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"We recommend
continuance of a Our GOALS ARE TO REFORM NEW ZEALAND’S Almost half of all
New Zealanders
long as this can be

are criminals...
shown to be largely • Engage in political action appropriate to our aims
effective." • Provide neutral, unbiased information about cannabis
• Inform people of their rights
· NZ's Blake-Palmer • Give advice and support to victims of prohibition
Commission, 1973


• Join NORML today! • Write to, email, ring or
· Today, drug prohibition has created a visit your MP and tell them
• Read Norml News magazine.
lucrative black market that is fuelling Inform yourself; then educate prohibition doesn't work. Their
organised crime and making our communities your friends and family. email format is firstname.
unsafe. Is this really the society you want? • Write a short letter to the
editor or call talkback the next • Stand up for your rights. If
· The Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 is under time they mention cannabis. busted, plead not guilty.
review. Write to, ring or visit your MP and tell • Enroll and vote for parties • Donate some time or money.
them the current law doesn't work. Be sure to and candidates who support Become a member of NORML
quote these reports when you do. sensible drug policies. or help sponsor the CannaBus.

"Cannabis prohibition "The current

has not been successful prohibition regime NORML New Zealand Inc. PO Box 3307 Auckland
09 302 5255 | |
in reducing the apparent is not effective in
number of cannabis limiting cannabis
...that's how many
Yes, I want to join NORML and stop the war against *
users in New Zealand. use ... facilitates cannabis users. Sign me up as a member!
We recommend that the black market, Membership includes a 4-issue quarterly subscription to Norml News
the Government review
the appropriateness
and potentially
exposes cannabis
$100 = Exceptional Membership
$50 = Sustaining Membership have tried
$20 = Regular Membership
of existing policy on users to harder
$10 = concession for students, unwaged, senior citizens
cannabis and its use drugs." additional donation towards campaign materials: $__________
and reconsider the legal Name:
status of cannabis." · NZ Health Select
· NZ Health Select Committee
Committee Inquiry
into the public health City/town:
Here's why the current law isn't working
Inquiry into the Mental Health
Effects of Cannabis, 1998
strategies and legal status
of cannabis, 2003
Phone: Mobile: and why its time for a new policy
* 46% 'ever used' 16-64 age group, Ministry of Health Survey, 2009
Email: don't email me
news and updates on all drugs, starting with cannabis.

© National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, New Zealand Inc. 11/2010
7 reasons why prohibition has not worked Regulation vs. Prohibition:
Cannabis USE among 15 & 16 year olds
alternative policies reduce harm & are not associated with increased use
Ever Used Used in the last month

The Netherlands
Prohibition makes communities unsafe Prohibition erodes respect for the law
1 Prohibition gives criminal organisations a lucrative source 5 Almost half of all adult New Zealanders have used
Regulated cannabis sales to adults
of untaxed income and control over drug sales in our cannabis, and very few abuse it. Criminalising more than
neighbourhoods. Studies show tougher law enforcement ten thousand people every year serves no legitimate New Zealand (15-17yrs old)
of the illegal drug trade leads only to greater levels of purpose, and causes enormous harm to their lives, High arrest rate
violence. Regulating sales would mean cannabis consumers careers and families. Ending prohibition will help restore
would not be offered other drugs. respect for the law, and give police better things to do.
United States
It's easy for young people to buy drugs Patients deserve safe access to Harsh sanctions
2 We all agree that it’s imperative to restrict access to 6 medicinal marijuana
harmful drugs by children and other vulnerable individuals. Cannabis is proven to be an effective and safe medicine European Monitoring Centre for 0 10 20 30 40
Drugs in schools is a growing problem because 'tinny for many conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, Drugs and Drug Addiction 2004, NZ
Drug Statistics 2001 (APHRU).
shops' are often located near schools and they don't arthritis, HIV wasting syndrome, glaucoma, chronic pain,
ID customers. Restricting access to adults would most paraplegia, and epilepsy. Doctors and patients should
effectively reduce use by minors. decide what treatment is best, not politicians or police.
Prohibition undermines drug education Prohibition is a waste of money There is a better way...
3 We need effective education about drugs so that people 7 New Zealand Police have the highest cannabis arrest
– young people especially – can make responsible and rate in the world, and it's very expensive! Yet new
informed choices. Ending the guilt and persecution would research for WHO shows people are not deterred 1. MINIMISE Harm: removed and criminal records
allow more open and honest communication. by tough law enforcement, and countries that have policies should discourage for cannabis offences wiped.
reformed their drug laws do not have higher rates irresponsible use, including
Enforcement of prohibition is racist use by adolescents. 4. LEGAL CONTROLS:
4 Though cannabis is widely used by New Zealanders in
of use. Legalising and regulating cannabis would best
control the way cannabis is sold and used, allow sales Prevention is most effective as with alcohol, cannabis use
general, enforcement of drug laws impacts much harder
taxes to be collected as well as save heaps of money. where cannabis is viewed should be limited to adults.
on Maori, who are five times more likely to be arrested. from a public health Driving while impaired should
Reforming our drug laws will reduce oppression of Maori. The table below shows the outcomes of each approach. perspective, instead of a remain prohibited, and
criminal justice perspective. marketing restricted.
THERE ARE Safe Doesn't Age limits Separates Consumer Regulate
EXAMPLES 2. Stop arresting
cannabis users:
5. RegulatE SALES:
a commercial market for
of countries that have
ALTERNATIVES access for criminalise to restrict cannabis protection
medicinal responsible teenage from other and safety
& tax
cannabis implemented alternatives to
the Government should
immediately declare a
marijuana will always exist.
It is better to regulate that
to our failed War on Drugs users people use drugs standards sales cannabis prohibition moratorium on arresting market than leave it to
those who choose to use organised crime. Overseas
Criminal prohibition NEW ZEALAND, Sweden, USA (Fed. Law
cannabis. Allow medicinal
& most States), Death penalty: Singapore, experience shows cannabis
Illegal; imprisonment ("War on Drugs")
Indonesia, China & others use - let doctors decide, not law changes have not been
police and politicians. associated with increased use.
Prohibition with medical exemptions
Canada and 14 US States
Illegal; supply for medical use allowed
3. Decriminalise USE: 400,000 New Zealanders
Decriminalisation S. Australia, W. Australia, ACT, NT, Czech, remove all penalties for the currently use cannabis, and
Illegal; fines or other civil penalties Russia and 10 US states use, possession and growing opinion polls show 40% to
of cannabis by adults and the 65% support changes to the
Limited enforcement Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, law, depending on the question
Switzerland, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina,
non-profit transfer of small
De facto legal; not enforced subject to certain rules
Uraguay, Peru. amounts. The draconian asked. We support the
search powers of the Misuse introduction of Dutch-style
Regulated Sales of Drugs Act should be cannabis cafes. What do you
Netherlands, California (medical clubs)
Legal; regulated like alcohol & tobacco think?