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Table of Contents ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3 1. Basic Premises of the Tej Gyan Foundation offering _______________________________________________________ 1.1 Introduction ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1.2 TGF Training Model ____________________________________________________________________________ 1.3 Four Key Premises of Tej Gyan Foundation’s Programs _________________________________________________ 2. Wisdom Offerings from Tej Gyan Foundation … __________________________________________________________ 2. 1 Introduction to the Personal Power Program ____________________________________________________________ 2.2 Contents of Personal Power Program ________________________________________________________________ 2.3 Introduction to Self Encounter Intensive ______________________________________________________________ 2.4 Contents of Self Encounter Intensive________________________________________________________________ 2.5 Introduction to other Training Interventions____________________________________________________________ 3. About Tej Gyan Foundation __________________________________________________________________________ 3.1 Introduction __________________________________________________________________________________ 3.2 The teaching methodology _______________________________________________________________________ 3.3 Sample List of clients ___________________________________________________________________________ 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 7 8

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4. Trainers___________________________________________________________________________________________ 11 4.1 Trainers & Facilitators __________________________________________________________________________ 11 4.2 Facilitators ___________________________________________________________________________________ 11 5. TGF Value Proposition ______________________________________________________________________________ 5.1 TGF Value Proposition _________________________________________________________________________ 5.2 Contacts _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5.3 References ___________________________________________________________________________________ 13 13 13 13

1. Basic Premises of the Tej Gyan Foundation offering
1.1 Introduction

The basic premise of Tej Gyan Foundation’s (TGF) training programs is ‘Applied Wisdom Training’. These are done in the form of finding the missing links, challenging the wrong beliefs and breaking myths. The intention is of creating new possibilities in untapped areas beyond routine trainings. It’s a break away from the routine communications, leadership or productivity workshops. Wisdom is an experienced knowledge. It is knowing your self or your source, opening new possibilities and operating from higher levels of awareness. It is that understanding which helps us do a self encounter of our limiting beliefs, helps in the self enquiry of our vision and support us in the self expression of our thoughts & feelings. For instance, you can teach a student presentation skills. Still better transform his fearful attitude. But best would be to make him dissolve his beliefs that limit him and get him to see the wisdom - that all humans are equal and unique. This would bring about fabulous results in his presentation skills and that too permanently.


TGF Training Model

A graphical representation of what was discussed in the previous paragraph is depicted below:


Four Key Premises of Tej Gyan Foundation’s Programs

The four key premises of the workshop are: Wisdom is the key: Improving a skill or changing attitudes is the focus of Self development and Organizational development trainings. However, true transformation is possible by transcending root beliefs and experiencing ‘wisdom’ Unlearn to acquire wisdom: For acquiring the timeless wisdom principles of living, loving and working – there is more unlearning required than learning. Unlearn and unwind out of limiting beliefs to unlock your potential. You have it already: You already posses the capacity to transform your life the way you want. All that is needed is to train yourself to operate consistently from your original nature, which is a happy natural state Dive Within: Instead of focusing on encountering others, encounter yourself first. Self encounter is to hold up a mirror to examine your beliefs and experience timeless wisdom principles to transform yourself.

2. Wisdom Offerings from Tej Gyan Foundation …

2. 1 Introduction to the Personal Power Program
The Personal Power Program is a 48hr program designed for students. It is TGF’s distinct initiative in education. The idea is that participants should enjoy the process of education, learn the art of acceptance, C and evolve to higher levels of consciousness. Tej Gyan foundation believes that, education is only a means L of education it should open our minds, make us do a self encounter of our limiting beliefs, help in the self A enquiry of our vision and R support us in the self expression of our feelings. The Personal Power Program is a researched triad of three most crucial areas viz leadership, T communication, interviews and group discussions.




