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C 231/6 EN Official Journal of the European Union 26.9.



(2003/C 231/02)

(The sitting opened at 9.15 a.m.)



Mrs Kinnock welcomed the entry into force of the Cotonou Question No 5 by Mr Manders, on behalf of the ELDR Group,
Partnership Agreement on that day and explained the new on Ebola
procedures that would be introduced according to whether or
not countries had ratified the Agreement.
Question No 8 by Mr van den Bos, on behalf of the ELDR
Group, on candidate countries and Cotonou
1. Substitutes
Question No 6 by Mr Khanbhai on the aid programme
The Co-President announced the following substitutes: Bebear
(for Balfe), Knolle (for Ferrer) and Scarbonchi (for Wurtz). Question No 10 by Mrs Theorin on gender and mainstreaming
in EU aid to ACP countries

2. Statement by Mr Poul Nielson, Member of the Question No 28 by Mrs Masalila (Botswana) on gender equality
European Commission with responsibility for devel-
opment and humanitarian aid
Question No 12 by Mr Van Hecke, on behalf of the ELDR
Group, on forests and development
Mr Nielson explained the implications of the new Agreement
and set out the European Commission’s approach to reducing
poverty. The Commission had undertaken to improve pro- Question No 11 by Mr Metsing (Lesotho) on the new EU
cedures for the allocation of the 9th EDF and to increase regulations on the deployment of EU assistance within four
expenditure for health and education. He hoped that the years of the signing of the financing proposal
establishment of committees within the JPA would enable the
new agreement to be more effectively monitored.
Question No 7 by Mrs Kinnock on the European Development
3. Question time — Commission
Question No 19 by the representative of the Cook Islands on
28 questions were put to the Commission. tourism

Mr Nielson replied to the following questions and to sup- Question No 20 by Mrs Sauquillo Pérez del Arco on cooper-
plementary observations by their authors: ation with Haiti

Question No 1 by Mr Busk, on behalf of the ELDR Group, on Question No 21 by Mr van den Berg on the Joola — recovery
food shortages in Africa
Question No 22 by the following members: Lucas, Rod,
Question No 2 by Mr Bullmann, on behalf of the PSE Group, Schörling, Lannoye, Maes and Isler Béguin, on behalf of the
on the food crisis in Africa Verts/ALE Group, on Lesotho

Question No 3 by Mr Weldegiorgis (Eritrea), on drought in Question No 23 by the following members: Isler Béguin, Rod,
Africa Maes, Lannoye, Schörling and Boumediene-Thiery, on behalf
of the Verts/ALE Group, on Mauritania
Question No 4 by Mrs Flesch, on behalf of the ELDR Group,
on the financing of the Global Health Fund Question No 24 by Mr Bowis on Tanzania