelf, with due regard to
environmental considerations. Applications will be judged
on the basis of the following criteria:
2. DTI has conducted an assessment of blocks 113/21 and
113/22, as required by Directive 92/43/EEC on the conser-
vation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora,
implemented as The Conservation (Natural Habitats, and
c.) Regulations 1994. The conclusion of the assessment (a) the financial capability of the applicant to carry out the
was that the act of licensing the area and carrying out agreed Initial Term Work Programme;
the proposed work programme would not be likely to
have a significant effect on any site in the marine
environment. A copy can be requested from the LCU
Administration Section (see below for contact details).
(b) the technical capability of the applicant to carry out
the agreed Initial Term Work Programme, and as
appropriate any other activities permitted under the
Licence (taking into account the quality of geological
analysis and degree of innovation);
Applications for licences

3. Applications must be made on the Application Form for

Seaward Production Licences, which is available on the Oil
and Gas website or from the LCU Administration Section (c) environmental credentials as set out in the application
(see below for contact details). guidance notes;
C 138/10 EN Official Journal of the European Union 13.6.2003

(d) any lack of efficiency or responsibility displayed by the provisions set out in the Model Clauses and in Schedules
applicant under any other licence of any description to the Licence; in summary:
issued under the Petroleum Act 1998 or previous legis-
lation having similar effect. (a) four annual payments, beginning at the
commencement of the Licence, of GBP 150 for each
8. Following consideration of all applications, the Secretary of square kilometre that it covers;
State will select the applicant to whom he is prepared to
award a licence. They will be notified no later than one (b) a subsequent annual payment of GBP 300 for each
year after the Application Date. If the Secretary of State is square kilometre covered, rising by annual increments
prepared to award a licence, DTI will prepare a draft of GBP 900 to a maximum of GBP 7500 per square
licence and send it to the successful applicant, who will kilometre (this payment is subject to biennial review in
then have the option of accepting it by returning it to DTI line with movements in the Index of the Price of Crude
signed by all members of the applicant group. Unsuc- Oil acquired by Refineries, published in the Digest of
cessful applicants will be notified in writing. An UK Energy Statistics).
applicant will be notified of the reasons for the Secretary
of State's decision if he submits a written request for this Special note
information to be provided.
14. The Ministry of Defense's Eskmeals Firing Range largely
9. The Government accepts no liability for any costs incurred covers the acreage within blocks 113/21 and 113/22
by the applicant in considering or making its application. and as a result any Licensee must expect unusual
restrictions on activity, through special Licence conditions
Licence term and payments and/or exclusions, and via other permissions (e.g. well
consents). In particular, exploration drilling will not be
10. Subject as below, licence will have an Initial Term of four permitted before 2004 and when permitted is likely to
years, with options to extend for a four-year Second Term be subject to strict timescales. Permanent structures will
and an 18-year Third Term. not be permitted within the Firing Range during the
11. The Licensee can exercise the option to continue the lifetime of the Licence (on the assumption that Eskmeals
licence into the Second Term provided that he gives Firing Range has not decommissioned during that period).
notice to that effect not less than three months before Full details, including the coordinates of the area outside
the initial term expires, and provided that he has first the Range that will be available for development activity
completed an agreed Work Programme and surrendered can be provided via the contact details below.
part of the licensed area. The maximum area that may
be retained is: Confidentiality

a) not more than half the original number of sections 15. Material supplied in support of applications will be treated
covered by the licence if the licence originally in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to
covered 60 or more sections; or Government Information.
b) 30 sections if the licence originally covered more than Exceptions
30 but fewer than 60 sections.
The retained area must comply with Model Clause 8 in 16. The terms, provisions, payments and other details relating
Schedule 4 to the 1988 Regulations as it stood prior to the to each licence normally be as set out above, but the
amendments made to it by the Petroleum (Production) Secretary of State reserves the right to amend them in
(Seaward Areas) (Amendment) Regulations 1996 and some cases to fit particular circumstances.
must be described in the said notice.
Contact details
A ‘section’ is part of a block comprising an area bounded
by lines of longitude and latitude one minute apart Licence Administration: Licensing and Consents Unit,
respectively. Department of Trade and Industry, 1 Victoria Street, London
SW1H 0ET (tel. (44-207) 215 51 11, fax (44-207) 215 50 70)
12. All acreage covered by the Licence that is not the subject
of an approved Development Plan at the end of the Department of Trade and Industry Library: 1 Victoria Street,
Second Term is to be relinquished at that time. London SW1H 0ET (tel. (44-207) 215 50 06/7, fax (44-207)
215 56 65)
13. Any licence granted as a result of this invitation will be
subject to payment of consideration according to LCU's website: