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COUNCILMEMBER MITCH O7RARRELL 13TH DISTRICT — CITY OF LOS ANGELES. TOP HIGHLIGHTS POLICY & LEGISLATION GB £24 Council colleagues in implementing a tempora he State Tenant Protections Act of 2019 goes into el ergency moratorium on no-fault evictions uni January 1, 2020. (@ Comened first-ever ‘Summit on Poverty’ fo strategize with community pariners on how to break cycles of poverly and discuss solutions to keep people from falling into homelessness. B® siroduced a motion for city-wide strategy to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco producls fo youth and young adil BB Won support from colleagues fo pass an ordinance requiring businesses that sell food and beverages io provide single-use plaslic saws upon request only, BB Enacted city-wide program to regulate home sharing in primary residences subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. BB Began developing a program to provide cash assistance fo seniors for basic essentials such as rent, food, ond medical needs fo prevent displacement and homelessness. GB Authored resolution in suppor of Sia legislation to allocate $1.2 billion from the State Reserve Fund fo he Cily of Los Angeles to match $1.2 billion Prop HHH program, BB Moved to explore the feasibly of a River Enhanced Infrast rancing District (EIFD) to finance infrastructure, affordable housing, and conservation along the LA River GBB Scheduled hearings to solicit input from stake! tomeless Housing, Assist {ers on prioriization and expenditure of the State's ionce, and Prevention Program (HHAPP) funding, (BB Added the Union Avenue Elementary School Safe Rou! for the Wesilake Redevelopment Project Areo. School Project to the Bond Spending Plan GB ieeniiied funding for the Midnight Stroll and Café progrom, which connects transgender sex workers and the homelessness community with suppor QB Worked with City departments to create the Silver Lake Reservoir Stormwater Capture Project, to sustainably offset the amount of water imported to the faciliy GBB Requested and received a report on the status of Prop HHH funds and the City’s strategy for achieving 's 10,000:unit goal, os well os meeting the City's supportive housing needs. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADDITIONAL POLICY & LEGISLATION CONTACT: STAR PARSAMYAN, LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR « STAR PARSAMYAN@LACITY.ORG OR (213) 473-7013