Independent Grammar Work: Identification, Learning & Application Follow these steps to think about and begin to address some

grammatical issues in your writing. Making grammatical mistakes is unavoidable. The goal is to develop editing skills so that in the revision process, you can learn to identify and correct mistakes. Keep in mind that you can replace any of the steps marked “Tutor Option” by going over it with an MDC tutor for at least 30 minutes. Tutors are available in the computer courtyard (currently in room 401). Make sure the tutor writes a brief description of the work you did together during the session and signs it. A) Identification 1. Use the Grading Key to identify and list grammatical mistakes in one and if possible two essays. (Remember your essays may also include feedback on organization and content, but focus more on grammar for this assignment.) Make sure you count the number of mistakes. Also try to be as specific as possible. Instead of just saying “verb problems,” for example, say subject-verb agreement or verb tense. It might look something like this. •Run-on sentences: 2 •Fragments: 3 •Verb tense: 2 2. Complete the Diagnostic ESL Grammar test online. As you complete each of the three parts, note the discussions on the mistakes. Again, list and count the mistakes, following the guidelines for step 1. **Tutor Option: Instead of doing the test, you can show your essay to a tutor after analyzing it for help in identifying issues.** 3. Based on steps 1 and 2, identify two issues you can work with. B) Learning: It would be helpful to complete steps 4 & 5 with other students dealing with the same or similar grammar issues, but you don’t have to. 4. Look up the two issues in the online Grammar Guide and explain them. You can also look at the discussions on the Diagnostic Grammar Test. The goal is to explain how to identify the issues and correct them. Try using a combination of your own words and ideas and those of the Grammar Guide and Diagnostic Test. Remember to quote any language that is not your own. **Tutor Option: Instead of looking up the issues online, go over them with a tutor and then explain in your own words. ** 5. Complete two quizzes in the Grammar Guide to practice the principles you’re learning. Check your work and review until you feel you’ve mastered the quizzes. Make sure you copy the questions and the answers for the assignment. C) Application 6. Make corrections in your own writing. Copy the original writing and include a correction and explanation. Make sure you include at least 2 corrections. **Tutor Option: Ask a tutor for help in making corrections in your writing.** 7. Make corrections in someone else’s writing. You can work with people in class or look at writing posted on Facebook. (If you look at Facebook, post your

corrections so they help the writer.) Again, copy the original writing and include the correction and explanation. Make sure to include at least two corrections.