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Consumer Perception About

HCL Laptops
Submitted To


As part of the summer training project completed in HCL
Infosys Ltd. under the guidance of

Mr. Susmit Das

Senior Sales Manager
HCL Infosys Ltd.
Guwahati, Assam


Shibajee Bhattacharjee
3rd Semester, MBA


I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who supported and helped
me in successful completion of the project and without whose constant help, support
& guidance, it would not have been possible for me to accomplish this report.

At the outset, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Susmit Das, Senior
Sales Manager, HCL Infosys Ltd., Guwahati, for providing me with the opportunity of
doing my summer internship under him.

I would like also to thank the retailers across who provided their valuable time in
responding to my queries.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Biswaroop Bhattacharjee for providing me such a

Lastly, I would also like to thank all the respondents who spent their valuable time in
responding to my queries.

With Best Regards

Shibajee Bhattacharjee


I hereby declare that the project report entitled “Consumer perception about HCL
laptops in Guwahati” is an original piece of work.

It is a record of independent study carried out by me in partial fulfillment of the

requirements of course curriculum for the degree of Master of Business
Administration (MBA) from Darwin school Of Business, Guwahati.

As far as my knowledge and belief, the matter contained in this Report

has never been published or submitted to any other University or institute
for certification.

Shibajee Bhattacharjee


Darwin School of Business

This project has been carried out while working as a summer intern in HCL
Infosys Ltd. Guwahati, Assam. A lot of effort has been put in order to cover
extensively the laptop market in Guwahati. The study has been conducted to get an
idea about where the company stands with respect to its competitors in Guwahati.
All the necessary information have been gathered from Retailers regarding the
sales, consumer buying behavior, variety in laptops, promotional measures & its
effects. Efforts have also been made to avoid the feedbacks received from biasness.

To get a holistic view of the entire market, customers were randomly selected to
get an idea about their brand awareness, tastes & preferences etc.

Many interesting facts and figures have come out in course of study. Every
endeavor has been made to keep the result meaningful as well as fruitful.

For the convenience of the study the whole project is mainly divided into four
different Chapters.

Chapter1: Introduction of the company, mission, vision, objectives, etc.

Chapter2: Details about the objective of the study, methodology i.e. preliminary
study, data collection, tools, sample size, analysis, scope and limitation of the

Chapter 3: Findings & Analysis of the study, Market strategy, SWOT Analysis

Chapter 4: Deals with the recommendation and conclusion of the project.

Further, I solemnly declare that all information furnished in this project is true to
the best of my knowledge.

• TITLE OF THE PROJECT: “Consumer perception about HCL laptops in

• NAME OF THE INSTITUTE: Darwin School of Business, R.G.B Road,

Sundarpur, Guwahati, Assam
• NAME OF THE ORGANISATION: HCL Infosys Ltd., Guwahati, Assam.


• ORGANISATIONAL GUIDE: Mr. Susmit Das, Senior Sales

Manager, HCL Infosys Ltd. Guwahati, Assam.


The main objective of the study was to understand the market condition of laptops
manufactured by different companies with the help of primary data collected from
Dealers and Customers.
Other objectives of the study include:
 To find out the market share of different brands of laptops in Guwahati
 To know about brand offering maximum variety.
 To study the various sales promotional schemes offered by different
laptops manufacturing companies to attract customers.
 To understand the consumer buying behavior.

Type of Research: Exploratory.

Data Source: Primary.

Data collection method: Data have been collected from both primary and secondary sources.
Well-structured questionnaires comprising of open and close ended questions was used. Separate
questionnaires have been formulated for Dealers and Customers as per the requirements of the

Data analysis technique: Data gathered during the investigation have been analyzed in a
sequential and logical manner. Percentage method has also been used for easy calculations &
summarizations of the findings.

Sampling plan: The sample was selected on the basis of convenient sampling. The sample size
was decided on the basis of size of the population. For dealers the population was finite whereas
in case of customers it was infinite.

Sample Size: The sample size has been shown with the help of the following table.

Target Population Guwahati

Dealers 9

Customers 50

Data Collection Mode:

Direct Personal Interview with the help of a well framed questionnaire (Both open and close
ended questions)

Report presentation format: Tabular cum graphical method was used for report presentation
and easy analysis of the findings.

Scope of the study:

The study is confined within the areas of Guwahati. This study has been undertaken to analyze
the consumer perception about HCL laptops and to know the factors influencing consumer
buying behaviour while purchasing laptops.

1. Introduction to the company.
1.1 Company Profile.
1.2 Chairman Profile.
1.3 Product Profile.
2. Project Introduction.
2.1 Introduction.

2.2 Need For Research.

2.3 Scope of the study.

2.4 Objectives of the study.

2.5 Research Methodology.

2.5.1 Research Design.

2.5.2 Sources of Data.

2.5.3 Data Collection Method.

2.5.4 The Sampling Plan.

2.5.5 Analysis Technique.

3. Findings & Analysis.

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Findings of Guwahati market.
3.3 Customer feedbacks in Guwahati.
3.4 Overall Findings.
3.5 Marketing Strategy.

3.6 Advertisement.
3.7 Distribution Channel.

3.8 SWOT Analysis.

4. Recommendation & Conclusion.
4.1 Recommendation & Suggestion.

4.2 Conclusion.

5. Appendix.
5.1 Questionnaire for Retailer.
5.2 Questionnaire for Customer.
6. Bibiliography.
7. Limitation.

1.1 Company Profile

HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is a leading global Technology and IT enterprise

whose range of services spans Product Engineering and Technology Development,
Application Services, BPO Services, Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems
Integration, and Distribution of Technology and Telecom products in India. The HCL
Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India: HCL Technologies and HCL
Infosystems. HCL Technologies is the IT and BPO services arm focused on global
markets, while HCL Infosystems deals in the IT, Communication, Office Automation
Products & System Integration arm focused on the Indian market. Today, HCL has
45,000 employees of diverse nationalities, operating across 17 countries including
360 service centers in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading
Fortune 1000 firms, including several IT and Technology majors.

Shiv Nadar is the founder of HCL. He founded HCL in 1976 in a Delhi "barsaati". In
1978, HCL developed the first indigenous micro-computer at the same time as
Apple and 3 years before IBM's PC. In 1980, HCL introduced bit sliced, 16-bit
processor based micro-computer. In 1983, HCL Indigenously developed an RDBMS,
a Networking OS and a Client Server architecture, at the same time as global IT
peers. In 1986, HCL became the largest IT company in India. In 1988, HCL
introduced fine grained multi-processor Unix-3 years ahead of "Sun" and "HP". In
1991, HCL entered into a joint venture Hewlett Packard and HCL-Hewlett Packard
Ltd. was formed. The joint developed multi-processor Unix for HP and heralded
HCL's entry into contract R&D. In 1997, HCL Infosystems was formed. In the same
year HCL ventured into software services. In 1999, HCL Technologies Ltd issued an
IPO and became a public listed company. In 2001, HCL BPO was incorporated and
HCL Infosystems became the largest hardware company. In 2002, software
businesses of HCL Infosystems and HCL Technologies were merged. In 2005, HCL
set up first Power PC architecture design centre outside of IBM. In the same year
HCL Infosystems launched sub Rs.10,000 PC. In 2006, HCL Infosystems became the
first company in India to launch the New Generation of High Performance Server
Platforms Powered by Intel Dual - Core Xeon 5000 Processor. Today, HCL has a
turnover of over US$4billion.

Major Achievements of HCL

• Developed the first indigenous micro-computer in 1978.

• Indigenously developed an RDBMS, a Networking OS and a Client Server
architecture in 1983.

• In 1986, HCL becomes the largest IT company in India.
• HCL introduced fine grained multi-processor Unix-3 years ahead of "Sun" and


- The company was established on 17th April. The object of the

is manufacturing of and leading in complete range of Mini Computers
Micro processor based systems, Electronics Instruments, Micrographic
and reprograhic equipment and manufacturing and marketing of
EPABX systems and electronics Teleprinters.


- The company entered into an agreement with Hewlett packard of US

the sale and leaving of the Super Mini and Mainframe computers to be
manufactured by Hewlett in India. The technical collaborator of the
Company Hewlett-packard, is the second largest computer company in
world. It has some of the finest laboratories and manufacturing
facilities in the world. In 1991, these two companies, each a leader
its own field, decided to join hands. And soon after HCL
Hewlett-packard was launced. HCL Finance & Investments Ltd is the
subsidiary of the company.


- The performance was adversely affected due to rise in dollar exchange rate, tight liquidity
position in the market, political uncertainty
coupled with deferment of capital expenditure by the Government

- The Company set new industry standards with the launch of D and K
class HP 9000 Business Servers complemented by J class HP 9000
Workstations, simultaneously with the world wide launch of these
products by Hewlett-Packard Co.

- The Company also recently announced the introduction of the most
powerful Workstations in the world based on the latest 64-bit
processors from Hewlett-Packard the PA-8000.

- The Department of Electronics (DoE), the nodal department of the

Government of India for development of electronics industry awarded
First Prize to the Company in the area of computer systems, as a
of the prestigious DoE award of Excellence.