Contents of Personal Power Program

To know more details about Personal Power Program please log on to


Introduction to Self Encounter Intensive

Tej Gyan Foundation’s “Self Encounter Intensive” is a complete training of mind-body-intellect and beyond - for the students who are awaiting to enter the global business scenario. Self Encounter is a forty eight hour training intensive spread over three to four months where participants lay the foundation for a simple, powerful and integrated life. These intensives are focused on Leadership, Innovation, Productivity and Communication respectively. Every intensive requires at least one to two weeks of gap between them to produce best results. The outcome then is Ease, Clarity, Velocity and Joy in every action.






Contents of Self Encounter Intensive
Self Energizing Intensive (2 days) Self Elevation Intensive (2 days) Innovation Clarity Encounter of thinking patterns to release abundance of blocked energy and creativity You can elevate yourself to give up irrelevant limiting beliefs and traps that are the cause of discomfort diversion and delay. Self Expansion Intensive (2 days) Productivity Velocity Encounter of work patterns to maintain a level of focus that produces desired outcomes with ease You can expand yourself to accomplish whatever you desire and create a purposeful future. Self Expression Intensive (2 days) Communication Joy Encounter of speech patterns to nurture joy and bonding and experience harmony You can express yourself to become a natural leader who lives, works and leads from a joyous state

Focused on Resulting in Through (Process)

Leadership Ease Encounter of emotional patterns to step beyond personal gains with clear vision You can energize yourself to move towards your vision in life and eliminate fears and feelings that block opportunities of growth and fulfillment.

So that (Outcomes)


Introduction to other Training Interventions

Programming yourself for success Things don’t come to you by default, you have to be receptive for it and attune yourself with the infinite. The hidden truth about success.

Innovation: “There is no money problem, problem is only of creative ideas” Understanding the principles of creation & innovation

Self Belief – projecting a powerful personality How to attain Supreme Confidence

How to do more study in less time How to concentrate in studies st Study methods of the 21 century Mind mapping and categorisation Making foolproof timetable for studies Developing interest in boring subjects … The A to Z of studies.

Inner Magic – attracting your dream job The knack of converting snakes(-ve attitude) into ladders (+ve attitude)

Communication Dynamics 80% of the income that you earn comes through your ability to communicate. Your income is directly proportional to your communication and self expression

Value Education What no college teaches, but corporate wants. Character building for life.

English Fluency Workshop A Seven day mind blowing English workshop, time tested and proven results for the past 10 yrs. Try it to believe it.

Face and Ace the Interview Race There are good, better and best answers in interviews. We train you for outstanding answers which are above all three. Get the cutting edge above all.

Further information about a particular program could be provided on request

Sustained Learning

3. About Tej Gyan Foundation
3.1 Introduction

Tej Gyan Foundation (TGF) is a charitable trust registered with the objective of creating a highly evolved society, through global spread of “Happy Thoughts”. Founded by Sirshree Tejparkhiji, it is one of India’s leading transformation and training entities. TGF operates centres across India and has conducted seminars in Chicago, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Germany, etc. In the past 13 years, more than one lakh participants have been trained by TGF through its public programs.


The teaching methodology

Tej Gyan workshops follow a three-step teaching methodology of instruction, interaction and intervention. Instruction Interaction Intervention : Lectures, tapes, etc. : Q&A, Challenging participants : Exercises, Personal feedback

Tej Gyan workshops are designed in a manner to transition participants through three levels of shifting, viz: Illumination Impact Inspiration : Head knowing or bringing to light. : Only when there is a deep impact, a deep level of understanding from the heart occurs. : If the understanding leads to conviction, then the third step of inspired action automatically follow


Sample List of clients
Public Sector Hudco NTPC Central Bank of India Indian Army Maharashtra Police CDAC ACTS Education Sector IIT Delhi MITSOT DY Patil Sinhgad Engineering BMCC Vidya Pratishtan Indira College Agrasen Mgmt and Tech Delhi Public School Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Institutions Maratha Chamber of Commerce YASHADA Rotary Lions Software Exporters Association IIT Alumini Association Other Sectors Thermax Ltd Atacons Emami Cummins Raymonds ICICI State Bank of India Bharat Forge ITC (Indian Tobacco Company)

