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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 155 E/31

and contrary to the Seveso Directive and Spanish legislation setting the minimum safety distance at
2 000 metres  is planning to build a storage and regasification plant for LNG in a place where  within
a radius of 2000 metres  there is a population of more than 40 000 and the point of manoeuvre
envisaged for the tankers which will supply the plant with methane is barely 500 metres from the Ferrol
naval base with its arsenals and warships?

Is the Commission also aware that the regasification plant has not been the subject of an environmental
impact assessment in accordance with Directives 85/337/EEC (1) and 97/11/EC (2), merely of a decision on
the environmental effects issued by the Galician regional government, which has a 10 % holding in the
firm involved?

Has the Commission contacted the Spanish Government to request detailed information on this matter?
What information has the Spanish Government supplied?

(1) OJ L 175, 5.7.1985, p. 40.

(2) OJ L 73, 14.3.1997, p. 5.

(2003/C 155 E/034) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2555/02

by Rosa Miguélez Ramos (PSE) to the Commission

(13 September 2002)

Subject: Safety hazards relating to the regasification plant planned for the Ferrol estuary

A number of citizens’ organisations submitted a complaint (2001/5221 SG (2001) a/13049) to the

Commission on 5 November 2001 alleging several instances of failure on the part of the Kingdom of
Spain to comply with Community legislation in its handling and granting of the necessary permits for
constructing a natural liquid gas regasification plant in the Ferrol estuary (La Coruña district).

The Spanish government’s authorisation for the project was published in the Official State Bulletin on
24 July 2002, with the condition that authorisation was dependent on all security requirements being met
subsequently. The Ferrol town council has recently reassessed authorisation for the plant as being of
potential danger to the population in its planned location.

The project has understandably caused alarm in the area, given the inherently dangerous nature of the
plant’s projected activities, and in view of the fact that the development company has not fulfilled the
requirements of the Seveso Directive, in particular as regards maintaining minimum distances from
residential centres and observing safety rules relating to the handling and docking of the plant’s methane
carriers. Another cause for concern has been the lack of any environmental impact study in accordance
with Directives 85/337/EEC (1) and 97/11/EC (2).

Is the Commission aware that the Reganosa development company’s proposed plant does not comply with
European and international safety rules for regasification plants and related ports?

(1) OJ L 175, 5.7.1985, p. 40.

(2) OJ L 73, 14.3.1997, p. 5.

Joint answer
to Written Questions P-2541/02 and E-2555/02
given by Mrs Wallström on behalf of the Commission

(15 October 2002)

The Commission is aware of the situation reported by the Honourable Member.

Following parliamentary questions E-1310/01 by Mrs McKenna, E-1359/01 by Mrs Gonzalez Alvarez and
E-1379/01 by the Honourable Member (1), the Commission decided to open an own-initiative case,
registered as number 2001/2141.