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As origin of Fuji Electric, the Kawasaki Factory is
contoributing society with numerous achivement and
outstanding technologies.
The Kawasaki Factory has been in operation since the
Company's establishment nearly eighty years ago. The
Factory is located in the Kawasaki area, which is also home
to the Electric Power Division (The Thermal, Nuclear and
Hydro Power Division, and the Fuji-Siemens Enelgy
Promotion Group) of the Fuji Electric Systems, as well as 1(i)'~ 0-, ......­
affiliated companies. Major products at the Factory are . ~.~
thermal and hydroelectric power generation facilities, nupl'ear ¡-:. . ;
power related equipment, electric power generation ancj - ,-&o4.-_--- --

generator equipment for industrial use, and electrostatie 'L "''kl-~_~d~;::;::=::==~~C::l~±;;'';''';:;;:11

dust-collection equipment for use in highway tunnels.
,¡ ~

*.tJ Iy - 1.::'::; . ~~t!WJflI~(a:cl±1B¡Z:)

Thermal Power Plant Equipment Factory
(Shiraishi Factory)

E' E(Energy Engineering) Center

::*:IE 1 2~( 1923) ~±~~~@~it~t±¿:L l:9,EJ 1 B¡IJ~ IfIJJX 7C~( 1989) tílti{JIlifV) @~, ¡;*g~tíl~::*:E2~~~
::*:IE 14~( 1925) JII~I~f*~~9& IfIiJX 2~( 1990) 280MW~~±¡¡¡9i:lPmUf~:lP, i?&:tSllfjW~~úiil~f'F
BBfD 5~(1930) ;3~gB~*~Wi~pfi"~~¡¡(m*t±Wi~pfi) IfIJJX 3~( 1991) 600MW~~:$'-t:':;·~~~~f'F
BmD 1O~( 1935) ~~gB~5:l'iFMi~tt, ~±j8jf~~~@(~) IfIiJX 4~(1992) (t*)~±~~ti'A:$'-t:':;p¡¡:~pfi~n
(m~±j8j(t!'))CL l:19ln IfIiJX 7~( 1995) E'Eiz:;:$'-ñiJXo IS0900 1ElXj~
BmD32~(1957) ::*:lli!~JH5I~. r.ttit~¡;¡¡j~ª. ~$I~ñiJX IfIiJX 1O~( 1998) ISO 1400 1ElX¡~
BBfD34~(1959) ~~:$'-t:·:;I~±¡¡¡~. Wi~pfi(2~&fnñiJX IfIiJX 1 1~(1 999) SEI~l*~~9&
BBID40~( 1965) ~;¡.]rm;~IJm'd fJ31 GJ O)~~ti¡~H~ll!i~f'F IfIiJX 1 5~(2003) ~±~~S' AT 1.>.::«~)J¡I~I~(~t±;g~~
B?5fD52~(1977) 34MWfff¡g~(17.4m)J\Jl.t:i7.l<*·~~~~f'F
B?5ID57~(1982) 495MW75:;S'A**'~~~~f'F

t.j'Á$7-t:::;~~M pffü±tlJ J II~mJ 11~~HJill~IíHJ 1m 1 ~(=¡= 210-9530)

Gas Turbine Research Center ~gi5 (044)333-71 1 1 (*f~~)

I~iliJ¡±tlJ 1 n,987m 2 (.lfIIJX201F9,El*i~ü)

1.iH¡t~.~ ~±~~YATb/( 841~

~iI~t± 119~
~~ij-I::::'A~t± 131 ~
-rO)ftlJ 2016
é'igt 1111 ~

Outline of Kawasaki Factory

~$ . *fi~I~(EBillttBI2.D
Fabrication . Machining Workshop Location: 1-1 Tanabe Shinden, Kawasaki-ku,
Kawasaki-City 210-9530, Japan
(Tanabe Factory)
Telephone: (044) 333-7111
Grounds: 177,987m 2 (as of September 30, 2008)
Fuji Electric Systems: 841
Partners: 119
Grouping of common service companies: 131
Others: 20
Total: 1111 (as of September 30, 2008)


