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COUNCILMEMBER MITCH O7RARRELL 13TH DISTRICT — CITY OF LOS ANGELES. TOP HIGHLIGHTS ATWATER VILLAGE a Broke ground on Red Cor Bridge, « pemmonent stucure which will provide groter acces fr pedetion, bicycles, Lake. ‘and other non-motorized uses across the LA River belween Alwater Vilage and Si BB installed a new skate park at Chevy Chose Recreation Center, along with a new water fountain, new security lights, ond several new frees inside the facility and along the perimeter. tured funding for Glendale Bld M s and the Atwater Village Nei ject, ond des Council Greening Committee designs with Bureau of Stree fian Landsca othood C Bb Worked with Bureau of Engineering ond the Neighborhood Council and wos owarded $2.2M forthe Neh eee a ene ree eater eee ee plonis, boswoles ond GB Worked with local residents and Bureau of Street Services on several sidewalk replacement projects, including parts of: Brunswick Ave, Chevy Chase Dr, Bemis Si, and Alger St 1d trees in the neighborhood, as well as trimmed trees along Perlilo Ave (from Silver Lake Blvd and La Clede Ave {from Glendale Blvd to Tyoum St Removed nine 8 fo Fletcher Da BB Golloborated with New Life Vision Church to install security cameras on Verdant St & Alger St fo oss! wilh illegal dumping issues. BB Resurfoced several streets, incl lant St from Brunswick Ave to Edenhurst Ave); La Clede Ave {from He erdant Sto Wille! Ave); Pera Ave {rom Rigol Avo fo 175 fens! of Verdon! Si; Boyce Ave fom Appleton Sito Dover i); and from Glendale Bked to Appleton SI BBD installed or opproved speed humps on the following streets: La Clede Ave {from Tybum St to Silver Lake Blv¢) Atwaier Ave (irom Glendale Bid fo Tybum Si and Atwater Ave (from Minnecpas Sto Fletcher Dr BD Instaied new stop signs at: Alger St at Sequoia St and Gracia St at Garden Ave. BB Worked with LA Sanitation & Environment and Metrolink Maintenance to repair several fence cuts along the ‘Metrolink tracks, and also conducted a major cleanup olong the railrood property BB Worked with Arwater Village Neighborhood Council Home| io hos the Weekend to End Homelessness event on Glendale Bh« mmitiee and LA Homeless Services Autho BB Provided mojor sponsorship to the annual Atwater Village Tree Lighting Festival, forthe seventh consecutive year FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADDITIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS CONTACT: MARY RODRIGUEZ, FIELD DEPUTY # MARY.D.RODRIGUEZ@LACITY.ORG OR (213) 207-3015