LTGTR, as we like to call it, is an undertaking by a group of energetic, jobless people. It is a fortnightly magazine, at present, dedicated to providing a public forum for people to showcase their fiction, artwork, or any other form of creative expression. In addition, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and consistent source of unbiased content. In addition to providing news and literary content, we also plan to expand our range of activities towards a more social inclination by focusing on various issues that plague society, by forming relations with NGOs and likeminded organizations that strive for the betterment of our society, and eventually by organizing campaigns for improving literacy, health and basic awareness. We plan to inject fresh media like photojournalism and a blend of online and written content into our magazine, keeping up a consistent reputation for high standards throughout.


Because we want to. Because we feel that everybody should have the right to speak out, and be heard. And in this cause, we want to provide a medium that can give them that freedom of expression, and an audience that will be both receptive and critical. If this sounds too high-winded, or unreal (“an audience that will be both receptive and critical.” we know,) believe us, eventually, this will be the case. We’re hopelessly optimistic, at most times, but have realists among us who are not afraid to point out exactly what is wrong with our plans. Because we want to make a lot of difference Finally, because we’re ambitious. We believe in acquiring a skill-set that will stay with us as experience for the rest of our lives. And working under deadlines, amidst diverse requirements, is what helps us garner them. The struggle to not compromise on quality even under pressure can sometimes bring out the best in a person. Trust us, we know. We create the necessity, and invention will follow. (Clichéd? You tell us.) (We feel too lazy to write any more at the moment.) Later. -the LTGTR team.

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I write this with The Scientist from Coldplay playing endlessly in a loop in the background. I just can’t over this one stanza which goes like this “Nobody said it was easy Oh it’s such a shame for us to part Nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be this hard Oh, take me back to the start” I’m not superstitious but it is difficult to ignore the coincidence that just as I set out to write something for the new LTGTR that I should happen to hear this song. For all our efforts the last time around to create a magazine that would interest and entertain you while still making you more sensitive to things and people around you, we failed to build on the initial momentum. When we started certainly we didn’t think it would be easy and certainly no one ever told us it would be so hard to sustain it. So we did the only logical thing, which is to go back to the drawing board, analyze our mistakes and start afresh. Well, we’re back and we’re bigger. Much bigger. With a new team, sleeker look and a more contemporary range of issues addressed, this year’s LTGTR to touch heights no one has ever reached before. Also coming back are the old columns which generated so much interest & controversy the last time around like Spotlight, Rumour Mill, Best of Facebook. Kicking of things with this first issue we welcome our freshers and welcome back all the others. Another section that I must ask all to read is the one on Practice School I as students from our campus share what’s been, to say the least, a very interesting summer. Song Of The Week is now renamed as Audio Highlight and has comments from the writer along the lyrics. Look at the spotlight to know two more super-interesting people from college and not to mention the most hilarious Best of Facebook section. Its time

The New Year dawned for the world on the 1st of January. But for BPHC it dawns on the 2nd of August as the students returned from their “home sweet homes” to register themselves for what will be an eventful semester. The hustle bustle in the Main Building reminds one the opening scenes of a movie when they show Mumbai’s famous Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus on the back of a sunrise and say “Yeh Mumbai hai. Yahaan roz hazaaron log aate hain apne sapne poore karne.”

Just as this line is engraved in stone in its truth, so it is for BPHC. Every semester some new students come and many old ones re-return to this infant of the BITS family. There is energy, and a sparkle in every eye I see. A sparkle that hopefully will not get lost in the midst of the monotonous routine that sets by midsemester full with people watching movies, beating people on their b’days and mostly cursing the system

This year, promises to be the most eventful in the short history of BITS. With fests of all sorts from inter-college to intra-hostel, from cultural to sports all lined up. Also adding up is the no attendance system which has become the USP of BITS in recent years. This is BPHC’s chance to achieve its potential and put on a show that would firmly set it on the Indian map which is overloaded with slurry of colleges. This is BPHC’s chance to come out from under the shadow of its mother campus, and find its own place in this absurdly competitive world that we find ourselves in. The groundwork has begun…in the form of ( wait for it… ) “PEARL 2010….The biggest fest in Andhra Pradesh” ( Yes….you heard that right…’pearl’ … I still don’t get why it was called that) . While criticized by many students of our own college(for reasons ranging from shoddy tshirts to insane budget cuts)….the fest, contrary to most reports.. was not a ‘complete ‘disaster. The Pro shows were ,in general, appreciated by most, and some events did draw in a decent crowd. Although it was a far cry from fests like Oasis and Waves….. I feel that there was atleast some initiative taken. . I do not mean to undermine the efforts put in by various people during those particular events.Pearl was a wakeup call to everyone and the response had been generally positive. So there is always a chance for improvement.