History of Kawasaki Factory

1923 Fuji Electric Co., LId. established on Sep. 1 1989 Award of improving the health and
1925 Kawásaki Factory operated welfare of workers was given by the Prime
1930 Sales division transferred to Tokyo Metropolitan area. Minister of Japan.
1935 Telephone Division separated from Fuji Electric to 1990 Fuel handling facility for the 280 MW prototype of the
become Fujitsu Limited. Fast Breeder Reactor was manufactured.
1957 Large-scale transformer manufacturing shop and steel 1991 600 MW steam-turbine generator equipment was
plate cutting and welding shop was opened. manufactured.
1959 Sleam turbine manufacturing shop was enlarged and 1992 Fuji Gas Turbine Research Center Co was established.
operations began. 1995 New E· E (Energy Engineering) Center completed
1965 Diesel-electric propulsion equipment for the antarctic and Certificate of conformance to the ISO 9001
research icebreaker FUJI was manufactured. received.
1977 34 MW low-head(17.4 m) bulb turbine-generator 1998 Certificate of conformance to the ISO 14001
equipment manufactured. 1999 Shiraishi Factory operated
1982 495 MW Francis turbine-generator equipment was 2003 Changed its name to Fuji Electric Systems CO., LId. Kawasaki Factory

~~,~=1J\~~~.J? J \? cTQCc~~~tii1*U,
Meeting Needs fer Reliability and Ouality with Bread Experience in
Engineering, Preductien and TOe

ti. :'., r;;,

• • ~~~~~~I~?~O=?~~~~~fflGkB~ID~~m •. m
I *~I\J c~~~frm~ -el '*9 o
*/C.. Lfl5IDmfrmld:í§~fmID~1"FI)-I"5'-1~~Rm. ~?lJ;m¡§¡!.~1l:;~:¡:ª
l'. 'J-?iz::J5'-~~~J!IDi§H::::~-1j7':J~<!fl-el'*9o <!51;::::5'-t:'
::Jo-5'-1JDI5-1::J. 7-Y::J:;7'1JDI5-1::J. *~a~~ii!i. $7'-1 T
2 ~?J(5::;~~~. í§fm~jjGfv~ta:cJFj~(;::::JiEiG/c.~ii!i~~.G. f~
ijj'11ID.l '~~-:5< IJ ~ G-el '*9 o
The Kawasaki Factory has the latest manulacturing facilities and ultralarge­
scale numerical control (NC) machinery, which incorporate the most advanced
production and electronic technologies, These lacilities are laid out based on
the concept 01 a work center, helping to shorten lead times in the production 01
various types 01 equipment and streamline distribution, In addilion, we
manulacture an extensive range 01 highly reliable products that suit particular
applications, These include turbine rotor processing lines, casing processing
lines, large-scale impregnation equipment, dynamic balance equipment, and
various types 01 dustprool rooms,

8 m NC verticallurning and boring mlil



15mNC*~!ri~ 8mNCU
15 m heavy duty NC lalhe 8 m NC lalhe

i*;¡Ij~OIIli :::J-( ¡v/jid;¡.!l!l NC75 / =:: '5-(5ilii~OIffll)

Slol milling machine Aulomatic lransposing machine far stalor coil Planer type milling machine
(5-suriace processing machine)

§2¡~1*~iElcI:, IS0900 1 (7)65~YAT blL:~:5~~I!' ~1@c!;f'rL[¡ '*9 o 1995i:F
5F:l1L: IS0900 1 (7)&'2~iE~D-1 ~. LJ:J'A:Y-·]7Y ~ "5 :::';AJ:: t> ~~~9 0 c. c. tJ IL:,
§2¡~YAT b(7)*tEt~· c5F~~~1.J~~IL:~j3 ic6b(7)~~~M!E53i!.J~ti~LJ"L[¡ '*9 o
e! S lL:fhic!5(7)~651c1:~Mtd=áEJ~1*~iEYAT blL:J::? "L~l~c!n, ~*{j(7)Ei&'2, ~~t·
~~. ~i§'*~ft'm~' t:I:lfcj1(¡:c~"L<7)7'D1:zAIL:a%
LJic 3 X. C'~fFc!n"Ll '*9 o
Quality assurance is based on ISO 9001 quality management system standards. In 1995, we

received ISO 9001 certification through L1oyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited. We are

also promoting initiatives aimed at effectively maintaining and improving our quality control


Further, products are manufactured based on an advanced quality assurance system, in which

prior consideration to quality planning achieves the required quality control in all processes­

from contract review, design and purchasing to production, inspection, testing and delivery­

before production begins.


