Chapter 32: The picnic BPOV 5 months later, August What is she doing?

His voice echoed behind me, but I refused to turn around. I just sat by their pool and splashed my feet in the water. My jeans were wet up to my knees, but I didn t care. Should we do anything? Mick asked his twin, and then, after a few seconds of discussion, their voices faded. I hadn t listened to what they were saying, so I just assumed they had gone away. Truth to be told, I didn t care that much. The sun was glaring down at me, but the air wasn t by far as warm as I wanted it to be. The water in the Lewis s pool was pleasantly warm against my legs and with my eyes closed I could feel the sun warming up my skin. 5 more painful months had passed, and near the end I was really growing impatient. After the graduation in June, everything had gone so slow. With no homework to drown myself in to concentrate on other things than Edward, the days seemed to pass so much slower. I was missing him every second I spent here without him but it was really hard to keep it together the latest couple of weeks when I ve been knowing he would soon be back here with me. Alice refused to tell me when he was supposed to come; if it was weeks left, days or maybe a month. But all I knew was that it was soon. On Emmet s and Rosalie s part though, these months had been the happiest time in their lives. Sure, both of them missed Edward really much, and worried about him like me, but ever since Vera was born that late February day, they had changed into completely different people. You could almost say that they had grown up, which you d think was impossible if you knew Emmet. Their wedding took place in May, beautiful as it was, and the weather was wonderful just as Alice had predicted. Emmet was really bummed that Edward wasn t there to be his best man tough, but Jasper was good enough to be his substitute, and everything worked out fine. One, two three! two identical whispers spoke behind me, and then, before I knew what was happening, two pair of hands had pushed me into the pool. The action had startled me and I swiftly swam to the surface, gasping for air. There they were, the culprits of the crime, laughing at the edge of the pool themselves. Of course they would ve thought it was hilarious to push me into the pool with my clothes on; I was already getting my jeans wet, so why not go all in and drown myself in water completely bottom and up? I glared at them from underneath my curtain of hair, hanging slack over half of my face, but I don t even think they noticed. They were too busy laughing at me. Quickly then, knowing I didn t have any time to waste; I climbed up the stairs out of the pool and ran towards them, my wet clothes splashing water at them as I went. Both of them were still laughing, but as they opened their eyes, it was too late. I pushed both of them hard into the pool, and to my satisfaction, they fell in with a splash. Now, I was the one standing on the edge, chuckling to myself. They swam to the surface, and together complained in a sour unison. Hey!

I shrugged and gave them an evil grin. Suit yourselves. What comes around goes around. They raised their eyebrows at me, and then looked at each other. Shall we? Rick asked, a sly grin entering his lips. His brother mimicked his expression and then turned back to me. I think we shall. Together, they then began to splash me with water, making me even wetter if that as even possible. I screamed as the large amount of water hit me, and then threw myself into the pool, hoping to make some splashing to myself. To my disappointment, I completely failed at my task and they laughed as I reentered the surface. Is that all you ve got?? Rick asked. Pathetic, really. Mick agreed and I raised his hand to splash me again, but just as he did, two loud voices stopped him. What are you doing?! Alice and Julie screamed at us together, their faces outrageous. Hey, don t make them stop. It was quite entertaining, really. A familiar voice said, and I turned my head around to stare into Jacob s deep brown eyes. Jake and the rest of the wolves had tried to help us through our little situation as much as they could, but I knew that none of them were really comfortable co-operating with the Volturi. They had patrolled around town as thoroughly as they could and whenever there was a vampire near, friendly or not, they made a clear warning. Jake was really not happy with me still contacting Edward, he had made that clear, but he said that if that made me happy, he would support me in it. Jake, what are you doing here? I asked suddenly feeling a little awkward that he had watched us goof around like that. He grinned, and made a gesture behind himself towards the forest. I was just running a patrol when I heard those two discuss why you were sitting by the edge of the pool, making your jeans wet. Well, now they re not the only wet thing here. Alice said, sighing and then, in a split of a second, she flashed she twins a glare. And don t you dare make a dirty joke about what I just said. I knew you were planning it. Mick and Rick grinned at her, but kept quiet. Julie and Alice rushed over to the pool and both gave us troubled faces. Bella, now you need to change! I told you we had to leave in 30 minutes! Alice moaned, and I guiltily looked away. That s right, she did Julie looked at her boys and began to speak angrily. Votre idiots! Attends que ton père entend cette... ! They grinned at her, and swam around in the pool, laughing to each other. Nous ne pouvons pas vous entendre! They said, their accents turning completely French. Julie glared at them, and kicked her foot into the water, splashing the two boys with water. She, unlike

