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COUNCILMEMBER MITCH O7RARRELL 13TH DISTRICT — CITY OF LOS ANGELES. TOP HIGHLIGHTS SILVER LAKE 80 Drive Roadway and Medion Reconstruction project to improve street, sidewalks, siree 26 new trees and drought tolerant landscaping BB Completed the Desca lighting, and includec BB Worked with the Bureau of Engineering, Department of Water and Power, and Council Distric| 4 to coordinate severol meetings forthe Silver Lake Reservoirs Complex Masier Plan. n Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservatory, Recreation & Parks, and Council District 13 ainiain landsc ce Mecdow Native Garden. B Coowinated efors be Clean Team t GBB Scheduled series of monthly meetings with businesses and residens to ciscuss issues reloled fo maintenance, ming, and quality of life matters at the Sunset Triangle Plaza, Nee ere ree een eee eee te eee ete reece eee ere diminishing quality of lfe in the neighborhood (BB Porinered with Depariment of Transportation and Ear! St residents to conduct several meetings to discuss traffic mitigation improvements, reaching consensus for No Left Turn sign restrictions. UB cies ih he Stake Neghoohond Coie Dag Po Commo ard he Depot of occaton & the popular canine faciliy at the Recreation Center. BB Worked with the Bureau of Engineering and Office of Historic Resources on ways to improve accessibility along he Silver Lake Blvd underpass at Sunset Blvd BB Provided mojor sponsorship: Silver Lake Improvement Association's Music Box Steps Day Fomily Festival; ond the Silver Lake Neighborhood Counc firs jertos de Silver Loke. ce eno eta terrence eee peeencrene nee ct the request of residents, ncluding: Sunset & Vendome and the Sunset Junction areas. Ds) in the oreo iota vee Be ec of Steet Sareea end retghecara propery eyners| fe Clear the hile sewed along West Silver Loke Dr, from Balmer Dr to Windsor Ave, for improved mobility. BB Reset following streets: Swan Pl {from Web: Di ond Effie St (from West Silver Lake Dr to Red lale Ave '0 Dillon St); Grifth Pork Blvd from Effie St to Edgeclif BB installed new speed humps at Silver Ridge Ave {from Allesandro Way to Silver Ridge Way), and on D (from Robinson $1 10 Larissa Di scanso Dr FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADDITIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS CONTACT: MARY RODRIGUEZ, FIELD DEPUTY # MARY.D.RODRIGUEZ@LACITY.ORG OR (213) 207-3015