t!!Wc¡¡U1T~O)5'-t::·::;· ~~ff!O)WfflI~cg o

~i1TO)~@§]mJ.¡{t;~jjj¡¡"f.ljlijJ:.Mm1Jt~~i:iJfili1J:~~1iiii~ 'CL \*"90


Shiraishi Factory ~
This factory exclusively manufactures the world's most culling-edge
/ turbines and generators. it is equipped wilh the iatest production
/ automation equipment and a port from whlch producls can be shipped 150900 1.lJIDElliW~
¡ / dlrectly by sea. Acquistion of ISO 9001 certification
............ /

Balancing testing machine

$'-I::'A~ M'I¡U\l:¡¡¡¡
Testing of generalo'

itBI*I';±~ cA/:< O),t~~~~ S LJ O) tc.l1J (c::
JII~I~(~)5íh LJ ~~'*g o
The Kawasaki Factory to Improve the Global Environment
al1d Raise the Comfort of Living

~m""O)~tH.§#Id:, ~±~m~7')lJ-70)~mf*~~*ñ*t<DJ:LfJllfcJ
itB~~mf*~ñ*tl;:::~:)'~IHIm~flLL,*g- o 19981f:1 ,E31;:::1d:~~~
m-;;,:{-. y')<::J [--y;AT ~(E IV1S)e®0 I s o 1400 l1,t&~~iE~~~, L.O)
m=ifm~I;:::J:0ij-""-1'5 ::J;A1,tfj':> f6-c. E MSO)*II~~f6-;A} ,-1 '5
)lJ? ':J 71;:::~ 1J*'§fv eL,*g- o
Efforts to conserve the environment are carried out on the basis 01 the Fuji
Electric Group's basic environmental protection policy and the Kawasaki area
environmental protection policy. In January 1998, we acquired ISO 14001
certilication, an international quality standard lor environmental management
systems. We take environmental preservation into account in all business
activities, which conlorm to the ISO 14001 standards, and we are working to
continuously extend and improve our environmental management systems
through such activities as monitoring by third-party organizations.

C"E1l.Tll'J(·... 01' /I~.Nó\"I\L

ISO 1~1:2~:jl~QI4Utll::2(M).I

~--===-....::...-.=::.~':::j ...

+t-"-(5YAOO~ ISO 1400 1Ml~!W¡~

Examinalion Ihird-party organizalions Acquisition 01 ISO 14001


±1a8i?J['- :1O)JrJiff{*~I;:>-J9Q

ECOLOGY This environmental symbol signifies

the eflorts 01 the Company
FUJi ELECTRiC at Ihe Fuji EJeclric Group to prolect the environment.

;§7D1zA(I*J~·~~t, ~~1J\S~@, ~~.@§, (~áfJ) f~FFL m~*c\ ~áfJ0)5-17-t:t
-1 ~ )[;~1*rc~ LJ~I~m~?6iO)-1 ::.;7~ 1--/7') 1--7~ 1--~)Es!B'9I;:::~}.¡¡¡¡Lh ~m~?6iO)tt
m~1g;i¡gr9~i~!JJ~:tiJmLJ""Cl '*9 o
We quantitatively evaluate the environmental inputs and outputs generated in each process throughout
the product lile cycle-from development, design and procurement to production, shipment, packaging,
producl use and disposal-and promote aclivilies thal reduce overall environmental impacto

