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• Area Served:

State of Zulia

• Installed Capacity:
1.512 MW

• Maximum Demand:
2.159 MW

• Consumers or Customers:

• Workers:
 To define the power quality processes: Claims Attention,
Supervising and Quality Certification.

 To analyze the power quality processes for an electricity

regulated market, through a work methodology which
comprises 202 study cases, based on power quality
N = 202
• Transients, Sags and Swell.
• Voltage Level.
Electric Utility • Voltage Imbalance.
• Current Imbalance.
• DC Offset.
Market • Voltage Harmonics.
• Current Harmonics.
Customer Regulation • Interharmonics.
• Flicker.
• Power Frequency Variation.
• Power Factor.
Electric Claim

Government Electric
Regulation Supervising

Utility Customer Certification
 User requests the attention.
 The cause of the claim must be determined.
 This process provides a direct signal of the existence of a problem in
the network or in the user installation.
 The regulating entity requests it through an aleatory sample.
 Only level of tension, tension harmonics and flicker is required.
 The quality of the technical product provided must be validated.
 The user requests it or is carried out by the initiative of the distribution
company - utility.
 The quality of the technical product provided must be confirmed.
 When does it occur? (time, day)  What type of equipment is
 Are they recurrent? experimenting problems?
 Is it a sensitive charge?
 The equipment presents
problems ever since it was
 Changes on the grounding system have been installed?
performed lately ?
 Does the installation have
 ¿Falls on the luminosity of incandescent bulbs have high power motors installed
been observed? to it?
 Commuter condenser  Presence of electric storms.
 Presence of forest zones.
 Neighbor charges with
 Small animals.
high power motors.
 Conductor in bad shape.
 Non adequate caliber.
 Visual Inspection of  Visual Inspection of phase condenser connections.
connections.  Verification of the presence of ground conductors and neutral.
 “TAP” Position.  Verification of phase rotation.
 Revision of conduit gauging (As per CEN).
 Type of connection.
 Detection of humming.
 Tx Capacity and type.  Determine the presence of burnt smell.
 Impedance (Z).  Temperature.

 Existence of vibrations.
 Revision of design (As per CEN).
 Detection of humming.  Visual Inspection of the connections and electrodes to find any
evidence of corrosion.
 Measurement of the grounding impedance.
 Energy Delivery of  Direct.
Sales Point.
 Distribution Circuit.
 Equipment presenting
 During a week or until the perturbance
causing the problem is found.
N = 202
N = 202
N = 202
N = 202
N = 121
 Power quality studies have allowed establishing a more effective
communication between the customers and the company.
 The methodology used allowed presenting the user the root of the
problem as well as possible solutions to it.
 Working on claims through quality power may provide the opportunity
of getting closer to the condition of quality of a technical product in
distribution networks.
 The studies carried out provide and approximation of the level of
quality of the technical product provided to the users before carrying
out controls through measurement campaigns.
 Knowledge of the areas as well as the types of charges, where there
are existing problems, allows addressing the resources to areas where
there are not as many claims, thus optimizing the control process.
 Power Quality Engineers have developed an important role since
he/she is responsible of watching after the quality of the product sold to
the users.