results in various Fests around the country. We certainly have announced our presence to the world with a bang. But enough about the past. Lets focus on the here and now. The sports facilities have some a long way since 2008, and we hope there will be an increased participation from the students.This semester will prove to be very eventful, with a plethora of national sports fests(BOSM, Jntu sports fest) and cultural fests like Oasis, Waves and Moodi. And finally,a hearty welcome to the new students who have joined BPHC ( Anti –ragging forms and the like make this the easiest way to ‘ welcome’ you to the college and make you ‘feel at home’ ) . For all of you who are even remotely homesick( basically all of you), take heart in the fact that this is a new chapter in your lives. A lot of you guys have come feeling depressed that you’ve not made it to IIT and this was the next best option. We’re not going to get into the usual ‘ IIT vs BITS ‘ debate( That’s meant for the Ed- board ). We’re just going to remind you that this is a chance for you to start afresh; make new friends, get involved in the clubs. Think of it as your second coming. These are the years where you’re going to figure out what you want in life. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

There have been numerous positives to be drawn out from these past 2 years.. The successful establishment of the clubs, along with other departments and Welcome to the best years of your life. divisions like RAF, Ed Board to name a few is by no means a meager achievement. The identification of a wonderfully talented pool of students in MOST of the field; particularly in dance, music and photography is the key to all future targets. This is supported by the

Let’s get this straight. Inception wasn’t a bad watch, not in the very least. Thing is, I do have some issues with a Nolan film, just as a rule, if you will. He’s a good film maker, he works with good actors in Bale and Michael Caine and his films are different from what Hollywood feeds us generally. But my musings have very little, if anything at all, to do with his films. What I find far more interesting, is to observe how people respond to a Nolan flick. Do note however, that these categories would apply to people watching any kind of movie, just the fact that they’re so very prominent after a Nolan movie. Here’s a few I’ve managed to come across, * The desi. He’s never heard of Chris Nolan, (he’s probably seen The Dark Knight, dubbed or no really

doesn’t matter) and he’d rather watch Sonam Kapoor in a salwar kameez than Inception. He also has a ‘thing’ for Angelina Jolie, though all he restricts himself is to watching Youtube(Read Metacafe) videos, and abstains faithfully from a full length English movie. * The hypocrite. He hasn’t understood anything in a Nolan film ever barring the ending credits, but the first thing he does when he gets back home is post on Facebook how awesome the whole thing was, and gives it a 5 star rating. Actively participates in discussions though, restricting his shitty self to commenting on how sexy he thought the female lead was. Just for the record, says he supported Spain at FIFA ‘10.

* The genius. His only regret in life? Not being christened Christopher Nolan. Actively points out how the film could have been made better, and complains about flaws, existent and non-existent. Not taken seriously in friend circles generally due to a plethora of past offenses which include saying how Al Pacino didn’t do well enough to win the Oscar for Godfather II. * The Harry Potter fan. (Contrary to popular belief I have as a matter of fact, managed to find such a person.) Compares The Prestige to Harry Potter 4 and says Inception was far better than Harry Potter 5. What he lacks is a pack of friends to beat the sense into him I think. * The Twilight fan. Similar to the Harry Potter fan, except he’s gay. * The Harry Potter AND Twilight fan. If you know such a person, please shoot him (note : it’s okay if it’s a her..) in the head and put him out of his misery. * The idiot. Is pretty candid about how he didn’t geta single thing, and acquiesces to the fact sheepishly, batting his eyelids at the same time. Generally a she btw. * The glutton. Might look a bit odd, but I assure you, I have a friend who goes with us to the theatres just for the popcorn and momos. Nobody knows what he thinks about the films he watches while gorging on Food. On being asked how he thought Inception was, all he says among mouthfuls of junk crap is, ‘Acchi Thi’. * The Attention hog. He swings into action the moment the end credits start rolling. He messages all his friends and updates social networking sites from his phone. Frames a tweet/ fb update on his way back home on how he’s had a top that doesn’t stop spinning all along. Only this time he calls it a totem.