1. 11lI+}v::l='-~~ 1. Energy Conservation Policy

.1'~ft~Bjj0)5Fín • Turn off unused lighls
.~;-'!J~~Bjj~~"O)fi¡~ • Swilch lo high-efficiency Iighting
.~fJIlmt0)5lffim'Ef! • Adjustlemperature of air-condilioning
.1*BJlNMI;::&:.QilefflttJO):;:¡Z~1t • Flallen energy usage f1uctuations on holidays
2. Promotion 01 Controlled Recycling 01 Industrial Waste
2. JJH~1ÍiJO)jm¡¡¡U IJ -tj--( 7) vO)!iJi
• Advance recycling 01 industrial waste by separalion and
collection by type
.mO)j~ffl i'íIJ;W¿(¡~HltO)j~ffl1th)
• Reduce paper usage (by using Ihe reverse side 01 paper)
3. ¡~m5'5~0)1lJJ.Ll::C:1t~~Í!J~O)jm¡¡¡U 3. Prevent Environmental Contaminatlon and Control
.PRTR~f!:YA=¡- L,,0)if;jJ\ Chemical Substances
.~m~O)~~C:?~A/~~O)~~ • Introduce PRTR management system
4. ~áaF.IJ~?~A/~~ • Register new substances and conduct assessments
.~áaO)l.Wim;l;::90.1g.Q1;'lF.~~;¡;jilliL", ~\t~m:~¡¡¡b\ S 4. Product Development Assessment
TO)~iff;5~~Elmg • Gauge impact 01 producls on environment and aim to
reduce environmental load (rom the design stage
6. :J'IJ - ~~iiO)!lEim
5. Green Procurement
• Inlroduce Eco Mark products
.IJ&!lO)!ll1s 15\:;1;::90.1 L, -CJ;l'lmj*~5M1J~~~j!¡ • Ask regional suppliers lo help preserve the environment
6. i1B~U~"O)iOO1¡)]1c¡:90.1¡;¡;; 6. Optimal Response to Regional Communities
.IJJ)l~il!0)i1Bj~~jb5!1J(5¡§j~)0)~1írn • Promote beaulificalion activities 01 areas surrounding planls

i1!!iit\~~~!lU :l:íA:$>-t:'::;Dff~¡j11Ñ1i JJ\*1J~,ª~m; i'-::;*JvllJ~li\ll!GIvl:l~flil

Geothermal power generation Gas turbine equipmenl Low head hydroelectric Electroslalic dusl-precipilate
power generatlon equipment for highway tunnels

raJ~1J~~~t->*¡¡I:?--)[;:f-tJc, ±ilitJ<~m"'O)~fcj~~
01G;i¡gr9 ~~~~~t->YAT ~O)~~.
~1'FI;:::ljX O~'§fv el'*9 o 0~~lct', ~~AA~i~ffl9 ~ ¿: C: e, lI1ljii@' *~i'5~i¡gr1-\I;:::~~n:J*¡¡
LJl '*1J~~tQ:if¡jO):::J::'; J '\-1::'; r:-t:t -1 ~ )[;~~, b9"1J\tJ7.l<0)5i§~~;¡;Uffl9 ~cpJJ\7.l<1J~~t->
x:J'xO)AAI:?--)[;:f- e~~~:J <~±iliAA~~1¿¡: c, 21 t!t*cO)I:?--)[;:f-O)iSJ¡m'l:1~:ttil '""C
Fuji Eleclric Syslems is engaged in developing and manulacluring power generalion equipment and
syslems Ihal lurlher reduce global environmenlal impacl, including efficienl power generation and new
energies. For example, by using wasle heal we are opening up Ihe polential 01 energy in the 21 sI
cenlury wilh combined-cycle power generalion, which use a new form 01 thermal-power-generating
technology thal helps lo save resources and reduce atmospheric pollulion. Olher such producls
include small and medium-sized hydro power generators, which employ only a low head 01 water, and
geothermal power generation thal use Ihe heal energy of magma lo produce electricily.

JII~I~lct, t!!~0) r~~I~JlJ=F- J ~
The Kawasaki Factory Contributes
to the world Electrical Energy Supply
8;$:Id:tJcJ;:t)t!tW§§I"'*1J, 7.k1J, JJi!T1J~~~fFm~KfiAl;. t!tW
Cl)~5[I;lz)v=F-~::R~"Cl- '*9 o *1J~~7t!fcld:, ~T~ 1~~rOJ
1:t(600MW), 7.k1J~~7t!fcld:, 1J-r'9" [.¡/'()v:A r--?~~pJTrOJl:t
(4 x 495MW), JJi!T1J~~7t!fc[d:, 8;$:JJi!T1J¡¡7f~~~~f~ID]I:tF=J
;1ffiI#~~¡¡7f~tp1(J:c*;f,tf:l1J51,930MW/l ,000t5~¡rn~0~~~
iiliCl)~1J75'y r- c;5lli G"c1., '*9 o
Fuji Electric systems contributes to the global electric energy supply by
providing thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants worldwide, The Company
has manufactured 1,000 sets of power generation equipment collectively rated
at more than 51,930 MW output. This total includes 600 MW thermal power
plant equipment for the Isogo Power Plant New No. 1 Unit in Japan, 4X495
MW hydroelectric power plant equipment for the Revelstoke Power Station in
Canada, and a High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTIR) for the
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Fuji Electric Systems's world-Ieading
products contribute to the welfare of the global community and play an active
role in power plants around the world.

