Compound Words - Separate Fill in the blanks with the correct separate compound word.

Choose from the words in the box.

Ice Cream Dining Room Living Room

Rocking Chair Fruit Salad Window Pane

Chocolate Cake Vegetable Salad Iced Tea

Apple Pie Tourist Spot

It’s almost Christmas and Mom is busy preparing the dinner menu for Christmas. Aside from the usual fare, mom will make _____________________________ requested by grandma. Grandma cannot eat without greens in the menu. For dessert, Mom will order _______________________ made from the freshest apple and crust that is baked to perfection. For dad she will get a mini ____________________________ with moist icing and rich caramel filling! She will also prepare ____________________________ with grapes, peaches, cherries, pineapple, buko strips mixed with cream. For us kids, we will have _____________________________ in Vanilla, Stawberry and Ube Flavor. For drinks, mom will make home made __________________________ brewed using chamomile leaves and mixed with honey. She will also make _________________________ using freshly squeezed Ponkan oranges. She will decorate our _______________________ with Christmas placemats, napkins and will put red and green candles on the table. Our ________________________________ is already decorated with a Christmas tree and the couch has Christmas pillows on it. Dad decorated our gate and garden with a fantastic light set-up. From outside you can see our ___________________________ is like a Christmas mosaic. And on our front porch is a statue of a Jolly Santa sitting on a ______________________________. The neighbors said our house looks like a ______________________________ already! Our house will surely be ready for Christmas!

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Compound Words - Separate

Fill in the blanks with the correct separate compound word. Choose from the words in the box.

Book Cover Lesson Plan Quarterly Test

Book Review Pad Paper Safety Pin

Every day Paper clip School Bus

Identification Card Private school School Zone

Liam is studying in a _________________________. ________________________ he rides the ___________________________. Once inside the ______________________, he has to wear his ____________________________ to let school authorities know he is a student of the school. Today is the end of the ______________________________. The exams were a bit too difficult for the students so the teachers said they will review their __________________________ for the next quarter. They will probably add 2 of the past lessons where the students had difficulty. A week after the exam, the students has to write a ______________________________. They have to choose a book, study it and make a report about it. Liam went to the library to find the perfect book. He chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid because of it’s amusing title and the illustration on the _________________________ is hilarious. He took down notes on his ____________________________ and gathered the pages together with a ______________________. He finished it early so he is free to enjoy the rest of his Semester Break.

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