* The facebook addict. Differs from the attention hog in the fact that he’s taken quizzes on facebook which tell him what totem’d suit him the best, and how much time he’d be able to free himself in when chained and locked in a box and kept underwater. * The critic. Might end up showing some traits of ‘The genius’ if he’s not too careful. The only person in the lot who’s seen ‘The Following’. To people who think the title’d make an excellent FB update and people do give a damn about what you think, a word of advice - Nolan flicks are flicks like every other, and to say that ‘They’ve messed up your mind... ooooh’ etc. suggest nothing but perhaps the fact that it’s time you pay your family psychiatrist a visit. If you don’t get Inception on the other hand, fret not, watch something else like Salt instead. If that sounds daunting too, I dunno, but isn’t there an Akshay Kumar flick lined up too?

I don’t know from where it came, how that happened or happening or whatever. They had a 10 hour long match! And still they are not done with that! 10 fking hours on that tennis court! I almost die after 2 complete sets, well unless I lose, say 6-0, 6-0 or so :P Firstly, hats off to Nicholas Mahut and John Isner. Secondly... What if Isner an Indian? 1. The state government announces a reward of 5 crores for him for making India proud, huh? And yes, not to forget that life long free railway travel pass. Note: The match has not ended yet. 2. The national government has short listed Isner’s name for the Padma Sri. Yeah, that local day-to-day award. 3. His hometown, let us assume Bhiwani (sounds familiar?), is suddenly an all-facility-deprived ancient village and hence, the bloke is a gifted one. 4. There is hysteria everywhere, and at least 1000 different people are conducting those yagyas and havans with the full fervour. God bless Isner. 5. The NEWS people are already there at his house, school, college, colony, market, garden, playground and each one is claiming to be the first one to get the interview of his father, principal, best friends, girlfriend, her father, coach, assistant coach et al.

6. There is a sudden and surprise appearance of Isner’s childhood sweetheart, who is all chirpy, makeup laden and is busy praising Isner’s simplicity. 7. His so-called best friends share some of the most clichéd memories of them bunking the classes, breaking the rules, going for movies without permissions, the drunken celebrations and of course those eve-teasing incidents.

14. He gets offers from Bollywood. Then the actresses secretly release their admiration for Isner in the 8. Isner will soon be on TV again saying “Boost is the press, shh... secret of my energy.” 9. He gets a promotion. It’s either airlines, railways, or ONGC. 10. Suddenly, there appears an old man, who supposedly is Isner’s first coach or barber or may be peon in his school, who somehow is intimately attached to him. Perplexed by the sudden stardom,the old fellow showers his blessings, cats and dogs. 11. Isner is next seen on the second page of the Times Of India with headlines like, “Yeah, Kites was an amazing movie”, “Sania Mirza inspired me”, “I am a bit shy about those things”, under the section where they take those funny interviews, in the name of a brief rendezvous. Not to forget that picture of his, where he is either posing as a stud, or a blushing chocolate boy. 12. Half of the girls in the country admit their crush on him. “Oh god, Isner is so hot!!!” 15. Either Amitabh Bacchan or Shahrukh Khan are pested by the journalists until they say, “Ya, I watched the whole match. It was mesmerising. I am proud to be born in a country with people like John.” 16. Next we see the experts, like Shebby Singh (along with some average looking random girl) , discussing about Isner’s sports life and future perspectives. The girl definitely raises a point that Isner should start modelling. And finally when John Isner opens his eyes... He is a rich and happy man. He goes for guest lecturers in some management college after discovering the diamonds in himself. He owns three tennis academies, and not to forget the restaurant chain, John’s. He has half a dozen flop movies in his bag, and he now features in either PSPO fans or Sonalika Tractors’ advertisements. He is also a judge at Dance India Dance, after successfully emerging as a winner in Big Boss. Yeah, he is engaged to that girl form John ka Swayamvar.

13. He is then invited for a meeting with the Prime I swear on Chelsea FC, I sometimes love India so very Minister or the President or Dalai Lama or even Ban much. Ki-moon, if he is in India, by any chance. Seriously... there,there.

