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L 150/70 EN Official Journal of the European Union 18.6.



of 16 June 2003
amending and extending the mandate of the European Union Special Representative for the Middle
East peace process


Having regard to the Treaty on European Union, and in parti- Joint Action 2002/965/CFSP is amended as follows:
cular Article 14, Article 18(5) and Article 23(2) thereof, 1. the following subparagraph shall be inserted in Article 3:
Whereas: ‘(l) Implement a EU programme relating to security issues.
To this end, the EU Special Representative may be
(1) Council Joint Action 2002/965/CFSP of 10 December assisted by an expert charged with the practical imple-
2002 amending and extending the mandate of the mentation of operational projects related to security
European Union Special Representative for the Middle issues.’;
East peace process (1) applies until 30 June 2003. 2. Article 8 shall be replaced by the following:
(2) On the basis of a review of that Joint Action, the ‘Article 8
mandate of the Special Representative should be
To ensure the consistency of the external action of the
amended and extended.
European Union, the activities of the Special Representative
(3) The Council should appoint a new EU Representative for shall be coordinated with those of the High Representative,
the Middle East Peace Process. the Presidency and the Commission. In the field, close
liaison shall be maintained with the Presidency, the
(4) The EU's efforts in the security field should be consoli- Commission and Heads of Mission who shall make best
dated. efforts to assist the Special Representative in the implemen-
tation of the mandate. The Special Representative shall also
(5) On 30 March 2000 the Council adopted guidelines on liaise with other international actors in the field.’
the appointing procedure and administrative arrange-
ments for European Union Special Representatives Article 4
This Joint Action shall enter into force on 1 July 2003.
It shall apply until 31 December 2003.
Article 5
Article 1
This Joint Action shall be published in the Official Journal of the
The mandate of the European Union Special Representative for European Union.
the Middle East peace process as set out in Joint Action 2002/
965/CFSP is hereby extended.
Done at Luxembourg, 16 June 2003.
Article 2
For the Council
The Council shall appoint an EU Special Representative for the
Middle East peace process by means of a Council implementing The President
decision. G. PAPANDREOU

(1) OJ L 334, 11.12.2002, p. 11.