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Gehman Mennonite Church Jan. 5, Sun.

-This fellowship meal will be a fundraiser meal to support persecuted Christians

Physical Address: 127 Witmer Road Reinholds, PA 17569 around the world.
Mailing Address: PO Box 842, Adamstown, PA 19501 Jan. 19 Sun.-You are invited to join in a time of singing together at Landis Homes at 2 p.m.
717-484-4548 (not 2:30 p.m. as originally announced) in the meeting room of the new Crossings/High Wellness building. This is a good opportunity to fellowship with members of our church family
who reside at Landis Homes (as well as any other Landis Homes residents who may join us).
Ministry Team
Please mark your calendars and plan to participate. See Mary Ellen or Darlene for additional
Phil Horning – Lead Pastor – (church: 717-484-4548) (Home: 717-208-4424)
Travis Sauder – Associate Pastor (717-271-1811)
Todd Carvell – Associate Pastor (717-572-8622) -Thank you for the prayers and counsel you have offered for our Discernment Team. We
Steve McCosby – Deacon – (717-336-8275) met on December 13, 2019 and processed the counsel and nominations we received. We feel
Let's walk with Jesus...personally, locally, and globally. blessed to have a strong field of nominations from within the districts. We plan to meet on
January 7, 2020 with those nominees to invite their input into how bishop oversight might best
Prayer 8:15 AM be arranged for the two districts. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s leading and feel free to
Sunday School 9:00 AM pass additional counsel along to our team chair, Keith Weaver, by phone at (717) 293-5246 or
Worship Service 10:00 AM by email at -The Bishop Discernment Team.
-The 2020 offering envelopes are on the table in the narthex. Please complete the slip of
Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. paper in your offering envelope box, and then drop it in the wooden box. This will enable us to
Hebrews 10:24 (NLT) give you the correct report of your offerings at the end of the year. (Please use your new
envelopes in 2020.)
December 29, 2019
Happy Birthday! Cliff Horning on Tues., Darrell Gockley on Wed. and Irvin Martin on Fri.
Hymn o f Praise Sylvia Eberly
Offering Sarah Lengle
Worship in Song Worship Team Find more church and ministry related info at under the "Resources" tab and
labeled "Online Church Bulletin Board"
Message: Hebrews 10:24 “One Another” Travis Sauder
Hymn of Response Sylvia Eberly
Sharing Time/Pastoral Prayer Travis Sauder

Greeters Doug & Maria Musselman
Sunday School Nursery Michelle G. & Cindy
Church Nursery Cindy & Rebecca

Next Week:
Greeters Randy & Karen Sauder
Song Leader Glen Martin
Offertory Karen & Autumn Sauder
Message Phil Horning
Sunday School Nursery Sylvia & Chrystle
Church Nursery Kelly & Abby

The offering for December 29th is for the Brotherhood Fund to meet various ongoing needs of
members in our congregation and budgeted items.
Last Weeks Offering: $ Last Weeks Attendance: