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COUNCILMEMBER MITCH O7RARRELL 13TH DISTRICT — CITY OF LOS ANGELES. TOP HIGHLIGHTS ELYSIAN VALLEY BB Broke ground on Taylor Yard Bridge project — one of four infrastructure projects along the LA River in the 13th Couneil Distrcl — lo connect the communities of Elysian Volley and Cypress Park GB Porinered with local residents, Los Angeles Police Department, and the Department of Transportation to install signs to eliminat cafe concitions and deler nuisance actly based on resident complains BB Broke ground on the nex! phase of Elysian Valley Lighting Project for Shoredale Ave and Harwood St, as well as identified funding for Gatewood St and Ferleat Si. Project aims to provide safer streets af night for local residents B bcc yound on a much needed Public Works project to repair or replace ouldated infrastruc jer sewer lines along Blake Ave. OB rare ener ley Recenton Carer ee sere el a lereer ever GLASSELL PARK GB Porinered with the Glassell Park Improvement Association fo host « ‘Councilmember In Your Comer’ community outreach event and beautification project in the Drew Si/Estara Ave neighborhood BB Hosted the 4th Annuol ‘Noche Bojo Las Estrelles / Night Under The Stars’ movie night at Juntos Perk, in partnership with local groups and neighborhood stckeholeers. (9B erased wih the Los Angeles Police Department ond several communiy based orgoniztons for the annua ‘Noche De Por! event to celebrate the holidays ond distribute toys to local youth, 9s Angeles Conservation Corps CD 13 Clean Team, Glassell Park Juntos Park Boxed weld community deon ups wih our Improvement Association, and Padres Voluntarios GB Worked with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to instal all-way stop control at busy intersection of Fleicher Dr and Weldon Ave fo ensure jon crossings. BB Trimmed 30 trees on Drew St, between Estara Ave and Weldon Ave OBB Porinered with the Gang Reduction and Youth Development contractor ‘Breaking Through Bartiers to Success’ to hos! annual Peace March and Resource Fair on Drew St FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADDITIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS CONTACT: HECTOR VEGA, FIELD DEPUTY * HECTOR.VEGA@LACITY.ORG OR (213) 207-3015