Serafin LaRiviere's "Love's Worst Crime.

" by Jaymin Proulx Experiencing Serafin LaRiviere's Love's Worst Crime gives the listener the chanc e to hear a thoughtful and frank album. His sound is "a singular sound that is s omewhere between man and woman, human and angel," said National Post critic John Karastamatis. To some judgmental ears, the album will not bring more than a rai sed eyebrow or sneer, but to some, the album will invoke feelings of passion, fr eedom and a sound that embraces a sense of belonging. Stuart Broomer, of Toronto Life Magazine, summed up LaRiviere's effort as being "one of the most distincti ve voices in the country, an emotionally loaded and tremolo-laden alto that's pi tched at the edge of gender identity." Being active during June's Pride Month, LaRiviere has performed in many clubs in Toronto as well as the Grad Club in Kingston. He wrote seven of his album's 11 tracks. The album was produced by Jono Grant, and was recorded at the Canterbury Studios in Toronto. Described in depth as having a five-octave vocal range that extends from tender to tempest, LaRiviere has extended his talents to include jazz, torch and even c lassical music â all of which are showcased in his album. LaRiviere finished Love's Worst Crime, while living and singing in San Francisco, California. He often per formed at Rassella's Jazz Club & Restaurant and Savanna Jazz in San Francisco, a s well. LaRiviere's lyrics are much deeper than what can be absentmindedly heard. Someti mes, it takes a careful eye to see the personality deep within the words typed o n the liner notes. In I'll Be The Boy, LaRiviere sings about fitting in and tryi ng to be what someone else desires: "I will walk very fast, I will talk very slo w/I will answer the phone with a careful hello/I will whistle at girls/But it wo n't mean a thing/I will lower my voice when I sing." LaRiviere created an album that contains a multitude of layers, lending itself t o be both beautiful and resilient. His ability to expose himself in such an hone st manner makes the album refreshing and a joy to listen to. For more information about LaRiviere, visit Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

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