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2004 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 27 E/15

Wednesday 4 December 2002


Chapter B7-80  International fisheries agreements

 Article B7-800  International Fisheries Agreements

 Item B7-8000  International Fisheries Agreements CA 34 794 177 EUR
PA 34 794 177 EUR

7. Order of business

The President recalled that the order of business had been established (Item 10 of Minutes of 18 November
2002) and that Parliament had made a number of changes thereto (Item 32 of the Minutes of 21 November
2002). He announced that a corrigendum had been issued to the agenda of that week’s sittings
(PE 323.676/OJ/COR).

Further changes had been proposed as follows:

Wednesday 4 December 2002

 the Conference of Presidents had decided to include in the Council and Commission statements on the
preparation of the Copenhagen European Council (Item 53) the proposals discussed at the last General
Affairs Council on enlargement of the European Union, which were the subject of oral questions by
the AFCO Committee, and to amend the title of that item accordingly;
 the joint text approved by the Conciliation Committee on civil aviation security (rapporteur:
Mrs Foster) (A5-0402/2002  Item 92) would be put to the vote without debate at voting time on

Thursday 5 December 2002

 the BUDG Committee had adopted three reports pursuant to Rule 110a
 Stenmarck report on the financing of the European Convention (A5-0406/2002)
 Stenmarck report on the budget of the European Convention (A5-0407/2002)
 Podestà/Buitenweg report on draft supplementary and amending budget 6/2002 (A5-0408/2002).

The deadline for tabling amendments to the SAB was 16.00 on Wednesday 4 December.
 at the request of the Commission and with the agreement of the political groups, the Westendorp y
Cabeza report on supplementary financial aid for Moldova (A5-0411/2002) would be put to the vote
at voting time under Rule 158(1).
Parliament agreed to these changes.

8. Legislative and work programme for 2003 (motions for resolutions tabled)

(The debate had already taken place on Wednesday 20 November 2002 (Item 2 of that day’s Minutes)).

The President had received motions for resolutions pursuant to Rule 37(2) from the following Members:
 Grossetête, Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, Fiori, Elles, Suominen, Van Velzen, Karas and Poettering, on
behalf of the PPE-DE Group, on the Commission’s legislative and work programme for 2003
 Barón Crespo and Swoboda, on behalf of the PSE Group, on the Commission’s legislative and work
programme for 2003 (B5-0623/2002);