- The Company commissioned its second state-of-the-art manufacturing

facility at Sedarpet near Pondicherry.

- The Company has the largest network of spare-stocking locations,

supported by Test and Repair Centres which reduces the inventory
and increases the spares availability at any time. To meet critical
requirements within 4-5 hours, the company has tied-up with Indian
Airlines to deliver spares in major metro cities.

- The Company has the best skilled manpower created through years of
Campus recruitment and training at In-house Training Centres and by
providing Management Training in the best Management Institutes.

- The Company set new industry standards by launching the most

Workstations and Servers in the world based on the latest 64-bit
microprocessors from Hewlett-Packard - the PA-8000.

- The Company further extended its indigenous Infiniti range of

business computing products as it introduced the Enterprise Class
Infiniti Super Server and the Infiniti ELS range of workgroup

- Mr. Suresh Rajpal, Director, Mr. Manuel F. Diaz, Director and Mr.
Robertson, Alternate Director, resigned from the Board of Directors

the Company w.e.f. 25th September.


- The Company tied-up with Intel Corporation for Server technology,

resulting in the introduction of the Infiniti Global Line range of
Servers which incorporate building blocks from Intel and are
and tested extensively for Indian condition.


- The Board of Directors unanimously appointed Mr. Ajai Chowdhry as

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer with effect from 5th November.

- The Company launched its WWW.OW! initiative targeted at the

market with a range of services from providing complete
to ISPs, to corporate Intranets, Cybercafes, Infokiosks and

- The Office Automation division has recently launched digital

and multifunctional products from Toshiba and opened service centres
cater to the increasing number of walk-in customers for service of
Nokia cellular phones.

- The Company tied up with Lucent Technologies as an integration

partner for its SYSTIMAX range of structured connectivity solutions.

- The Office Automation Division has entered into a relationship

Samsung, Korea to market and support their range of Key Telephone


- The Office Automation Division tied up with InFocus, USA, for

marketing and supporting their range of LCD projectors.

- The Frontline Division has tied up with Novell to become the

Novell Authorised Support Centre. The tie-up has been successfully
implemented across five locations in the country.

- The Company tied-up with Microsoft Corp. for lates version of

operating systems, resulting in launch of preloaded systems and beta
testing for future technology and product like Windows 2000.


- HCL has launched a new range of PCs (Ultima and Elite models)
its BeanStalk range of PC's at its Pondicherry plant.

- The Company entered into an agreement with US-based Infocus for

distribution and technological support of the latter's data and
projection products in the country.

- HCL Infosystems Ltd. has launched the Nokia professional Centre

in Chennai as part of the expansion programme to open Nokia centres
India which will enable customers to choose the right model and
accessories suiting their life style.

- HCL Infinet, the Internet start-up of HCL Infosystems, and media

group, Asian Age, have set up a joint venture called Asian Age

- HCL Infosystems Ltd has launched in India the Swedish major

Ericsson's Generation X Business communication too, Next Call

- The Office Automation Division of the company has been recognised

level 1 in business excellence.

- HCL Infosystems has launched HCL BenaStalk personal computers

by Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz processor for the home segment.

- HCL Infinet Ltd., the Internet services subsidiary of HCL

Infosystems, has tied up with UBS Publishers' Distributors Ltd., one
the largest distributors of books in the country, to sell books
through its soon-to-be-launched portal.

- HCL Infosystems has entered into a tie-up with BroadVision for

providing personalised e-business applications to is clients.

- HCL Infinet, the Internet subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, launched

business-to-consumer (B2C) horizontal portal,

- The preferential allotment of equity shares/Warrants upto 2% of

issued equity share capital of the company.

- HCL Infosystems Ltd,. and Unisys, a US-based provider of

solutions, services, platforms and network infrastructure, have
into an alliance for use of ES7000 range of servers and associated
hardware and middleware storage solutions.

- HCL Infinet, the new internet services subsidiary of HCL

launched its value added internet services in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,
Bhopal, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Noida, Pune and

- HCL Infosystems Ltd. has implemented BroadVision B2B Technology

East Lifestyle Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Singapore, a media and
corporation with interests in print, Internet, television within the

timeframe of 50 days.

- FEC Infosystems Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd.,

implemented BroadVision B2B technology for East Lifestyle
Pte. Ltd. Singapore, a media and e-commerce corporation.

- The Company has launched digital mail inserting systems -- 3

desktop, 5 series tabletop and 8 series -- in collaboration with the
US-based Pitney Bowes.

- HCL Infosystems, a technology integration company, has bagged the

award for the Top PC Vendor by at the Dataquest award ceremony.

- The Company Introduced Channel Support Certification program.

ensures uniform quality of support across the country. HCL is the
first indian IT company to introduce this kind of certification
in India.

- The Company has introduced new products under Infiniti 2000,

Global Line Servers, Busybee and Beanstalk.


- ICRA has assigned an `A1+' rating to the Rs 50-crore enhanced

commercial paper programme of HCL Infosystems Ltd., indicating

- 1,45,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10/- have been allotted at

par, by the subsidiary HCL InfiNet Ltd. against Rs 1450 lacs
in the previous quarter.

- HCL Infosystems and Intel have jointly launched an e-business
solutions programme, targeting new market opportunities in segments
such as Internet service providers, application service providers,
banking and finance.

- HCL InfiNet Ld., the Internet services subsidiary of HCL

has launched an authenticated payment gateway for its portal,
www.hclinfinetcom, in association with Citibank to enable customers
carry out secure transactions online including buying Internet

- HCL Infosystems is setting up a managed off-shore development

at its Noida software development facility for Stratech Systems --
Singapore-based IT systems and technology developer.

- HCL Infosystems Ltd. launched a consumer friendly Internet

(IA) -- Ezeebee.

- HCL-Infosystems is entering the call centre business. The company

tied up with US-based Stratasoft to offer consultancy services to
clients entering the call centre business.

- Financial institutions hiked their stake in HCL Infosystems Ltd to

7.51 per cent representing 23.9 lakh shares as on June 2001, from
per cent stake amounting to 14.7 lakh shares in the previous year.


-HCL Insys joins hands with Sun Microsystems India to provide

end-to-end solutions to business.

-HCL Insys says it is the No.1 PC Co in India in 2001.

-HCL Tech restructures its treasury Investment portfolio.

-HCL Infosystems launches its 'Bean stalk CD surprise' to promote PC


-HCL Infosystems introduces mailing system of Pitney Bowes,

OfficeRight, the Digital
mail finisher and post perfect, and digital franking systems.

-HCL bags Toshiba gold Award for the second time for the overall
copier sales and
marketing performances.

-HCL Insys launches the Toshiba Portege 3500 series Tablet PC in the


-HCL Info launches Dragon Naturally speaking, the latest speech

Recognition software.

-HCL Infsys receives the project to completely automate the Value

Added Services(VAT)
of Andhra Pradesh.

-HCL Info registers 245% growth in their net profit for Q4.

-The company has launched HCL Beanstalk Media Center PC The new
product will offer user a single remote control device controlling
music system, live television (including recording of TV programmes),
DVD player, radio and TV games on a personal computer with a

-HCL provides technology for new police command centre

-HCL Info forays into digital entertainment sector

-HCL Infosystems has launched a new computer that will have

multi-functional capability of a television, DVD, MP3 player, radio,
gaming tool, Web browser and video recorder

-HCL touches one lakh milestone in desktop sales

-HCL Infosystems announced the launch of its new range of Infiniti

Global Line 2700 series with Dual Intel Xeon processors promising to
deliver faster speeds for enterprise applications

-HCL Info launches new MP3 player

-HCL Info ties up with Union Bank

-Unveils 'RP2 System' a new technology which will ensure

uninterrupted power supply to computers


-Launches Micro Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) Form Factor for

desktops in India on February 10, 2005.

-HCL Info unveils PC for Rs 12,990

-HCL Infosystems launches Toshiba's notebook PCs


-HCL inks 5 year pact with Dish TV

-HCL Info sets up Enterprise Response Centre in Mumbai

- HCL Technologies Limited was originally incorporated on 12th
November, as HCL Overseas Limited. The certificate of commencement
of business was received on 10th February, 1992. On July 14, 1994,
name of the Company was changed to HCL Consulting Limited. The
Company changed its name to HCL Technologies Limited on 6th October
1999 to better reflect the line of activities of the Company.

- HCL provides new technology development services to its clients.


- The 50:50 joint venture with Perot Systems Corporation in the

provided access to high value client base of Perot Systems.

The Company has one of the largest software development

infrastructures in India. This state-of-the-art infrastructure,
comprises sevensoftware factories, is designed to take advantage of
the high productivity and scalability as well as the relatively
cost of software development in India.


The Company started addressing the markets in Europe and Asia


The company has a rich heritage in technologies like the Internet

e-Commerce, networking and internetworking, Internet telephony,
telecom, embedded software, ASIC/VLSI design and testing, satellite communication, wireless
communication and component based object
technologies like COM, DCOM and CORBA.

The Company has the capability to work with a wide variety of

computing platforms ranging from Open Client Server systems
all flavors of UNIX, Microsoft platforms, AS/400 to enterprise
like IBM Mainframes.

