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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 153/79

Farina di Neccio della Garfagnana PDO may be sold by the producer only if packaged in transparent
bags placed in a protective cardboard envelope. Packages must be of either 500 g or 1 kg.
Supplies to restaurants, bakers and other processors may be provided in 12 kg packs comprising
two 6 kg sealed and boxed transparent bags.

Packages must be closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent the product being removed
without breaking the seal. The seal is in the form of an irremovable label that must bear the
following wordings:

(a) ‘Farina di Neccio della Garfagnana’ followed immediately underneath by Denominazione Origine
Protetta (D.O.P.) and the logo that forms an integral part of the specification;

(b) the forename and family name or the company name of the producer and the company name
and address of the head office of the packer (whether or not the producer);

(c) the quantity of product originally contained in the package, expressed in accordance with the
relevant measuring standards.

The label must also show the EU PDO logo as defined in Regulation (EC) No 1726/98.

It is prohibited to indicate on the label anything other than is expressly laid down, including
adjectives such as extra, superiore, fine, scelta (choice) or selezionata (selected). It is also prohibited to
use laudatory wordings that could mislead the consumer.

Information on the producer and the place of packaging may be given.

4.9. National requirements: —

EC No: G/IT/00196/01.05.15.

Date of receipt of the full application: 21 March 2003.

Non-opposition to a notified concentration

(Case COMP/M.3126 — Great-West Lifeco/Canada Life Financial)

(2003/C 153/06)

(Text with EEA relevance)

On 17 June 2003, the Commission decided not to oppose the above notified concentration and to declare
it compatible with the common market. This decision is based on Article 6(1)(b) of Council Regulation
(EEC) No 4064/89. The full text of the decision is only available in English and will be made public after it
is cleared of any business secrets it may contain. It will be available:
— as a paper version through the sales offices of the Office for Official Publications of the European
Communities (see list on the last page),
— in electronic form in the ‘CEN’ version of the CELEX database, under document No 303M3126. CELEX
is the computerised documentation system of European Community law.
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