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Oct 2019 – Nov 2019

Volume 8 Issue 4
Bulletin of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation

In this Issue

• Editorial
• Navaratri Celebration
• Sri Chandi Homam
• Revathi Pattathanam Award For Didi
• Celebration Of Sishudinam
• Sadhana Divas
• Ebvb Maha Samparka Abhiyan From Oct
To Nov
• Regular Activities
• Article By Ma. Lakshmi Didi
Volume 8 Issue 4
-2- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

(On November 19th fell the 105th birthday of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, the Master Builder of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the spirit
behind the Vivekananda Kendra Movement. In all humility, this small bouquet of thoughts is offered in his revered memory)

As the cool gentle breeze of Margashirsha drives off the heat and dust of Kartik and
over above us in the heavens the constellation of Jyeshta moves nearer and nearer to the
moon WE REMEMBER YOU. That was the time when the Great Almighty chose to send
you down to do His work. And His work you did all your life, never once thinking of
Where is Timtala of Amaravathi- the place of your birth and where Kanyakumari?
Where all you trudged and toiled before you came to this Land’s End at the end of your
life’s journey to find haven at Her Feet, to complete the yagna of your life and to drink
the elixir of your life’s fulfilment thereof. Out of your life’s yagna you invoked the fires of a
National Yagna!
What was Kanyakumari before you started this yagna here? A hamlet with its temple,
its priests, its tanks, a few pilgrims and a host of fishermen who reached out far into the
sea every day to catch their means of livelihood. People lived in a small narrow world of
their own. They hardly knew or cared about the outside world. Yet, here was the hallowed
spot which the Divine Mother, in aeons gone by, had chosen for Her tapas.Another great
penance also had added glory to this place – that of the Great Patriot Saint Swami
Vivekananda, in the year 1892, when for three days and nights he sat on the rock
bearing the Mother’s foot print and out of his realization formulated a new plan for the
rejuvenation of our great Motherland. What an event it was! Time is slowly unfolding the
marvel and purpose behind the great tapas.
It all started in a simple thought- a monument should be erected on the rock where
Swamiji sat and meditated – but that thought had latent within it an entire Nation’s love
and respect for the great Swami and their recognition of him as a great Saviour of our
country. In it was also the response of this country to his clarion call…
It must indeed be the all –pervading Power who drew you to do this work and find in
it your life’s glory and fulfilment. How you must have stood on the sea- shore, at the
point of confluence of the three mighty oceans, with your eyes watching the emergence of
the Morning Glory yonder in the eastern horizon but with your mind already conjuring up
Volume 8 Issue 4
-3- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

in mid-sea! Was it a dream? Or a vision? Or the Ahuti of your life? Whatever it may be,
in it was the Divine Will.
Who helped you create out of nothing this perfection? Did Vishwakarma himself come
to your help? He must have, for what would have taken a life –time was completed in
just six years! Which Kubera opened up his coffers for you? The people of the entire
country, big and small, high and low. Did Hanuman, Nala, Angada build the Sethu for
you? No, it was your will, determination and discipline that worked through a hundred
hands and carried things across the sea. The eight guardians of the corners of the world
would have provided the protection so that no mishap would touch you. Mother Earth
gave you the stones and Indra’s Vajra polished them? Which Master Painter made the
drawings on the stone? Surely some Gandharva must be behind this symphony in stones!
No wonder that the Universal Spirit has found its abode here.
Silently the miracle raised itself above the waves. Stone by stone the great edifice
acquired its form incredibly fast, through unbelievably organised and dedicated human
effort, with you as its fulcrum, catching the eye of the people, ushering in a new era of
hope and light into the homes in the hamlet. Old lifestyles changed. A new sprightliness
was noticeable everywhere. The atmosphere became surcharged with the ideal of the great
Swami. The local people learned to open their doors and receive others from outside, of
different customs, different languages. As the whole country came knocking at their doors
professing their love, appreciation and oneness with them, they learned new languages
and their talk and behavior acquired a new veneer. The face of Devi Kumari in the ancient
temple shone with a smile brighter and sweeter than ever before. She was happy, it was a
good sign. Light was entering into their homes. Goddess of Prosperity was standing by.
Today, as the morning sun rises above the waves in the east and its golden rays spread
the yellow garb of daylight over the magnificent Rock Memorial WE REMEMBER YOU.
As the saffron flag with its imprint ‘Om’ is hoisted up at sunrise heralding a new day,
we see in it the ever bright flame of your dedicated life and bow our heads in silent
obeisance. Verily, you have ushered in a new renaissance not only in the small hamlet of
Kanyakumari but the whole country.
As thousands of men, women and children flock in daily to this new temple to pay
their homage to the Great Master, they find his spirit mingling with yours, charged with
Volume 8 Issue 4
-4- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