The Company also offers strategic methodology consulting led

through its wholly owned subsidiary Intelicent Inc. to global


The companyannounced its public issue on November 10th, of Rs.

1,42,00,000 neq equity shares of Rs. 4/- each. The issue includes a
Book Built Portion of 1,27,80,000 equity shares and Fixed Price
of 14,20,000 equity shares.

The company announced on November 11 that it has signed a

contract with Gtech and Kla Tencor.

HCL Technologieshas created wholly-owned subsidiaries to cater to

specific geographic regions. Its major subsidiary is HCL
America, 100 per cent owned by the company.


- The Company has set up a dedicated offshore development centre in

Chennai for KLA-Tencor Corporation, a supplier of process control
yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related
microelectronics industry.

- HCL Comnet, the wholly-owned subsidiary of HCL Technologies in

association with its new partner Globeset Inc., is scouting for
Internet Service Providers and payment gateways in India to
Net security management solutions.

- The Company will set up an offshore development centre for the

.1-billion semiconductor company, Conexant Inc, in India.

- HCL Comnet, a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL Technologies will


Rs. 20 crore in the next one year to set up a network operation
in Delhi and has tied up with Hewlett Packard.

- HCL Technologies, the Shiv Nada controlled software major, has

invested in five venture capital funds that specialise in high
technology, particularly internet technology, related areas.

- HCL Technologies, in a move to further strengthen its position in

infotech sector, has decided to extend its product base and focus on
range of high value-added products and services.

- HCL Infinet Ltd, the new Internet services subsidary of HCL

Infosystems, has tied up with UBS Publishers' Distributors Ltd, one
the largest distributors of books in the country for its soon to be
launched portal to sell books on-line.

- Armed with 0 million incash reserves, infotech company HCL

is in the process of acquiring companies in both Europe
and the US as part of its expansion drive.

- HCL Technologies has approved, subject to necessary approvals, to

split each equity share of Rs 4 into two equity share of Rs 2 each.

- HCL Technologies has entered into a tie-up with BroadVision Inc, a

provider of personalised e-business applications, to act as a
distributor for the latter's customised software, services, support,
maintenance and other related activities.

- Goldman Sachs has rated Infosys Technologies and HCL Technologies

market outperformers and amongst the best quality names in the

- The Company launched the second Nokia professional centre in New

Delhi, second among the chain of centres planned by the company
the country.

- HCL Technologies Ltd will be acquiring about 40 per cent equity
in an Indian networking product company as part of its incubation

- Shiv Nadar-promoted HCL Technologies Ltd is looking at the

possibility of opening a software technology development centre in


- The Company has signed a five-year strategic partner agreement,

NCR Corp. to develop customer relationship management, store
automation and payment system.

- The Company signed an agreement with Toshiba Information Systems

Japan to set up an offshore development centre in India, for the
Japanese company.

- HCL Technologies has entered into a strategic alliance with

Nasdaq-listed Vitesse Semiconductor ot develop software solutions
global networking markets.

- The Company is setting up a dedicated offshore centre for Vitesse

Semiconductor for design and application support services.

- HCL Comnet Systems & Services Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of

is entering into the business of Web-enabling
applications through the launch of demand-chain management

- HCL InfiNet has been rated the best among 16 Internet service
providers by, a technology portal and magazine.
- HCL Technologies October 29 announced that it would pick up 100
cent stake in Northern Ireland-based IT-enabled services company
Contact Centre in two phases. In the first phase, HCL Technologies

would pick up 90 per cent stake in Apollo Contact Centre for .5
million from British Telecom (BT), the owner of Apollo Contact
Centre.Initially, HCL Technologies, would pay .5 million either
directly or through any of its subsidiaries to acquire 90 per cent
equity in Apollo Contact Centre.

- HCL Perot, a joint venture of HCL Technologies, which already has

levels of re-dundancy in Delhi and Bangalore, is now backing them up
with centres in the UK and US. It is setting up a development centre
Woking, South of London and plans to add another in Dellas by the
of the year.

- HCL Technologies today announced the appointment of Anupam Puri,

management consultant with McKinsey and Co, as member on its board


- HCL Technologies Ltd on June 1, 2002 announced a 100% acquisition

of Gulf Computers Inc, USA.

- HCL Technologies Ltd announced the formation of a strategic

technology joint venture with Jones Apparel Group, Inc. Jones Apparel
Group, Inc. a Fortune 500 Company, The joint venture is a pioneering
initiative, in synergy with HCL Technologies rebalanced business
portfolio and growth strategy, wherein the Company has identified the
retail vertical as a high focus area. Worldwide, an increased surge in
IT spending in the retail segment is manifesting itself and the market
is expected to grow to USD 35 billion by 2005.

-HCL Technologies Ltd announced on August 16, 2002 that it has

entered into a joint venture with m.a. partners - a management consulting firm - to address software
services opportunities in
Global Finance Markets, especially in the areas of Investment
Banking, Asset Management and Private Banking. m.a. partners brings a
wealth of domain expertise and clients including many of the top
Global Investment Banking firms, to the JV.

-HCL Tech, leading global IT services company, on August 19, 2002

announced a strategic alliance with Sento Corporation, a US based
customer contact solutions Company.

-HCL technologies Ltd has informed BSE that Mr Vineet Nayyar,

Director has resigned as Director of the Company with effect from on
December 19, 2002.


-HCL Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that Mr Anupam Puri Director
resigned from the Board wef May 08, 2003. The Board of Directors has
been expanded with the induction of three new members- Mr Amal
Ganguli, Mr Cyril Shroff & Mr Subroto Bhattacharya.

-Partners with Alayance, a USA based company, to enhance Enterprise

Application Integration expertise

-Signs agreement with SuperH Inc., the leading supplier of multimedia

reduced instruction set computing (RISC) central processing unit (CPU)
cores, enabling the company to become the first member of the 'SuperH
Design Agency' Program

-Members approve Scheme of Arrangement between the Company, HCL

Infosystems Ltd, HCL Infinet Ltd

-Receives 0 ml BPO deal from BT Group, UK's telecom service


-Inks pact with Questa Corp. to provide implementation support for

customer projects

-Wins mandate from Airbus Industries for the development of embedded

software for the system data acquisition computer of the A-340 flight
warning system

-HCL Comnet, a wholly- owned flagship of HCL Technologies, secures Rs

31 crore network management order from National Insurance Corporation

-Partners with Magma Design Automation Inc. to offer expert design

services for leading edge integrated circuit designs

-High Court sanctions Scheme of Arrangement between HCL Infosystems,

HCL Technologies, and HCL Infinet

-Joins the Xperts program of Xilinx Inc (Nasdaq:XLNX), the worldwide

leader of programmable logic solutions

-Signs a multi- year, multi- million dollar collaborative IT

co-sourcing contract with AMD, a leading supplier of integrated
circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications

-Pursuant to Scheme of Arrangement between HCL Infosystems Ltd, HCL

Technologies Ltd, HCL Infinet Ltd and their respective shareholders
and creditors, as approved by Hon'ble High Court of Delhi, the Merger
Committee of HCL Technologies Ltd on August 30, 2003 allots 7,075,154
equity shares of Rs 2/- each fully paid up to the shareholders of HCL
Infosystems Ltd.

-Registered Office changed to Nehru Place, New Delhi

-Hcl bpo head Sujit Bakshi quits the company

-HCL announced that it has reached an agreement with Perot Systems to

divest its stake in HCL Perot Systems for USD 105.3 Mn. This is for an
all cash consideration.

-US firm acquires HCL's equity in Joint Venture

-Hcl Technologies Ltd has informed that Ambassador Richard Burt,

Director of the company, has retired by rotation at the Annual
General Meeting of the Company held on December 20, 2003 and it was
furthur resolved at the meeting not to fill in the vacancy caused by
his retirement.


-has formally announced that it has bought out the 49.5 per cent
equity shares of erstwhile HCL Perot Systems (HPS) from their joint
venture known as Aircom HPS Wireless Services (AHWS).

-Hcl Technologies Ltd has informed that the shares of the Company
have been delisted from Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) wef January 23,

-HCL Tech Sets up Insurance Solutions Center in Chennai

-HCL Technologies has entered into a strategic tie-up with IBM

Rational Software, a division of IBM, to strengthen its software
development capabilities.

-HCL Technologies Ltd has informed that the Company has on May 18,
2004 announced the appointment of Stuart Drew as Director (Europe)
Global Insurance Practice

-HCL Technologies display new set of software solutions based on

Microsoft's Smarter Retailing Initiative

-HCL Tech arm ties up with Cicada

-HCL Technologies named Microsoft Global Systems Integrator Partner

-HCL Technologies unveils latest RFID based asset management solution

at ESEC, Tokyo
-HCL Technologies Ltd today (July 13, 2004) announced that the
Company has been conferred the prestigious Excellence in Education
Award for 2004 by the Life Office Management Association (LOMA)

- BPO delivery centre in Chennai gets BS7799 certification, by the

British Standards Institute (BSI) on August 27, 2004

-Introduces CrosSView, a framework based Computer Systems Validation

(CSV) methodology for the development of robust software applications
in the Life Sciences arena.

