Public Health Public health became a major issue when people began to A) Live near the coast B) Discover

religion C) Live in towns D) Discover trephinning Roman towns had much better public health because they had: A) Sewers B) Flushing toilets C) Baths D) Aqueducts Which of the following explain why the Romans had good public health? A) The knew there was a link between disease and dirt B) They needed to keep the army clean C) They copied the Chinese D) They invented concrete Which of the following also explains why the Romans had good public health? A) They had a vast empire from which they had public slaves B) The Emperors wanted to be popular C) They had a vast empire that gave them wealth from taxes D) The Emperors passed a law saying that anyone who smelt nasty should be executed In the Middle Ages towns were: A) Clean they used the systems left behind by the Romans B) Run by the Church and very clean C) Filthy places with no clean water or sewage systems D) Built near to the coast for clean sea air The only places in the Middle Ages which were clean were: A) Old Roman cities B) The Kings palace C) Castles D) The monasteries Things were worse because: A) Government was not strong and couldn’t raise taxes B) People thought smelling bad was attractive C) The Roman Empire had collapsed D) People didn’t care how they lived In England at the start of the 19th century (1800’s) towns were: A) Overcrowded B) Getting cleaner as the country got richer C) Getting cleaner as the rich began to live near their factories D) Had terrible water carried diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and Diphtheria

Towns were like this because: A) Towns grew quickly because of the Industrial Revolution B) People still believed in the Four Humours C) The Roman sewers had finally collapsed D) The government believed that cleaning the towns was nothing to do with them Edwin Chadwick A) Built the first hospital with clean wards B) Built sewers in Nottingham C) Felt it was his religious duty to help the poor D) Wrote a report into the living conditions of the working classes Things began to improve when: A) The government passed laws to clean up the towns B) Trade Unions built new clean houses for their members C) Large Companies built new towns for their workers D) The Church built large church towns with clean water and sewers Things began to improve because: A) The Church said “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” B) In 1854 Snow discovered the link between dirty water and disease C) Queen Victoria campaigned on behalf of the poor and needy D) The working classes got the vote Other reasons why they improved were: A) The work of Pasture and Koch B) The Government was very rich due to the British Empire C) Roman Sewers were discovered by archaeologists D) Factory owners became worried that they were losing too many workers to disease. In the “20th century the main cause of ill health was: A) Dirty Water B) Poverty C) Religion D) War In 1948 the Labour government created the A) Department of Clean Towns B) First national system of water reservoirs C) A doctor training scheme D) The National Health Service