Automobiles Maruti Udyog Tata Motors Bajaj Auto TATA Auto Components Yamaha Mahindra and Mahindra IT Sector Satyam Computers Geometric Software Solutions Yardi Software S1 Services Pvt. Ltd. Quick Heal Rapidigm Patni ZenTEST Labs Xansa Cognizant Learning Academy

4. Trainers


Trainers & Facilitators

Nitin Ahir, Corporate Trainer, Tej Gyan Foundation Nitin is a hospitality management graduate and has work experience in India as well as in the United States. Always a topper in his class, he holds international certifications such as Business English Certification from Cambridge University and a certificate from the Carnival College affiliated to the Johnson Wales University. Nitin currently is a full time motivational trainer and has authored books on Super Learning Methods and Communication. Clients where he has conducted corporate training programs include Satyam Computers, Amdocs, S1 India Pvt Ltd, Aceva Technologies, Maruti Udyog, Bajaj Auto, C-DAC ACTS, Thermax, TACO, YASHADA, IIT- Delhi and various management schools across India.

Krishna Iyer, CEO, ZenTEST Labs Krishna is the CEO of a software company and volunteers as a trainer at Tej Gyan Foundation. Besides being a Chartered Accountant, Krishna is also an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad having attended management development courses there. Krishna holds certifications in Software Quality (from QAI, USA) and Business Communication (from Cambridge University). He is a regular spear at the STAR conferences in the United States held once in six months. Krishna is also a regular trainer on leadership at IIT Delhi. Krishna has conducted corporate training for clients including Kanbay, DELL, Indian Army, BMC, Satyam Computers, ICICI, Tata Motors, SBI, etc.



Murali Nair, IT Strategy Consultant. Murali is an engineer in computer science and is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad having attended management development courses there. Murali has over 18 years of experience in software services and product development companies. Murali has led the offshore software businesses of MNCs such as Legato, Golden Source and OTG. He has had entrepreneurial experience in running his own company and has also held a senior management position at NIIT. Murali is currently working as a corporate consultant for software companies. Anup Wadhwa, Director, Automation Industry Association, Educated in a Jesuit school, Anup is a B.Tech from IIT (Delhi) and an alumnus of IIMA, specialising in technology and strategic management. He has held senior management positions at Rockwell Automation and Samtel and is currently involved in synergizing training interventions with deployment of productivity enhancement systems and design of customer-centric processes. Currently he serves as Director, Automation Industry Association of India. He is also engaged in development of training systems and tools for individuals and enterprises. Mukesh Mulchandani, CTO, ZenTEST Labs Mukesh is the Chief Technology Officer of a reputed Software Testing Company and volunteers as a facilitator at Tej Gyan Foundation. He also holds international certifications such as Certified Software Test Engineer from (QAI USA) and holds Master Degree in Commerce from Pune University. He has rich experience of conducting workshops in the areas of Communication Excellence, Interviewing Skills, Idea Generation, Creativity and Behavioral Patterns. Mukesh is a regular speaker at the STAR conference for IT

Professionals held once in six months in the United States. Mukesh has conducted corporate trainings for clients including Lehman Brothers, Travelex, Infosys, KPIT, T-Systems, BMC, DELL, S1 India Pvt Ltd, HP, etc.

Vijayaraghavan Chariar, Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi Dr Vijayaraghavan M Chariar acquired his early education in Mumbai and his Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the University of Bombay. At IIT Bombay he got his Master's Degree in Physics. He acquired MTech and PhD degrees in experimental physics from IIT Delhi. He has held faculty positions at BITS, Pilani where he taught Physics and at IIT Kharagpur where he was part of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. He currently researches and teaches at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His twin interests are Sustainable Development and Integral Education. Dr Chariar is engaged in dialogue with various organisations and philosophical systems working towards achieving the highest level of consciousness. As part of IIT Delhi's Value Education Centre, Dr Chariar is involved in designing and developing courses incorporating the wisdom principle of "leadership from within" for professional programmes. He is a volunteer for the Institutional programmes of Tej Gyan Foundation. Sandeep Israni, Business Development Manager, Pyxis Systems Pvt. Ltd. Sandeep Israni has over 4 years of experience in developing training modules and conducting workshops in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Individual Behavior Patterns and Communication Excellence. He is an acclaimed trainer and Personal Efficiency Coach for various individuals and institutions. Sandeep having a Diploma in International business also holds International certifications in Business English Communication Currently working as a Business Development Manager for a software testing company in Pune is responsible for its International business. As sales professional he has handled various national as well as international clients including IBM, Accenture, Kanbay, etc.