-Delist from the Madras Stock Excahnge Limited (MSE) w.e.f. December
22, 2004.


- Enters into an agreement with Agere Systems a global leader in

Semiconductors for storage, wireless data and public and enterprise

- Forms partnership with Compuware Corporation, a world leader in
delivering software and services that enable businesses to manage
their enterprises and maximize the value of their IT assets.

- Signs MoU with the Supercomputing Facility for Bioinformatics and

Computational Biology (SCFBio) at IIT Delhi to work collaboratively
on high-end projects in the area of drug discovery and development
including genomics and protemics projects.

-SEBI ties up with HCL Technologies for market surveillance


-HCL Technologies forms joint venture with NEC, Japan

-HCL Technologies launches easy Labelling Solution for US FDA's SPL

-HCL Technologies & Talent & Pro enter into partnership to provide
solutions in Banking, Insurance & Financial Domain to Europe

-HCL Technologies & EXA, Japan announce strategic partnership

-HCL's Infrastructure Services Division ranked a 'Strong Performer'

in Remote Infrastructure Management by an International Research


-HCL Technologies & Qumas signs distribution agreement

-HCL Tech joins hand with Wavesat

-HCL Technologies Launches RoHS Compliance Management System For

Medical Device Users

-HCL enters m outsourcing deal with Teradyne of US

-HCL Launches Trusted ICT Infrastructure Platforms for BPO-ITeS


-HCL appoints Karan Puri Sr. Vice President of Retail, Media &
Entertainment in North America.

-HCL Technologies & Sage sign Alliance to develop Private Wealth
Management Solutions

-HCL Technologies Ltd has inked pact with Canada based electronics
manufacturing services company Celestica Inc to jointly design and
manufacture electronic products for global original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs)


- HCL Technologies forms strategic alliance with Eckler to strengthen

Insurance Domain expertise

-HCL Technologies Ltd and Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), a

Riyadh-based Economic Offset Program Company, have signed an
Agreement to implement IT (Information Technology) projects in Saudi

-HCL Technologies has forayed into an alliance with 0 million

Saudi Arabian company Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) to implement
IT projects in West Asia.

-HCL Technologies Ltd on June 18, 2007 announced a US million

contract with Alenia Aeronautica, to provide engineering services
that will support the improvement of the C-27J Spartan production

-HCL Technologies Ltd has announced that Vineet Nayar, President of

the Company will assume the CEO chair with effect from October 16,
2007. Shiv Nadar will be the Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of
the Company.

Important Milestones of HCL


- Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) born.

- Distribution alliance formed with Toshiba for copiers.

- HCL successfully ships in-house designed micro-computer at the same time as
Apple. The Indian computer industry is born.

- HCL introduces bit sliced, 16-bit processor based micro-computer.

- Indigenously develops an RDBMS, a Networking OS and a Client Server
architecture, at the same time as global IT peers.

- HCL becomes the largest IT company in India.

- HCL introduces fine grained multi-processor Unix-3 years ahead of “Sun” and “HP”.

- Data Quest marks HCL No.1 amongst top ten computer giants.

- HCL Ltd. and Hewlett Packard, USA, partner to form HCL-Hewlett Packard Ltd.
- JV develops multi-processor Unix for HP-heralds HCL’s entry into contract R&D.

- Distribution alliances formed with Ericsson Switches and Nokia Cell phones.

- HCL Infosystems is formed.
- HCL's R&D spun-off as HCL Technologies- marks advent into software services.
- JV with Perot Systems, stake divested in 2003.


- Initial Public Offering made by HCL Technologies Ltd.
- Formation of Global Board of Directors.

- Large contracts won from Bankers Trust, KLA Tencor, Cisco, GTech, NEC among

- JV with Deutsche Bank- DSL software formed.
- HCL BPO Incorporated.
- Acquired British Telecom’s Apollo’s contact center in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
- HCL Infosystems becomes largest hardware company.

- Strong pursuit of nonlinear strategy to widen services portfolio; several JVs and
alliances formed.
- Strategic alliance forged with Jones Apparel Group, Inc. a fortune 500 company.
- Infrastructure services division launched to address emerging global needs.
- Software businesses of HCL Infosystems and HCL Technologies merged.

- Largest BPO order ever outsourced to an Indian BPO firm, won from British
- Landmark deals signed with Airbus and AMD.
- HCL manpower crosses the 20,000 mark.

- Accorded leader status by Meta Group in Offshore Outsourcing.
- HCL is India’s No.1 PC 4th year in a row.

- HCL signs Software Development Agreement with Boeing for the 787 Dreamliner
- JV with NEC, Japan.
- HCL sets up first Power PC architecture design centre outside of IBM.
- Completes buy-out of JVs with Deutsche Bank and British Telecom's Apollo Contact
- HCL integrates all group employees under domain.

- Sets up a dedicated Offshore Design Center for leading Tier-1 Aerospace supplier,
Hamilton Sundstrand.
- HCL Infosystems launches sub Rs.10,000 PC. Joins hands with AMD, Microsoft to
bridge the digital divide.

- 75,000+ machines produced in a single month.
- HCL Infosystems in partnership with Toshiba expands its retail presence in India by
unveiling 'shopToshiba'.
- HCL Infosystems & Nokia announce a long term distribution strategy.
- HCL the leader in Desktops PCs unveils India's first segment specific range of
notebooks brand - 'HCL Leaptops'.
- HCL Infosystems showcases Computer Solutions for the Rural Markets in India.
- HCL Support wins the DQ Channels-2006 GOLD Award for Best After Sales Service
on a nationwide customer satisfaction survey conducted by IDC.
- HCL AND ZEE - Dish TV team up to take DTH TV to its next level of growth in India
- HCL Infosystems First in India to Launch the New Generation of High Performance
Server Platforms Powered by Intel Dual - Core Xeon 5000 Processor.
- HCL Forms a Strategic Partnership with APPLE to provide Sales & Service Support
for iPods in India.

A Laptop for just Rs 15K, sounds unbelievable? For several years, there were smartphones that
boasted of powerful computing features offered by laptops for a price that computer makers
could never manage. But that no longer seems to be the case.

On Tuesday, HCL Infosystems launched its X Series of ultra small laptops starting Rs 13,990.

The laptop sports features just as some other low-cost laptops do — a much smaller display than
a regular laptop, single processor and a flash drive amongst others.

“The next generation products will run fit into one’s pocket,” said Chairman & Chief Executive
Officer, HCL Infosystems.

HCL’s latest offering runs on a Celeron 400 MHz processor and has a 512 MB DDR II RAM.
The base model of the laptop or the ‘leaptop’ as the company calls it does not have a hard disk
drive although one can buy the one with an integrated HDD for Rs 15,990. Both the versions
come preloaded with the free Linux operating system. There is a third version with a built-in
HDD and Windows operating system and can set you back by Rs 16,990.

The laptops have a seven-inch display and are Wi-Fi enabled as well, which means you can
access internet wirelessly if you are in a hotspot. “The laptops are manufactured in the
company’s manufacturing facility located at Uttaranchal”, George Paul, Executive Vice
President Marketing, told reporters.

Although some believe that the latest breed of cheap laptops is closer to being high-end
organisers than being lower end laptops, it could still make a compelling buy for first timers.

In December 2007, UK based company ACi had launched its Ethos 7 priced at Rs 14,999
(excluding the four per cent tax). This too has features like a seven-inch display, a 512 MB DDR
II RAM, Wi-Fi and a 40 GB HDD. The memory cannot be upgraded. By the end of this month,
Asus, a Taiwanese player, plans to launch its Eee PC 4G with similar specs – seven-inch screen,
Linux OS and a flash memory. The device is expected to be priced around Rs 16000.

Leading PC vendor Acer’s cheapest laptop costs Rs 19,999 (taxes extra) and has a 14.1-inch
display whereas the entry level laptop from HP costs Rs 27,000 and features a Celeron 440 MHz
processor, a 14” screen and a DVD drive. The cheapest Intex laptop is at Rs 27, 900.

Last year, Indian company Zenith launched a Rs 25,000 laptop, then touted as the cheapest.
When asked whether the company has plans to introduce sub-Rs 15000 laptops, the company’s
Executive Director Devita Saraf said, “We don’t plan to enter the sub 15000 category. Most
players are offering a seven-inch screen, which cannot give you the same experience of a wider
screen display,” She added that even PDAs have found limited success in India.


HCL Introduce Laptop Custom Made For Indian Defense Forces

HCL Infosystems has unveiled a laptop custom designed to address the specific
needs of Indian defence forces. The company says that these leaptops have rugged

die-cast magnesium structural components, enabled with GPS hardware, ‘on-move’
chargeability and backlit keyboards to enable work in pitch-dark conditions.

Truly rugged, HCL leaptop can be just closed and dumped into trucks during base
shifting and also works in case of a drop on the ground.

These leaptops can sustain 26 repeated drops onto plywood over concrete from a
hight of over three feets.

Another very unique security features with these HCL laptop is that they have a USB
port based Wireless Lock in which the computer enters ‘Lock Mode’ when the user is
away from the computer by more than the effective range and will resume normal
operation when the user is back within the proximity.