There are still a good 4 days before I reach campus for the beginning of yet another semester yet I am filled with unease. Like always I do not wish to go back to campus. No, it’s not that I don’t like college or anything. It’s just that I don’t like leaving home. This will my 10th odd trip to the campus yet it’s the same miserable, heart wrenching feeling whenever I leave from home. I am homesick even before leaving campus. Call me chauvinistic or even gender-biased if you feel but in my opinion girls have always had one little thing very easy. They have always better than us guys in expressing their feelings, specially their fears. Like I said you may not agree with what I said but I have found that to be true in all cases in my 20 years. Maybe it’s an inborn talent or maybe they have less

social ridicule associated with it but girls can pour their hearts and tears out. I said above that I’ve found this to be true in all cases, well there is an exception and that’s when it comes to homesickness. You will find as many boys as girls expressing their desires to go back home, eat their mom’s hand cooked food etc. If you don’t believe me just read the Facebook status updates after October. For everything else, guys generally try and act macho. I won’t get into discussion write now. Homesickness is really not a sickness, not in my view. I’d just describe it an acute desire to be back in the surroundings you’ve grown up in, lived in and made your space in the world. Does being homesick mean that you have been able to adjust to your new surroundings, in this case college? Definitely not. I’ve been here for two years now, have made loads

of friends, participated in various activities and even studied occasionally. Once you’re back you’ll make yourself a new lifestyle in a jiffy. But somewhere deep down inside you’ll still miss those streets, those houses, your parents, your siblings, your friends everyone.

There will be some people who’ll think I’m being a sissy, people who hate holidays and can’t wait to get back to campus. To all those I say, go take a hike. I think there’s something seriously wrong if you don’t miss the place you’ve grown up in, for a good 15 years, even a little. We may try and ape the West as much we want, but one thing we’ll never be able to change is the intensity of our relationships with our parents, There’s always somewhere I’ll belong, it’s a place family and friends. And if those relations sometimes called HOME. pull me back, I’m glad for it. So if you think being homesick is an illness, you really should get your head checked up.

Now I come to the final question I want to address. Why this 600 word article? Did I write this just to take a punt at people who don’t miss home? Well, to be perfectly honest, I did want to do that just a little but more than I write to tell all of you, specially the fresher’s that there is nothing wrong if you miss your home. Remember two things - It’s okay to be homesick and there are many, many more like you. So when you find yourself staring down at that mess food in your plate thinking of all the lovely things you could be eating at home, don’t be disheartened. And when you hear your friends calling their moms don’t laugh, you’ll be making that call soon enough.

ID No. : 2009AAPS058H Zodiac sign : Taurus. Colour: Black (black + red too) Hobby : playing hockey, music, com. Games AOE, DOTA Music : heavy metal (Iron maiden) Songs : face in the sand, no more lies. Movies: serious ones. Shawshank redemption, garden state. Actors : Russel Crowe, Julia Roberts Sports : tennis (watching) Sportsperson: love Nadal. Kim Clijsters. Subject : History. Teacher: Ramesh Babu (Maths in FIITJEE Hyderabad), Kannan sir.

Memorable moment : Trip to Egypt, Booed in fresher’s party. School->clg : hectic, more work(but not of studies), started knowing what life

Concept of MasTi : friends. Life @ BITS : good, full of fun. PeArl : more than expected, rock nyt was gr8. But planned late. Part @ pearl : drama, quizzes. Future plans: Civil services or law or MBA. Msg. to BPHC : njoy d next 4-5 years to the max, listento Iron Maiden. Msg to world: take up responsibilities.

Birthday : 6th September Occupation : Student (we’re surprised) Favorite Teacher: Dr. Vidya Rajesh Favorite Subject: Biology Colour: Blue Music: Classical Western Music like Beatles, Enya etc. Movies: Basically romantic movies basically otherwise “A Pursuit Of Happyness”, “What happens In Vegas”, “Butterfly Effect” Idols: B. Pratyush , Susneha Patra, Shray Badam, Shruthi Vishwanath, Revanth Choudhary Who Would You Like To See In A bathing Suit: (no comment was recieved)

What do you like of BitS: no attendance (so clichéd), Hostels ChangeS you’d like to See: Lot more courses, No double standards, more issues of LTGTR PlaCeS to ViSit: Goa unforgettaBle exPerienCe: Her drowning four times (nearly) MoSt eMBarraSSing MoMent: Fell face-first into horse shit from the top of a horse. faShion: Casual

Birthdate : 12th May Occupation : Student Favorite teacher’s : Amit kumar Gupta Subjects: POM Colour : Black Music : Bollywood Music

Parts of Bits You Like: No attendance (hope it continues), good strength of girls (how strong are they) What changes you would like to see in campus: Gaming arcade, more girls (don’t we all), better food(OB) First Crush: Class 9th class teacher Places To Visit: Sydney, Amsterdam (you know why?), Egypt

