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November 2010

!00 Days banner &

chain, Megan &
Independence Day
Mural, Bryan, Good
Deeds Tree, Wayne &

Education is the Key

We re just days away from the last day of studied how music makes us feel. The following
classes in the 2010 school year at Cento Escolar week we moved to the music and had big dance
LifeLink and it s been a great year! parties while exploring rhythm, tempo and more.
We wrapped it up with a showing of Fantasia,
In August we celebrated our 100th day of which was a real crowd pleaser!
classes with a fun, carnival day, complete with
balloon drop! We had a great time celebrating our This month, we asked the students, teachers
big accomplishment. We played games, painted and parents to help us identify how much the
faces and created a 100-link paper chain with each students have learned about being Christ-like. We
link decorated by a different student. It s graced distributed hearts to all of the kids and teachers.
the wall in my office for the last few months as a We asked the parents and teachers to write down
happy memory of the day. good deeds done by the kids and send them back
to school. We placed each completed heart on a
September brought us Nicaraguan and Central tree at the front of the school. It didn t take long
American Independence Days and a month of to fill up and soon we were manning requests for
celebrating the kids heritage. We learned the more hearts!
National Hymn as well as the national symbols:
flower - Sacuanjoche, tree - Madroño, bird - It s been such a joy to see the students not
Guardabarranco. The students continued their only grow physically and intellectually, but also
study of Nicaraguan culture by learning the spiritually -- truly becoming a generation that will
Güegüense, a traditional dance/play. change a nation!

Music was our theme for the month of October. -- Megan

After introducing the instruments of the symphony
with photos we took at the National Theater, we

Let’s get our paint on
HIYAPAPAYA November 2010

Improving the look of Centro Escolar LifeLink

There s something about putting paint on a wall. It outside the gate to pick up their kids, and all were
immediately brightens up the look of a place. It commenting on the beauty of the facility.
becomes clean and organized. Excellence is a core value for us. We think about it
In October the LifeLink Team decided to take on a every day. We bring it up in every meeting. We apply
project. We made lists, weighed options, and finally it to every evaluation. We believe that we can
decided to pool our funds and paint the main worship God in many ways. We believe that God is
building and the well house. After that we had the honored by a job well done.
agonizing decision of which color to choose. We If the reaction from the parents of how honored
finally settled on a forest green and white, making they were to send their kids to such a beautiful
the building two tones. facility is any scale of how we have honored God
We used an oil based paint. We brushed, sprayed, with the work we re doing here, then I feel like we
and rolled until the building looked perfect. Then we haven t just done a good job . . .
stood back and admired our handiwork.
The first thing we realized is we weren t the only we ve done an excellent job.
ones admiring the building. Parents were lined up


Left,The kitchen
and north wall
of the

Center, Wayne
starting the job.

Right, North wall

and sidewalk.

The Graduates
Our Level 3 class is getting ready At our last Parent s Meeting, we
to graduate from preschool next week were able to show the parents the
and we re really excited for them! beautiful, blue gowns and many were
We recently received a tremendous near tears with gratitude. Each cap
blessing from Josten s, the cap and also has a rainbow colored, 2010
gown company. Jeremy and Angel tassel for the student s to have as a
Kerns, child sponsors and supporters keepsake.
of LifeLink International, brought 50 Look forward to photos from
caps and gowns to the school in graduation in our next newsletter!
October as a donation for graduation.

Our blog: Tax-deductible donations can be made through

Our email: LifeLink International, designation #103

HIYAPAPAYA November 2010

Do Unto Others Lizethe,

Megan &
Jade in front
Our students have spent the of the Good
Deeds Tree.
majority of the year learning good
values and how to be Christ-like
through chapel services and their
in-class Christian education.
We ve instilled in them values
like patience, helpfulness,
kindness, love, living in community
and more. The last few weeks we
talked a lot about how to be
responsible for our homes, our
school and our community.
We noticed the students
starting to live out the lessons completed heart get sent back to quietly during church service,
they were learning and wanted to the school. Maritza went to bed without
celebrate that. I remembered an The teachers also had bags of fussing, Amanda carried the
activity that Alison s Preschool in hearts so that we could recognize dishes to the sink for her mom.
Florida had done and got to work good deeds on campus. It was a joy to have the parents
to bring it to Centro Escolar I placed a die-cut tree on our share in the process of identifying
LifeLink. front wall and as the hearts the kids good works. Many
First, I cut out over 500 started to roll in, we started commented about how happy they
construction paper hearts in red, posting them. were to see their children growing
pink and magenta. I typed up a We received hearts with lots of in good moral character.
note explaining to the parents that great reports: Lenin helped sweep I can t think of a bigger win
we wanted them to catch their the patio, Jade shared her snack than watching spontaneous good
kids doing good and record it on with her sister, Mateo put away deeds and celebrating them with
a heart. We then asked that each everyone s shoes, Ezequiel sat our students and their families.

The Gift of Opportunity

becomes the gift of a lifetime
This is Lino and even though I try not to have them, he s one
of my favorite students.
Lino s not a bookworm and sometimes it may take him a little
while to finish his classwork, but his energy and heart of joy are
infectious. He greets me everyday with a big, heart-melting hug
at the gate and doesn t stop smiling all day.
A few weeks ago, he missed a few days of class and we
hadn t heard from his mom that he was sick, so when I saw his
older sister walking by one day just after school began, I asked
where he was. She explained that he had broken his school
shoes and didn t have another pair to wear. I checked the
warehouse, but didn t find a pair his size. As I was walking back,
she was back at the gate asking me if it mattered what color his
shoes were. I said no, we just wanted him in class. She asked me
to wait and said she d be right back.
Five minutes later Lino came running up in his complete
uniform and wearing his sister s bright pink sneakers. He had the
same smile and hug he brings every day and rocked those shoes
all day.
After class I asked him if he was afraid the other kids were
Lino, age 6, on his birthday at Centro Escolar LifeLink. going to make fun of him, but he said he didn t care if they did,
he just wanted to come to school.