This unique security feature along with with the option of, on the fly, hard disk data
encryption makes the custom made HCL laptop ideal choice for high secure
computing base for country’s defense department.

The new HCL custom made laptop can continue smooth working in operating
temperature -20 degrees to 55 degrees C and storage temperature -40 degrees to
70 degrees C using optional hard disk internal heater mechanism.

The hard disk drive is Shock Mounted to prevent HDD crash in case of notebook fall.
In addition its fully waterproof and glow-in-the-dark keyboard prevents damage of
notebook when exposed to rain, fall in water and work in low-lit environment, so
very normal in defense environment.

In addition, its built with true wireless networking capabilities - the Network Driver
Interface Specification (NDIS) technology allows users to dynamically and
seamlessly travel in their active sessions between LAN, WLAN and WWAN for all
kinds of wireless communication on the go.

The year 2008 seems to emerge clearly as the year of ‘common man’ and ‘Nanos’ in India.
While last week saw Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata unveil the dream Rs one lakh small
people’s car, HCL Infosystems on Tuesday ultra portable range of laptops, promising true
mobile Internet computing experience at a cost half the normal laptops.

MiLeap, short for My Internet Leap, would be available in two series—X and Y—priced at Rs
13,990 and Rs 29,990 respectively.

Announcing this at New Delhi, HCL Infosystems (HCL-I) Chairman and CEO Ajai Chowdhry
said that the new range of Leaptops are sleek, light weight (less than a kilogram) and have a very
low energy footprint design.

The new HCL-I products also come with a take back scheme that enables the company to collect
and dispose off the products in an environment friendly manner after the user decides to discard

“It is fully complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) directives
on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic
equipment and hence is a very clean, green product,” Chowdhry said.

Commonly referred to as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, RoHS that became
operational within the European Union from July 1, 2006 restricts the use of six hazardous
materials—Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)
and Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) in electronic and electrical equipment.

Giving further details of the products, Chowdhry said that both the models have been designed
using the Intel processor A110 and Intel 945GU express chipset. The energy-efficient lower
power silicon design consumes less power, reduces thermal impact and gives an extended battery

While the X series would have both the options of flash-based and disk-based storage version
with a Linux-based operating system, the high-end Y series has multiple navigational features
such as touch screen, thumboard, stylus, keyboard and touch buttons with Windows Vista as
operating system.

Offering a full PC functionality with true Internet experience, ‘MiLeap’ is targeted at consumer
who needs to stay connected, informed, entertained and productive—anytime and anywhere.

Both models have network ports, are Wi-Fi ready, have the option for data card and have sturdy
design to make it dustproof, shock-proof and more durable.

Besides, the HCL ‘MiLeap’ Y Series ultra portable Leaptop comes with a Swivel 7 inch touch
screen, 80GB HDD, wireless connectivity, blue tooth and Ethernet network port offering full PC

“This revolutionary new range of Ultra Portable MiLeap Leaptops will herald in a new category
of computing devices, opening up a wide range of new usage scenarios and application areas,”
Chowdhry said,

He further added that this new category, backed by HCL’s reach through its nation wide
distribution, service and support network will revolutionise the PC penetration in India and
brings the company a step closer to the vision of empowering the nation through the adoption of
IT at all levels.

Speaking at the launch of the new product, Intel’s South Asia Sales and Marketing MD
Ramamurthy Sivakumar said that affordable access to information via broadband Internet is the
key to keep India growing fast and competitive in the new global economy, and the new product
is an excellent step forward in that direction.

According to the company, in today’s networked world, where Internet connectivity is

increasingly available on the move, more and more applications are exploiting the Internet to
increase productivity, offer value added services, deliver entertainment and enable people to stay

Marking the occasion as HCL’s tribute to the nation, the company announced that the new range
of HCL Leaptops will start shipping on January 26, coinciding with the Indian Republic day

1.2 Chairman’s Profile


Name: Shiv Nadar

Age : 53

Marital Status: Married

Net Worth: $(US) 1.2 billion

Company: HCL Group (Infotech)

Based at: Delhi, USA

People who know Shiv Nadar call him Magus. Persian for wizard. His wizardry was evident in
the way Shiv Nadar (53) worked his way. He transformed HCL Corporation one of the top most
firms making computers and office equipment.

Moving to Delhi from Tamil Nadu in 1968, Shiv Nadar worked as an engineer with DCM Ltd.
Keen on starting on his own he made six of his colleagues to join him to launch a firm making
office products like copiers. Into the vacuum created by IBM quitting Indian HCL stepped in to
supply computers and by 1982, HCL came out with its first computer.

Now over 80% of HCL's revenues are from computers and office equipment. While
concentrating on growth at home, HCL has also been spreading its reach overseas. Its Singapore
subsidiary, Far East Computers, recently achieved a breakthrough in imaging technology, which,
among other applications, enables computers to read handwritten tax returns. Singapore’s
Internal Revenue Service uses Far East software.

In the U.S, a software subsidiary, HCL America, has reaped rich benefits by taking advantage of
global time zones. Every morning, the company's Madras office receives software assignments
from the U.S, just after work stops there for the night. A team of Indian engineers, with salaries
much lower than those of their American counterparts, complete the jobs and modem them back
in the evening.

Far East and HCL America account for almost 20%

of HCL Corp.'s annual revenues. Once he makes up his mind about a project, he picks a team,
then leaves it alone to get on with the job. In February 1997, TIME magazine wrote: "The world
has caught up with Nadar's vision of a networked future, and the results are shaking up
enterprises, economies and government around the world". He attributes the Group's success to
teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit, which together have enabled it to handle rapid change in
environments and technologies, and to transform threats into opportunities.

The software story that Nadar tried to incubate has rode on very well. Over the
years his group has managed to blend a unique business model that
encompasses both the hardware as well as the software divisions. But unlike his
peer group icons Narayan Murthy and Azim Premji Nadar could not become the
poster boy of the Indian IT industry.
In February 1997, TIME magazine wrote: "The world has caught up with Nadar's
vision of a networked future, and the results are shaking up enterprises, economies
and government around the world"

While introducing Nadar to the list of the richest Indians, Forbes called him a man
who began, by making computers in his garage.

1.3 Product Profile

A glimpse at HCL laptops:

Early days look of HCL laptops, when

it was first launched in the market

Model No.AXG3843
HDD: 160 GB

Warranty: 1 Year

HCL launched Satellite version of laptops which are of super premium range in collaboration

In order to compete with brand like Compaq and Lenovo, HCL launched economic range laptops
with added features and aesthetic appeal to it.

Model No.30920

HDD: 160 GB

Warranty: 1 Year

HCL recently introduces new models of laptops called “ME"

2.1 Introduction:

This chapter contains a thorough discussion on the assigned topic, objectives of the study,
methodology, tools used, sample size, analysis, scope and limitation of the study. The project is
titled as “Consumer perception about laptops” in Guwahati.

2.2 Need for Research:

Laptops are common items which are part of our daily use. Its utility increases, especially in the
academic and business purposes. The industry supplies quality products to the local markets, at
competitive prices. Fortunately, the government has also given much incentive to encourage
laptop manufacturing industry. The progress the industry has made, it has made on its own
resources, and its dedicated and hard working manufacturers and labour force. In spite of the
lack of proper training, the industry has innovated and uplifted the standard to the level where
its products can compete in the world markets.

Electricity is a critical input for economic development and the progress all over the world is
associated with massive increase in energy requirement especially in South Asia. Due to recent
economic liberalization and restructuring of economic policies, there is massive flow of foreign
funds in South Asia in terms of Joint ventures in manufacturing bases. Due to which gap in
demand & supply of electricity is widening. For many years computer has served us as
immensely. But with the changing of time people are much attracted towards buying a laptop
instead of computer mainly because of portability of laptop, a person can carry laptop with him.
although the price of laptops are little higher than the computer buts its utilities cannot be
overlooked. The growing importance of laptops has compelled the computer manufacturing
companies to manufacture laptops also. All large players in the industry have their own
manufacturing facilities, which help them in reaping the benefits of economies of scale. Intense
competition in the market has transformed the laptop industry into a high-volume, low-margin
business. To remain profitable and competitive, it becomes imperative to have high-volumes and
a reasonable market-share, to enjoy the related economies of scale.
The study is thus made to fulfill certain objectives mentioned in the objective section in
accordance with the market scenario and consumers psychology. Data both qualitative and
quantitative are collected through questionnaires from dealers and consumers. The collected data
are thoroughly examined and the interpretations are mentioned in the findings in later part of
these report.

2.3 Scope of the study:

The project is confined to Guwahati, Assam; The purpose of the project is to do a market
analysis of laptop. The data have been collected from authorized dealers and sample customers
belonging to above mentioned area with the help of well designed questionnaires and analysis
has been formalized with the help of statistical tools and techniques.

