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Management guru W. Edward Deming is finally being heard in America, the land of his birth. Japan's prestigious international award for quality, a Deming Prize has been given to Florida Power and Light Company (FPl), which is Miami-based and one of the fastest growing electrical utilities. The Deming judges relied on massive documentation and on-site inspections and spent 18 months with FPl's management processes'and its delivery of services before awarding the prize to the company in November 1989. Only since, 1988 non-Japenese companies have been allowed to compete for the prize. It is a rediscovery of W.E. Deming in America. Deming first convinced Japanese - in 1950 - about the importanceof quality in products. For several years, American businessmen had ignored Deming, even though he taught a popular course in statistics at New York Universityand had a thriving consultancy in sampling. Incidentally, Government of India had hired Deming as a consultant in 1947, 1951 and in 1971. He devised an efficient sampling technique for u.s. Bureau of Census. During World War II,he helped American defence industries apply SQC. American industry', complacent in its prosperity, had no use of Deming and his 14-point QC programme. He was invited by Japanese Scientistsand Engineersto talk about quality and convinced that Japan would accept quality consciousness, he stayed on to become a hero there, making Japan invade the world market by superior quality and productivity. America woke up to his genius 30 years after Japan had begun using Deming's line. Deming was hired by Ford in 1983 to effect tU,rnaround. For more than a decade now, Deming is spreaning his quality mission in American industries like GM, Ford, AT & T, Western Electric, Nashua. Deming has now expired at the age of 93 on Dec. 20, 1993.

W. Edwards Deming

No contracts on price tag alone.This comesaboutby improving processor the system. against exhorting workers to improve quality (because most of the things that contribute to quality are not in theJr contro!). Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service. 8. " ' ~ . 14. howeverthe reduced variabilityor increased uniformity. 13. 1986). Eliminate slogans. Cease dependence of mass inspection. . this Indian company recently won the prestigious Deming Prize. Fosterteamwork. Industrial training. . ' developed . Quality comes not -from inspection but from improvement of the process. Purchases from the lowestpriced 'vendor may lead to low quality purchases. .The heart of Deming's method for achieving quality is statistical. " Top management'scommitmentto improveproductsand services. Deming's continuation is to have established quality as tool to competitive success. Institute leadership. These are taken from The Deming Management Method . 2. '-- ~ A Deming Checklist . Buildquality into the process. Sundaram Clayton. Don't rely on inspection. f?emove barriers to pride of workmanship. . Establishlong-termties with select suppliers. Take action to accomplish the transformation. . Create constancy of purpose for improvement of product/service. 12. 4.t~e practice of awarding business on price tag alone.Y. . Break down barrier between staff areas. Quality leads to customerloyaltywho gets a reliableproduct which lasts longer. End . . . 11. N.Thequalityproblems(85per cent)are related the to the systemand only'a few are related to individuals(15 per cent).the following 14 points to improve management of quality. the highest award for quality instituted by a Japanese institution. 3. 7. 5. exhortations.. 1.by Ma~ Waiton (Perigree Books. '..'""l ! 358 PRODUCTION AND OPEfiATIONS MANAGEMENT Deming is against numerical quotas. and targets for the work force. Drive out fear. Institut~ various programmes of education and retraining. Train workersand managersfor participatingin the improvementprocess. against quality control by inspection which the terms as criminal.The most impprtantdimensionof quality is./ I THE14 POINTS I 10. Eliminate numerical quotas. 6. 9. Adopt a new philosophy which does not accept poor workmanship and sullen service.

QUALITY.the first time. and then quality costs no more. this may well have been his last public appearance. holy trinity of quality. RELIABILITY AND ISO 9000 359 - JOSEPH JURAN M. His books Quality Control Handbook and Quality p'lanning Road Map are great works on the subject of quality. He is now Florida-based. He advocates quality management . Juran sparked off quality revolu~ion in Japan in 1954. He advocates total quality where business plans have annual quality goals.00 hours 1STduring the Qimpro Convention 1997 on Wed. Oct. According to him. about a beneficial change.He is the world's greatestauthority on quality. The company has to bring .. It is a m4rketing requiremen't. according to him. ISO certification is no guaranteeof a world-class company. He dropped his fifth absolute on economics of quality as it is inter-woven in the above four postulates. 24. The two founding fathers of quality are'the late W. These goals must be met. Dr. . His another best-selling title is Juran On Planning For Quality. It is . He is not satisfied with QC or quality control in manufacturing which puts emphasis on detection. . 1994. He laid emphasis on prevention of dpfects. zero defects .in other words 'do it right . He is Connecticut-US-based. Edwards Deming and the living legend Joseph Juran who became 90 on Dec... He ridicules TQM: Total Quality Management asTrivialising Quality Management. \. He developed Pareto Principle in Qualjty Control. Quality. QUALITY ASSURANCE. Companies must price their product on this proposition. 22. It is the first absolute on quality. consists of three persons - W. . TQM is activityPhilip Crosby \ . He advocated quality has a performance standard of . . The company has to go beyond it. virtually free.QM which putsemphasison prevention. His seminal work is Quality Is Free. US President George Bush presented him with the 'National Medal of Technology' for his lifetime work of providing the key principles and methods by which enterprises manage the quality of their products and services. PHILIPCROSBY The. ISO systemis limited to control. Joseph M.. Juran It is only a systemfor control.' Japan's emperor Hirohito conferred on him the Order of the SacredT. Juran appeared live in India in a satellite downlink at 22. 1997. . . means getting it right the first time rather than merely laying down acceptable standardsof quality.' In 1997. At 93.c:a:>uic for the 'development of quality control' in Japan and the 'facilitation of US Japanese friendship. The key to quality is conformance to requirements.Edwards Deming. Juran and Philip Crosby who is now 70 years old. He is the founder and chairman emeritus of the exalted Juran Institute. In '1987. Joseph M.' He is of the opinion that quality should be measured by the price of nor-conformance. He is busy writing a sequel to it.

. He is fascinated by the lunch-box distribution system in Mumbai and feels that the people who can work out such a system are capable of doing great things.' Hp. Customers want what they have been promised.. It is doing what we promised to do. Quality to him is not goodness. USA.360 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT based.-..established Quality College at Florida.. . """'-uh_-I. ".. and is a substitute for running the show properly by handing over the responsibility of managing quality from man<!gementto some other group. Indian industry should be guided by the motto 'we shall deliver defect-free products and services to our customers and co-workers on time..

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