ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS NOTE: 1. Use the concepts from the recommended readings given below and try to fit these into your responses to assignment questions 2. Please come to the class with written analyses of the assignment questions. No student should come to class without your own written analyses of these questions on a separate sheet of paper. 3. Assignment questions are the starting point and the discussion may veer off these issues depending on issues thrown up during discussions. Hence, it is imperative to develop deep insights into every aspect of the case for discussions. 4. Do not deviate from data presented in the case – no extraneous factors should be introduced during discussions

1. How structurally attractive was the PC Industry in the late 1990’s? (Perform only a brief analysis, highlighting only the critical points to determine the attractiveness of the

industry) 2. Discuss the role of IBM 3. How did Dell cope with the industry structure? 4. Describe how Dell constructed a unique Value chain to succeed in this industry? 5. Using your insights from the Dell value chain, comment on its Retail Fiasco 6. Why did such rivals as IBM, Compaq, HP fail to effectively challenge Dell? (apply the concepts of trade-off and fit from Porter’s article: What is strategy which is part of your course manual for this answer) 7. Should IBM have exited this business? What is your prescription for Compaq, HP, Gateway?

1. Jan Rivkin, “Imitation of Complex Strategies”, Management Science, Vol 46, 2000, pp. 824 – 844 2. Michael Porter, “What is Strategy”, in your course manual 3. Pankaj Ghemavat, “ Strategy and the Business Landscape” – read the chapter describing 4 threats – Imitation, Substitution, Holdup, and Slack

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