the mission of waking up this dear Motherland of ours .It was to this charge that you
truly gave your life .
You hid yourself totally behind your work and naturally your work took giant strides.
Thus did you create the new missionary order of Service- the unique service mission of
Vivekananda Kendra.
As men tired of their aimless wanderings through the labyrinths of a meaningless
worldly life approach us for succour and solace, seeking the purpose of their lives, with
hearts filled with gratitude, WE REMEMBER YOU for creating this haven, where ‘Work is
Worship’ and where ‘Renunciation and Service’ stand as guardian angels. It is your life-
breath that flows through us today giving life to all that we touch.
As newer and newer avenues for service open up and as fresher and brighter laurels
come to us WE REMEMBER how you shunned name and fame and returned everything to
the source, contented to count yourself as a mere instrument.
In so many small ways you taught us to serve Man as God and in the process also
showed us the way to transform our service into a Sadhana to elevate ourselves.
As our limbs tire of work and our wills get weakened, WE REMEMBER how you worked
without rest and restriction! Your limbs never knew any weakness or tiredness and for
you 24 hours were not enough in a day.
You left us before we could learn anything from you. Or was it His Plan that it should
be so, so that each one should do one’s Yagna, for one’s ‘soma’ through self-effort and no
beaten track should be taken for granted as the only one.
As the evening twilight descends on the earth, as the birds return to their nests
weaving patterns across the sky and the saffron flag with its ‘Om’ is pulled down at sunset
marking the end of the day, WE REMEMBER YOU and the last moments of your earthly
journey before the surging flames made you one with the elements –earth to earth, water
to water, air to air, fire to fire and ether to ether. But fire could not consume your spirit
which is left with us and it would forever remain in us in all that we do.
As we stand before the Grand Memorial on the Rock which you have built and see you
in it, we realise how small we are .Therefore we ask of this small blessing ….
‘May your spirit ever abide with us in all that we do. May the Great Master be pleased
with our humble efforts. May our work bring you everlasting peace’.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-5- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Navaratri Celebration
Navratri started from 29th September. On the 7th day Saptami, all the students placed their books in
front of Mother Saraswati in the evening, to receive her blessings. They collected the books on the 10th
day or Vijaya Dashami after writing the name of Ganapathi on uncooked rice placed on brass plates in
front of the Devi. Literally the small children are very happy during these 3 days since there is no one to
force them to study. They are not supposed to read or write.

The children in and around Anandadham campus, from toddlers to teenagers, all come with their
mothers and other relatives during these 3 days and sing bhajans in front of the Bommakolu every
evening for an hour. They leave after taking the prasad offered before Devi. This year too there was a
good crowd especially on Maha Navami day.55 students had kept their books for blessings of Devi.

On 8th, Vijaya Dashami day, all the children came in the morning to take back their books .Many
toddlers had their Vidyarambham from Ma. Didi’s hands. Other small children including LKG and UKG
tots sat on the lap of Ma. Didi and Sri Sudhakarji to write the name of Ganapathi, on rice before taking
their books back.

Every one of them received prasadam. Around 100 people including the children and elders attended.