Movies : Shawshank Redemption, Silence Of The Lambs, the Dark Knight; no real Unforgettable Experience : getting kicked for two months, you can see what happened genre basically Idols: Abhijit Kane, Jahnavi Meher, V. Shilp, Kartheik Ganesh Iyer Who would you like to see in a bathing suit: The Guard Most Embarrassing Moment : Playing football
topless Fashion: Comfort Fits

If you grew up believing that Orkut™ is the best social networking site there is, you must have been a victim of several wannabes who sent you friend requests saying, “I wanna make frandship with you” or even worse, “Haiiii!canv b frnds n nice smile.” (However can one ‘make frandship’ or be a ‘nice smile’). The purpose of this writing is not to delve into the psychology of such people, or to make any more fun of them. We, however, look at what Friendship is and why everyone in the world is looking for someone whom they can call a friend. Man, they say, is a social animal. Everyone wants to feel supported as an individual. This is even more relevant in the present day scenario, where thanks to the ever-increasing workload, people are drifting apart. What would we do without someone to share everything with? Man, again, is a very complex creature. We try to find meaning, a higher purpose, in our existence. It is this innate need to be around others of our kind that makes us grow close to people. But, to hell with the more practical reasons. We need friends because we all need somebody to share the pleasures (and miseries) of our life. We need

people whom we can talk to all day and never bother about whether they have grown tired of us yet. We need people to go shopping with, play ball with and get high with. We need people, around whom we can be stupid and not feel bad about it. We need someone who won’t judge us by what we wear, do, eat or believe in. In short, we are always on the lookout for that bunch of crazyheads who are as crazy as us, not less, not more. It is in this spirit that we raise a toast to all the friends in the world. Dedicated to the ones who have grown to love you for who you are, to those who beat you to pulp on your birthday but stay up all night when you are ill, to those who never miss a chance to tell you you’re an idiot but never let you make a fool of yourself in public, those who never let you suffer alone, who turn your room into the common room but stand for an hour at the Xerox shop to get you a copy of the 10 pointer’s notes before compres, to those who cry when you are in pain and spend their last sixpence buying your birthday cake, and most importantly, to those who believe in you and won’t let go-a very happy Friendship Day. Your being around has made all the difference in the world!

Upon entering university, most youngsters have And do what you love. It’s your life, and life’s too starry eyed visions of working in plush offices of short to live others’ dreams and wishes. multinationals after graduating. Most do accomplish their initial dream, but a few go Go ahead and make a difference! along the less beaten path, doing what they love as opposed to what brings in maximum cash. I was chosen as an ‘Engineers for Social Impact’ fellow this summer. The fellowship involves students working in a for-profit social organization during their holidays and indulging in a leadership and entrepreneurship workshop later on. For two months I worked in an organization called iDiscoveri. The organization works to reform education in schools by making curriculum more engaging . I loved the job (marketing surveys, designing a part of their new product, data crunching), admired the people who are actually not afraid to do what they love, and who face the challenges of a developing nation head-on without complaining. Based on my time at iDiscoveri, here’s the essence of the gyaan I got: India is a country of extremes. There is a huge part of the population that lives in abject poverty, with no hope or dreams. As people fortunate to have been educated at a top college, we can make a difference. Social organizations are not places where social workers walk around in white saris and ask for charity. There are corporations which are both profitable and extremely professional in their feel, and they are changing the lives of thousands who live in poverty.

allotted Bhilai Steel Plant as the workstation for my Practice School-1 as I was looking for some place closer to my home. Eventually I took heart from the fact that some of my good friends had also suffered the same fate and would be joining me in what I presumed would be 2 months of torture. We were provided accommodation by ‘BITS’ in a local college called ‘BIT’ (Bhilai Institue of Technology). The accommodation was good enough with a huge room which had to be shared by 4 people, an attached bathroom and also a QT inside the hostel. All in all we were comfortable enough. The hostel mess closed within a week as the students of that college had finished their exams. We then had to eat outside every day! I could go on about the good food outside, but let’s just say that there was good food outside in abundance. One advantage of this accommodation was that all our evaluation components were done within BIT and hence we could ‘officially’ take leave on these days (though not with permission). We were asked to report at the main gate of the plant on 24th (May) morning at 9:30 a.m. We waited for about an hour before we first met our instructors and were told that we had to fill some forms which they will get signed by the DGM, HRD which would then serve as our entry card in the Plant. We finally got our gate passes and helmets after about 10 days.

