World AIDS Day | December 1st 2010

Raising awareness for this deadly disease we call AIDS,
should be as big as the globe. Did you know that 33 million people in the world have AIDS? We as people have to take a stand, and stop this growing number of deaths. Our world is too modern for such high death tolls for something we can control. Educating our society about having safe sex, without a doubt will reduce the cases of HIV/AIDS.

Social Networking
I truly believe through social-networking technology, we can impact people across the world one post at a time. Millions upon millions of people are using social-networking clients like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace to get their daily inspiration. So why not use social-networking clients to raise awareness about the most destructive epidemics recorded in history HIV/AIDS.

Just like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, there is a red ribbon for AIDS awareness. The red ribbon is the global symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS. I encourage everyone to take sometime out of your day on December 1st and raise awareness in your own creative way. Another way to get involved on World AIDS day is to simply take a HIV test. Testing is easy and quick. You can find out your HIV status in as little as 15 to 25 minutes, if you are going to take the rapid test. For more information on HIV/AIDS or World AIDS Day. Go to: | | | | |

Local Testing Sites THE CENTER ORLANDO
946 North Mills Ave Orlando, FL 32803 FREE HIV TESTING: Wednesday, December 01, 2010, 09:00am - 08:00pm 407-228-8272

One Love Awareness
Right here in Orlando, FL public figure Nick Gray operates a non-profit organization One Love Awareness. Nick has open his heart up to his almost 1,000 fans and growing not only to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, but find avenues to cease discrimination among those who are infected with HIV/AIDS. Nick wants society to know that people with HIV/AIDS are like anyone else, and should be treated equally. In the past I have heard people say very negative comment such as “ I can’t hug people that are infected” or I can’t share the same plates.” The lack of uneducated people about HIV/AIDS seems to be at an all time high. We should love everyone no matter what the situation. “One Love Awareness will do what-ever it takes to create a world where discrimination becomes a thing of the past.” Nick Gray states.

832 West Central Blvd Orlando, FL 32805 HIV & AIDS TESTING HOURS Mon- Thurs: 7:30am -5:30pm Fri: 8:00am -12:00pm 407-836-2680 (eligibility, testing) 407-836-2690 (clinic)

Origins of World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day is no where near new, it was first pronounced in August 1987 by two great men James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter. Both worked for the Global Programme on AIDS(UNAIDS) at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Certainly this great idea of World AIDS Day did not come about just over night. Bunn and Netter had to come up with a concept to persuade the Director of the Global Programme to make World AIDS Day an official day of Global awareness, the very first observance of World AIDS Day was December 1st, 1988. Most would say well why pick the date December 1st? Bunn and Netter wanted a time in the year where society would be clear of everything else, and make World AIDS Day stand out. December 1st is long enough after November’s Election Day, and soon enough before the biggest holiday in the year Christmas. Each year the UNAIDS organization has an annual theme last years was Universal Access and Human Rights. This years annual theme picked by the World AIDS campaign Global Steering committee is Act Aware.

1935 Woodcrest Drive Winter Park, FL 32792 407-645-2577

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