Ganesh Srinivasan, Delivery Manager Ganesh Srinivasan acquired his B.tech from Institute of technology - Benaras Hindu University. He has over 20 Years of experience in the Software Industry in various roles out of which more than 10 years has been spent in various countries like USA, UK, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore etc. He has been trained in Softskills and shares his Skill in mentoring, coaching and helping general public and his colleagues. Ganesh began volunteering at Tej Gyan Foundation since he feels that after doing programs at Tej Gyan Foundations, tensions associated to a high pressure industry completely disappeared from his life. Ganesh is currently a delivery manager for a global IT major. J. Shridhar, Company Secretary, Bajaj Auto Ltd. J Sridhar is a commerce graduate from Madras University and Law graduate from Bombay University. Sridhar is a fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is also a Diploma-holder in Business Management and Masters in Management Sciences from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune University. He also completed a Senior Executive Development Programme from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He was quite active in the activities of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He was a member of the Managing Committee of Pune Chapter for 20 years between 1981-2000, including as Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman. He was elected for a three year term (1995-97) to the Western India Regional Council (WIRC) of the Institute and was also its Secretary, Vice Chairman & Chairman.

5. TGF Value Proposition
5.1 TGF Value Proposition

To summarize the points discussed in this document, the reasons why you should consider Tej Gyan Foundation’s Applied Wisdom Trainings for your organization is as follows: Trainers and Facilitators with international and extensive corporate an IT exposure Experience of conducting organization wide transformation programs Wisdom based programs that leaves a lasting impact Research based programs with more than 50 books published by TGF on various self development topics Integration of industry established tools like psychometric profiling and balanced scorecard Continued sustained learning through books written by TGF, blogs and email Optional advanced programs free of cost Unique combination of Individual, Organization & Community projects to demonstrate leadership



List of individuals fro Tej Gyan Foundation whom may contact for information about this requirement. NAME Sanjay Bodani Nitin Ahir TITLE Business Development Manager Corporate Trainer PHONE NUMBER 0.90110.20850 0.90110.20855 EMAIL tgfcorporates@tejgyan.com nitin@tejgyan.com



List of individuals who can vouch for the contents and its implementation as mentioned in the proposal. Contact details can be provided on request REFERENCES COMMENTS Major General Hardev Singh Dhanoa Major General, Meerut Cantonment for whom Tej Gyan Foundation implemented a six long month leadership training for 40 Army officers through Self Encounter Intensive Mrs. Rekha Kalia, Business Head, Continuous learning program being implemented at Satyam for more than Samanvay, Satyam Computer Services one year including class room training, webinars and outbound learning Ltd. Mr. A.P.Gandhi, General Manager – Self Encounter Leadership training spread over two months Manufacturing, Thermax Limited Manuel Pardhe, HR Manager, Yardi Team Building exercise Software Cmdr. Rahane, Sr.Consultant, Tata Auto ‘Crack the Communication Code’ and ‘Vision Building’ workshop Components, Learning Center Sandeep Kulkarni, Team Co-ordinator, Ongoing year long leadership training for software graduates of CDAC. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune Dr.Neha Sharma, Deputy Director, Indira Ongoing year long leadership training for software management students Institute of Management, Pune (MCA). Mr Tripathi, Head HR, HUDCO 2 day Self Encounter Intensive for the senior management (direct reports to the CEO)