I was initially very disappointed when I was

cricket equipment and had started off with some inter campus matches within the QT and later played with mixed teams as most felt that campus teams were rather unbalanced. Affected by the FIFA 2010 fever, every student in Bhillai was ready to start playing the game. Cometh night, cometh the fun- CS clan matches, Poker (lost a bit of money also), Bridge, Blackjack (only in the last few days), FIFA, VT3 and games like dumb-charades, etc. After we received our gate passes and helmets, we were to be taken on a visit to different departments of the Plant. It was during this visit that an elite group(3 seniors from GOA, myself and one more student from our campus) decided to show the officials our passion and dedication to PS-1 and decided to take rest on the very next day, thereby ‘registering’ the first bunk in PS-1, Bhilai, And so we continued for the next 5 days. We had to submit our diaries every Saturday for which we used to ask one of the regular guys to what had happened the whole week.

By now I had made very good friends with the 3 seniors from GOA campus who were doing their PS-1 for the second time as an elective option. They were very cool and told me loads of stuff about their campus and the ‘relations’ existing (to every single person reading this, there there). They also told me how to approach the electives and campus placements and the way to plan and proceed with future prospects. They of course dazzled me with rather ‘entertaining & Meanwhile, we were completely making use enlightening’ stories as well, which Im probably sure of the facilities available. We had bought some cant be printed here!

Time flew by and before we knew it, we were facing the Thursday of the 3rd week on which we was told we were to make a presentation (our first evaluation). We were to form groups of 6 and select one of the departments which we were supposed to have visited and make a presentation on the working of that department. I luckily had some people in my group who actually attended the visit to each and every department. My ‘lovely’ roommates saw to it that I was woken up just half an hour before the presentation and was told to memorize the whole stuff. The instructor then informed us in the middle of the presentation that we had to divide the slides equally, by which time the first guy had already finished with half the slides. Then each one went and spoke on about a couple of slides and the slides had finished when my turn came. I said “sir, I ll just give a brief summary and conclusion to what all has been spoken” and put in a sentence which each guy spoke, all that I could remember atleast. The quiz-1 also went on the same way, people were seen doing night-outs and studying for the quiz, while me and my goa friends were joking all night about them and were shit-scared just before the quiz1(naturally) but the paper was damn easy. .

During all this we had our Group Discussions(GDs),both times I spoke only one sentence and got one mark less than the topper both times(I am very grateful to my instructors). We had a much tougher paper for quiz-2 where we had to draw the flow diagram of the working of the Steel Plant (I got a 4 on 5, highest being….. FOUR :P). We also played some bet matches in cricket with some local boys there of which I would rather not want to mention the results. We went to some movies in BIG Cinemas, some of the guys went on a trip to Raipur for one whole day, they were just moving through malls. Some also went to a temple during the far end of the PS-1 where they had to climb 1500 steps. (turns out religion has no bounds) After I had got my project, I went to the plant only thrice for the project work and twice in the end to get the project report approved and get the so called ‘letter’ which we got on the SAIL letter head (:-D lucky me!!). I then took special permission from sir to leave Bhilai early as I was done with my project and we were also ready with our project report and presentation. After some pleading, sir finally agreed and I was ready to leave on the 14th night. The goa seniors and some others came to the station with me to give me a send-off. the train was late by an hour but it dint seem to make a difference as we all spent time chatting. I still cherish those final moments at the station with those guys and also the times we spent playing cricket in QT and cards in rooms whenever we got bored, the mandoli restaurant where we had the bulk of our meals, and of course the number of days we bunked and had fun.

After the visit, we were instructed to go to our department of and request some MANAGER(DGM, AGM, Sr. Mgr., etc.) to guide us through the project. All around me people were talking about it being a rare opportunity and they would not be able do again. I was totally confused and said to myself “All izz well”. I decided to just see to it that I complete my project in time and stay comfortable. I aimlessly walked into some management department where the Head was ready to guide me. I was grouped together with 2 more students for the same project (one from Goa and one from Pilani). The project title was “MY NAME IS PADFOOT* AND I AM A 5-POINTER.” “Role of TQM in Indian Economy; A Case Study: Bhilai Steel Plant”

“PS kaisa tha?”