2.4 Objectives of the study:

The main objective of the study was to understand the market condition of laptops
manufactured by different companies with the help of primary data collected from Dealers and
Other objectives of the study include:
 To find out the market share of different brands of laptops in Guwahati.
 To find out the brand claiming maximum demand in each of the places
undertaken in the study.
 To know about brand offering maximum variety.
 To study the various sales promotional schemes offered by different
laptop manufacturing companies to attract customers.
 To understand the consumer buying behaviour.

2.5 Research Methodology: The under mentioned methodology is undertaken to

accomplish the project.

2.5.1 Research Design:

This project by nature is descriptive because the objective of descriptive research is to collect the
raw ideas and create data structure that describes the existing characteristic namely preference,
attitude, requirement etc of the defined target population or the market structure and discover
new relationships. Here the research was conducted by a thorough interaction with dealers and
customers. Since in descriptive research, respondents should be given sufficient freedom to
express themselves.

2.5.2 Sources of Data:

Selection of appropriate sources of data is of utmost significance as the data generated becomes
the basis for the entire study. At the very outset, the corporate offices of laptop manufacturing
companies were selected as sources of data. Feedbacks generated from them helped in selecting
the authorized distributors, dealers. In due course of the project the dealers became one of the
most important data sources. Samples of customers were randomly selected in each of the
territories for analyzing the laptop market from their point of view. They also became very
important data source. The data have been collected through well designed questionnaires which
are original in character. The data sources that have been used for the purpose of data collection
are primary in nature as the data have been collected with the help personal interview.

2.5.3 Data Collection Method:

The data is mainly collected through primary sources. The data were collected from dealers of all
the branded companies manufacturing fans in Guwahati. The data was generated by survey
method, taking personal interview with help of well structured questionnaires. Feedbacks taken
from customers were also done in the same way. The tool for the research study includes well
designed Questionnaires. The questionnaires have been prepared in line with the objectives of
the study. Two different questionnaires have been developed to get feedbacks from dealers &

2.5.4 The Sampling plan:

For the study of the project a survey was done on a target population. The term population in
statistical usage may be applied to any finite or infinite collection of individuals under study.
Here, the target population is Authorized Dealers and the customers. The Distributors and the
Dealers are finite population. As it is not possible to cover each and every individual of the
infinite population i.e. the customers present in the territory, samples have been taken to
representative the universe. In this regard simple random sampling plan is used to select the units
to be included in the sample.

2.5.5 Analysis Technique:

The analysis has been done from the sequential manner. The two different markets have been
analyzed differently. The data generated from dealer, and customer for each market has been
analyzed separately. Appropriate statistical tools like pie charts, bar diagrams have been used to
analyze the data and finally secure conclusions.

3. Findings and Data Analysis

3.1 Introduction:
This chapter deals with the analysis of the data collected from dealers and customers and
findings from the project. The data are collected from distributors and dealers of various Laptop
Companies playing at Guwahati .The responses are also collected from the consumers to
understand their brand preference and product awareness. The data are collected from the
respondents using the medium of personal interview by framing separate set of questionnaires.
The collected data are analyzed using statistical tools and techniques and the results are
represented with the help of Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and percentage methods.

3.2 Findings based on data collected in Guwahati:

At the very outset, the information about the dealers of various brands playing in laptop
business in Guwahati that were visited as part of the study is provided. The table provided
below gives a comprehensive list of the authorized dealers and the brands in which they
deal in and it has been prepared strictly following the responses given by the dealers.

Dealer list and the brands of laptops in which they deal in

Sl.No. Name of the Dealer Authorized Dealer of Address
1 Third Eye System HP/COMPAQ Silphukiri
2 Trends LENOVO Chandmari

3 Digimart, R.G Associates LENOVO,DELL Chandmari

4 Quadro Digital System Toshiba Chandmari
5 Spectrum HP/COMPAQ Silphukiri
6 Computer Brain HP/COMPAQ, Dighalphukiri
7 Classic HCL Chandmari
8 Litho Infotech HCL, ACER, IBM, Silphukiri
9 Computer Terminal HP/COMPAQ, DELL Silphukiri

3.2.1 Market Share:

The study is performed in Guwahati, Assam. The study mainly focuses on the complete picture
of laptop market and consumer perception about HCL laptops in this territory. Thus responses
were collected from all the Authorized Dealers of various laptops operating in the above
territory. The interpretations made below truly depend on the responses given by dealers.

The brands which were part of the study are:

Compaq, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HCL, Others

Brands Total Sales as per response received from Dealers Percentage (%)
(in Hundred)

HP 23 19.82

Compaq 37.5 32.32

HCL 12 10.34

Acer 16 13.80

Lenovo 27.5 23.72

The responses received from dealers indicate that Compaq is the market leader in Guwahati with
a share of 22% followed by Lenovo at 20%, HP at 16%.. Old players like HCL Acer are on the
decline as far as their market share goes. HCL holds only 7% of the total market share

Demand Level of laptops in Guwahati Market:

Demand Level Responses Percentage (%)

Low 0 0
Medium 3 25
High 6 75

The responses given by 9 dealers indicate that the demand level of laptops in Guwahati market is
high. Some of them have said that fan sales all round the year. Only few of the respondents feel
that its demand is medium.

3.3. Customers’ feedbacks in Guwahati

Customer Database:

No. of Customers: 50

Sex: Male 29 Female 21

Age: 0-25 8 25-50 34 50-75 7 75 & Above 1

Occupation of the respondent:

Service 18 Businessman 14 Housewife 13 Students 5 Others 0

Income Level of the Respondent (in Rs):

0-5000 6 5001-10000 18 10001-15000 22 20001-25000 4


Brands available in local market

Brands Responses Percentage (%)

Compaq 36 72
HP 32 64
Lenovo 35 70
Dell 18 36
Acer 29 58
HCL 27 54
Others 4 8

As per the feedbacks received from the customers, 82% of the customers are aware of Compaq
laptops. 72% of the customers are aware of Lenovo laptops followed by HP 70% & Acer 64%.
Other brands are slightly less in the minds of the customers especially HCL. However it must be
added that brand awareness amongst the customers is pretty high in Guwahati.

Brand of fans most preferred

Brands Responses Percentage (%)

Compaq 20 40
HP 8 16
Lenovo 12 24
Dell 2 4
Acer 3 6
HCL 3 6
Others 2 4

It is
25 20
20 16
15 12
10 6 6
4 3 3 4
5 2 2

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

Responses Percentage (%)

evident after receiving the feedbacks from the customers that 40% of the customers prefer to
purchase Compaq laptops. Lenovo is next with a preference of 24%. It is followed by HP.

Influential Factors

Influential Factors Responses Percentage (%)

Brand Image 10 20
Quality 15 30
Advertisement 4 8
After Sale Service 5 10
Emotional Biasness 2 4
Price 10 20
Past good experience 3 6
Word of Mouth 1 2

30% of the respondents in Guwahati market consider quality to be the most influencing factor.
They feel that a good quality always retains its place in the minds of the consumers. Another
20% stress their importance on price and brand image of the product. Some others also consider
price & advertisements to be important influencing factors. 10% thinks after sale service is the
most important factor to be kept in mind while buying a laptop.

Preference towards purchasing a particular brand

Preference towards purchasing a brand Responses Percentage (%)

Yes 22 44

No 28 56

44% of the respondents in Guwahati prefer to purchase a single brand of laptop where as 56% of
the customers are not loyal to a particular brand

Resaons for being loyal to a brand

Reasons Responses Percentage (%)

Brand Image 12 24

Quality 15 30

Advertisement 2 4

After Sales Service 5 10

Emotional Biasness 0 0

Price 9 18

Warranty/Guarantee 3 6

Latest & Trendy Models 4 8

From the responses received from brand loyal customers, it is derived that they give emphasis
mostly on factors like brand image, quality, price, & latest & trendy models. Some people simply
stick to a brand because of its quality. Some younger also said that they stick to a brand because
it offers latest & trendy models.

Convenient mode of Buying

Convenient Mode Responses Percentage (%)

Directly from the company 0 0

Distributor 0 0

Dealers 30 60

The Shop next door 6 12

Product Display Showroom 13 26

Others 1 2

60% of the customers prefer to purchase laptops from dealers. 26% of the customers prefer to
purchase from product display showrooms. They feel that the display of products is better
maintained than in case of any electronics shop. These showrooms also provide them access to
greater choice & variety. 12% of the people prefer to purchase from the nearest retail electronic

Preferred media of Advertisement

Media T.V. Newspaper Word of Banners On Road Magazine Articles

Mouth Display

Responses 15 14 6 3 3 7 2

Percentage 30 28 12 6 6 14 4

From the responses received, it can be analyzed that, 30% of the respondents feel that T.V. is the
most preferred media of advertisement. Most of them are of the opinion that these days people
stay very busy, so it is hardly possible for them to peep into any other media except T.V. This is
why T.V. has become the most watched media. Some along with T.V. also consider that
advertisement in local newspaper is a preferred media. Magazines, Word of mouth also act as
sources of publicity.