3-D ~ j( Europe
I *:tJ~~~{fflj 914MW/9-g
Thermal Power Plant
I *:tJ~~~iFm 246MW/4-g
Hydro Power Plant
jt!JAA~~~{fflj 169MW/5-g
Geolhermal Power Plant

3~t Tolal 1,329MW/18-g

77 ) 1J Alnca
*:tJ~'il!~{fflj 1,916MW/20-g
Thermal Power Plant

*:tJ~i!l1i~{fflj 906MW/6-g
Hydro Power Plant
3~t Tolal 2,822MW/26-g


j t* North America
*1J~'o;~1Ji 1,616MW/25"éO
Thermal Power Planl
*1J~~~fJ11i 4,830MW/69"éO *:h~ 75;.11"- mm
Hydro Power Planl Thermal Poewr Planl(Noshiro)
jt!Jwa~~~1Ji 805MW/23"éO
Geothermal Power Plant
í3~tTolal 7,251 MW/117"éO

m* Soulh America
*1J~~~1Fm 677MW/14"éO
Thermal Power Plant

*1J~~~¡¡¡¡¡ 549MW/7"éO
Hydro Power Planl
í3"~ Tolal 1,226MW/21"éO

*:h~¡¡¡75;.1 1"- Cr>6I!11!!HBl

Thermal Poewr Planl(Koreazinc)

7./<:h~m75;.1 1"- ClICW(ll\!)

8::$ Japan Hydro Poewr PlanlCShingo No.2)
*1J~~~i¡¡¡¡ 6,267MW/122"éO
Thermal Power Plant

*1J~:;~iJ1Ii 4,881 MW/397"éO

Hydro Power Plan!
Jt!li!'l\~~~1Fm 5.7MW/6fS
Geolhermal Power Planl
í3~holal 11,153.7MW/525"éO

*:h~', 75;.11"- (x~$I)

Thenmal Poewr Planl(Mazda)

'J':J'J' . :tiz'J'='J' Asia

*1J~~~¡¡¡¡¡ 17,943MW/148"éO
Thermal Pewer Plant
*1J~~~/lii 8,868MW/174"éO
Hydro Power Plant
jt!JAA~~~¡¡¡¡¡ 1,338MW/25"éO
Geothermal Power Plant
í'5~t Total 28,149MW/347"éO

7'-9 • 2008$8¡=WU:E

fltJ)td.7°7/ l' / ry J\ ry ~C~O)

~íEfft~':mtJ) l,; '""( ~~ *'"9
We use our extensive plant know-how to ens

the stable supply of electricity

Axial exhaust flow type
steam turbine

team Turbine

_. I
~M5'-t:::':J(600MW) ¡F~AA5'-t:::':J( 148MW) it!JM5'-t:::':J(77MW)
600 MW reheal sleam turbine 148 MW non-reheal sleam lurbine 77 MW geothermal sleam lurbine

:~J~I,=!*,EfJ L., -el, \:Q¡¡;¡j~1.J~&iJ.J~c.&iJ.J:$7-t::'::;~~0)~ ':J y 7fcJ:D-:$77f~t¡;:IL:~:Q~H~}JNiJ.J1¡j'I1:C', ¡¡;¡j~~c.¡¡;¡j1~~'t~~

~mL., -el,\*9 o ~H:r:pgiH~C'lcI:, ~< 0)~*iIL:ª:j'l,\i'::~~7'D ':J ?T'ij'-{::;YAT b.~m,EfJ L." c:*c::'*tcJ:§*,EfJ~~
75::; r-t->::J::; J\-{::; ¡'::ij" -{? }[;~~75::; HL:i&~~~~:$7-t::'::;~~mJ.IJJi!JjC'~f~PJ~~C'9o
In steam turbines, Fuji Electric Systems has achieved high efficiency and reliability based on excellent vibration characteristics
through the employment 01 a massive rotor-shaped structure with highly efficient reaction blades that are adopted at all stages.
For medium-capacity steam turbines, by employing a standard block design system based on numerous technological
achievements, Fuji Electric Systems supplies optimal steam turbines to industrial use power plants and combined-cycle power
plants in short delivery times,