This small, all-too-common question has a vast answer. As I did all the things other than PS in Delhi, all I can say about the place is that it is an awesome place for enjoyment (if you have a job), for relaxation (if you are studying) and definitely for lots of fun if you have a good balance of both a bank account and (preferably heterosexual) company. If you come under the “ladies” category don’t worry even about the bank balance. Your friend is forever (his name may change) willing to provide the unlimited credit needed to merit the lifestyle you need to lead. But sadly, a few solitary persons who don’t come under any of these can only taste dust, smoke and sweat. Our poor candidate may just be jealous of a few, rage about the circumstances or curse his college’s location. Then again, you can’t have everything. C’est la vie. The organization I worked at (name withheld upon request), had no information about the whole Prac My PS Diary starts with “Highly attracted by tice School program or even about BITS so people a special program of BITS, PS I chose Northern rail- were considering us aliens or convicts of every shady way, Delhi for better exposure and understanding of aspect in this whole wide world of fundamental acany job ” and ends with “Thank God finally it ended.” tivities. Staff, guards and even peons had jokes on I came to Delhi full of enthusiasm for learning and (about, regarding, you get the point) us. Few days watching places and trying to adapt new things as it were lunch less, waterless too. Till this I didn’t men-

was not merely a travelling tour of Incredible INDIA. But the bargain included sweaty hot days, hours of waiting outside government offices, moving from chamber to chamber and place to place for work that seemed to have no purpose. Our PS was just a new season of ‘Office Office’ with a few more problems. We had already paid a considerable sum towards being unpaid labour. My introduction usually started with “I am from BITS PILANI” carried away with “No, No it’s a renown/very good/top/after IIT… ” and finished either with “yes! I live in Pilani ” or with an hour explanation of Goa and Hyd campuses. Next doubt people had, were about fees, admission or ‘oh! You are coming from far.’ (Not to mention numerous questions about donations, certificates received upon completion of courses, and reserved quotas.)

tion days with attendance from 12-1:30, few without that also, sitting in Rajdhani and Shatabdi coaches for hours, just submitting names of presents or truly learning about few very good systems of <let’s call it x>. I don’t feel need of even that much. But yeah, the major point of attraction in Baroda House was Litchi juice. Whatever at least my A grade in a 5 unit course never balanced fourteen plus few more thousands. Particularly in that case where you can pursue an internship in a better organization, and at less expenses. Now the reasons what all kept me alive in Delhi were few friends, my cousin sister, the Metro and the libraries. Initially McD was in the list but now I’m too full of that. Thanks to SSS I dint dump my luggage on footpath. SSS, GN or & NJ were almost always there to go see Delhi with me. After finishing every PS around 1:30 we had readymade question, “Now what? Where to go? & Lunch?” we never had any absolute answer for these as it was hard to find an air conditioned, reasonable place (of course) near the Metro, even using a Delhi map. But whoever raised this question 1st felt unanswerable to others. So the best place left for us to sit was stairs of Rajeev Chowk (CP) Metro station which was near our office and cooler than outside world. It was our daily routine to spend a few hours there for finding answers of these important questions of life. I spent most of my free time in metro. So my ‘Life in a Metro’ really had a lot to see and learn. You just spend a full day in a metro and you can see the whole of INDIA (with few other countries thrown in). I looked at over a thousand faces simply sitting or standing, many of them on mobiles, some groups chatting, a few rushing like getting this metro is their only aim in life. Other than listening to music, reading books or magazines, I used to read faces and body language and tried to visualise their behaviour, character and nature. Any sociology or Psychology scholar can do his PHD here. The next favourite was the Sahitya Academy library. There are many more libraries in that area itself but this was more attractive because of the great collection of books in all languages. Many a time my friends kicked me out of the group, as I asked them to come to the library.

3-4 year old boy who had cried when his father knelt down on floor to pray the idol? Initially, he didn’t understand anything but after seeing his father’s hands moving, he himself imitated. The 2nd evening had lovely weather and I thought of sitting in the temple area and simply talking to someone, but cell phones not being allowed inside and having no friends in the immediate vicinity, I was hopeless. When I was taking Prasad, the main pandit (who usually isn’t the world’s most talkative person) asked for my name. After that, we talked for 10-15 min. about my college to my surname’s spelling to electric motor of railway engines. I never expected such a friend there. But yeah I saw god in a lady who was showing the scene of “Krishna telling secrets of Geeta to Arjun” to his 22-23 years old son and explaining him about duty and action. I also have very sweet memories of my two visits of a government blind school but of those I’ll mention just one thing. An 8th class boy asked me, “sir, if you know any boy or girl like us please send him/her here so that they can learn something. By education we have realised that we are not wastes and now we have aims in our lives.” These two months also comprises my cycling tour of some area, wandering outside alone till 11-12pm, endless traffic, Parathey Wali Gali, special lunches at Andhra Bhavan and Maharashtra Sadan , people and places. Now just a little talk about the most attracting ‘thing’ (I really shouldn’t use this word, no chauvinism, ladies) Delhi girls. My many visits to DU, the daily work around CP, the metro and in the malls, I got many glimpse of this rare species of humanity. Most people (not only boys) find attitude, desperation and a feeling of supremacy in them, which may even be true to some extent. On a weekend evening one of my friends KY (not of Delhi) came to visit and we started sampling the finest of what Delhi had to offer. The number exceeded 100 in just an hour or so. There had been a lot more in terms of personal feelings and understandings for which I don’t have words to put forth. These two months, were like a year for me, which helped in looking inside and comparing that with outer world. There were some really great experiences and learning of new things.