Important Factors of HCL laptops

Important Factors Responses Percentage (%)

Quality 12 24

Aesthetic Appeal 5 10

Cost effective 17 34

After sales service 6 12

Availability 10 20

34% of the respondents in Guwahati are aware of the fact that HCL produces cost effective
products. 24 % consider quality as one of the essential factors why HCL laptop is demanded. A
section of the respondents 10% consider the availability of HCL laptops as one of its essential

Most preferred Guarantee scheme

Guarantee Schemes Responses Percentage (%)

1 year Guarantee 11 22

2 year Guarantee 20 40

Others 19 38

40% of the respondents prefer 2 years guarantee. Another 22 % of the people are content with 1
year guarantee. The respondents of others which include 38% of the respondents have cited
different preferences. Some of the feedbacks are noted below:

• 5 Years Guarantee.

• 10 Years Guarantee.

• Battery Replacement.

• Complete Replacement.

Rankings of various Brands in Guwahati market as per customer’s feedback

RANKINGS as per responses provided by the customers

Brands 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Acer 3 21 15 11

others 2 13 10 25

Lenovo 12 18 10 6 3 1 0

HP 8 13 16 10 1 0 1

HCL 5 8 12 15 5 2 3

Compaq 18 7 9 12 3 1 0

After tallying the responses the following ranks are derived:-


Compaq Lenovo HP HCL Crompton others


1 2 3 4 5 6

Display – An essential part of laptop selling or not?

Importance of Display Yes No

Responses 40 10

Percentage (%) 80 20

80% of the customers feel that display is certainly a significant part of laptop selling. It is only
suitable product display which provides an overview to the customers shop/ dealers, brands dealt
in, availability of products etc., which finally helps in selling. However, there are some (20%)
who do not agree and think that display is not an integral part of laptop selling.

Preference for type of Laptops.

Type of Responses Percentage (%)

Base/Premium/Super Premium Laptop 27 54

Economy Range Laptop 23 46

54% of the dealers in Guwahati prefer to purchase base/premium/super premium fans where as
the remaining 46% consider purchasing economy range fans.

3.4 Overall Findings of the study:

• The findings of the study reveal that HCL holds 4th position out of all main brands
operating in laptop business in Guwahati which have been studied, in terms of market

• The dealers of Guwahati (75%) are of the opinion that the demand level is pretty high.
However, 25% of the dealers feel that the demand level is medium. They told that fan
sales mostly from mid August to end of February& after that the sales decline slowly.

• The study also reveals that Television is the most preferred media of advertisement in all
the three markets & the dealers feel that Lenovo is the no.1 company when, it comes to
attracting customers through promotional measures.

• The enquiry reveals that in Guwahati, the people are more towards purchasing the
economy range of laptops under company brand.

• The survey also reveals that additional cash discount is the best sales promotional scheme
which is desired by the dealers. Some also favour gifts & cards, but are of the opinion
that these attract customers more. A dealer in Guwahati also felt that attending to
complaints & advertisements are the two best ways for enhancing sales.

• The study reveals the following reasons why a brand of laptop sales most as per the
responses provided by the consumer.

Guwahati market –Quality 30%; Brand Image 24%; Price 18%

• Display is considered to be an integral part of fan selling by most of the consumer in

Guwahati. Arrangement of product display in the regions is given below:

80% consumer thinks it is an integral part of laptop selling. However it can be added that
Branding as an essential display technique is yet to gain full momentum.

Apart from these, some of the dealers also suggested a few more display methods which
can help in increasing fan sales.

• Product display at new construction sites with big banners &


• Display in public place.

• Display through advertisement in local newspaper.

• Providing better looks to the showroom.

• Product Catalogues.

• The study on customers in all the three regions revealed that the customers are
more or less aware of all the major brands that are part of my study.

• The study also helped in finding out the factors which influence a customer to buy
a laptop. In case, the no.1 factor is quality 30%. 20% customers are of the opinion the
factor that influence them to buy laptop is price and brand image.

• The study also reveals that most of the people in all the three markets are aware of the
laptops being manufactured by HCL: as compared to other manufacturers.

• The study reveals what people mostly look for in HCL laptops. Important factors
common to all the markets are: Cost Effective, Quality,. Availability

• In the question of preferred price range for the customers, the findings are as follows:

Guwahati market – Economy range (46%).

Base/ Premium/ Super Premium range (54%).

This indicates that 46% consumer economic range of laptops.HCL is known for its
economic range of laptops, thus it provide an ample opportunity to the HCL laptop
manufacturers to target the potential buyers who prefer economic range of laptops.

3.5Marketing Strategy:

1. Ensure prompt deliver and customer service especially to the dealer/stockiest network
2. Ensure assured volumes through direct marketing / relationship marketing initiatives with
the government, institutional segments and actual users.
3. Adopt a mix of volume driven and value added strategies to enhance net sales realization.
4. Attempt growth in export markets through appropriate pricing, quality assurance/ up
gradation and niche development.
5. Ensure a healthy order book position.
6. Create brand equity through a sustained market research programme.
7. Enter into strategic alliance with other dominant industry counterparts to stave off the
growing clout of the medium scale units (“CO-OPETITION”).



Advertising is providing information drawing attention and making the society aware of a
product. It is a message that is a designed to promote or sale a consumer goods. It is a powerful
propaganda weapon used to communicate with both internal and external public. It is economical
since it can transmit public relation messages to a large number of readers view or listeners at
low cost. And to communicate in an effective way there are different sources like print and
electronic media which enhance the proper message to every corner of a nation with its way of
presentation and under a limited time it serves people by aware of a particular product
organization or institution and motivate public to setup their goal in the desired and influencing

Advertisement serves a wide variety of society and tends to bring about harmonious
advantageous adjustment between and organization and the community and gains its favorable


The major activities of advertising management are planning and decision making. The
development of an advertising plan essentially requires the generation and specification of
alternatives. The essence of planning is to find out the feasible alternatives are and reduce them
to set on which decision can be made. A complete advertising plan reflects the results of the
planning and decision making process and the decision that have been made in a particular
product market situation.

The planning and the decision making process being with an through analysis of the situation the
advertise faces and the development of marketing strategy. Marketing process includes the long
run vision and objectives of the company as well as an articulation of the specific strategic
position it will aim to occupy in the market place in the years ahead. The development of
marketing strategy should begin with situation analysis and a comprehensive examination and
analysis of all important external and internal factors operating in a particular situation. This
includes assessing the strength weakness, threats, opportunities of the companies involved . In
many cases, it means that the new research studies will be undertaken as well as relying on
company history and experience.

A complete situation analysis will cover all marketing components and will involve finding
answers to dozens of question about nature and extent of demand, competition, environmental
factors, product, cost distribution and the skills and financial resources of the firm. Situational
analysis invariably involves research of some kind, which is based on conventional wisdom,
managerial experience or the creative teams inherent imaginative abilities, but current market an
environment condition what the situation is now can only be adequately assessed by research.
Such research flows from the company and its agencies research efforts, secondary data source
which is purchased from research suppliers.


Advertising is a strong tool used to communicate with both internal and external publics. Its
purpose is to create a favorable public image and to make the aware about a particular thing. It
sell the TR messages to a large number of reader, viewer or listeners at a relatively low cost per
individual. It is the fastest and most effective way to transmit the messages of a company to the

Through advertisement an organization rectifies its misconception that has been created in the
market by keeping the exact profit record and by increasing number of manufacturers its secures
the goods suppliers, customers, shareholders and distribution. Local news papers and broadcast
media are used to inform the employees about company policies, place and accomplishments.

Advertisement is used to identify or adoption of a product, service or idea through various paid
sources of communication like the print and electronic media to a give the exact information to
the public.

A product does not sale on its merits above, the advertisement creates its demand. Depending on
its way of the presentation it creates curiosity among the public. The purpose of advertisement is
either to disseminate simple information or to motivate or persuade or influence people or to
render an account or an explanation to the readers or to viewers.

Thus, it is seen where though counseling or through exhibition a person can transmit its message
to a limited group of people, there advertisement is a strong source to communicate with public.
And this even help the public to acquire proper knowledge and it even helps on company to
create its goodwill by expressing its plans and motivate in an appropriate way, because every
publicity creates a deep impact on people’s behavior.


A successful manufacture is the one who can get the product produced to
the user in the right time at the right place. In order to be successful in the
business a manufacture must have the maximum market penetration.

Manufacturers normally use intermediates for taking their products to the

users. The intermediates bear variety of names. All such intermediates
constitute the marketing channel.

Channels play a pivotal role in marketing; they perform a number of vital

distribution functions. Their importance emanates from the functions they

Firms rely on the marketing channels for generating customers’ satisfaction

and for achieving differentiation over competitors. The success of any
manufacturer is dependent on the proper networking and management of
the intermediates between the manufacturer and the end user.

The different type of intermediates and their characteristics are -

1] Sole selling Agent/ Marketer: He is the one who takes the responsibility of
distribution on behalf of the manufacturer and has large marketing resources
at his disposal.

2] C & F Agent: They are the carrying and forwarding agent for the
manufacturer. They don’t resell products; they simply act as the
agent/representative of the manufacturer.

3] Wholesale/Stockiest/Distributor: They are also large operators but not an

level of the marketer/sole selling agent.

4] Semi-wholesalers: Semi wholesalers are intermediates who buy product

either from producers or wholesalers in bulk and resell the goods to retailers
in assortment needed by them. They sometimes perform the job of a
wholesaler and sometimes that of and retailer.