/\..1 J 7t i=§px 11Fl3
Tbermal Power
!Y -1::: /'~'@f1

_ _-.11. . 1« 1-m
~~;'%W~~~(])I~m~ :i:3&*§~YAT b.@ffl(])l@íEr
Shop test on air cooled generator Stator with global vacuum pressure
impregnated insulation system

670 MVA hydrogen cooled generator

§f~B5~~~iEc.~~id:jI¡nfi· ~@j:Rj¡f,jI:::J::~F=ij~~'líiirOWW¡!; L'¡c20MVAb ' 51 OOOMVMI~C'0)2fo:E5'-t::::'Y~~~iirfB\!l'F

L, -eL)¡f9 o ¡ficili:tj:., j:j¡U:¡:lb'j:J1;A: L, -eL )~sg31Ii%M5'-t::::'Y~~~Id:, ~it1'F~~~Ia;b'I:::J::~~~iE~~C'~j~~'líiir~:¡~
9 ~ c.*l:I:::, IJ\~n;¡1tSJ::LfA:g;¡1tiirld:b' fJ ~A::±J:tJ300MVA¡fC'~1'FPJ~~C'9 o
Fuji Electric Systems manufactures 20-1,000 MVA 2P turbine generators of high quality and reliability through advanced
analysis and manufacturing technologies as well as through various quality assurance programs, Through tests with a
prototype unit, Fuji Electric Systems developed a compact and lightweight air-cooled turbine generator that meets extensive
demands of up to 300 MVA.


Converting the power of water into electrical energy

IIli*"O)wgmffTalilü . ~
~ma¡;w~, ~~25mJ..:.rfO)
Bulb Turbines
Through peñormance investigation and
mechanleal analysis technologles, we have
recantly developed a bulb·lurbine generalor
unil for use at low·head sitas 01 less lhan 25 melers.

Hydro Power

495 MW Francis turbine runner

1J 7' 5 ::;7.1<$ 5 :.J:j­ ~)[;¡-"::;7.I<$5::;:t­

(5 ::;:t-&7.43m) (23.8MW)
Vertical Kaplan turbine runner 23.8 MW Vertical Pellon
(Diameter: 7.43 m) turbine runner

75YY"A' :tJ'7'5Y' -"'J[; r-Y' J\J[;'j'. ;t{Y'7'*~tJ:C:afj*~d5J:(hJ<~~~t~Mt!~\WFl""t!!Wa~"'*í\JAG-e

1., ,*~ o LO)tJ:1J'I;:Icl::tJj:)i'·
l./-"'J[;"A r--?~~pJTiCJlt(495Mwx4"Él')75YY"A*~' ~~ti, ~~t~:tJ(1*)~
~=*JT~N~~~pJTI0]It(41 MW)J\J[;:::i*~· ~~ti, ~~7 3 Y 1:: 3 y~~pJT¡q¡lt(206MWX2"Él') ;t{y'7'*~ .~~
~!J.JtitJ:c:t!!WI;:~~fl:Q~2t~~1J;® fJ *"9 o c:
SI;:*i§Hlm*~~~1¡¡¡¡1J'S/J\*:tJ~~~1¡¡¡¡*e, ~iiiJ1\ <tiff~~~'
~fFI;:IjX fJ *f1fu el, '*"9 o ~¡JI;:¡:j:I/J\g~:71flO)~~Icl:~'~~g, ~1~~'11, ::J"A r-0)1~;~I(t~to:J&~I;:f'J~ -el, '*"9 o

Fuji Electric Systems provides a variety of hydroelectric turbines and generators, such as Francis, Kaplan, Pelton,
Bulb and Pump turbines, to customers around the world. These include a number of world-class achievements,
including four sets of 495 MW Francis turbine-generator units installed at the Revelstoke Power Station in Canada, a
41 MW bulb turbine-generator unit installed at the Shingo No. 2 Power Station of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ine. in
Japan, and two sets of 206 MW pump-turbine generator units at the Chongpyong Hydroelectric Power Plant in
Korea. We are also developing and manufaeturing a wide range of turbines and generators, from large-capacity
pumped-storage power plants to small-eapacity hydroelectric generation facilities. Especially in the small- and
medium-capacity fields, we are actively pursuing advanced functions, high reliability and low eosts.
!if!f*~m IdlD l,t~ ~ftiJjft~~fJl'"9 ~
~Wiá9t~r7 / o~-~ilj~ l,t '"t"~~ *'"90
Creating revolutionaly technologies that protect the mvíronme~
through resource conservation

-J.....- _
~ ".