me, wore shorts and flip-flops, and didn t get affected by the water the way I did. The boys stared at her with surprised faces, like they couldn t believe what she had done, and looked like they were just going to splash her back when Alice stopped them. No! No more splashing! She grabbed me by the arm, and sighed heavily. Come on Bella, we need to go. I frowned at her. We just came, why leave now. Already? I asked. Jacob and Julie followed us inside, and Alice continued to pull me until we came to the entrance. Yes, already. I told you this would be quickly. I just had to have a word with Julie, but since you decided to have a little swim, we need to hurry back and get you changed. She said irritated as she took our belongings from the wardrobe. Julie shook her head and placed a hand on my shoulder. I am so sorry about this, Bella. I will make sure those two suffer for what they ve done. Julie promised, and I was just about to tell her that it was okay, but Alice took my hand again and dragged me to the door. Jake followed, and watched the scene with amusement showing in his eyes Thank you for having us here Julie. Alice said as she opened the door. Julie nodded, and then turned her head towards the stairs. Leo, her hardworking husband, smiled at us as he walked down the stairs, and you could see that he was relaxed and content, which was highly unusual for him. It seemed like he always was busy every time I saw him. Leaving so soon? he asked after giving his wife a kiss, and Alice nodded. Yeah. We ll see you later today tough. She said, and I turned my head towards her. Alice wore a confident smile upon her lips, like she was excited about it. I raised my eyebrows, not realizing we were visiting them again so soon. Well alright then, goodbye for now. Julie said, waving us goodbye, and then closed the door as Alice, Jake I hurried to her Porsche. You re coming with us? I asked him as he jumped into the car as well, taking the passenger seat. Alice stayed silent, and started the car with a loud roar. He grinned at me, and then answered. Of course Bells. In what other am I going to annoy Alice than this? he chuckled, but stopped instantly as Alice hit him hard on his leg. Be quiet or you ll be limping your way to our house. Her threat made him quiet, and she sighed deeply. God, you smell bad. She muttered, and then sped away down the roa d. *Later at the Cullen s house* A dress? I never wear dresses, you know that! I exclaimed as Alice zipped me up. She had gotten me a white summer dress to wear instead of my wet t-shirt and jeans. It almost seemed like she had planned all this so she could dress me up like this with a good excuse. As soon as we had arrived at the house, Alice had kidnapped me up to her room, and left Jake to hang out with Jasper. All of the Cullen s knew about Jake being a werewolf, but Jasper was the one who was the most wary around them.

Jasper didn t have a superpower like Edward or Alice did, but he was really good at knowing others emotions, like if they were sad or happy. Every time he was around any werewolf, in human form or in wolf, he always said that they seemed to be emotionally instable, which was quite true. But since he was the only one who really felt it, he was the only one who treated them with caution. After what felt like hours of applying makeup and fixing my hair, Alice had finally finished. Wow I couldn t have done it better myself. Rose exclaimed, studying me top to toe from the threshold. She was leaning against the wall, smiling smugly to herself, and when I met her eyes, her smile grew. I know, right? I m pretty pleased myself. Alice said with a grin, and looked at me proudly like I was her artwork. Well come on downstairs; we re preparing the picnic in the backyard for Vera. Without further words, the three of us walked downstairs. We often had these small things like tea parties and dressups for Vera on our spare time and honestly, I think her parents and aunt enjoyed seeing her in ridiculous, girly outfits more than she did. Jake wolf whistled as he saw me coming down the stairs, but quieted when he saw the look on Alice s face. Alice didn t like that Jake hung out with us, especially me. If he as much as glanced at me the wrong way, she growled at him and they got themselves hurled into a hectic argument. Jake only claimed he was around for protective reasons, but I think that the truth is that he actually enjoyed spending time with us. Finally. Emmet said, rising from his seat whilst holding his 5 month old child. Vera had inherited Rosalie s blonde hair and beautiful looks, but her eyes were the same brown shade as Emmet s eyes. Vera smiled as soon as she saw her mom, and Rosalie did the same. She walked over to her husband in a few, long strides and took Vera from him, talking to her as she did. There you are, baby! Oh, mommy s missed you while she was gone. Oh yes she did! she said, talking in a silly voice, and rubbed her nose against the small child s, causing her to smile. Rose, you were gone like 5 minutes. Jake commented, but she ignored him. Rosalie rocked Vera back and forth in her arms, and began to sing a small lullaby. Vera giggled, which only made Rose s smile to grow. Aw, they re so cute together. Emmet said, watching his two most important girls in the world with a smile and chuckled. Some ruffling was heard from the kitchen, and then a second later, Esme appeared in the kitchen threshold, dressed in one of her handmade aprons she always used to wear when I was youngerand still lived in Alaska. It s ready now. *Outside* This picnic of theirs was really planned out. Tables were set out in the garden, decorated with tablecloths and flowers. There was also a blanked placed on the lawn and on it there was laying all

different kinds toys. Food was placed on top of the tables, and there was enough to feed a whole army and still have some to spare. The garden was really beautiful with all its flowers and trees and with the small stream. Even though it wasn t that close, you could still hear the way the water rippled Wow I gasped, watching the scene in front of me.

