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Course Outline


Bahauddin Zakariya University,

Bahadur Sub-campus,
Lectures Timing:
Monday 8:15 am to 9:15 am
Tuesday 8:15 am to 9:15 am
Thursday 9:20 am to 10:20 am
Course Instructor
Rashid Saeed
Office Hours: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
MBA (Marketing)

Course Description

Operations Management is a study of the design, analysis, decision- makingand

operations of activities for the production and delivery of goods and services. The course
emphasizes processes. A process is a set of interrelated work activities characterized by
specific inputs and value-adding tasks that produce specific outputs. The first part of the
course, relating toProducti vity, will delve upon examples of a number of processes and help
in learning how to describe a process with a flow diagram. The students will also learn to
measure key process parameters like capacity and lead time, and to improve a process
through approaches like finding and removing bottlenecks or better division of the work
among the people involved in the process. The second part of the course, relating toQuality
focuses on process improvement and will examine some classic ideas in quality
management as well as recent ideas about restructuring processes for increased

Course Objective

At the end of the term the students are expected to:

1. To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the role of operations
management in business competitiveness and emphasize the strategic importance of
operations management.
2. To provide an understanding of the concepts, principles and models that is
applicable in decision making and problem solving related to various operations
management areas.
3. To familiarise students with real production systems in both manufacturing and
service settings.
4. Integrate the philosophy of managing operations upon the foundation of total quality
5. Integrate the philosophy of managing operations upon the foundation of Inventory
Prescribed book:
Operations Management 8th Edition
Lee Krajewski, Larry Ritzman, Manoj Malhotra
Reference Books:
1. Operations Management 9th Edition
Jay Heizer, Berry Render, Jagadeesh Rajashekhar
2. Operations management: Integrating manufacturing and services 5th Edition
Collier, D. & Evans, J (2010).

Automark (Monthly) at
Logistics Association of Australia: _

Working programme for 3rd Semester
Week 1 Ch: 1 Operations As a Competitive Weapon
Defining Processes.
What is operations management?
The value chain
Trends in operations management
Decision making
Preparation & reading • Break-even analysis
• Preference matrix
• Decision theory
• Decision tree

Week 2 Ch: 2 Operations Strategy
What is operations strategy?
Developing operations strategy
• Corporate strategy
• Market analysis
Preparation & reading
• Competitive priorities and competitive capabilities
• New product/service development process

case study:
Week 3 Ch: 3 Project Management & Ch:4 Process Strategy
Preparation & reading What is project management?
Defining and organizing projects
Planning projects
Week 4 Ch: 3 Project Management & Ch:4 Process Strategy
Monitoring and controlling projects
Problems solving
What is process strategy?
Preparation & reading Major process decisions
Process structure in services

Week 5 Ch:4 Process strategy & Ch:5 Process Performance & Quality
Process structure in manufacturing
Strategic fit
Strategies for change
Preparation & reading
Costs of poor process performance & quality

Case study:
Week 6 Ch:6 Process Performance & Quality
Total quality management
Statistical process control
Six sigma
Preparation & reading
International quality documentation standards

Week 7 Ch:7 Constraints Management
Constraint & theory of constraints
Identification and management of bottlenecks
Capacity planning
Preparation & reading Capacity timing & sizing strategies
Systematic approach for capacity decisions

Week 8 Ch:7 Constraints Management
Waiting lines
Preparation/Reading Problem solving

Week 9 Ch:8 Process Layout

Process layout
Layout planning
Creating hybrid layout
Preparation & reading Designing flexible-flow layouts
Designing line-flow layouts

Week 10 Ch:10 Lean System
Characteristics of lean system for services & manufacturing
Continuous improvement & lean system
The kanban system
Preparation & reading

Week 11 Ch:10 Supply Chain Strategy
Preparation & reading Supply chain management & supply chain strategy
Supply chains for services & manufacturing
The customer relationship process
Case study:
Week 12 Ch:10 Supply Chain Strategy
The order fulfilment process
Supplier relationship process
Preparation & reading Supply chain strategies

Week 13 Ch:11 Location

Facility location
Factors affecting location decisions
Decisions of onsite expansion, new location & relocation
Preparation & reading Locating a single facility
Locating a facility within a network of facilities

Case study:
Week 14 Ch: 12 Inventory Management
Inventory management
Inventory basics
Economic order quantity
Preparation & reading Inventory control systems
Special inventory models

Week 15 Ch: 13 Forecasting & Ch: 15 Resource Planning
What is forecasting?
Designing the forecasting system
Forecasting methods
Preparation & reading Resource planning
Resource planning & control systems for manufacturers



1-Sessional Marks 20%

• Term Report Submission & Presentation 8%
• Attendance 2%
• Quizzes & Assignments 4%
• Articles & Case studies 6%

2-Mid-Term Exam 30%

3-Final Exam 50%