High temperature gas cooled reactor

rHTTRJ ~~*M~#.7
HTTR reactor internal structure
Nuclear Power

~ , .>¡.

r:sfv lJ ~ J i?&*,H:±JA~ HTTR~!t.*·l:X::~~ HTTRi?&*-'!x~~

EX-vessel fuel transfer system for prototype-FBR "MONJU" Fuel handling machine(FHM) ';:i 1) 'Y I \

for "HTIR" Gripper of FHM for "HTIR"

~9!,\if+" l,; 'Y HJl:¡~' ~:m~jjffi IC75 ::Z'"'<tR:!~~~;~g YAG l,;-ij'tJJWí~ii'

Fuel pellet grinding and inspection system ur~iE~~ Radioactive waste cutling system by using YAG laser
for JNC MOX fuel fabrication facility Radioactive waste volume
reduction system by using
non-thermal Inductively
Coupled Plasma(ICP)

~:!i!;t~1~1¡!j~~ ~iliB:7'D 'Y :71~ffl~~

Heavy metallic peice handling equipment Multi graphite block handling

m¡:T:J'P~~~j*~rni(J)mJ~' ~~
Devetopment 01 remote dismantling technology for reactor decommissioning

NUCLEAR PS reactor dismantling

8/.$:mtr::t:J~~(:f*)~*;m~~pfí(~~U±:J::t:J 166MW, 1965~~¡¡;~, 1998~;gttlH!!~iiw:l.t)~~~1j,*, f5'i.r::t:J

~~O)-~~:m:J 'Cl\*9o j5 A.:tP5]'!tc 1el: , r~;~I~~i'C~~ff~:tP(HTTR)J rDJltf5'i.riP/.$:ft, 'I?t.\;p¡mlml, 'll91ia
~vmtJ:CO)±~~jim~~Ao ~i!:tP5]'!tclel:, rF=li!if!il9~mt~iptJfu
LJ ~ (~~tfj::t:J280MW)J 1(J:CO)~fí~1P75
/~rDJltl;::, t?t.\;p¡mlm·lñ'Iia~vm, m~~Í!JffiI!~jimftilO)~§t'~f'F, :¡:l5f1~~jl\*ut.::o
* t.:: , WJ??\;P¡ij-{?J[;5]'!t
clel:, 8/.$:f5'i.r::t:J~Jl~~~WM~~rDJltO)t?t.\;P¡~~1iffi~~ij~jim~~~~AU'Cl,'*9o <!SI;::, '§mtr::t:J~~pfí~
Iel: LJóbe: ut.::mtr::t:J1iffi~O)~ftm~~O)ffiI!, ffi5]'$~I;::tJmfo:EB'9I;::mllJrJ3.fu cl, '*9o
Fuji Electric Systems is contributing to deveropment of new type reactors, including the prototype Fast Breeder
Reactor (FBR) "MONJU", which was constructed by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), and the HTTR, an
advanced High Temperture Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR) constructed by JAEA. We are also contributing to the
nuclear fuel cycle field and the radioactive waste field.

~*m~¡b~' ~~~
Electric Power Generation

We provide power sources to industries

and ships around the world.

~t±a*tJi.O)tI11J15,DDDkWo)T'-( --E'JiI~~~c9 o

Diesel Engine Generators

Thís Is one 01 the Company's largesl diesel engina generators
with an OUlput 01 15.000 kW.

¡jf-( 51'~Jt{:;¡7 n:7f~~~~iJ.J~ 4to]iBJllJj$iIJ~

(35DMW*1J~~~íFmffl) (l.63DkW 59Dr/min) (2D.DDDkW 1,BDDr/min)
Boiler circulating pump and motor Vertical shalt induclion motor 20,000 kW 1,800 r/min 4 poles synchronous motor
(350 MW \hermal power slation) (1,630 kW 590 r/min)