Sri Chandi Homam

Sri Chandi Homam was organised on the 9th November, at Anandadham, in coordination with
Antarastriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) workers. This Homam is done for the benefit of society. The
programme started with Ganapathy Homam, in the early morning hours. After this Chandi Homam
started by 9.30 a.m., with ten pujaris led by Dr Karumatra Vijayan and Sri Shivanji as the Acharya
performed the 3 hour yagna. The whole atmosphere was charged with the chanting of Devi Mahatmyam
and Lalitha Sahasra namam. Nearly 400 people attended.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-6- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Revathi Pattathanam Award For Didi

Manorama Thampuratti was an 18th century Sanskrit Scholar. She belonged to Kizhakke Kovilakam of
Kottakkal, a branch of the Zamorin dynasty of Kozhikode. Being a member of the
royal family, she was fortunate to get a traditional Sanskrit education, which was
not common for women at that time. She mastered the language and so got access
to the treasure of knowledge on various shastras at a young age. She composed
several verses in Sanskrit and was known all over Kerala as a gifted poet. However,
except for few shlokas, not much is available of her work today.

She was also the contemporary of (Dharma Raja) Sree Karthika Thirunal
Balarama Varma Maharaja of Travancore (1724–98), who had the title 'Dharma Raja', meaning 'the king
of righteousness'. During the time when Malabar was invaded by Tipu Sultan of Mysore, she stayed in
exile at Travancore. It was during her exile at Travancore that the king completed the treatise on
dramaturgy viz. Balarama Bharatham and Manorama Thampuratti offered her comments and
suggestions, leading to its fruitful completion. Her correspondence with King Karthika Thirunal is of
historic importance.

Commemorating the unique contributions of this scholarly Princess of Samoodri

clan, in Manorama thampuratti’s name an award was instituted by the Zamorin of
Kozhikode way back in early fifties. This year the award was given to Ma. Lakshmi
Didi for her contribution in the Spiritual upliftment of the people especially ladies.
The award consists of a citation, a metal statue of Sri Krishna and cash of Rs 10000/-.

Revathi Pattathanam is an annual scholars’ meet, organised by Revathi

Pattahthanam Samiti under Tali Mahadeva Temple. On Sunday, 10th November, the meet was organised
at the Zamorin H.S.School. The programme began with a special pooja at Tali Mahadeva Temple,
followed by a procession of Thalappoli, panchavadyam and kalaripayattu beginning from the temple
premises to the Pattathanam Sala arranged at the Zamorin’s School. Zamorin KC Unni Anujan Raja is the
Chief patron of Revathi Pattathanam. The Manorama Thampuratti Award was handed over to Mananeeya
Lakshmi Didi by Zamorin KC Unni Anujan Raja. The inaugural session was followed by Rig-Veda Samhita
presented by KMKM Jathavedan Namboodiri and Kothamangalam Vasudevan Namboothiri. M.P.MK
Raghavan was the Chief Guest. Local MLA KNA Khader also presided. He gave a very thought provoking
talk on significance of Vedic traditions.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-7- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Celebration Of Sishudinam
Dressed as Chacha Nehru was little Aradhya, in Swami Vivekananda’s attire came little Adwaita, as
Sister Nivedita was little Padma, and little Badrinath as Mananeeya Eknathji, Tiny Abhijit as Caccha's
friend and the others dressed in their sports dress, our Sandeepani Sishuvihar tiny tots arrived sharp at
10a.m.along with their mothers and grandparents, to do seva by cleaning the surrounding of their school
and Kendra campus. They worked so sincerely that within an hour they had cleaned the whole campus so
neatly. Even the inmates of Kendra, their teachers and their grandparents took part in the 'Swachata
programme'. What can be a better contribution on Children's' day.

After Shramasamskar, all gathered in the Dakshina Hall to listen to their short sweet speeches, songs
and poems. This was followed by a grand lunch in the honour of the tiny tots!

Sadhana Divas
On this auspicious day, the morning's programme started with a short prayer. Ma. Lakshmi Didi
addressed the group of 20 participants. While narrating the story of the Rock Memorial, Ma. Didi
stressed on how one can do wonders if one has intense faith in oneself, determination and the love and
regards for the purpose or mission of one's life. Ma. Ekanathji's mission of life was Man Making and
Volume 8 Issue 4
-8- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Nation Building through the path shown by Swami Vivekananda. Thus the construction of the Rock
Memorial was just the first phase and an Organisation bearing Swamiji's name, became the second
phase. His intense love for Swamiji and his faith in himself led him to succeed in his Mission in spite of
innumerable hurdles that came on the way.