Alice grinned, and took my hand, skipping ahead of me. I told you this was going to be wonderful, but you didn t believe me. I rolled my eyes at her, and sat down in a seat. Well, you told me I didn t have to wear a dress today and yet, you managed to get me into one anyways. I don t trust you. I said, and the rest of the ensemble laughed. Alice, who didn t seem to be uncomfortable at all, smiled and raised one of her eyebrows at me. Well, you were going to be excused today for wear jeans until you decided to have a little swim in the Lewis s pool with them still on. All of them were now sitting, and the small silence of shock was soon interrupted by laughs. You what? Emmet asked, chuckling. Alice then proceeded to explain the little accident that had happened earlier today. By the end of it, all of them were laughing (except Vera of course, who had no idea what we were talking about). Esme had done a great job with the cooking, andsoon all of us were laughing, talking, eating and drinking together in the wonderful sunlight that were casted upon us. When we had eaten ourselves full, Vera clearly decided it was playtime, and began to fuss in her seat. Emmet and Rosalie lifted her down to the little play area they had arranged for her while the rest of us cleared the table, still discussing small topic of our own. Being so many made the, what it seemed at first, tough job quite easy. The most surprising thing was probably that there were no leftovers. With Jake, who had a very large appetite, being a shape shifter and all and Emmet, who s always been the big gourmand he is, the food had quickly disappeared from the table. Sometimes I wondered if there was something else inside of those two instead of stomachs, like a black hole that sucked all the food they ate to another dimension, leaving them hungry for more. We all then returned outside, and the atmosphere around us was very relaxed. Jasper brought out his guitar on the way out and sat down on the grass, playing beautifully. Alice sat down next to him, leaning against him with closed eyes, and when you saw the two of them together you knew they really were in love. Esme sat down on the blanked placed on the lawn with her son, granddaughter and daughter-in-law and began to play with Vera. Jake chose to just lie down on the grass and close his eyes, letting the rays of the sun warm up his bronze skin. He almost looked asleep as he lay there, unmoving with his eyelids shut. I had brought a book with me, and decided to sit down by the large oak and read a little. In the shadow of the bark, when she sun didn t reach my ivory skin, the air felt slightly colder, but it hardly bothered me. The only thing that bothered me was him. This moment that just had passed in pure happiness between my friends and me, it was perfect except one detail; he wasn t there with us. I hadn t been able to push him out of my mind all day, not a second. All this time, with all the talking

and laughing, all I thought about was him, what he would say, how he would laugh at the silly thing Emmet had to say I shook my head to myself and leaned back against the trunk and looked up, not wanting to think about that which only would make me sad. The light-green leaves almost shone as the sun smiled down at them. They moved almost harmoniously together as the wind caught them. I stared at them for a long time, trying to keep my mind as clear as possible, but I couldn t help but to dream away just a little Bella, looks like you have some visit. Emmet called, making my attention snap back to reality. I looked down the sky and looked around to see who Emmet meant. I didn t have to look long though. Crawling on all four, steady yet slow, Vera made her way towards me. Her eyes were partly focused on me and partly focused on the way in front of her, like she wanted to make sure she was going in the right direction. She had just learned to crawl, and did it every free second she got, wanting to explore the world around her, and apparently today, I was the next subject to explore. Rose and Emmet watched together as their daughter made her way to me, and when she reached me, Alice, Esme and Rose Aw d all together in unison. Vera grabbed my knee with her small little hands and looked up at me with a toothless grin. Her blond mane on top or hair looked incredibly out of control, and I giggled as I ruffled out of place even further, making Vera smile as well and chuckle in protest. Hey there girl. I greeted her, smiling gently. I lifted her up in my lap and held her steady as I spoke in a gentle tone. All of the others watched us with adoration as I opened my book that I had brought with me and read it to her slowly. To my luck, it was a storybook with a few tales that I actually must have grabbed by mistake, but now it didn t matter. Jasper was still playing his guitar as I read, but it sort of seemed like the other listened more to me than to him. I read it to Vera until she fell asleep, and then held her in my arms until Rose came and took her inside. Deciding I could take a little rest as well, I leaned back at the trunk in a comfortable position, and closed my eyes. Even though I didn t lie in the sun, my skin felt warm and pleasant. I listened to the area around me as I had my eyes closed. I listened to the wind and how it ruffled the trees and its leaves around us. I listened to the birds that chirped around us and how the stream rippled near us. I also listened to Jasper s guitar playing and how Alice hummed along in her soprano voice. That s how I heard how she abruptly stopped. Alice? Jasper asked, and he immediately stopped playing. I opened my eyes and looked over at her, wondering what was happening. Her eyes were vacant, like she was far away. We all knew she was having one of her visions, and patiently yet curiously waited for her to come back to the present and tell us about it. Then, what felt like minutes later, she finally blinked looked around, disoriented. Alice, what did you see? Jasper asked, stroking her cheek gently. Alice looked around for a few seconds, he face still unreadable, and then a smile broke out on her lips. That only fired the curiosity even more, and I stared at her now impatiently. What was the good news?

She looked at me with a glorious smile, like we all just had won the lottery, and then looked passed me, like she was looking as something behind me. Bella, looks like you have some visit. She said, and I frowned. I then turned around and could almost not believe my eyes. My memory of him hadn t done him any justice, I now noticed as I stared at him with wide, shocked eyes. There, in the shadows of the forest, he was. It was really him, no illusions or mind tricks. It was really Edward. Edward, with his reddish-brown hair and golden eyes that stared back at me. He was back. Playlist: Stay the night James Blunt

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