~¡7g)7~~rclJb9".@~·ffiBffiBtJ:cO)~~¡Z;:L,'7JlIWc'. !ti~~< O)@]~ii~~~~~A L,'"CL, '*9 o *ic., ii5 S~07.l'IrO)~m

tJ=-A'I;:X1¡;Ei90ic.~~f¡¡0)~§t, j%!jf~ffi110)~@&¡f,j, ~~J'lJ.l"'0)~1¡;Ei(;:~~, ~MO)j%!jL,'~@~ü!Wg±t!JI;:
*PJA L-eL, '*9 o e s 1;:*~@]~ii~c.IJ\~~T~@~~,§.(7ji3"ttid\:'!~~~~, EltttJ:~~iic.~tJJtJ~m1J\C~0*
~tJ::YA=r b."~j;fij*~~IBI":J -eL, '~*9 o
Fuji Electric Systems supplies motors with industrial, marine and other wide-ranging applications, both in Japan and
abroad. We provide high-quality products to various regions 01 the world, To meet diverse needs in a wide range 01
lields, we use the latest design and highly reliable manulacturing technologies, while striving to meet short delivery
times. We are developing products that combine large-capacity motors with compact electronic equipment, and we
are working to innovate technology lor large systems that will enable Ilexible operation and appropriate monitoring.

r- -y:{-.) l;ffl ~~~ L; AA~~~1jffi
Tunnel Electron-statics precipitatian Equipment

li)t~O)tif;N ~ IiWitJ: '7 -1 r'7'!

~±~O)=- A":JZx. -e ~~ '"t o
We meet society's needs with leading-edge
technologies and original ideas.

1'- /+Jvmm~~ (j A.~~iFm

mL:ifv!f!c1~¡Uj!1,t~9J.J$~~o i'-y+)vf*3OJ:¡'.l'M~jl1,t1iif*L*9o
EJectrostatic Dust-Precipltate Equlpment for Highway Tunnels
This equlpmenl draws polluled air from highway lunnels inlo dusl-collection
rooms; lhe dirty air is then eHectively cleansad by eleclrostatic dust-collection
units lo ensura ciaar vision in the tunnels.


~~~L:ifv~ :/I'Yi'-77Y ~L:ifv77Y

Electrostatic Precipitator Reversible Jet Fan Precipitation fan

tttWI~7U~I:rc~~ G ic~3[~ l.Jfv#.U:tit;1it~3[y AT bid:, @:~g i'- ::';::f.)v¡7g0)~3[~~1J~tl'9I~~5I'Uffl9 0~3[y

AT b C9 o 1985:lf.O)m~~~HFt)J~, LO)YAT bld:~~:¡§i¡gO)~~O)@:mi'-::';::f.)vc~O)jEfr~~C::~3[1IJ
:1J0)í1¡lI::f.1tl~~~G-e1,'*9o *icM!!3[~~~~~~~;i5fflGic i'-::';::f.)VO)~i@:teJ:~3[YA7bO)~t@j ·~~~rJ
'3 C::C::1:JI~, ~3[~l.Jfv~, ~l.Jfv 7:r::';, 1.JO!±0J@!~~, YI'Y i'- 77 ::.;teJ:c~~O)liff~~~·~~~,HFm~,I~
i¡g:t~11, 1*'<TB~*C-~Gicij"-t:::'A~rJ-:J-el, '*9 o
Fuji Eleetrie Systems was the first in the warld to develop an eleetrostatie preeipitator and auxiliary ventilation system
to effieiently reeyele the air in highway tunnels. Sinee their introduetion in 1985, these systems have eontributed to
safe driving and helped conserve energy for ventilation in numerous highway tunnels throughout Japan. Fuji Eleetrie
Systems plans and designs optimal tunnel ventilation systems that use ventilation model-type testing deviees. We
also ofter an integrated range of serviees spanning researeh, design, manufaeturing, testing and maintenanee for
sueh equipment as eleetrostatie preeipitator units, fans, pressurized filtration units and jet fans.
Prinled on recycled paper

$'? :,J-L:;¡¡lJfflO)~i3 J \A L:;¡¡IJfflO)~i3

.JRJlI~!R~DJ;:b*~205J' JRJlIIll\l~
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.lj;]83(~mOO~)ª~J;:b~WF.5~l ~ i!i±~lIiiN"""F$f,E~l5J'
m5jjJ~~J II~iliD*ªE13~~205J'

Fuji Electric Systems Cc., Ud.

T 21 0-9530 J II~mJ 11~~ffiill~JTffi 1m 1~

TEL (044)333-7111


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