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COUNCILMEMBER MITCH O7RARRELL 13TH DISTRICT — CITY OF LOS ANGELES. TOP HIGHLIGHTS ECHO PARK GBB Storied construction on the new Echo Park Skate Park, uilzing the former community pool and creating 7,000 square fee! of recreationol space which will include a mini-bowl clong wilh other street-siyle elements. BB Colloboraied with the community and the Depariment of Trans installing « {ul refic signal at Porta St and Sunset Bhd to jolion (ADOT) o improve pedestrian safely by nnect both sides of he busy sretch of rood and sevices al Echo Park ried Methodist Church forthe unhoused BB 82900 the process to fund a beauiication project fo rehabilitate the medians a Allesondro Stand Glendole Blsd 10 improve landscaping and install irigation. OR itera eerste eeeemree ec cre eeetrreee eeterey establish a Safe Parking Location with wraparound services at Edendale Bron heir vehicles. ncing vehicular homelessness fo ch Library for individuals living in BB Worked with the Board of Public Works on the Sunset Boulevard Hillside Slope Stobilily Project to better secure the area from further erosion, and improve pedestrian safety along the busy corridor. GB Extended Mobile Fi Stop services provided along Alvarado St and the 101 Freeway, which includes hand wash slation, safe needle drop off, and small rash collection service (BB Worked with residents and LADOT fo exlend the Special “D Permit” resrictions eround Dedger Siodium to provide porking relief to nei bors during events and concerts RAMPART VILLAGE GBD Secured funding for the expansion of o service zone to provide restrooms, showers, wash station, and trash service for unhoused individuals near the Vermont and Beverly Corridor GBB Porinered with LA Meira to expand the Metro Bike Share neiwork, encouraging the use of oltemative, active, and eco-friendly modes of transportation in the 13th Distric BB Worked with Urban Forestry Division to identity, prioritize, and trim over 400 trees that are in need of trimming, FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADDITIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS CONTACT: JUAN FREGOSO, FIELD DEPUTY « JUAN.FREGOSO@LACITY.ORG OR (213) 207-3015