All those present paid their homage to Ma.Eknathji by offering flowers before the portrait. The
programme ended with Shanti Mantra.

Later in the forenoon the Nivedita Swasraya Tailoring unit group of 15 ladies including the 2 teachers
gathered in the Dakshina Hall. 19th November proved to be a special occasion for VKVVF as this day was
chosen to expand our self-help venture for women into a self-help Commercial Activity. With 10 sewing
machines and more than 30 trained ladies we thought that we should expand their self-help idea into a
more tangible income earning project.

Each of the 15 ladies who were present including the teachers contributed whatever they could from
Rs 1000/- to Rs 5000/- and embarked on a project of stitching bags , skirts , nighties, churidars etc, and
selling them at reasonable rates . This is sure to bring them decent monthly income in addition to
utilizing their time profitably and fruitfully, which otherwise would be wasted on TV serial shows or
gossiping. Coming to Kendra also inculcates in them an attitude of surrender, 'nishkama karma' and the
much needed spiritual awareness. With this hidden agenda we have offered our new venture of Nivedita
Swasraya Tailoring Unit as our Smarananjali to Ma. Eknathji on his 105th birthday.

Ma. Didi and Sri Sudhakarji spoke to them. All the participants offered flowers before the portrait of
Ma. Eknathji. The meeting ended with Shanti Mantra.

EBVB Maha Samparka Abhiyan From Oct To Nov

On 7th September the first meeting for forming and Training Samparka Toli at Ananda Dham,
Kodungallur was held. Su. Radha Didi, Pranta Sanghatak was present in the programme to brief about
the Eka Bharatam and Vijayi Bharatam and its purpose. Nearly 40 participants who were present
interacted with her and got their doubts clarified.

On the 21st September evening 2pm to 4.30 pm, there was training and group formation for 30
karyakartas of Samparka Toli. Sri Raghunathji from Kanyakumari, Sri Sudhakarji - Prakalpa Sanghatak, Sri
P.N Joshiji - Samparka Pramukh and Sri Premnathji Saha Samparka Pramukh were present for the
meeting. 10 teams with 3 members each were formed.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-9- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Our Samparka started from 12th Oct and almost every day one or the other team did the Samparka.
As a result the total Samparka done during the two months period went upto 492 in which 252 were
Individual Samparka and 240 collective or Mass Samparka.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-10- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Yoga Satras
4 Satras were conducted at Kendra campus during the months of October and November. 10 Participants (5 men
and 5 ladies) got trained.

Yoga Vargas

Anandadham 2 yoga Vargas Average 15 ladies and 20 gents regularly

Thrissur - 1 Varga
Valsalayam - 1 Varga
Smt Suja Edavilangu - 1 Varga Total of 50 participants.
Edavilangu - 1 Varga
Kara - 1 Varga

Keleswaram - 1 Varga
Sri Joshi 20 participants
Kadukachodu - 1 Varga

Smt. Preetha Puthenchira - 1 Varga 15 ladies

10 yoga Vargas are regularly conducted at 6 places. Around 180

members regularly attend the Yoga Vargas.

Ganapathi Homam & Srichakra Puja

Every Purnima day regular Ganapathi Homam and Sri Cakra Puja are performed by the priests of Gurupadam,
Karumatra. During October and November too this puja was performed.

Prabhashanam Parampara
Monthly classes on Jyotishastra were held during October and November. Acharya Sri
Sethumadhavanji was the resource person. About 15 people regularly attended.