Now talking about a few of the non-glamorous Thanks to PS, but still, PS I don’t love you. things. I have been to the Birla Temple twice and both times, I feel that I have seen God. The first time, in a

“My PS was more a fully fledged vacation rather than what is assumed to be a learning of work practices. I found two months too long for this course. I missed home and campus life very much.” - B Tarun Reddy

“PS was good mainly because of awesome friends, I got to meet there. We didn’t want to work and management was not interested to take any work from us.

I learnt a lot about life, work in group, dedication and performing few things even if not in work. I got to know how life changes and become tough “PS was OK. It was far from my home. We didn’t as stepping out of college.” know much about the company’s work so they - Suhas Shrivastava were feeling us as burden on them and we had to ask them a lot to get any work. For some work they expected a lot from us which we didn’t know.” “Well.. PS-I,,, the 8 weeks was a complete waste - Nitesh of time... personal view... would have learned & earned more, had I stayed at home, than I learned and spent in that period. Even then,, the first two “It was gr8. I got in Kanyakumari and the weeks was acceptable..but enough... LET US.. employees of company treated us very well. GO...!!!” Fortunately it was good for us but company - Abhishek More should check more about the PS program earlier and students should get prior information about the work opportunities in their PS station.” - Shailesh “My Station was nice but the project was not at all good. They didn’t allow us to learn much. PS program is fine but it’s not at all worthy of fourteen thousand bucks. Two months are too much for this thing.“ - G. Anvesh

Stay with me awhile Rise above the vile Name my final rest Poured into my chest Into the orchard I walk peering way past the gate Wilted scenes for us who couldn’t wait Drained by the coldest caress, stalking shadows ahead Halo of death, all I see is departure Mourner’s lament but it’s me who’s the martyr Pledge yourself to me Never leave me be Sweat breaks on my brow Given time ends now Into the orchard I walk peering way past the gate Wilted scenes for us who couldn’t wait Drained by the coldest caress, stalking shadows ahead Halo of death, all I see is departure Mourner’s lament but it’s me who’s the martyr Spirit painted sin Embers neath my skin Veiled in pale embrace Reached and touched my face Into the orchard I walk peering way past the gate Wilted scenes for us who couldn’t wait Drained by the coldest caress, stalking shadows ahead Harvest truly is one of Opeth’s finest creations. The music has a haunting melody that draws the listener and drowns him in the flow of the music. However the true beauty of the song lies in its poetic lyrics. Though simple they are open to a panorama of interpretations. From my point of view the song is about death. The lyrics depict the last moment of a mans life, his pain and anguish as he embraces death reluctance.
“Into the orchard I walked peering way past the gates Wilted scenes for us who couldn’t wait”

The lines portray the man’s feeling as he looks upon the life around him and the fear of what he might face after death.
Drained by the coldest caress, stalking shadows ahead Halo of death , all I see is departure Mourner’s lament but it’s me who’s the martyr”

Here the dying man rejects people lamenting and crying over his suffering and death, because he feels that only he is the martyr in his battle against death. The other portions of the song express the man’s pain and his repeated request to his beloved to saty by his side and love him till the end of time.

I ask myself questions: Who am I? Why am I here? This overpowering sensation of uncertainty…or is it one of fear? Times when obfuscation seems to rule my world Times when my mind is being tossed about, twisted and whirled… Chants of a mind that’s gone haywire, Uncertainty spreading like wild fire… Forceful feelings flooding out freely, a tornado of thoughts swirls wildly within… There should be some way to stop this train of thought before it derails and turns things tragic, there should be some way to stop this brain from acting as if under a spell of dark magic… It all seems to be going down an abyss, it will still be empty no matter how much interlude but I guess, behind this emptiness, is a lost soul trying to escape from solitude…

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