5] Retailer/Dealer: Retailer sells good to household end consumers. They are
at the bottom of the distribution hierarchy, working under
wholesaler/stockist/ distribution/ semi wholesalers. The stocks kept by the
retailers are operational stocks necessary for immediate sale at the retail

3.8 SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths,
Weakness, Opportunities and Threats involved in a project or in any other situation
requiring a decision. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on
key issues. In this analysis, Strengths and Weakness are internal factors.
Opportunities and Threats are external factors.

HCL SWOT Analysis

 HCL is a powerful laptop brand. It has a reputation for value for money,
convenience and a wide range of products.
 Prices of HCL Laptops are comparatively much lower compared to the
products of other brand.
 HCL follows policy like replacement and free repairing and other after sale
 HCL is a very profitable organization earning in excess of million dollars ($) in
recent years.


 People often complain that they are not satisfied with the performance
and service of HCL laptops.
 The organization doesn’t have diversified range of laptops.
 The organization which have celebrity as their brand ambassador for
their product have been successful in boosting up their sale ,
unfortunate for HCL they have none
 Due to lack of awareness of HCL laptops among customers the sales of
the product are low.


 Laptop market is a growing market. It provides vast opportunities to its
producer to capture the market.
 The organization shouldn’t only think about the Indian market, rather it
should make allies with other organization to capture the global
 The company should always try to bring innovative products into
market which may offer new opportunities.
 There is an wide market which haven’t been covered but the people are
ready to welcome the brand.


 Large number of competitor operating in the market.

 Competitors have come up with aggressive sale promotion activities
 which is likely to affect HCL sales
 Competitors like HP , LENEVO, COMPAQ, etc are continuously doing
their R and D work on their products.

4 Recommendations& Conclusion:
This chapter deals with the recommendation & conclusion drawn from the project- “Consumer
perception regarding HCL laptops in Guwahati,”. The study included extensive collection of data
& their interpretations to get an idea about the laptop market.

4.1 Recommendations:

At the very outset, I would like to add that, HCL is already an established brand in all the
markets. HCL has done remarkably well. In the areas under study HCL is in fourth position as
per market share. On some points, it has already become the market leader. However, in my
study of the laptop business, I have identified certain areas, where the company can look into to
cement its place as the market leader in these areas.

• HCL operates mainly in the economic range of laptop. However, in the study, it
has been seen that people prefer economy range laptop with added features that
they get in a base/premium/super premium laptops of company brand. So, if the
company can launch in economy range, it will topple everyone..

• Awareness about new range of laptops can be increased by employing local media
i.e. local channels & local newspaper. People still have a vague idea about the
whole thing.

• In course of the study, it was found that some customers have a notion that the
products of HCL are not known for their looks and performance. So, steps can be
taken to reduce this myth. For educating people about the quality & other
exclusive features, extensive promotional measure at local level can be increased
to achieve greater sales.

4.2 Conclusion

The study is done in a confined area within Guwahati. The study has been performed in regard to
the complete consumer perception about HCL laptop in Guwahati,. To accomplish the project,
data has been collected from Dealers and Customers of the above mentioned regions.

Appropriate statistical tools have been employed to analyze the findings from the survey.
It has been observed that HCL has already established itself in Guwahati market.. Large no. of
customers are aware of this brand’s presence in the market. The study also reveals that HCL has
tremendous potentiality to become the market leader in laptops business in all the regions.

Overall analysis of the data received from both the market is done and recommendations are
made accordingly. On a concluding note, I would like to add that HCL has a very bright future
especially in laptop business & it is just a matter of time before it becomes the market leader.

Dear Respondent,

I am pursuing my summer training project on topic “, Consumer preference about HCL laptops in
I request you to kindly give some precious time of yours in filling up the questionnaire and
thereby extend your co operation. I assure that the information given by you will be kept strictly
confidential and used only for academic and research purpose.

Thanking You,
Shibajee Bhattacharjee,
Darwin School of Business,
R.G.B Road, Guwahati.

Name of the Dealer:



1. Are you an authorized dealer of any brand?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

2. Which are the other brands you deal in?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

3. amongst these which brand sales most from your showroom:

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

4. In the list below please mention the approximate last year’s sales:

Fan Brands 1ST Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total








5. What is the demand level of laptops in the market?

Low Medium High

6. Which brand claims the maximum demand?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

7. Who are your potential purchasers?

Government houses Corporate houses Individual Households

Re-sellers Others

8. Which company assists you most, to meet customer complaints?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

9. Which company offers more variety of laptops?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

10. According to your view point, is there any effect of promotional measures on the sale of
laptops in your territory? Yes No

11. If yes, which is the effective promotional measure?

T.V. News Paper Word of Mouth Banners On road display

Display at retail point

12. Which brand is effective in pulling the customers through promotional measures?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

13. Frequency of visit by Company sales people?

Weekly Monthly Half Yearly Yearly No Regularity

14. Which company receives the maximum number of customer complaints? Please give rank.

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

15. Are you aware that laptops can contribute significantly in reducing Global Warming?
Yes No

16. Do you think customer relationship is important for selling a particular brand of fan?

Yes No

17. If yes, which company is effective in building customer relationship?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

18. What are the measures that a company takes to build customer relationship?

Frequent visit by company sales people Regular communication on schemes &

policies Anniversary wishes Very cooperative
Regular meetings and conferences

19. Are you considering of taking exclusive dealing of some other brands? If yes please specify.

20. What is the replacement policy of your company?

Replacement under warranty and guarantee

Replacement in case of damage or broken

Replacement in case of old stock / backlog

21. What is the process of giving guarantee?

From the date of sale From the date of manufacture Others (Please Specify)

22. What is your company credit policy?

Credit limits: _____________________________________________________________


Cash discounts:

I) Advanced (%) II) 0-4 days (%) III) 5-15 days (%) IV) 16-31 days (%)

Credit period:

30 days 45 days 60 days 75 days 90 days

23. What are the sales promotional schemes for laptops which attracts you or your customers

Additional cash discounts Free assured gifts Scratch & win cards
extended warranty Any other

24. What is the reason a particular brand of laptops sales most?

Brand image Price Warranty/guarantee Quality

Advertisement BEE Star rating

25. Do you consider laptops to be a seasonal product? Yes No

26. If yes, how do you purchase during the off season?

27. Please rank, according to you, the market share of the following (as per sales from your
outlet / sales in your town)

Company Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others



(Please tick the appropriate boxes)


Sex: Male Female

Age: 0-25 25-50 50-75 75 – Above

Occupation of the respondent: Service Businessman Housewife

Students Others

Income Level of the respondent (in Rs.): 0-5000 5001-10,000 10001-15000

15,001-20000 20001-25000 25001- Above

1. What are the brands of laptops available in your local market?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

2. Which brand of fans do you mostly prefer?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

3. What influences you to purchase this preferred brand?

Brand Image Quality Advertisement After sale service

Emotional biasness Price Influenced by retailer/sales man
Preconceived idea about the brand Past good experience Word of mouth

4. Do you always purchase same brand of fan? Yes No

5. If yes, why?

Brand Image Quality Advertisement After sale service Emotional biasness

Price Warranty/ Guarantee Latest & Trendy Models

6. If no, why?

Poor Brand Image Low Durability Poor after sale service Word of mouth
Quality Price

7. What is your convenient mode of buying a laptops?

Directly from company Distributor Dealers The shop next door

Product display showroom Others

8. From where have you come to know about your preferred brand?

Articles T.V. Word of Mouth On road display

Magazine News Paper Banners Referred by shopkeeper

9. Which medium of advertisement you prefer most?

T.V. News Paper Word of Mouth Banners On road display

Magazine Articles

10. Which company advertises in your preferred media?

Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others

11. What are the important factors of HCL laptops?

Quality Aesthetic appeal Cost effective After sale service High

Performance Availability

12. What guaranty schemes/policy you prefer most?

1year guarantee 2 year guarantee others (please specify)


13. Please rank, according to you, the market share of the following:

Company Compaq HP Lenovo Dell Acer HCL Others


14. Do you consider display to be an integral part of laptop selling? Yes No

15. If yes, which of the display techniques influence you most while purchasing?

Point of Purchase Display Showrooms Branding

Any other, please specify_________________________________________________

16. What do you prefer?

Base/ Premium/ Super Premium Fans

Economy range laptops(under company brand)

6. Bibliography
Online Information:

Books and authors:

• Marketing Management by Kotler and Keller

• Marketing Management by Ramaswamy and

7. Limitations of the study:

Like everything in our world is not white or in other sense perfect, similarly this study also faces
certain limitations.

• The study is entirely based on primary data collected from respondents. This exposes it to
the threat of being accurate & authentic only to the extent of authenticity, honesty &
sincerity shown by the respondents.

• The study also is vulnerable to biased responses of the respondents.

• The project which has been completed within a confined region & limited time frame
may also stand as a limitation.

• The sample customers selected in each area of Guwahati may not also represent the true

• Since the study is exploratory in nature, there is ample scope for further research in this
field of study.