3 Samskara Vargas, 1each at Valsalayam and Keleswaram 1 at Anandadham. Average 10
children attend.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-11- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

E = mc2
Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari
(In this issue we are bringing Ma. Lakshmi Didi’s interesting articles on Bhagavad Gita which she had penned in ‘Yuva Bharati’
as it’s editor in the eighties of last century )

Einstein’s discovery that Energy = mass x (velocity of light)2, that is, E = mc2 has revolutionized
scientific thinking and science would never be the same again. It is now well established that matter and
energy are inter-convertible. Matter is highly condensed energy and the truth of the matter is not
matter, but energy. It is also becoming clear that this matter has assumed a kaleidoscopic variety of
forms to become the matter of the entire universe. It then follows that forming the basis or the
substratum of this universe, transcending the forms, beyond space and time, lies the truth expressed as
'E' by Einstein or as Spirit by our ancient seers who had 'seen' and understood this thousands of years
before the West knew or thought of matter, or energy or science.

Einstein's simple formula carried within it the seed that was to take science into an entirely new
realm of search, that of the spirit. Curiously, this 'Quantum jump' would soon land it not at a forward
point but at the feet of the great masters of our Vedas and Upanishads, in Arjuna's chariot in the
battlefield of Kurukshetra where Sri Krishna gave out this essential knowledge to Arjuna and in the lap of
Sri Sankara, who having understood the transient state of matter, cried out, 'Brahma satyam,
jagatmithya'. It would also find itself re-echoing the words of Swami Vivekananda who, just before
science took this U turn had emphatically said, “The finite can find its ultimate rest when it is classified
into the Infinite".

To lift Arjuna out of his sorrow and delusion arising out of his identification with the ever-changing
'matter' or bodies standing on the brink of death and to show him the eternal, everlasting, life beyond,
Sri Krishna reveals this very same truth to him. Bhishma and Drona, on account of whom Arjuna was all
the more sorrowful, were already men who had realised this spiritual oneness and were only waiting for
an opportunity to shed their bodies and merge with the 'Spirit' eternal. Krishna points out to Arjuna that
all that his arrows can achieve is the killing or dissolution of bodies or matter and none can burn, wet or
dry the spirit which is Omniscient, Omnipotent, stable, firm and everlasting. To be sorrowful at the
liberation of matter into spirit or transformation of the transient into the eternal is indeed the height of

Inevitability of change in the world of matter is another law of Nature to which Krishna pointedly
draws the attention of his friend. In the human being it goes through the three 'material phases' of
childhood, youth and old age and then continues the change through a non-’material’ phases before the
cycle is completed and a new material body is acquired.

This, to a man of knowledge, is such an elementary principle of life, as simple as shedding old
clothes and donning new ones, and it should not be a cause for sorrow.
Volume 8 Issue 4
-12- Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

This elementary principle is what modern physics is unraveling today through most complicated
researches and techniques. The wave, the particle, the wave - so goes on the unending phenomenon of
energy-matter conversions. One thing is now certain. Matter is not at all the permanent or true state of
anything. True knowledge lies in the right understanding of this fact of Nature and developing a correct
vision of the 'reality'. All our miseries are due to the fact that we superimpose reality on non-real ceases
to exist and slips away from our grasp.

Why did our ancient seers with their unflinching devotion to truth reiterate this fact again and again
and make it the foundation of the life and philosophy of this land? Because, they were convinced
beyond doubt that this was the truth, the one and only truth, and they were confident too that all
actions, efforts and knowledge are movements towards this ultimate consummation or realisation of the
spiritual essence and oneness of all that exist.

Fear, weakness, doubt, jealousy, greed, hatred, all these which debase human life have their play
only in the world of matter. To instill in oneself a sense of immortality true knowledge of the real and
the relative, would be to move away forever not only from sorrow and delusion, but from all that dwarf
one's personality.

Work, love, life, etc., are bondages for a man who has no knowledge of reality. To one, endowed
with this vision of spiritual oneness, the material world is a world of relativity. He can then stand apart
unaffected by the changes - the dualities of happiness and sorrow and the like - because he is rooted in
the real faith that none is ever born and none ever dies. Birth and death are related with the bodies, not
with the Self, the Atman. In this knowledge, lies the taste of true freedom.

Why should 'E' be converted into 'm' at all? Why should the eternal, immutable self-take on this
transient body? Probably that is a question to which no answer may ever be found. Neither science nor
a knowledge of the spirit can reveal that great secret. One must turn into Spirit and go totally beyond
the matter. THEN, it does not matter at all.